Observations – 2014

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Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 31st December 2014

1500z    18003kt 10km -RA 3St005 6Ac070 03.4/03.0 1028
RMK:     A few spits of rain during the past 15 minutes. Rather cloudy for much of the day with only a few sunny intervals. There’s been a slow thaw again today with the snow depth now 8 cm. Max temp 4.6

0900z    25001kt 20km 6St005 +02.2/+01.9 1030
RMK:     Stratus has developed during the past half hour. 9 cm lying snow.
09-09z:   Tx 5.0 (1355z)   Tn +0.1 (2255z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -4.7      00-24z:   Sun 2.0

0630z    20005kt 20km 1Sc040 6Ci250 +01.4/+01.1 1031
RMK:     Fine and clear. 9 cm lying snow.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 30th December 2014

1500z    CALM 30km 6Sc025 +02.7/+01.6 1035
RMK:     A mostly cloudy day with some sunny intervals. Max temp 5.0 with a slow thaw since mid-morning. 10 cm lying snow.

0900z    25001kt 30km 7Sc030 +00.8/+00.5 1038
RMK:     A very still morning. No sunshine so far. 12 cm lying snow.
09-09z:   Tx +2.8 (1445z)   Tn -1.9 (0435z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -5.7      00-24z:   Sun 2.0

0630z    25002kt 20km 2St005 7Sc030 -01.7/-02.1 1038
RMK:     A quiet, crisp morning. 12 cm lying snow.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 29th December 2014

1800z    29003kt 10km 1Cu007 3Ci300 +01.3/+01.0 1041
RMK:     A rather grey day with a lot of low cloud and only occasional intervals of sunshine. Max temp +2.8 and there’s been a slight thaw. Still 13 cm of lying snow. Main roads and bus routes are all OK but the minor roads still have a lot of hard-packed snow and rutted frozen slush.

0900z    CALM 2000 BR 4St001 8St002 +00.8/+00.8 1041
RMK:     Grey and murky since about 0730z.
09-09z:   Tx +0.9 (0850z)   Tn -4.8 (0925z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -8.1      00-24z:   Sun 4.0

0630z    29003kt 10km -SHSN 5Cu008 -00.5/-00.7 1040
RMK:     Snow shower is very slight. The forecast of the temperature flat-lining at -1 throughout the night proved to be a pretty good call. It’s actually been a bit higher than that for much of the night. The only blip was a colder spell in the early evening when the temp got down to -4.4 around 1800z. The temp was above zero intermittently throughout the night so the ‘ice day’ didn’t happen. There’s 15 cm of lying snow.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 28th December 2014

1600z    29005kt 30km 2Ci300 -03.3/-03.8 1036
RMK:     It’s been a gorgeous sunny day. Ideal for walking this afternoon though the underfoot conditions required a bit of care. With a max temp of -0.3 there’s been no thaw and there’s still 16 cm of lying snow. If the temperature remains below zero till 0900z tomorrow it’ll be our first ‘ice day’ since 24th March 2013. I’m a bit puzzled by the forecast
temperatures for tonight. The current forecast for Tideswell shows the temperature steady on -1 all night. With clear skies, very little wind and a thick snow cover I would have expected much lower temperatures. It’s already well below the predicted figure and falling quickly.

0900z    CALM 20km SKC -04.7/-04.9 1031
RMK:     A winter wonderland. 17 cm lying snow and bright sunshine. It’s dazzlingly bright. Not so good walking down to the village, though. Our road is covered by a mix of hard-packed snow and thick, rutted, frozen slush. Without YakTrax walking would be well-nigh impossible on even the slightest gradient.
09-09z:   Tx +0.8 (0050z)   Tn -4.7 (0900z today)   RR 0.5
15-09z:   Tg -8.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

0630z    CALM 30km SKC -03.4/-03.7 1028
RMK:     Occasional slight snow showers yesterday evening but this morning is fine crisp and clear. 17 cm lying snow. Bus routes have been well treated and are mostly clear of
snow and ice. All other roads are badly affected by hard-packed snow and slush which has frozen overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 19th December 2014

1500z    29008g22kt 8000 3Cb005 03.3/03.0 1013 RESHRASNGS
RMK:     A rather cloudy day with frequent showers of rain and hail. A lengthy moderate shower during the past hour dragged the temperature below 3 deg and produced some sleet. Max temp 5.6 so still on the mild side of average.

0900z    27011g21kt 15km 3Cu005 04.0/03.1 1009 RE-SHRA
RMK:     Several slight rain showers since 0800z. Although the temperature is down substantially compared to recent days it’s still quite mild for the time of year. This morning’s min is about 4 deg above the average daily min for December.
09-09z:   Tx 11.1 (1330z)   Tn 3.9 (0835z)   RR 15.4
15-09z:   Tg +1.6      00-24z:   Sun nil
Rainfall total for the month to date is 122.9 mm. That’s 85% of the average for the whole of December so, with almost two weeks of the month remaining, it looks like it’ll end up as a very wet month.

0630z    27009g24kt 20km 1Sc010 04.5/03.6 1007
RMK:     Cold front went through at 2235 yesterday evening but moderate rain continued till about 0300z. Since then the cloud has cleared and it’s a fine, clear, fresh morning. Although the temperature is on the way down it’s still well above the average for this time on a December morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 18th December 2014

1500z    23011g42kt 8000 -RA 2St004 8Sc006 10.8/10.7 1001
RMK:     Dry for a couple of hours 1100-1300z but the rain has been back since then. Max temp 11.1. That’s close to the highest in December since we moved here in 2009 but not quite. In 2011 and 2013 the December max was 11.3. The past 5 days have produced more than 40mm of rain and only 0.7 hours of sunshine. Visitors here on winter breaks are not impressed!

0900z    23012g26kt 8000 -RA 5St004 8Sc018 10.4/10.3 1002
RMK:     I suppose it will eventually stop raining!
09-09z:   Tx 10.6 (0735z)   Tn 9.2 (0900z yesterday)   RR 10.9
09-21z:   Tx 9.7 (1435)      21-09z:   Tn 9.4 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 8.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    23007kt 2000 -DZ 8St002 10.4/10.4 1003
RMK:     A very mild, drippy morning. There’s been almost continuous rain/drizzle for the past 48 hours.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 17th December 2014

1600z    25001kt 0400 RADZ FG 4St001 8Sc005 09.4/09.4 1004
RMK:     Despite the radar showing nothing for much of the day it has been a filthy wet day here. There’s been steady rain and drizzle all day with no let up at all. For much of the time it has been slight but very wetting nonetheless. During the past half hour it has become moderate and the fog has come down. 5mm of rain since 0900z. Max temp 9.7

0900z    31008g21kt 1200 -DZ BR 8St002 09.2/09.2 1002
RMK:     It’s wetter than the radar suggests, with persistent drizzle. Very dull and gloomy. Probably the darkest morning of the winter so far.
09-09z:   Tx 9.2 (0615z)   Tn 3.8 (1805z)   RR 14.3
09-21z:   Tx 4.8 (1200z)      21-09z:   Tn 4.3 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg +2.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

0630z    30016g24kt 0500 -RADZ FG 8St001 09.2/09.2 1000
RMK:     A ‘thick’ morning after a wet night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 16th December 2014

1600z    26004kt 7000 -RA 3Cu005 7Sc010 04.4/04.1 1013
RMK:     Grey and overcast all day with long spells of slight rain. The rain hasn’t amounted to much but it has probably been raining for more than 75% of the time. Max temp 4.8

0900z    31005kt 10km 5Cu005 7Sc012 04.2/03.9 1013 RERA
RMK:     Rain on and off, occasionally moderate.
09-09z:   Tx 5.1 (1350z)   Tn +1.6 (1950z)   RR 5.0
21-09z:   Tn 2.5 (2220)      15-09z:   Tg -1.0      00-24z:   Sun 0.4

0630z    28005kt 5000 -RA 2Cu005 8Sc020 04.0/03.6 1012
RMK:     Slight rain on and off through the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 15th December 2014

1700z    25001kt 10km 3Cu007 7Sc030 +02.6/+02.1 1011 RE-SHRASN
RMK:     A mostly cloudy day with occasional showers of rain and sleet. Also a few brief glimpses of the sun. Max temp 5.1

0900z    20003kt 5000 -SHRASN 2St005 7Cu007 03.3/03.0 1009
RMK:     Sleet showers since about 0800z, briefly moderate.
09-09z:   Tx 6.9 (1840z)   Tn 3.3 (0900z today)   RR 7.8
15-09z:   Tg +2.3      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    27006kt 20km 3Cu005 7Sc020 03.6/03.1 1008
RMK:     One or two slight showers overnight but dry for much of the time.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 14th December 2014

1600z    23015g26kt 5000 -RA 6Sc006 8Sc015 06.7/06.4 1003
RMK:     Grey and overcast all day. A little rain from time to time in the afternoon but never amounting to much. We’ve had none of the heavy rain that was forecast for today.
Unless there’s pretty strong dynamic forcing we often miss out on much of the rain in a SW’ly. We seem to be in the shadow of the Welsh mountains from that direction. WNW’lies are a very different kettle of fish as last week’s 70 mm goes to prove 🙂 Max temp 6.7

0900z    21008kt 10km 7Sc006 03.8/03.6 1007
RMK:     Back to the grey gloom this morning. Almost all of the lying snow has gone. There’s only a few scraps left in places that were well shaded yesterday.
09-09z:   Tx 3.8 (0900z today)   Tn -0.7 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.2
09-21z:   Tx 3.1 (1325z)      21-09z:   Tn +0.8 (0000z)
15-09z:   Tg -4.5      00-24z:   Sun 5.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Satruday 13th December 2014

1500z    27006kt 30km 2Cu007 4Ci250 +02.2/+01.5 1011
RMK:     Sunny during the morning. Broken Cu and sunny periods in the afternoon. Snow and ice has melted where the sun got at it but not in the shade. There’s about a 20% slight snow cover. Max temp 3.1

0900z    34002kt 30km SKC -00.7/-00.8 1010
RMK:     A beautiful fine, clear, crisp morning. Occasional snow showers continued into the early hours with the temp around +1. The second half of the night was clear and frosty.
1cm of lying snow.
09-09z: Tx +2.6 (1205z) Tn -2.2 (0735z) RR 4.6
15-09z: Tg -5.1 00-24z: Sun 0.8

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 12th December 2014

1600z    28009g21kt 0500 SHSN 3St005 8Cu008 +01.2/+00.6 995
RMK:     Frequent showers of snow and soft hail throughout the afternoon, briefly heavy, giving temporary accumulations to 1cm. Nothing sticking for long, though. The proper snowline is about 30 metres above us. Max temp +2.6.
I got stuck for about 15 minutes this afternoon behind a quarry waggon that couldn’t make it up a steepish hill just outside the HSE Laboratory at Harpur Hill, near Buxton. It was getting wheelspin on the snow and was straddling the whole road. Fortuitously, a gritting waggon came along and sorted the problem out. It’ll be fun and games tonight when this lot freezes.

