Colder weather is arriving

Today saw the beginnings of the cooling down phase in the Peak District. The maximum temperature in Tideswell was 8.2° which is just below the average daily max of 8.4° in November. The day started off with fog and drizzle but the drizzle stopped and the cloud base lifted above ground level by soon after breakfast time. Nevertheless, the morning remained cloudy and there was a bit of an edge to the breeze. The cloud broke in the afternoon but never completely dispersed. As a result, we managed only some sunny period which gave a total of only 1.6 hours of sunshine.

In the past 15 days we have had a total of only 11.8 hours of sunshine. The total for the month to date is only 18.4 hours which is 38% of the average for the whole month. So, it seems that we are very likely to end up with a sunshine total for the month that’s well below average.

Tomorrow (Sunday) looks likely to be a sunnier day with temperatures similar to today. The much colder air is set to arrive in the Peak District during Monday and to stay for much, if not all, of the week. In Tideswell, daytime temperatures in the range 2° to 4° seem likely from Monday onwards. Although the week will probably start dry there’ll be an increasing risk of showery outbreaks from mid-week onwards. There are likely to be sleet or snow on the higher parts and we may well see some sleet or wet snow in Tideswell. However, at present amounts look likely to be relatively small.

The further outlook is very uncertain but it does appear likely that colder than average conditions will persist into next weekend and the start of the following week.


  • Others may argue with me but I think that we have had a cooler than normal September, October and November (so Far). Not complaining mind you and no cicadas have made an appearance as yet. That is the best part about the cooler days and nights.
    Today is sunny for us with much visible cloud to our west.
    We got 8mm of rain around 5am which fell in a minute or less.
    It sounded like a cyclone was happening outside but there was only a slight breeze here at the time.
    Judy from Mona Vale

  • You’re on the way up, Judy, while we are on the way down! We look set for an early taste of winter this week.

    P.S. You can also find we on Twitter at @TideswellWeathr if you are into that.

    Thanks for the comment!