A change is on the way

Another quiet and rather cold day in Tideswell with the light NE wind persisting over the Peak District. The morning was gloomy and misty and there was a little rain from time to time. Around the middle of the day the lowest cloud dispersed and it became dry. Although the sky remained mostly cloudy it did get a bit brighter and we even saw a few short intervals of sunshine. It’s a few days since we saw any of that!

As is so often the case in easterly winds the best of any sunshine today was to be found in the West of Scotland. The first image below is a satellite image for the middle part of the day which clearly shows the cloud-free area over Western Scotland. The second image is a photo showing the moon in clear skies over the island of Harris in the Outer Hebrides this morning.

NASA Worldview


Moon over Harris


The quiet, rather cold weather is expected to continue over the Peak District over the remainder of the weekend and into the first part of next week. However, during Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to see a gradual change to much more unsettled and somewhat milder weather as vigorous low pressure systems approach the British Isles from the Atlantic. There is potential for a spell of very strong winds and widespread rain during Wednesday and into Thursday but the detail of this is still very uncertain.

Unsettled conditions with spells of wet and windy weather look likely to continue into the first week of December but there is a hint, and no more than that, of something more settled and colder developing by the middle of the month. At this stage, though, that’s highly speculative.

The animation below shows the predicted rainfall accumulation over the next two weeks. It’s based on one run of one computer model so the detail cannot be relied on. Nevertheless, it is indicative of the sort of weather that is likely to occur.


UK rain