0900z    31003kt 20km 4Sc030 7Ci250 +01.2/+00.9 990
RMK:     Sleet died out around 0700z. Cloud has been thinning and breaking since then.
09-09z: Tx 4.2 (0225z) Tn +1.2 (0900z today) RR 19.8
09-21z: Tx 3.3 (1210z) 15-09z: Tg +0.2 00-24z: Sun 0.5
The past 7 days have produced 63.9 mm of rain.

0630z    30007kt 2000 RASN 4St008 8Sc020 +02.6/+02.4 988
RMK:     Wet since yesterday afternoon. Initially sleet but probably rain for much of the night with the temp around 4 deg. It then fell below 3 deg around 0400z so it has probably
been sleet since then. There’s a lot of frozen stuff in the precipitation at the moment.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 11th December 2014

1500z    23009kt 8000 -RASN 6Sc007 8Ci250 +02.9/+02.2 1003
RMK:     Dry between 0900z and 1200z then the showers abruptly started again. These were a mix of sleet, snow, soft hail and ice pellets. It has now eveloved into continuous slight sleet. There’s still a slight patchy cover of snow from this morning’s thunderstorm. Max temp 3.3

0900z    27011kt 10km 4Cu005 5Sc020 +01.8/+01.4 1003 RE-SHSN
RMK:     Occasional slight snow showers. 1cm slushy covering.
09-09z:   Tx 4.9 (1225z)   Tn +0.8 (0550z)   RR 10.6
15-09z:   Tg +0.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.9

0630z    27009kt 5000 -SHSNGS 4St005 8Cu008 +01.4/+01.3 1002
RMK:     Frequent showers throughout the night, presumably wintry. Thunderstorm with snow and hail approx 0500-0515z. 1cm lying snow, but very wet stuff.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 10th December 2014

1600z    27013kt 15km 3Cu008 03.8/02.0 1009 RE-SHRA
RMK:     A very uneventful day. Apart from a couple of very slight showers during the past hour it has been dry. All the action has been passing to the north of us. It needs just a fraction more of a north component in the wind to bring the showers into here. A lot of cloud through the day but some sunny intervals as well. A breezy day but nothing more than that. The max gust during daylight hours has been only 27 knots. Max temp 4.9

0900z    26009kt 30km 6Sc012 +02.3/+01.0 1011
RMK:     Clouded over in the past hour but there’s no vertical development in the cloud. A raw breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 9.7 (2155z)   Tn +0.9 (0900z yesterday)   RR 9.2
09-21z:   Tx 9.3 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn +2.1 (0845z)
15-09z:   Tg -0.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    27009g24kt 30km 1Sc010 +02.3/+00.9 1011
RMK:     Fine and clear at the moment though there have been a few showers overnight. Cars are icy but other hard surfaces are wet. It’s breezy but not windy. The cold front went
through here at about 2155z last night with a brief burst of very heavy rain. Max rate 27 mm/hr

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 9th December 2014

1600z    18016g25kt 10km -RA 5Sc008 8Ac070 05.1/04.9 1013
RMK:     Very slight rain since about 1300z. A raw wind. Pressure fall of 6.4 mb in the past 3 hours. Only a few scraps of lying snow remaining. Max temp 5.1 so far but it’s still edging up.

0900z    19004kt 20km 1Sc008 5Ac120 8Ac180 +00.9/+00.8 1024
RMK:     Middle cloud is thickening quickly and it’s now quite dark and gloomy. Hard surfaces are still icy and there’s still a patchy slight cover of frozen snow/slush. Nowhere
near enough to count as a snow-lying morning, though.
09-09z:   Tx 3.3 (1455z)   Tn -1.3 (0435z)   RR 2.3
15-09z:   Tg -3.3      00-24z:   Sun 2.7

0630z    CALM 20km 1Ac120 8Cs300 +00.3/+00.2 1026
RMK:     The calm before the storm 🙂 Hard surfaces are icy. Some patchy frozen snow/slush remaining. There’s a lunar halo.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 8th December 2014

1600z    30005kt 30km 1Cu008 +02.3/+01.9 1020
RMK:     Sleet and snow showers continued till early afternoon. Since then the cloud has been gradually dispersing and it’s now fine and clear. Hard surfaces have started to freeze.
There’s still a patchy slight snow cover. North facing slopes above 350m still have a complete cover. Max temp 3.3

0900z    29006kt 10km 4Cu006 +01.6/+01.3 1015 RE-SHSN
RMK:     Occasional snow showers. 1 cm lying snow on grass. The slush on hard surfaces has frozen during the past hour.
09-09z:   Tx 6.1 (0900z yesterday)   Tn +0.9 (0800z)   RR 13.7
15-09z:   Tg -1.2      00-24z:   Sun 1.8

0630z    26006kt 8000 -SHSN 7Cu007 +1.3/+1.1 1014
RMK:     Showers of snow and soft hail have continued through the night. There’s 1cm of snow and hail on the grass. Hard surfaces are slushy. The temp has remained above zero all night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 7th December 2014

1600z    27011kt 3000 -SHSN 7Cu007 +01.9/+01.2 1015
RMK:     Frequent showers of sleet, snow and soft hail throughout the afternoon. Not quite cold enough for it to settle properly here. There’s a bit of a slushy covering on grass, roofs and cars. The snow-line is at about 330-350m a.s.l. Above that there’s a proper slight covering of snow. Max temp 6.1 at 0900z but that was just as the colder air was beginning to arrive.

1200z    29010kt 15km 2Cu008 03.7/02.9 1014 RE-SHRASN
RMK:     Occasional sleet showers through the morning but fine and sunny at the moment.

0900z    29013g30kt 10km 6Cu008 06.1/05.2 1012
RMK:     Rain overnight. Cold front at 0710z with a short spell of heavy rain. Max rate 18 mm/hr. Temp has been falling steadily since the cold front went through.
09-09z:   Tx 8.2 (0635z)   Tn -2.7 (0900z yesterday)   RR 5.9
09-21z:   Tx 5.3 (1435z)      21-09z:   Tn 5.1 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg +0.9      00-24z:   Sun 3.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 6th December 2014

1600z    21005kt 30km 2Sc020 6Sc050 04.1/03.4 1025
RMK:     A pretty good day. Dry with variable amounts of cloud and spells of sunshine. Most of the ice had gone by midday but some persisted right through the day. Max temp 5.3 and feeling much ‘softer’ than yesterday.

0900z    CALM 30km 1Sc030 -02.7/-03.3 1028
RMK:     Fine, clear and crisp with a moderate hoar frost. There’s some patchy frozen slush on roofs, cars and grass. The road is very icy.
09-09z:   Tx 4.8 (1225z)   Tn -2.7 (0850z)   RR 2.4
15-09z:   Tg -6.7      00-24z:   Sun 1.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 5th December 2014

2100z    30007kt 30km 1Cu008 +00.9/+00.7 1023
RMK:     Showers of snow, sleet and hail continued till after sunsent. Fine and clear since then. There’s a partial slight cover of frozen slush on roofs, cars and grass. Our road is
very icy, having previously been wet from the showers. Not a very good night to be driving on the untreated minor roads.

1500z    01002kt 10km -SHRASN 7Cu008 03.8/03.4 1019
RMK:     A moderate snow shower 1300-1310z gave a short-lived, half-hearted slushy covering on grass, roofs and cars. That’s the first of the season and the start of what might be a very interesting week. Max temp 4.8

0900z    30003kt 2500 BR 8St003 03.2/03.1 1018
RMK:     Grey and gloomy. There’s not much of a breeze but what there is has a decidedly sharp edge to it.
09-09z:   Tx 4.4 (1330z)   Tn +0.1 (0330z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -3.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    CALM 5000 BR 7Sc012 +02.8/+02.6 1017
RMK:     Another overcast morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 4th December 2014

1600z    CALM 15km 7Sc007 03.7/03.0 1015
RMK:     Grey and overcast all day but dry and with barely a breath of a breeze. Max temp 4.4

0900z    08001kt 15km 7Sc020 03.3/02.8 1018
RMK:     After yesterday’s sunshine it’s back to the grey gloom today.
09-09z:   Tx 6.5 (1325z)   Tn +0.8 (1745z)   RR trace
21-09z:   Tn +2.1 (0100z)      15-09z:   Tg -3.3      00-24z:   Sun 5.6

0630z    36002kt 8000 -RA 4Sc030 8Ac070 03.2/02.9 1019
RMK:     Rain is very slight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 3rd December 2014

1700z    CALM 30km 1Sc040 +01.1/-00.0 1025
RMK:     Fine, clear and frosty after a glorious day with long spells of sunshine. Max temp 6.5 but falling quickly now.

