Rainfall forecast based on computer run at 0600 Tue 14th Mar

The 72-hour rainfall forecast from 0600 this morning indicates some slight rain across the Peak District on Thursday and Thursday night into Friday morning. Predicted totals are small, though. The following shows the predicted hour-by-hour total accumulation from 0600 today.

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Rainfall forecast – March 14th/15th

Mostly dry weather expected over the Peak District today and tomorrow. Here are the hour-by-hour predicted rainfall accumulations.

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Winter wonderland!

We had a short but intense snowstorm in Tideswell just before dawn this morning. We got up to the following scenes.

p1010233 p1010230 p1010226 p1010222 p1010219 p1010216 p1010211 p1010209

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A gorgeous sunny afternoon in the Peak District

Some photos taken this afternoon while walking in the Longshaw Estate above Hathersage. The temperature was about 2°C at the time but it was a splendid afternoon for a walk. The lying snow is above about 500metres on Howden Moors.

Larger versions of the photos can be found at



p1010208 p1010207 p1010206 p1010205 p1010204 p1010203

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A cloudy afternoon around Tideswell

After the fog cleared at around 10 a.m. the remainder of the morning was sunny. It clouded over around midday and the afternoon was cloudy, dull and hazy. These photos were taken just before 3 p.m., just as the light was beginning to fade. Temperature at the time was about 5.5C

p1010084 p1010082 p1010081 p1010083

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A foggy day in Tideswell

It’s been foggy since about 9 a.m. These photos were taken at about 1:30 p.m.

Not the best of days!

p1000900 p1000898 p1000897

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Wonderful winter sunshine in Tideswell

A few photos taken in the marvellous sunny weather we have had around Tideswell today. Mind you, with the temperature around 2-3C at the time the photos were taken it wasn’t a day for hanging about. Perfect for a good walk, though.











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Cloudy and grey in Tideswell – Sat 5th Nov

After some early sunny periods most of today has been cloudy and grey with a cold N-NW wind. Despite the clouds looking threatening at times it has remained dry. A few photos below were taken around 3 p.m. looking SE across Tideswell. The temperature at the time was around 5 deg and the wind had quite an edge to it.

p1000882 p1000881 p1000880 p1000879 p1000878 p1000877 p1000876 p1000875

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A fine morning in Tideswell

After several days of unrelenting gloom, mist and drizzle Monday has got off to a much better start. With the temperature around 6 deg and good breaks in the cloud it’s a much more pleasant version of autumn. Looking forward to the cooler and fresher weather later in the week.


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A cloudy afternoon – Fri 21st Oct 2016

A few rather atmospheric photos taken this afternoon from Litton Edge, about a mile east of Tideswell. A cloudy day but very pleasant for a walkp1000873 p1000872p1000869p1000871

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