Unsettled and windy

Not a very nice day in Tideswell today. There was slight to moderate rain and drizzle for most of the time with only one or two brief dry interludes. It was a windy day with the SSE wind peaking at Force 6 in the early afternoon with a max gust of 48 m.p.h. It was a very mild day, though, with a max temp in Tideswell of 11.7°.


There’s a bit of a lull in the weather now but there’s a storm brewing for Thursday morning. The satellite image below shows a mass of cloud  to the west of the Iberian Peninsula. This is a developing low pressure centre that’s headed our way for Thursday.


This low will run rapidly NE and deepen, probably crossing the British Isles during tomorrow. It’s likely to bring very strong S-SW winds across much of England and Wales during daytime on Thursday. In Tideswell we could see gusts as highas 50-60 m.p.h. on Thursday morning. That’s stronger than anything we had on Wednesday. More unsettled weather is expected through till the weekend.

The animation below shows the expected developments over the next 30 hours or so.