0900z    CALM 30km 1Ci250 -01.1/-01.6 1028
RMK:     A gorgeous crisp and sunny morning.
09-09z:   Tx 5.6 (1130z)   Tn -1.7 (0720z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg -5.5      00-24z:   Sun 1.4

0630z    CALM 30km SKC -01.3/-02.3 1028
RMK:     Fine, clear and crisp. A slight hoar frost on grass. Hard surfaces are dry and clear.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 2nd December 2014

2100z    36003kt 30km 6Ci250 +01.6/-00.1 1027
RMK:     The low and middle cloud dispersed by the middle of the morning but extensive thick high cloud persisted all day, greatly limiting the amount of sunshine. Max temp 5.6 and with a stiff breeze for much of the day it felt very much as though winter has arrived. It’s a beautiful clear evening but still with a lot of thick cirrus. Had a 4-hour power outage this evening. I hope that’s not a hint of things to come this winter.

0900z    36009kt 30km 1Cu005 5Ac100 7Ci200 04.7/03.5 1020
RMK:     Rain ceased soon after 0700z and the cloud is steadily thinning. Nice to have the clean Atlantic air back.
09-09z:   Tx 6.4 (0325z)   Tn 4.6 (0840z)   RR 0.8
09-21z:   Tx 6.2 (0905z)      15-09z:   Tg 3.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    35012G22kt 10km -RA 2Sc007 7Sc040 8Ac070 05.1/04.3 1018
RMK:     Cold front went through around 0330z. There’s quite an edge to the breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 1st December 2014

1800z    CALM 2000 BR 8St003 05.4/05.3 1013
RMK:     Drizzle ceased around midday but it has remained grey and gloomy with a low overcast all day. Max temp 6.1

0900z    08001kt 3000 -DZ 5St003 8Sc006 06.2/06.0 1015
RMK:     Damp and very gloomy.
09-09z:   Tx 8.4 (1435z)   Tn 6.1 (0840z)   RR 0.1
15-09z:   Tg 5.8      00-24z:   Sun 1.6

0630z    09002kt 2000 -DZ 8St003 06.3/06.1 1015
RMK:     A new month but the same old weather 🙁

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 30th November 2014

1700z    36002kt 15km 2Cu007 7Sc018 08.0/07.9 1016
RMK:     After the early sun the sky clouded over around 1000z. Since then it has been mostly cloudy and rather dull. Max temp 8.4

0900z    29005kt 15km 1Cu006 07.1/06.9 1014
RMK:     Fine and sunny.
09-09z:   Tx 8.8 (0220z)   Tn 6.9 0400z
09-21z:   Tx 8.3 (1345z)

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 26th November 2014

0900z    07003kt 4000 -RA BR 2St004 5Sc030 8Ac070 05.7/05.6 1014
RMK:     A good day for indoor jobs!
09-09z:   Tx 5.9 (0725z)   Tn -1.8 (0900z yesterday)   RR 3.1
09-21z:   Tx 4.7 (1250z)      21-09z:   Tn 4.2 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 3.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.7

0630z 07003kt 2000 -RA BR 6St004 8Sc012 05.6/05.6 1015
RMK: A dreich morning. There’s been slight rain for
much of the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 25th November 2014

1800z    CALM 15km -RA 4Sc050 8Ac080 03.7/03.1 1022
RMK:     Some sunshine during the morning though it was limited by the thick cirrus. Cloud thickened from late morning onwards and slight rain started around 1730z. Max temp 4.7

0900z    CALM 15km 1Ac150 7Ci300 -01.8/-02.0 1026
RMK:     Thick cirrus is obscuring the sun. Moderate hoar frost.
09-09z:   Tx 6.7 (1430z)   Tn -2.6 (0805z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -5.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.6

0630z    CALM 20km 1Ac100 7Ci250 -02.3/-02.5 1026
RMK:     Fine and clear with a moderate hoar frost. First air frost of the season.

Tideswell, Derbyshire –   Monday 24th November 2014

1600z    CALM 20km 1Sc050 3Ci250 +02.7/+02.0 1027
RMK:     Cloudy till early afternoon then the cloud broke up to give a little late sunshine. The sunshine total for the past 14 days is 5.2 hours. We look odds-on to have our first air
frost of the season tonight. Frost and ice is already forming on car roofs. Max temp 6.7

0900z    CALM 15km 7Cu008 +02.7/+02.6 1026
RMK:     A cloudy morning with no sunshine yet. The frost has all gone.
09-09z:   Tx 6.7 (1200z)   Tn +1.3 (2100z)   RR 0.1
15-09z:   Tg -2.5      00-24z:   Sun 0.4

0630z    24001kt 20km 2Sc008 6Ci250 03.0/02.7 1023
RMK:     Too much cloud and breeze for an air frost overnight but there is a mod/hvy hoar frost on grass and cars. It’s melting a bit now.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 23rd November 2014

1600z    30002kt 20km 1Cu007 04.5/03.8 1018
RMK:     Dry since about 0830z. Cloudy till mid-afternoon then a very sharp-edged clearance gave us a little late afternoon sunshine. The back edge of the cloud is still visible from ENE to S. The temp is now falling quickly under the clear sky. Might come close to our first air frost of the season. Max temp 6.7

0900z    CALM 10km 3Cu007 4Sc050 8Ac080 05.8/05.6 1017 RE-RA
RMK:     Rain since about 0230z. Died out during the past hour.
09-09z:   Tx 12.4 (1240z)   Tn 5.4 (1950z)   RR 3.6
21-09z:   Tn 5.8 (0830z)      15-09z:   Tg +2.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.5

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 22nd November 2014

1600z    25001kt 20km 1Ac100 07.6/07.3 1012
RMK:     Fog lifted around 1000z. The rest of the morning was cloudy with a little rain. The cloud gradually broke up through the afternoon and we managed to squeeze 0.5 hrs of
sunshine out of it. That was the first sun since Tuesday and takes the total for the past 12 days to 4.2 hours. The temp is now falling quickly under the clear skies. Max temp 12.4

0900z    18001kt 0100 FG VV/// 09.3/09.3 1010
RMK:     A very drippy morning. There was a spell of mod/hvy rain yesterday evening from 1600 till 2235z with a max rate of 20 mm/hr at 2205z.
09-09z:   Tx 9.3 (0900z today)   Tn 5.6 (0900z yesterday)   RR 22.9
09-21z:   Tx 6.4 (1325z)      21-09z:   Tn 6.1 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 5.8      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 21st November 2014

1700z    14004kt 2000 RA 8St004 06.3/06.1 1015
RMK:     A dull and gloomy day. Rain started around 1300z and has been continuous since then. Mostly slight but it has recently become moderate. Max temp 6.4

0900z    09006kt 5000 BR 8Sc006 05.6/05.4 1020
RMK:     Grey and very gloomy. A bit of an edge to the breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 8.3 (1510z)   Tn 3.8 (1815z)   RR nil
21-09z:   Tn 5.2 (0810z)      15-09z:   Tg +0.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    09003kt 4000 BR 8Sc008 05.4/05.2 1021
RMK:     Yet another overcast morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 20th November 2014

1500z    13001kt 4000 HZ 7Sc006 08.2/07.3 1025
RMK:     Cloudy all day. Brighter than recent days but no sunshine. Only 3.7 hours of sun in the past 9 days. Max temp 8.2 so far.

0900z    CALM 2000 BR 2St004 6Sc050 06.3/06.3 1026 RE-RA
RMK:     A little rain 0800-0830. The cloud has now broken and patches of blue sky have appeared.
09-09z:   Tx 8.4 (1340z)   Tn 5.2 (0115z)   RR 0.1
15-09z:   Tg 1.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    10002kt 0800 FG 8Sc008 06.1/06.1 1025
RMK:     A real November morning!

