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Wed 12th Feb 10:30 p.m. – It’s all over

The windstorm is over. In Tideswell it got up to Gale Force (Force 8) at its peak with a maximum gust of 63 mph. Not quite as strong as 18th Dec last year which reached Severe Gale (Force 9) with a max gust of 64 mph. So, in the end we got off reasonably lightly. Apart from the lights flickering a few times I’m not aware of any effects locally.

The temperature has dropped to 3 deg now after reaching 5 deg for a while in the afternoon. Maybe a few sleet, snow or hail showers overnight and a quieter day tomorro before more wind and rain later on Friday and into Saturday.

Don’t let this slightly less windy interlude fool you – Wed 12th Feb 3:15 p.m.

The rain cleared away about an hour ago. The wind at Tideswell was up to gale force (Force 8) for a while between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. with a maximum gust of 55 mph but it has eased a bit since then. Don’t let this fool you. The “main event” has yet to come and later this afternoon and into the evening the wind will be stronger than anything we have seen yet this winter.

The storm begins – Midday Wed 12th Feb

The wind is freshening rapidly now with gusts to about 40 mph in Tideswell. Later this afternoon we can expect something like double that strength so some disruption to travel is inevitable and there’s potential for power supply problems. This is the worst windstorm of the winter so far.

There’s heavy rain now with the temperature on 4 deg. Rain looks like continuing for another 2-3 hours then a change to hail, sleet and snow showers as the wind reaches its peak.

Wed 12th Feb 2014 – 7:00 a.m. – Stormy weather to come

The temperature in Tideswell is currently +1 deg. There’s been a dusting of fresh snow overnight and it’s snowing very slightly at the moment but the snow shouldn’t be a problem this morning.

The weather headline today will be the wind. This afternoon we’ll see the strongest winds of the winter so far. Gusts to 70 mph are likely and even higher than that in exposed places. This is plenty strong enough to bring trees down and to cause some structural damage. We can expect some transport disruption during the afternoon and evening and there’s potential for power outages. Some heavy rain for a time as well.

Tonight we’ll be back to snow and hail showers, still with strong winds.

Tue 11th Feb – 10:30 p.m.

The temperature here in Tideswell has just fallen to zero and the remaining snow and slush has frozen hard. There was a slight hail shower earlier this evening and we’ll probably see the hail and snow showers pepping up later in the night. So, look forward to a wintry start to the day on Wednesday.

We’re still set for a wet and very windy day later on Wednesday.

11 February 2014 – 5:15 p.m.

A bright afternoon with a few sunny intervals after this morning’s snow. Colder than we’ve been used to this winter with a top temperature in Tideswell of only 3.4 deg.

A cold night to come and it’s odds on that there’ll be some snow and hail showers. So, a very wintry start to Wednesday with a snow cover very likely and also some pretty hard ice on windscreens.

All of this before a big change later on Wednesday to rain and very strong winds.

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