Sun 9th Mar 10:15 p.m. – What a splendid day today

Summer arrived in the Peak District today with almost unbroken sunshine from sunrise till sunset. In Tideswell the maximum temperature was 16.6 deg. That’s about 8 deg above the March average and it was the warmest day since 7th October last year. We had 10.0 hours of sunshine which makes it the sunniest day since 19th July last year.

Unfortunately, the warmth was a one-day wonder and tomorrow we’ll be back to a more usual 9 deg. Nevertheless the coming week will see a lot of fine weather with spells of sunshine and there’s every chance that it’ll stay dry all week.

The computer models are continuing to hint that it’ll turn colder during the second half of the month. There’s no detail on that yet but it may be that winter hasn’t finished with us yet. Watch this space!