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 19th November 2014

1600z    10003kt 2500 BR 6St004 8Sc008 08.2/07.9 1020
RMK:     Dull, grey and misty with a low overcast all day. It’s definitely November! Max temp 8.4

0900z    09004kt 3000 BR 3St003 6St005 07.8/07.7 1018
RMK:     Occasional chinks of blue sky visible.
09-09z:   Tx 9.3 (1350z)   Tn 6.8 (0900z yesterday)   RR 1.1
21-09z:   Tn 7.8 (0030z)      15-09z:   Tg 6.6      00-24z:   Sun 0.9

0630z    09002kt 2000 -DZ BR 8St003 07.8/07.8 1017
RMK:     Drizzle is very slight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 18th November 2014

1600z    07009kt 15km -SHRA 5Cu005 8Sc015 08.8/08.4 1013
RMK:     A mostly cloudy day with occasional slight showers. A few sunny intervals as well. Max temp 9.3

0900z    06001kt 5000 -SHRA 7Cu005 06.8/06.6 1012
RMK:     Showery since about 0815z.
09-09z:    Tx 8.3 (1730z)   Tn 6.1 (1125z)   RR 1.6
21-09z:   Tn 6.2 (0755z)      15-09z:   Tg 3.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z    07001kt 15km 4Cu008 6Ci250 07.3/07.1 1011
RMK:     A much better morning than yesterday.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 17th November 2014

0900z 36008kt 7000 -RA 6St004 8Sc012 08.2/08.0 999
RMK: A miserable wet morning.
09-09z:   Tx 8.7   Tn 5.6
18-09z:   Tg 4.7

0630z    36007kt 3000 -RADZ 4St005 8Sc020 07.8/07.6 998
RMK:     Wet all night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 14th October 2014

1630z     36013g24 8000 BR 4St002 8St004 09.6/09.3 1007
RMK:      Slight drizzle continued till mid-afternoon. Dry since then but it has remained very grey and overcast. Max temp 10.4

0900z     36012g25kt 7000 -DZ 6St004 8Sc012 08.7/08.6 1006
RMK:      Continuous drizzle but now very slight.
09-09z:   Tx 9.9 (1215z)   Tn 8.2 (0710z)   RR 10.5
15-09z:   Tg 7.7      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z     01015g30kt 3000 -RADZ 7St004 08.6/08.3 1005
RMK:      Moderate rain and drizzle for a time yesterday evening then slight rain and drizzle through the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 13th October 2014

1600z     36013g25kt 5000 RADZ 6St004 8Sc010 09.2/08.9 1004
RMK:      A dull, overcast day. Rain and drizzle for much of theday, mostly slight but moderate for the past half hour. Only about 3 mm since 0900z. Max temp 9.9

0900z     36014g25kt 10km -RADZ 7St004 08.5/08.2 1005
RMK:     Rain and drizzle since about 0600z, mostly very slight but it has got a little heavier in past half-hour. A bit of a raw breeze.
09-09z: Tx 13.9 (1405z) Tn 7.1 (0900z yesterday) RR 0.3
21-09z: Tn 8.3 (0710z) 15-09z: Tg 6.5 00-24z: Sun 3.5

0530z     35012g21kt 20km 7St004 08.4/07.9 1006
RMK:      A cool breeze. No rain so far.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 12th October 2014

1830z     36002kt 30km 1Sc012 5As150 7CiCs250 08.4/07.1 1011
RMK:      Fog cleared around 1030z. Broken Cu and sunny spells for a while then middle/high cloud invaded from the south in afternoon. Max temp 13.9

0900z     CALM 0200 FG VV/// 06.4/06.4 1013
RMK:      The sun is just visible through the fog.
09-09z:   Tx 13.6 (1135z)   Tn 3.7 (0110z)   RR 0.2
15-09z:   Tg +0.5      00-24z:   Sun 3.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 10th October 2014

1700z     22002kt 30km 1Cu008 3Sc030 10.8/09.0 1007
RMK:      Broken cloud and quite long spells of sunshine through the day. Dry for much of the time but there were a few slight showers in afternoon. With 6.0 hours of sunshine it was the sunniest day since 11th September. Max temp 14.2

0900z     19006kt 30km 1Cu005 09.6/09.4 1007
RMK:      A sunny morning with Cu just starting to develop.
09-09z:   Tx 12.3 (1140z)   Tn 5.9 (0540z)   RR 1.4
15-09z:   Tg 2.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.5

0530z     CALM 20km 1Sc050 06.2/05.9 1005
RMK:      Fine and clear.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 9th October 2014

1700z     23004kt 20km 3Cu007 5Sc030 10.9/09.5 995
RMK:      A cloudy day with fairly frequent slight showers though it has been dry for the past hour. Max temp 12.3

0900z     18011g24kt 5000 -SHRA 6Cu007 10.3/10.2 990
RMK:      Frequent slight showers.
09-09z:   Tx 10.9 (1330z)   Tn 7.0 (0900z yesterday)   RR 9.2
21-09z:   Tn 7.7 (0530z)      15-09z:   Tg 5.8      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0530z     18005kt 15km -SHRA 3Cu007 5Ci250 07.7/07.6 990
RMK:      Occasional slight showers overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 8th October 2014

1600z     18002kt 10km -RA 4Cu006 6Sc020 10.2/10.0 989 RE-TSRA
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day. Dry for much of the morning though there were a couple of slight showers. Rain since 1400z, mostly mod/hvy with max rate 55 mm/hr at 1535z. Brief thunderstorm 1510-1520. Max temp 10.9

0530z     CALM 20km 1Sc050 +02.1/+01.9 997
RMK:      A fine clear morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 7th October 2014

0900z     CALM 2000 BR 7St003 05.8/05.6 991 RE-RA
RMK:      Slight to moderate rain approx 0615z-0830z.
09-09z:   Tx 10.3 (1535z)   Tn +2.6 (0505z)   RR 8.1
15-09z:   Tg +1.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0530z     CALM 1500 BR 2St002 5Cu008 7Sc060 +02.9/+02.7 992 RE-SHRA
RMK:      A few slight showers overnight but not amounting to much.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 6th October 2014

1700z     CALM 2500 BR 4St003 09.6/09.5 998
RMK:      Rain gradually eased through the morning but it was late afternoon before it died out completely. One very brief late glimpse of the sun registered a very unimpressive half-minute on the sunshine recorder. Max temp 10.3

0900z     16015g29kt 3000 +RA 6St004 8Ns015 07.9/07.8 998
RMK:      Persistent mod/hvy rain
09-09z:   Tx 14.5 (1430z)   Tn 7.4 (0500z)   RR 12.7
18-09z:   Tg 6.1       00-24z:   Sun 4.9

0530z     16015g25kt 5000 RA 5St006 6Sc020 07.4/06.9 1001
RMK:      Rain started around 0300z. Moderate since 0340z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 5th October 2014

1800z     18007kt 30km 1Sc040 3As150 7Ci300 10.2/07.8 1014
RMK:      A bright day with sunny periods but the sunshine was limited by the thick cirrus. Max temp 14.5

0900z     19002kt 30km 7Ci300 07.6/07.4 1020
RMK:      Sunny and frosty early on but the cirrus has thickened and is now obscuring the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 12.2 (1445z)   Tn +1.1 (0625z)   RR 0.7
18-09z:   Tg -2.4      00-24z:   Sun 2.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 4th October 2014

1900z     26001kt 50+km SKC 06.9/05.4 1016
RMK:      Rain gradually fizzled out by early afternoon. The middle-level overhang then cleared away from the west to leave a dry afternoon with broken cumulus and sunny spells. A gorgeous afternoon and nice to have clean, fresh Atlantic air back. Fine and clear this evening. Max temp 12.2

0900z     24002 15km -RA 5Cu005 8As070 09.6/09.4 1008
RMK:      Cold front at 0605z accompanied by a short spell of very heavy rain. Max rate 88 mm/hr. Heavy rain till 0635z then slight to moderate rain till now.
09-09z: Tx 17.1 (1430z) Tn 9.4 (0815z) RR 7.1
15-09z: Tg 9.3 00-24z: Sun 1.3

0530z     17013g25kt 3000 -RA 5Sc005 8Sc020 12.9/12.2 1005
RMK:      Rain started around 0500z

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 3rd October 2014

1700z     18004g22kt 30km 3Sc060 7Ac150 15.4/13.4 1016
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day though there were some sunny intervals during the morning. With a max temp of 17.1 it felt quite warm this afternoon. A pretty good day for the time of year.

0900z     18007kt 15km 2Cu006 4Sc050 7Ci350 13.8/13.2 1020
RMK:      A very pleasant mild morning with ocasional sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 16.7 (1450z)   Tn 8.4 (2115z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 4.2      00-24z:   Sun 1.7

0530z     19003kt 10km BR 5St004 6Sc050 11.2/10.7 1020
RMK:      A grey morning. The low cloud is moving quite fast so there’s much more wind just above local ground level.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 2nd October 2014

1800z     CALM 50km 1Cu012 12.0/10.1 1025
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day after some early sun. Since sunset the cloud has melted away. Max temp 16.7

0530z     CALM 50km 1Ac100 +02.7/+02.1 1030
RMK:      A beautiful clear, crisp morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 1st October 2014

1630z     31003kt 5000 -DZ 2St004 7Sc012 13.8/13.2 1025
RMK:      Sunny for a while during the morning then clouding over by late morning. A grey overcast afternoon with slight drizzle since about 1500z. Heavy enough to wet the roads and very wetting when out walking. Max temp 17.3

0900z     24006kt 20km 1Cu010 7Ci350 14.3/12.4 1021
RMK:      Low cloud dispersed by 0630z. Mostly sunny since then. Numerous persistent contrails.
09-09z:   Tx 19.2 (1500z)   Tn 11.9 (0635z)   RR 1.0
15-09z:   Tg 10.8      00-24z:   Sun 3.2

0530z     24004kt 20km 7Sc008 12.3/11.7 1020
RMK:      A very mild morning. There was a short spell of moderate rain yesterday evening approx 2130-2200z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 30th September 2014

1700z     18002kt 30km 1Ac080 7Ci350 17.0/13.7 1020
RMK:     The cloud became more broken by mid-morning and there’s been sunny intervals since then. Another warm afternoon with a max temp of 19.2

0900z     21003kt 30km 2Cu005 7Sc035 13.8/13.6 1021
RMK:      There was a spell of slight rain approx 0700-0800z.
09-09z:   Tx 17.4 (1520z)   Tn 10.4 (0245z)   RR 0.6
15-09z:   Tg 7.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0530z     CALM 15km 3Cu006 6Sc030 10.7/10.6 1020
RMK:      Showers during the evening yesterday. It’s a damp and very still morning. Max gust in the past 36 hours is only 6 knots. That’s unusually windless for here.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 29th September 2014

1600z     CALM 10km -RA 2Cu012 6Sc040 8Ac100 17.1/14.7 1019
RMK:      Grey and overcast all day. Dry apart from a few spits of rain during the past 15 minutes. It’s been a remarkably windless day with a maximum gust of only 5 knots.
Max temp 17.4 and in the windless conditions it felt rather warm and muggy this afternoon.

