Tue 18th Feb 9:00 a.m.

A cloudy but bright morning here in Tideswell with none of the fog that was forecast. It feels quite spring like with the current temperature 6 deg.

Despite the reduction in the amount of rain in the past few days the countryside is still very wet. There’s water flowing in places where I’ve never seen it flowing before and many of the footpaths are extremely muddy. Good waterproof footwear is needed if you are intending walking off hard surfaces.


Not a bad day in prospect, though. Bright rather than sunny and with not much of a breeze it’ll feel very pleasant. There’s just the chance of the odd shower but, unless you are very unlucky, these won’t be heavy.


The longer term outlook is for more unsettled weather and maybe cold enough for some sleet or wet snow again later this week and into next week but no signs of any serious snowfall. The doom and gloom merchants who predicted back in November that we were in for a very severe winter must be hiding back in their bunker by now.


Statistics for the past 24 hours in Tideswell:


Max temperature:        7.1

Min temperature:         4.6

Rainfall:                         3.3 mm

Sunshine yesterday:    Nil