A raw day in Tideswell

A mostly cloudy day in Tideswell with a cold, raw, gusty E-SE wind. The temperature crept just above 3° for a while. The cloud mostly cleared around dusk allowing the temperature to fall close to 0° this evening despite the wind.


Another cold day tomorrow and then the fun starts on Saturday. Milder air from the Atlantic will start to push in during the day on Saturday bringing a spell of wet weather but with cold air still over the country there’s likely to be a spell of snow over the Peak District before the temperature rises later. In Tideswell snow looks likely to start around the middle of the day and could persist into the evening. Just to add to the nasty mix there could also be freezing rain for a while. It’ll be quite a marginal situation so it’s difficult to say how much snow Tideswell may get but I wouldn’t be surprised to see 5-10 cm by dusk on Saturday. Above 450-500m there could well be heavy falls with near blizzard conditions on Saturday afternoon. High level roads are likely to be badly affected.