0530z CALM 5000 BR 2Sc030 4Sc060 6Ci350 10.7/10.5 1019
RMK: A very still morning with not a breath of a breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 28th September 2014

1830z     CALM 30km 7Ci350 13.1/11.3 1019
RMK:      It’s been a gorgeous warm summer day with well-broken cloud, sunny intervals and only a very light breeze. Max temp 20.7

0900z     20001kt 20km 2Sc050 6Ac080 13.8/13.6 1022
RMK:      A bright warm morning.
09-09z:   Tx 15.9 (1240z)   Tn 8.6 (2130z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg 6.4      00-24z:   Sun 2.2

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 27th September 2014

0900z     CALM 30km 7Sc030 09.7/09.5 1027
RMK:      After a sunny start it clouded over from the west around 0730z.
09-09z: Tx 16.3 (1440z) Tn +2.2 (0500z) RR 0.1
15-09z: Tg -1.0 00-24z: Sun 4.1

0530z     CALM 30km 1Ac080 4Ci400 +02.5/+02.2 1026
RMK:      A fine crisp morning with a slight hoar frost. Several very persistent contrails with a thin layer of cirrus above them.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 26th September 2014

1630z     28002kt 50km 1Ci350 15.2/09.5 1023
RMK:      Mostly cloudy through the morning with a little rain on and off. The cloud broke up soon after midday and the afternoon has been mostly sunny. Max temp 16.3

0900z     23006kt 30km -RA 2Cu010 7Sc020 14.8/12.5 1020
RMK:      Some early sun but it clouded over around 0800z and there’s now a spit or two of rain.
09-09z:   Tx 15.6 (1340z)   Tn 12.6 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.5
21-09z:   Tn 13.0 (0605z)    15-09z:   Tg 11.0    00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0530z     30006kt 30km 3Sc008 3Ci300 13.6/12.6 1017
RMK:      A fine ‘soft’ morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 25th September 2014

1700z     21005kt 3000 -DZ 6St004 15.2/14.9 1016
RMK:     Persistent slight drizzle since about 0930z. Never amounting to much but very wetting in the breeze. Max temp 15.6

0900z     23007kt 30km 2Sc030 5Ac080 12.6/11.6 1016
RMK:      It’s nice to have some fresh Atlantic air.
09-09z:   Tx 15.3 (1430z)   Tn 4.9 (0205z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg 1.8      00-24z:   Sun 6.0

0530z     21005kt 30km 2Sc050 6Ac080 09.9/09.2 1016
RMK:      A pleasant fresh morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 23rd September 2014

0900z     24005kt 15km 5Sc040 7Ac120 14.2/11.2 1017
RMK:      A dull, grey afternoon but no rain so far. Max temp 17.1

0530z     CALM 6000 BR 6Cu005 06.7/06.6 1020
RMK:      A quiet autumnal morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 22nd September 2014

1600z     CALM 15km 3Cu015 4Sc035 15.9/12.1 1024
RMK:      A very pleasant day. Very variable cloud amounts with it being almost completely overcast at times and quite sunny at other times. With 4 hours of sun recorded so far it’s
been one of the sunnier days of the month. Max temp 16.7

0900z     34003kt 7000 HZ 1Cu012 6Ci350 11.8/11.1 1026
RMK:      Cu just starting to bubble up to the north, over Kinder Scout. Thick upper cloud is limiting the amount of sunshine.
09-09z:   Tx 14.8 (1240z)   Tn +2.9 (0255z)   RR 0.2
15-09z:   Tg -0.4      00-24z:   Sun 3.5

0530z     CALM 7000 BR 1Ac150 6Ci350 03.5/03.2 1027
RMK:      A fine crisp morning. First ground frost of the season.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 19th September 2014

0900z     08003kt 2500 BR 8St004 13.9/13.6 1012
RMK:      The grey murk goes on.
09-09z:   Tx 19.8 (1540z)   Tn 13.3 (0600z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 13.0      00-24z:   Sun 0.9

0530z     07003kt 2000 BR 8St004 13.4/13.2 1011
RMK:      Grey and murky again.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 18th September 2014

1600z     08006kt 3500 HZ 7Ci300 19.6/17.2 1010
RMK:      Fog lifted around 1000z but the low overcast persisted until a little after 1500z and then quickly dispersed. Half an hour of sunshine recorded during the past hour and it has become very warm and muggy. Max temp 19.8

0900z     08003kt 0300 FG VV/// 14.3/14.3 1012
RMK:      Vis has been down to 100m at times.
09-09z:   Tx 16.1 (1555z)   Tn 13.4 (0535z)   RR 0.1
18-09z:   Tg 13.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z     07004kt 0800 FG 8St002 13.4/13.3 1011
RMK:      Grey and murky.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 17th September 2014

1700z     07003kt 1500 HZ 8St003 15.5/14.5 1013 RE-DZ
RMK:      Grey with a low overcast all day. Occasional fog and drizzle. Much cooler than yesterday with a max of 16.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 16th September 2014

1500z     09004kt 7000 HZ 6Cu015 18.3/14.6 1015
RMK:      Very variable cloud amounts during the day but there have been som decent sunny spells. Max temp 20.1 and feeling a bit muggy this afternoon.

0900z     07003kt 5000 HZ 6Cu005 14.5/14.1 1016
RMK:      Stratus bubbling up into Cu. Occasional sunny intervals developing.
09-09z:   Tx 17.7 (1330z)   Tn 11.8 (0100z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 8.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0530z     36001kt 2000 BR 3St005 8Sc040 12.9/12.7 1016
RMK:      Another grey and overcast morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 15th September 2014

1500z     08003kt 15km 2Cu010 7Sc050 16.4/14.4 1016 RE-SHRA
RMK:      Yet another mostly overcast day. The sunshine recorder has clocked up 9 minutes of sun so far today. That takes the total for the past 4 days to 1.1 hours. Apart from the early drizzle it’s been a mostly dry day but there have been a couple of slight showers during the past hour or so. Some of the Cu look quite beefy. Max temp 17.7

0900z     36004kt 5000 BR 7St004 13.9/13.7 1019 RE-DZ
RMK:      Fog lifted around 0700z. Spits of drizzle now and again.
09-09z:   Tx 16.1 (1205z)   Tn 10.4 (0030z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg 8.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0530z     01003kt 0300 FG VV/// 12.3/12.2 1019
RMK:      A thick morning. There’s been a little drizzle overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 14th September 2014

1700z     08003kt 15km 1Cu012 4Sc030 7Ci350 15.1/12.2 1023
RMK:      Another mostly overcast day though some cloud breaks have developed in the past hour. A distinct east wind ‘feel’ to the air today. Max temp 16.1. Only 0.9 hours of sun
during the past 3 days and only 38 hours for the month to date.

0900z     07007kt 10km 6Cu010 13.7/11.5 1026
RMK:      Feels cooler than recent days due to the breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 16.8 (1440z)   Tn 7.7 (2315z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 4.8      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 13th September 2014

0900z     13003kt 15km 7Sc008 13.9/12.3 1028
RMK:      A light SE breeze set in just after 0800z, accompanied by much lower cloud.
09-09z:   Tx 18.8 (1540z)   Tn 10.9 (0520z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.5

0530z     CALM 8000 HZ 7Sc030 11.6/10.9 1028
RMK:      Another very still, overcast morning. Much warmer than recent mornings.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 12th September 2014

1730z     07002kt 10km 7Sc030 16.0/12.4 1025
RMK:      Overcast all day. Unusually still for here with hardly a breath of wind. Max temp 18.8

0900z     CALM 7000 HZ 8Sc020 12.4/11.5 1026
RMK:      Grey and overcast with the air absolutely still.
09-09z:   Tx 20.2 (1525z)   Tn 5.9 (0130z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 3.9      00-24z:   Sun 3.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 10th September 2014

1900z     CALM 3000 HZ 1Ac120 6Ci400 13.9/11.1 1021
RMK:      A very hazy day with quite long spells of sunshine. Very little breeze and with the temp reaching a high of 21.9 it was very definitely on the warm side of comfortable
for me. Nevertheless, this is a very good time of year to be having summer 🙂

0900z      07001kt 5000 HZ 5Sc035 14.3/12.5 1022
RMK:     Intervals of hazy sunshine.
09-09z:   Tx 18.8 (1425z)   Tn 6.6 (0550z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 4.4      00-24z:   Sun 2.3

0530z     CALM 5000 BR 6Ci400 06.7/06.4 1021
RMK:      Ci is very thin. Numerous very persistent contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 9th September 2014

1630z     31001kt 8000 HZ 5Ac120 16.6/12.2 1021
RMK:      A lot of cloud for much of the day and rather hazy though there were some intervals of sunshine in the afternoon. Max temp 18.8

0900z     VRBL01kt 10km 7Sc035 12.4/11.7 1022
RMK:      A few chinks of blue sky visible.
09-09z: Tx 17.4 (1535z) Tn 6.2 (0510z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 3.8 00-24: Sun 7.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 8th September 2014

0530z     34001kt 3000 BR 7St004 09.4/09.3 1019
RMK:      Bits of blue sky visible through holes in the stratus.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 4th September 2014

0530z    CALM 0400 FG VV/// 11.8/11.7 1021
RMK:      A thick autumnal morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 3rd September 2014

0530z     CALM 15km 7Sc025 11.9/11.6 1024
RMK:      A rather gloomy morning. Very still.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 2nd September 2014

1500z     10003kt 50km 8CuSc030 18.6/11.8 1023
RMK:      Clouded over by about 1000z and it has remained mostly cloudy since then. Very little breeze and with the temp reaching a high of 20.3 it has felt decidedly on the warm side.

