Wed 26th Mar 8:45 p.m. – Warming up a bit this weekend

A bit of a raw breeze across the Peak District today and a few sleet, snow and hail showers. Nothing to get too excited about, though. The next couple of days will see the rather cold, raw easterly winds continuing. There’ll be some showery rain on and off but any sleet or snow will be only in the highest parts.

Something of a change over the weekend as winds start to come in from the SE bringing slightly warmer air. Here in Tideswell we’ll probably see the temperature creeping above 10 deg. Not much sunshine on offer, though it’ll probably be dry, or mostly so over the weekend. So, a pretty good weekend for getting out walking.

The slightly warmer and mostly dry weather is likely to last into the start of next week but there are some hints of it getting colder again towards the end of next week. That’s real crystal ball stuff though and can’t be relied on this far ahead.