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Thu 20th Feb 8:00 p.m. – Cooling down again

After some early rain it turned out not bad a day over the Peak District. There were some showers during the afternoon but these ran through pretty quickly.  The top temperature here in Tideswell was 10 deg. With clearing skies this evening the temp is falling and it’s now down to 3.4 deg in Tideswell.

Friday will be a cool-ish windy day with occasional showers, perhaps wintry over the higher parts. A day for walking in the Dales rather than on the edges and tops.

The weekend is looking like having quite strong SW winds making it mild. Cloudy on Saturday but probably staying dry for much of the time. There’s an increasing threat of rain on Sunday. Probably much too windy to be comfortable on the edges and tops, especially on Sunday. Another weekend when the Dales seem preferable for walking.

Weather Observations

As well as providing comment on the current weather conditions here in the blog I have now started a page giving weather observations from Tideswell several times per day. These can be accessed by clicking on “Tideswell Weather Observations”

Wed 19th Feb 7:00 p.m. – Another spring day

After the unpromising damp start it turned out to be a splendid day for the outdoors in the Peak District with broken cloud and sunny intervals. Winds were light and the visibility was excellent. In Tideswell the maximum temperature was 10.7 deg, the first time we have been above 10 deg since 15th December.

The next few days aren’t looking so good. A bit more wind tomorrow and after some early rain we can expect rather cloudy skies and occasional showers. Mild again to begin with but becoming a bit colder later in the day.

Wed 19th Feb 9:15 a.m. A murky morning

A damp and murky morning across the Peak District with extensive low cloud. The current temperature in Tideswell is 6 deg so pretty mild for a February morning.  There’s been steady slight rain since before dawn. Nevertheless, if you are looking to get out of doors today the prospects are pretty good. The rain should die away in the next hour or so and the cloud base will lift, leading to a dry and bright day, perhaps even with some sunny intervals.

Make the most of today, though, as the rest of the week and into the weekend doesn’t look very promising with a lot of wind and rain and possibly even some sleet.

Tideswell statistics for the past 24 hours:

Max temperature:            9.7  (didn’t quite make the magic 10 deg!)

Min temperature:             3.8

Rain:                                    0.9 mm

Sunshine yesterday:         1.3 hours

Tue 18th Feb 6:00 p.m. – Spring has arrived!

A splendid day in the Peak District today. Bright with some sunny intervals, not a lot of wind and the temperature nudging up towards 10 deg. It didn’t quite get there in Tideswell but lower down, in Bakewell, it probably did reach 10 deg. Definitely a hint of spring.

Another pretty good day tomorrow but after that it’s back to a lot of wind and a lot of rain. The weekend is a bit uncertain at the moment. More on that tomorrow perhaps.

Tue 18th Feb 9:00 a.m.

A cloudy but bright morning here in Tideswell with none of the fog that was forecast. It feels quite spring like with the current temperature 6 deg.

Despite the reduction in the amount of rain in the past few days the countryside is still very wet. There’s water flowing in places where I’ve never seen it flowing before and many of the footpaths are extremely muddy. Good waterproof footwear is needed if you are intending walking off hard surfaces.


Not a bad day in prospect, though. Bright rather than sunny and with not much of a breeze it’ll feel very pleasant. There’s just the chance of the odd shower but, unless you are very unlucky, these won’t be heavy.


The longer term outlook is for more unsettled weather and maybe cold enough for some sleet or wet snow again later this week and into next week but no signs of any serious snowfall. The doom and gloom merchants who predicted back in November that we were in for a very severe winter must be hiding back in their bunker by now.


Statistics for the past 24 hours in Tideswell:


Max temperature:        7.1

Min temperature:         4.6

Rainfall:                         3.3 mm

Sunshine yesterday:    Nil

Mon 17th Feb 8:00 a.m.

It’s a grey murky morning across the Peak District with extensive hill fog down to about 300m. There’s a bit of drizzle in the air as well. The temperature in Tideswell is currently 4 deg.

It looks as though the day will stay grey but with the cloud base lifting a bit. There’ll be some rain on and off, perhaps heavy at times later in the day. 

Sat 15th Feb 9:00 a.m. Another wet morning

Driving rain and sleet in Tideswell this morning after a thoroughly wet night. The improvement during the day will be slow and I don’t think there’ll be a lot of the sunshine that’s being forecast for today. Current temperature is 4 deg.

Statistics for the past 24 hours:

Max temp:      7.1

Min temp:       1.4

Rainfall:          22.2 mm

Sunshine yesterday:   Nil

Fri 14th Feb 9:00 a.m. – Waiting for the next storm!

It’s a grey and overcast morning in Tideswell with a raw southerly breeze. The present temperature is +1 deg.

Rain is on the way and the leading edge of it is currently from Coventry to Stoke to Liverpool. Looks like it will reach Tideswell by 10:00 a.m. or soon after. The wind is quite light at the moment but it’ll steadily strengthen during the day, probably not reaching its peak till tonight or Saturday morning. Eventually we’ll see gusts over 50 mph and possibly over 60 mph.

Statistics for the past 24 hours:

Max temp:      5.2 deg

Min temp:       +1.1 deg

Rain:               0.3 mm

Sunshine yesterday:    6.1 hours

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