0900z     08003kt 50km 1Cu012 14.7/12.0 1024
RMK:      A gorgeous morning with the Cu just starting to bubble up.
09-09z:   Tx 17.6 (1305z)   Tn 5.6 (0535z)   RR 0.3
18-09z:   Tg 2.5      00-24z:   Sun 1.0

0530z     CALM 30km SKC 05.6/05.3 1023
RMK:      A fine, clear, crisp morning. It’s not often that we have a completely clear sky.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 1st September 2014

0530z     CALM 2500 -DZ BR 8St002 13.1/13.0 1017
RMK:      A dank drippy morning. Very autumnal.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 27th August 2014

0900z     09007kt 15km 7Cu006 12.7/11.9 1016
RMK:      Stratus bubbled up into Cu between 0700 and 0800z. It’s still quite dull and grey.
09-09z:   Tx 15.8 (1555z)   Tn 7.7 (0225z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 4.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.1

0530z     06003kt 2000 BR 7St003 10.1/09.9 1016
RMK:      A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 26th August 2014

1800z     07007kt 30km 3Cu018 13.3/09.8 1012
RMK:      Very much a day of two halves. This morning would have fitted very well in November. It was gloomy and grey with a very low overcast and persistent slight drizzle. There was a raw and gusty easterly wind with the temperature between 11 and 12 deg.
The afternoon was dry with the cloud gradually breaking to give intervals of warm sunshine in a pleasant breeze. The temperature eventually reached a high of 15.8 and it’s now a very pleasant evening.

0900z     07009g24kt 5000 -DZ 8St004 11.7/11.5 1007
RMK:      Drizzle is now very slight but it’s a bit of a grim morning. Very gloomy.
09-09z:   Tx 12.7 (2305z)   Tn 10.7 (0900z yesterday)   RR 14.1
18-09z:   Tg 11.3      00-24z:   Sun nil
09-21z:   Tx 12.3 (2100z)   21-09z: Tn 11.4 (0820z)

0530z     07009g24kt 1200 -RADZ BR 8St003 11.7/11.7 1005
RMK:      A filthy morning. There’s been continuous slight to moderate rain and drizzle for the past 28 hours. For several hours yesterday evening there was thick fog with visibility
around 200 metres.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 25th August 2014

1500z     08008g21kt 0800 RADZ FG 8St002 11.7/11.6 1005
RMK:      Continuous rain and drizzle all day. Moderate till around 1030z then slight until it picked up to moderate again a few minutes ago. Intermittently into fog limits during the past hour. Max temp 11.8 so far.

0900z     10007kt 2000 RADZ 8St004 10.7/10.4 1009
RMK:      Pity the poor campers on a filthy wet Bank Holiday Monday morning 🙁  Rain/drizzle has been moderate since 0730z.
09-09z:   Tx 16.5 (1415z)   Tn 10.0 (0615z)   RR 3.5
18-09z:   Tg 9.3      00-24z:   Sun 4.0

0530z     CALM 10km -RA 2St005 6Sc010 8Ac070 10.1/09.3 1010
RMK:      Slight rain since the very early hours. A very still morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 23rd August 2014

1800z     31003kt 50+km 1Cu015 12.3/08.4 1015
RMK:      Dry since 0830z apart from a very brief slight shower
around 1600z. Broken cloud with sunny intervals. Max temp 15.1

0900z     31003kt 30km 2Cu008 6Sc035 09.8/09.2 1013 RE-SHRA
RMK:      Frequent showers till about 0830z. Dry since then with a few sunny intervals developing.
09-09z:   Tx 15.6 (1500z)   Tn 5.3 (0120z)   RR 2.2
18-09z:   Tg 2.5      00-24z:   Sun 2.5

0530z     CALM 10km -SHRA 7Cu006 07.6/07.3 1012
RMK:      Frequent showers since about 0200z. Not much of a morning for the campers 🙁

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 22nd August 2014

1700z     31007kt 50+km 1Cu020 6Ci350 13.7/08.6 1011
RMK:      A dry day. Mostly cloudy during the morning but gradually lengthening sunny spells in the afternoon. Overall an excellent day. Max temp 15.6

0900z     CALM 50+km 2Cu008 7Sc035 11.8/10.1 1009
RMK:      A cloudy morning but very clear and bright.
09-09z:   Tx 14.3 (1120z)   Tn 8.8 (0515z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 6.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.6

0530z     CALM 30km 1Cu005 7Sc030 09.3/09.0 1007
RMK:      A pleasant autumnal morning. Very still.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 21st August 2014

1500z     22007kt 50km 3Cu015 3Sc030 6Ac120 13.8/09.7 1010 RE-RA
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day with only a few brief glimpses of sun. Mostly dry though there have been a few spits of rain from middle cloud during the past hour. Max temp 14.3

0900z     26007kt 50km 3Cu010 3Sc030 7Ac150 12.6/10.2 1012
RMK:      Grey and cloudy after a few glimpses of the sun earlier on.
09-09z:   Tx 16.3 (1320z)   Tn 6.9 (2355z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 4.0      00-24z:   Sun 3.7

0530z     CALM 30km 1Cu005 4Sc030 6Ci350 08.4/07.3 1013
RMK:      A rather dull morning with cloud patches at numerous levels.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 20th August 2014

1900z     VRBL02kt 50km 1Cu018 7Ci350 11.3/07.0 1016
RMK:      A splendid day. Broken cloud and intervals of warm sunshine with a gentle breeze. Dry apart from a brief shower in mid-afternoon. Max temp 16.3

0900z     30005kt 30km 1Cu008 11.2/09.6 1016
RMK:      A near-perfect morning.
09-09z:   Tx 16.5 (1510z)   Tn 5.0 (0430z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 2.8      00-24z:   Sun 7.6

0530z     31001kt 20km 1Cu007 05.8/05.5 1015
RMK:      A fine autumnal morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 18th August 2014

1800z     31004kt 50km 4Cu015 6Ci300 12.3/09.3 1010 RE-SHRA
RMK:      An excellent day. Broken cloud and sunny spells. Dry for much of the time though there were a few brief showers in the afternoon. Max temp 16.2. This is much better than the unpleasant sticky heat of July IMHO.

0900z     30006kt 50km 3Cu010 4Sc050 13.2/10.9 1008
RMK:      A splendid morning. Bright with occasional intervals of sunshine and a pleasant breeze.
09-09z: Tx 15.3 (1440z) Tn 10.5 (0450z) RR 5.6
18-09z: Tg 9.3 00-24z: Sun 4.0

0530z     29003kt 20km 1Cu006 6Sc035 10.6/10.1 1006
RMK:      A quiet autumnal morning. Slight to moderate rain approx 2030z-0200z. Yesterday was a breezy day but nowhere near as windy as was forecast. In particular, the forecast of gusts to 40 knots for yesterday evening proved to be well wide of the mark. Gusts were only around 20-22 knots during that period.

Tideswell, Derbyshire   –   Sunday 17th August 2014

1500z     30009g26kt 15km 6Cu015 13.4/10.6 1004
RMK:      A cloudy, breezy day with fairly frequent slight showers. Max gust so far is 27 knots. Max temp 15.3

0900z     23008kt 19km -SHRA 6Cu007 8Sc030 11.4/10.7 1006
RMK:      Cold front went through just before 0400z. Frequent slight showers since then and now looking like merging into a spell of continuous rain. Not much wind so far with
a max gust overnight of only 21 knots.
09-09z:   Tx 16.1 (1325z)   Tn 10.8 (0455z)   RR 1.1
18-09z:   Tg 10.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 15th August 2014

1600z     23003kt 20km 3Cu012 6Ac080 15.7/13.0 1018
RMK:      Sunny intervals this morning. Mostly cloudy in the afternoon. Occasional slight showers since mid-afternoon but never enough to dampen roads and pavements.
Max temp 18.4

0900z     36004kt 30km 2Cu008 4Ci350 14.1/11.8 1016
RMK:      A splendid morning with broken cloud, sunny spells and a pleasant breeze. Cu starting to grow quite strongly.
09-09z:   Tx 16.1 (1450z)   Tn 9.1 (0505z)   RR 14.0
18-09z:   Tg 7.1      00-24z:   Sun 1.1

0530z     CALM 20km 2Cu005 6Sc045 09.4/09.2 1014
RMK:      There was a spell of very wet weather yesterday evening with a max rate of 41 mm/hr at 1805z. A few slight showers overnight but it’s dry and bright now.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 14th August 2014

0900z     31004kt 30km 5Cu008 6Ci350 14.3/12.9 1008
RMK:      A dry, bright morning but with only fleeting glimpses of the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 15.3 (1355z)   Tn 9.8 (0405z)   RR 2.7
18-09z:   Tg 7.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.4

0530z     CALM 20km 2Cu005 7Ci3509 10.6/10.4 1007
RMK:      A fine morning after a few slight showers overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 13th August 2014

0900z     24005kt 15km -SHRA 7Cu006 13.2/12.4 1001
RMK:      A cloudy morning with occasional slight showers.
09-09z:   Tx 16.7 (1205z)   Tn 11.2 (0410z)   RR 4.4
18-09z:   Tg 10.0      00-24z:   Sun 6.5

0530z     26005kt 10km -SHRA 4Cu006 6Ac120 11.4/10.9 1000
RMK:      Occasional showers throughout the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 12th August 2014

