Hurricane ‘Matthew’ – update at 11:30 BST 4th Oct 2016

The centre of hurricane ‘Matthew’ is about to make landfall on the SW tip of Haiti.


Maximum sustained winds near the centre are about 145 m.p.h. with gusts to about 170 m.p.h. Such winds can be expected to cause extreme damage and destruction and there is a severe threat to the lives of anyone who is not in a place of secure shelter.

‘Matthew’ is expected to move N then NW with the centre passing over the eastern tip of Cuba later today.



The solid black line shows the predicted track of the centre of ‘Matthew’ between now and Saturday night. The shaded blue area is the ‘cone of uncertainty’ which delineates the area within which the actual track of the centre may lie. Most of the Bahamas are at great risk from ‘Matthew’ and there is also some threat to the whole of the US east coast from southern Florida to Virginia.