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A hint of winter?

During this coming week temperatures will remain above average for November across the Peak District. There’ll probably be a lot of cloudy weather with some rain but it seems likely that we’ll also see something of the sun. At present, Sunday and Tuesday look to have the best prospects for sunshine.

Looking beyond this coming week there is a definite hint in the computer models that it could turn a lot colder. This is illustrated by the chart in the following link

A hint of winter?

This chart is one computer model’s prediction of the sea level pressure pattern and the temperature distribution at 850mb (about 5,000ft above sea level) for 0000 GMT  on Monday 26th November. It shows very cold NE winds streaming across the British Isles. If it proved to be correct it is likely that many eastern and southern parts of the country would experience sleet and snow. However, the computer models cannot be relied on when looking so far ahead so this should not be taken as a firm forecast of what will happen. It is merely an indication that something significantly colder is a possibility in approximately 10 days time. There is some support for this prediction from other computer models but it is very far from being a certainty yet.

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