Another grotty day in Tideswell

There was a low overcast in the Peak District for much of the day with extensive hill fog above 400m. In Tideswell there was slight rain and drizzle for a lot of the day. Some cloud breaks appeared for a time around dusk but too late for any sunshine. Even by Tidewell standards we’re having a remarkably dull spell. In the past 14 days we’ve had a total of only 8.9 hours of sunshine and 4.6 of those came on one day.

Today has been an exceptionally mild day for December. It felt more like October.


Unsettled weather looks like carrying on for much of the coming week though, as the animation below shows, rainfall amounts in the Peak District are expected to be relatively small.

Looking into next weekend and beyond there are some fairly strong hints from some of the computer models that we could be heading for a spell of much colder weather. There’s great uncertainty about this yet but there is the possibility that by the middle of the month the weather could be causing some travel disruption around the Peak District.