Freezing rain on Saturday but much better today

Yesterday (Saturday) was an astonishing day of weather in Tideswell. During the afternoon we had 12 mm of rain, all with the temperature between -1° and 0°. The result was extensive glassy-smooth ice. In the surrounding area there were many traffic accidents and some roads were closed for many hours. It was the worst occurrence of freezing rain that I have ever encountered.

A much better day today. After a frosty start, with icy stretches on roads and pavements, the morning was mostly sunny. It clouded over in the afternoon and it has been raining since around 5:30 p.m. A much milder day with the temperature reaching a high of 6°.

In the run up to Christmas it looks as though the weather will be very changeable. Spells of mild, wet and windy weather will alternate with spells of cooler, brighter conditions but there’s no real sign of anything significantly cold. There are some hints that Christmas Day and Boxing Day could be a little colder but a White Christmas looks to be unlikely.