The gradual slide into winter continues

Today was one of the more unpleasant faces of winter in Tideswell. It was mostly cloudy with only a couple of brief intervals of sun. After a little early drizzle there was a dry slot before showers got going around 10:00 a.m. After that the showers were fairly frequent throughout the day, though never more than slight. To add to the unpleasant mix there was a cold, gusty ENE wind. The temperature struggled up to 6.5° briefly in early afternoon but it’s now (8:45 p.m.) down to 4.3°.

Tuesday looks like being a pretty bleak day with a lot of rain and perhaps sleet and an even stronger E-NE wind. The temperature is unlikely to get any higher than about 4° and there is a fair probability that we’ll see some snow on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.