Winter tomorrow!

Today was a day of two halves. During the morning there was extensive low stratus over the Peak District. Around midday, the cloud layer abruptly broke up and dispersed, leading to a mostly sunny afternoon and clear evening. The satellite image below shows that skies over much of the country were clear this afternoon but a cloud sheet approaching from the east was already half-way across the North sea.


The cloud approaching from the east is associated with much colder air that’ll flood across the Peak District and, indeed, the whole of the country during Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday, the temperature in Tideswell will struggle to get any higher than about 3°. During the middle part of the week it’s likely that fairly widespread showers will develop. Above 400-500m these are likely to be of sleet or snow, giving a covering above about 500m. In Tideswell we may well see some sleet or wet snow. There’ll be strong easterly winds, enhancing the cold feel. Tuesday to Thursday could well be decidedly unpleasant.

Towards the end of the week temperatures will probably rise a little but it seems likely that, in the Peak District, they’ll remain below the November average through the weekend and into the first part of next week with easterly winds predominating. An early start to winter.

One comment

  • An early start to winter? I think not. My impression is that we get snow in the last week of every November, and people start looking forward to a white Christmas – which of course never materialises.