Mild this week but colder next week

It was a very pleasant sunny morning in the Peak District today but it clouded over in the afternoon. Nevertheless, it remained dry and it was one of the more pleasant days for a while. It was very mild, too, with a max of 11.0° in Tideswell.

It’ll stay mild for the rest of the working week, and mostly dry after a bit of rain tonight.

Over the weekend there’ll be a noticeable cooling trend and this looks like continuing into next week. At present it’s still uncertain about how cold it’ll get and how long it’ll last. There’s still  considerable variation amongst the various computer models but it is increasingly likely that temperatures will fall below the November average during next week. The big question – Will there be any snow in the Peak District. The possibility of that is increasing but it’s still far from being a certainty. If we do get snow, at present it doesn’t look as if it’ll be very much but it’s much too early to be able to give any reliable prediction about that. It’s still a case of ‘watch this space’. Don’t take too much notice of the newspaper headlines yet.

Recent temperatures across the region can be found here.