Thu 27th Feb 10:00 a.m. – Will it snow tomorrow?

A wet night across the Peak District last night. 8.3 mm of rain in Tideswell. Sunny intervals and a few showers for the rest of today.

It’s tomorrow that’s catching the interest. A small low pressure centre that’s currently over the Atlantic Ocean at about 50 deg N 25 deg W is expected to deepen and move east across southern England on Friday. There will be a lot of precipitation associated with this low pressure area. Much of it will be rain but to the north of the track of the centre sleet and snow is likely, more especially over higher ground. What remains very uncertain is just how far north will this area of precipitation extend. It may all pass to the south of the Peak District leaving us with a cloudy and rather cold day but mostly dry. On the other hand, if the track of the low is far enough north to bring the precipitation up to the Peak District then areas that are higher than about 250 metres could get quite a bit of snow, certainly more than we have seen so far this winter. Even below 250 metres there could be some snow. At the moment I’d say that it’s around 50/50 whether or not we get the snow. Southern parts of the Peak District are more at risk then the northern parts.

I’ll update these thoughts this evening.