Mild this week but after that?

After some sunshine this morning it turned very showery in the Peak District this afternoon and these showers have persisted into the evening. Some places have had short torrential downpours and there’s been hail in the heavier showers. We caught the edge of some of the showers in Tideswell but the really heavy stuff missed us.

The rest of the working week is looking better with a lot of dry weather in the Peak District, though some rain is expected on Tuesday night and into the first part of Wednesday morning. Nevertheless, we should see some sunshine over the next few days.

The working week will continue to be on the mild side but over the weekend and into the beginning of next week there’ll a progressive cooling down. How cold will it get? That is the $64,000 question. It’s just too far into the future to be at all sure as the computer models are not at all reliable with predictions beyond 4-5 days. It certainly looks as though it will cool down at least to the mid-November average but there is a possibility, and no more than that, that it could get a whole lot colder next week, introducing the threat of snowfall over the Peak District. That’s not a forecast at this stage, just a ‘heads up’ about one way in which the weather may evolve.