Thu 20th Feb 8:00 p.m. – Cooling down again

After some early rain it turned out not bad a day over the Peak District. There were some showers during the afternoon but these ran through pretty quickly.  The top temperature here in Tideswell was 10 deg. With clearing skies this evening the temp is falling and it’s now down to 3.4 deg in Tideswell.

Friday will be a cool-ish windy day with occasional showers, perhaps wintry over the higher parts. A day for walking in the Dales rather than on the edges and tops.

The weekend is looking like having quite strong SW winds making it mild. Cloudy on Saturday but probably staying dry for much of the time. There’s an increasing threat of rain on Sunday. Probably much too windy to be comfortable on the edges and tops, especially on Sunday. Another weekend when the Dales seem preferable for walking.