A wintry day

It turned out to be a very wintry day in the Peak District. In Tideswell we had long spells of rain and sleet with a fresh, gusty NE wind. The maximum temperature was only 3.8° so it was really quite bleak. There was snow higher up with a slight cover above about 500m.

The first 2 photos below are said to have been taken at about 510m on the Snake Pass at about 2:00 p.m. today. The 3rd photo shows Kinder Scout at dusk. There appears to be a slight snow cover there.

Snake Pass


Snake Pass2



The webcam at the Cat & Fiddle (515m) didn’t show any lying snow this afternoon so it seems that lying snow was restricted to more northern parts of the Peak District.

There might be some further slight falls of snow overninght, perhaps lying down to 300-350m but tomorrow should be maginally better with less precipitation and temperatures rising a tad.

For the rest of the week and into the weekend it looks like it’ll stay a bit colder than average for late Novemmber. There’ll be a lot of cloud over the Peak District with some rain from time to time. With temperatures just a little higher than today it’s likely that any wintry precipitation will be limited to the very highest parts.

Beyond the weekend the detail is very uncertain but the probability is that it’ll stay on the cold side of average.

The image below shows the temperature and dew point traces for Tideswell for today, highlighting the day’s cold.