A gloomy day in Tideswell

Friday was gloomy, overcast and misty in Tideswell with the visibility down into fog limits from time to time. The fog thickened in the evening. At least it was a dry day!

It wasn’t dry everywhere in the country, though. This morning’s radar loop (link below) shows that there were showers across Scotland and some quite hefty showers affecting SW England and Western Wales.

The midday satellite image (link below) shows that most of the country was cloud covered with only a narrow band of more broken cloud extending from the south of Northern Ireland, acoss Cumbria to Yorkshire giving some sunny spells in these areas. East Kent was also getting a bit of sun.

The third image (link below) shows the fog over Kinder Scout this evening, illuminated by the moon.

Radar loop

Midday satellite image

Fog over Kinder Scout illuminated by moonlight