1500z     22007kt 30km 3Cu015 6Sc040 15.0/11.8 1001 RESHRA
RMK:      Dry through the morning with sunny spells. Mostly cloudy in the afternoon with several short, sharp showers. Max rate 12 mm/hr. Max temp 16.7

0900z     24009kt 50+km 5Cu012 5Ci350 13.9/10.9 1003
RMK:      Cu bubbling up strongly.
09-09z:   Tx 18.2 (1355z)   Tn 9.6 (0520z)   RR 0.3
18-09z:   Tg 7.6      00-24z:   Sun 7.1

0530z     21004kt 50+km 1Cu007 6Ci350 09.7/08.9 1003
RMK:      Another beautiful clear fresh morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 11th August 2014

1600z     24010g21kt 50+km 6Cu030 17.4/10.5 1002
RMK:      A dry, bright and breezy day with sunny intervals. It doesn’t get much better than this IMHO. Max temp 18.2

0900z     21007kt 50+km 6Cu012 14.1/11.4 1002
RMK:      Cu building strongly. A very pleasant fresh morning.
09-09z:   Tx 15.3 (1400z)   Tn 9.7 (0440z)   RR 18.2
18-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0530z     23009g22kt 50+km 1Cu010 10.2/09.2 1001
RMK:      A gorgeous fine, clear and fresh morning. Dry since about 0130z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 10th August 2014

1500z     23009g24kt 5000 -TSRA 2Cb007 5Cu010 13.0/12.2 991
RMK:      An eventful day. Mod/hvy rain continued till about 1100z, then slight rain till about 1300z. Cloudy but dry for a time after that then a slight to moderate shower from about 1430z accompanied by occasional rumbles of thunder. It was very pleasant out of doors during the dry slot this afternoon, especially as the temperature has finally got down to a comfortable level. Max temp 15.3. The breeze is freshening from SW.

0900z     09002kt 2000 +RA 8St004 12.3/12.0 995
RMK:      Some slight rain in the early hours then mod/hvy rain since 0700z with rates up to 15 mm/hr. A very dull morning.
09-09z:   Tx 21.4 (1530z)   Tn 12.3 (0800z)   RR 13.5
18-09z:   Tg 10.6      00-24z:   Sun 7.5

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 9th August 2014

1700z     22007kt 30km 2Cu035 3Ac150 7Ci300 19.2/10.4 1005
RMK:      It’s been a gorgeous day with broken cloud and sunny spells and enough of a breeze to keep it from feeling too warm. Max temp 21.4. Middle/high cloud is now spreading quickly from the SW.

0900z     22009g21kt 30km 4Cu015 16.1/12.4 1004
RMK:      A splendid morning. Broken cloud with sunny intervals and a decent breeze. Had a fairly long spell of near continuous thunder early yesterday evening from 1610z till
about 1730z. I didn’t see any lightning and we had almost no rain. All the action was moving north passing very close to the east of us but just missing us for much of the time.
No doubt some places not very far away had a deluge.
09-09z:   Tx 22.7 (1510z)   Tn 12.6 (0430z)   RR 1.1
18-09z:   Tg 11.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 8th August 2014

1600z     VRBL02kt 10km VCSHRA 7Cu012 18.6/15.2
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day. Very muggy and oppressive this afternoon with a max temp of 22.6 and the dew point often in the range 16-18deg. Dry so far today apart from slight showers 1330z-1345z. There’s another shower approaching from SSE at present.

0900z     08003kt 5000 HZ 8St006 14.7/13.6 1010
RMK:      Grey and murky.
09-09z:   Tx 19.9 (1525z)   Tn 9.4 (0025z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 6.5      00-24z:   Sun 6.5

0530z     CALM 10km 8St007 12.9/10.6 1012
RMK:      A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 7th August 2014

1500z     30003kt 30km 1Cu030 7Ci350 19.5/11.8 1014
RMK:      A splendid summer day with varying amounts of cloud and spells of sunshine. Max temp 19.6

0900z     31003kt 20km 2Cu015 5Sc050 15.8/12.6 1014
RMK:      Clouded over after 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 20.1 (1535z)   Tg 10.6 (0530z)   RR 3.0
18-09z:   Tg 8.1      00-24z:   Sun 3.6

0530z     CALM 20km 1Sc020 10.6/10.3 1013
RMK:      Fine and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 6th August 2014

1600z     31009kt 30km 2Cu025 19.7/15.1 1009
RMK:      Mostly cloudy through the morning with a few slight showers. Thunderstorm 1215-1250z. Not much rain here as the bulk of it passed just to the south. Max rate only 10 mm/hr at 1235z. Broken cloud and sunny spells since then and it’s now a fine evening. Max temp 20.0

0900z     19005kt 15km 5Cu007 7Sc040 17.2/16.1 1008
RMK:      A muggy morning but dry. It’s a very much better day than was forecast for the first day of the Bakewell Show. On the strength of the forecasts issued yesterday we bought
tickets for tomorrow rather than for today. I hope tomorrow’s forecast of a dry day proves to be more accurate than today’s forecast of a wet day has turned out to be!
09-09z: Tx 20.8 (1140z) Tn 14.1 (0200z) RR 3.6
18-09z: Tg 13.4 00-24z: Sun 3.1

0530z     17003kt 2500 BR 3St002 7St004 14.9/14.7 1008
RMK:      A grey, dank morning. Rain 0000-0300z, moderate between 0015z and 0100z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 5th August 2014

1500z     19006kt 3000 -RADZ 3St004 7St007 15.9/14.9 1015
RMK:      Slight rain/drizzle since around 1230z, getting a bit heavier in the past hour. It’s now a very dreich afternoon. Max temp 20.8

0900z     13004kt 30km 3Ac100 7Ci350 17.5/12.8 1017
RMK:      Middle cloud spreading slowly from SSW.
09-09z:   Tx 20.5 (1545z)   Tn 7.1 (0445z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 4.6      00-24z:   Sun 8.2

0530z     CALM 30km 1Cu018 7Ci350 07.9/07.3 1017
RMK:      A fine morning with a hint of autumn.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 4th August 2014

1800z     02002kt 50km 6Cu035 18.9/10.5
RMK:      A near-perfect summer day – dry with broken cloud and sunny intervals with a bit of a breeze. Max temp 20.5

0900z     23005kt 30km 5Cu015 16.3/13.2 1014
RMK:      Another splendid morning with broken cloud and sunny periods and with a pleasant breeze.
09-09z: Tx 20.6 (1455z) Tn 8.4 (0420z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 5.0 00-24z: Sun 7.5

0530z     21001kt 20km 1Ci300 10.0/09.8 1012
RMK:      Fine and sunny with a moderate dew.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 3rd August 2014

1600z     19005kt 50+km 6Cu030 18.8/11.9 1007
RMK:      A splendid day – dry, bright and breezy with occasional sunny intervals. Max temp 20.6 and dew points rather lower than recently.

0900z     18007kt 50+km 6Cu015 16.2/12.9 1005
RMK:      Cu developed after 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 21.0 (1540z)   Tn 9.3 (0445z)   RR 2.5
18-09z:   Tg 6.8      00-24z:   Sun 1.3

0530z     18005kt 50+km 1Cu007 10.1/09.5 1003
RMK:      Fine and sunny with a pleasantly cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 2nd August 2014

1600z     16009kt 30km 2Cu018 3Ac120 5Ci250 20.7/16.7 999
RMK:      Rain for much of the morning, briefly heavy between 1030z and 1045z. Dry, bright and breezy in the afternoon with a few sunny intervals. It has become very warm and muggy this afternoon. Max temp 21.0

0900z     16006kt 4000 BR 5St005 7Sc050 15.0/14.7 1001 RE-RA
RMK:      A grey, misty morning with spits of rain now and again.
09-09z:   Tx 19.6 (1530z)   Tn 13.9 (0150z)   RR 2.0
18-09z:   Tg 13.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 1st August 2014

1600z     17005kt 20km 2Sc030 7Ac150 19.3/15.7 1004
RMK:      A cloudy day with spits of rain from time to time, more especially during the morning, but these never amounting to much. Max temp 19.6 and feeling rather muggy this afternoon.

0900z     18005kt 10km -RA 2Sc010 7Ac120 15.9/15.0 1007
RMK:      Slight rain started around 0845z.
09-09:   Tx 19.7 (1235z)   Tn 12.4 (0420z)   RR 2.1
18-09z:   Tg 9.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.9

0530z     CALM 8000 7St005 13.3/13.1 1007
RMK:      Thunderstorm approx 1720z-1740z yesterday evening with max rainfall rate 48 mm/hr. Grey and overcast this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 31st July 2014

0530z     23002kt 20km 1Cu010 6Ci300 13.1/12.6 1012
RMK:      A fine morning with sunny spells.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 30th July 2014

1600z     31008kt 30km 1Cu020 18.8/13.8 1014
RMK:     Mostly cloudy this morning with a little very slight drizle. Dry with long spells of sunshine in the afternoon. More of a breeze than we’ve had for quite some time. Max temp 20.0

0900z     30007kt 20km 4Cu012 6Sc030 16.1/13.9 1014
RMK:      Clouded over rapidly from NW around 0600z. It’s now a cloudy but very pleasant morning with a cooling breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 19.4 (1400z)   Tn 12.2 (0455z)   RR 0.3
18-09z:   Tg 9.9      00-24z:   Sun 2.0

0530z     30005kt 20km 1Cu012 12.4/11.5 1014
RMK:      A fine morning. There’s a heavy dew.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 29th July 2014

1500z     31004kt 20km -RA 4Cu008 6Sc040 17.4/15.3 1015
RMK:      It’s been the pleasantest day for quite some time IMHO. Some sunny intervals early on but cloudy for much of the time. Mostly dry but there’s been slight rain since about 1430z. Max temp 19.4. That’s the first max below 20 since Sun 20th.

