The cold is coming.

It’s still very mild over the Peak District but that’s not going to last. It’s now a nailed-on certainty that there’ll be a progressive cooling down over the weekend with the really cold air arriving on Monday.  It’s still uncertain exactly how cold it will get or how long it will last but for much of next week it looks as though daytime temperatures in relatively high places such as Tideswell and Buxton will be in the range 2°-4°. There’ll probably be a lot of cloud so night-time temperatures will fall only a little below 0°. What we’ll all notice, at least during the first part of next week, is a biting E-SE wind, making it particularly unpleasant. At present it doesn’t look like there’ll be any significant amounts of precipitation during the week, so no troublesome snowfall is expected.

By the end of next week, into the weekend, it’s currently looking like the cold weather will persist though that’s not certain at this stage. If it does stay with us then there’ll probably be an increasing risk of significant snowfall.