Fri 28th Feb 9:30 a.m. – We dodged the bullet!

Earlier this morning the northern edge of the area of rain and snow reached Derby, Ashbourne and Stoke-on-Trent but that is as far as it got. It’s now receding southwards. The extreme south of the Peak District probably saw a few flakes of snow or sleet but that was it. We got away with it!

It’s been a foggy morning here in Tideswell and there was some ice earlier on. The fog will gradually lift through the morning though the higher parts may stay quite murky for a while. A dry day is in prospect, maybe with a little bit of sunshine.

It looks like we’re stuck with rather cold and unsettled weather for another week with rain and sleet from time to time and also some strong winds. However, the computer models are now showing a hint of something a bit more springlike towards the end of next week. That’s a long way off in forecasting terms so it can’t be relied on but there is hope!