0900z     30006kt 30km 5Cu012 16.7/14.5 1016
RMK:      A rather cloudy morning with occasional sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 25.6 (1605z)   Tn 11.9 (0050z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 9.4      00-24z:   Sun 9.5

0530z     32004kt 15km 3St004 7Ci250 13.3/12.8 1016
RMK:      A very pleasant morning with a cooling breeze. The sun is largely obscured by thick cirrus.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 28th July 2014

1600z     36003kt 50km 6Cu050 25.5/12.3 1016
RMK:      Broken cloud and sunny spells through the day. After a somewhat cooler day yesterday it’s very hot again today and there’s very little breeze. At least the dew point is a bit lower than last week. Max temp 25.5 so far.

0900z     08002kt 30km 3Cu020 17.9/13.2 1016
RMK:      Cu med building strongly. Sunny periods.
09-09z:   Tx 21.1 (1450z)   Tn 10.6 (0505z)   RR 0.1
18-09z:   Tg 8.5      00-24z:   Sun 5.7

0530z     CALM 15km 3St004 11.2/11.0 1015
RMK:      Fine and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 27th July 2014

0900z     31005kt 30km 7Cu015 16.9/13.8 1016
RMK:      Much more pleasant than recent mornings. There was a slight shower just after 0600z. It has been mostly cloudy since then.
09-09z:   Tx 26.2 (1205z)   Tn 13.2 (0410z)   RR 0.5
18-09z:   Tg 10.9      00-24z:   Sun 5.2

0530z     30003kt 20km 4Cu006 13.5/12.7 1016
RMK:      A fresher feel this morning with a gentle breeze coming in from Liverpool Bay. There was a little rain between 2300z and midnight yesterday evening.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 25th July 2014

1500z     03004kt 30km 3Cu045 7Ci250 26.3/15.3 1018
RMK: Another very unpleasant hot day with spells of sunshine. The Cu is building
strongly at the moment though there’s no sign of any shower activity developing. Max temp 27.2

0900z     07004kt 30km 1Cu020 7Ci250 20.9/15.3 1019
RMK:      Sunny spells. Becoming very warm again.
09-09z:   Tx 25.9 (1435z)   Tn 13.4 (0355z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 10.1      00-24z:   Sun 11.6

0530z     36004kt 30km 2Ac150 7Ci250 14.3/13.2 1019
RMK:      Sunshine intermittently obscured by thick patches of cirrus.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 23rd July 2014

0900z     36004kt 20km 4Ci350 19.4/16.0 1023
RMK:      The clag gradually burned off between 0600z and 0700z. It’s now sunny and becoming very warm but it’s not as hot as it was at the same time yesterday. Also, there’s just a tad more breeze today.
09-09z:   Tx 26.3 (1550z)   Tn 14.6 (0405z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 12.4      00-24z:   Sun 9.9
Yesterday’s sunshine took the total for the month to date
to 101 hours which is about 80% of the average for the whole

0530z     04003kt 1500 BR 8St002 14.6/14.1 1023
RMK:      North Sea clag.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 22nd July 2014

1500z     09003kt 30km 3Cu040 25.3/15.4 1023
RMK:      Well broken cloud and long sunny spells all day. With a max temp of 26.1 and very little breeze it’s been a day for staying indoors. Roll on autumn!

0900z     11002kt 30km 3Cu020 21.7/16.5 1024
RMK:      Cu has bubbled up in the past half hour. Very warm and humid.
09-09z:   Tx 22.7 (1325z)   Tn 9.7 (0410z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 7.8      00-24z:   Sun 8.5

0530z     CALM 30km 1Ci300 10.8/10.4 1023
RMK:      A fine clear morning with strong sunshine. The temperature is already rising quickly. Looks like another nasty hot day ahead.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 21st July 2014

1700z     30005kt 30km 1Cu030 7Ci300 21.3/14.2
RMK:      Long sunny spells during the morning. More cloudy in the afternoon but still with sunny intervals. Max temp 22.7

0900z     29003kt 30km 1Cu015 18.2/15.7 1018
RMK:      Cloud burned off by 0630z and it has been mostly sunny since then. Becoming very warm but it’s less humid than yesterday.
09-09z: Tx 21.6 (1400z) Tn 14.1 (0320z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 12.7 00-24z: Sun 2.9

0530z     29006kt 10km 7St004 14.5/14.3 1016
RMK:      A pleasant morning with a cooling breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 20th July 2014

0900z     34003kt 10km 7Cu005 17.4/17.2 1009
RMK:      Grey and overcast after early fog.
09-09z:   Tx 19.8 (1600z)   Tn 13.5 (0225z)   RR 8.4
18-09z:   Tg 11.6      00-24z:   Sun 0.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 19th July 2014

1800z     18002kt 30km 1Cu005 4Ci250 18.8/18.3 1007
RMK:      Cldy for most of the day. Rain died out soon after midday. The afternoon was dry till a thunderstorm between 1555z and 1630z. The cloud gradually broke up after that and there’s now sunny spells. We saw none of the severe weather that affected some other parts of the country. A very muggy day but cooler than recently with a max of 19.8

0900z     09003kt 3000 RA 4Sc040 8AcAs100 17.4/17.2 1009
RMK:      Continuous rain. Slight to moderate for much of the time but occasional heavy bursts. To my knowledge there has been no electrical activity since before dawn. It’s pretty
much a bog-standard wet morning here with none of the ‘excitement’ that some other parts of the country have seen.
09-09z: Tx 22.9 (1825z) Tn 15.8 (0005z) RR 12.9
18-09z: Tg 13.7 00-24z: Sun 2.0

0530z     09003kt 3000 +RA 3Sc030 8As070 16.4/16.2 1010
RMK:      Rain since about 0215z, often mod/hvy. Max rate 8 mm/hr at 0530z. There was some lightning 0215-0230z and probably at other times but I haven’t heard any thunder.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 18th July 2014

1900z     36003kt 10km 1Ac120 7Sc300 21.8/18.8
RMK:      A muggy evening but it’s been a much less unpleasant day than yesterday with a max temp of 22.9 and a bit of a breeze. Thankfully, we’ve missed out on the silly temperatures experienced further south. Looking forward to some cooling rain tomorrow.

0900z     08009kt 15km -RA 7Cu006 17.3/16.0 1014
RMK:      Well scattered large raindrops, probably falling from the Ac cas.
09-09z:   Tx 27.3 (1600z)   Tn 14.3 (0325z)   RR 0.1
18-09z:   Tg 12.4      00-24z   Sun 12.0

0530z     10003kt 20km 3Cu007 7Ac100 14.8/14.1 1016 RE-RA
RMK:      A little rain between 0430z and 0500z. Extensive castellanus.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 17th July 2014

1700z     15003kt 50km 3Cu045 7Ci300 26.2/14.0 1019
RMK:      A day of well broken cloud and long spells of sunshine. Much too hot for my liking with a max of 27.3 and very little breeze.

0900z     14004kt 50km 2Cu018 6Ci300 20.3/15.7 1021
RMK:      Cu just starting to bubble up. Very warm and humid.
09-09z:   Tx 21.3 (1450z)   Tn 9.2 (0405z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg 6.7      00-24z:   Sun 2.1

0530z     CALM 50km 1Ac150 5Ci300 10.8/10.5 1021
RMK:      Very strong sunshine already.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 16th July 2014

1500z     18007kt 50km 3Cu020 6Ac150 20.9/16.6 1018 RE-RA
RMK:      A cloudy day. There’s been the odd spit of rain since late morning but never enough to dampen the ground. Very warm and muggy with a max temp of 21.3

0900z     22005kt 50km 4Cu012 7Sc030 17.6/15.2 1019
RMK:      Very warm and muggy.
09-09z:   Tx 18.9 (1610z)   Tn 7.6 (0415z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 5.0      00-24z:   Sun 1.2

0530z     CALM 50km 7Sc030 10.2/10.0 1019
RMK:      A very pleasant bright morning after a clear night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 15th July 2014

1600z     27002kt 50km 5Sc030 5Ci250 18.2/11.3 1019
RMK:      It’s been a mostly cloudy day though there have been a few glimpses of sun in the past hour. Very clear and bright, though, and with a max temp of 18.3 we have escaped the heat that’s further south. Long may that continue!

0900z     31003kt 30km 5Cu010 7Sc025 14.5/12.2 1017
RMK:      Clouded over by 0630z and it has been overcast since then. Nevertheless, it’s a splendid morning and pleasantly cool.
09-09z:   Tx 19.4   Tn 11.8   RR 1.8
18-09z:   Tg 10.7      00-24z:   Sun 4.6

0530z     27002kt 50km 3Cu006 12.2/11.9 1014
RMK:      Slight rain yesterday evening and into the very early hours. Cold front at 0120z with a brief burst of heavy rain. Max rate 11 mm/hr. It’s now a fine morning with sunny spells.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 14th July 2014

1600z     18006kt 30km 7Sc015 17.6/14.8 1010
RMK:      Sunny spells during the morning then a mostly cloudy and grey afternoon. A very pleasant day, though, with a bit of a breeze and a max temp of 19.4

0900z     18004kt 50+km 2Cu020 5Ac180 17.3/13.0 1012
RMK:      Fine and clear with sunny spells.
09-09z:   Tx 18.9 (1500z)   Tn 10.1 (0240z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 7.0      00-24z:   Sun 4.6

0530z     30004kt 50+km 3Ac180 11.1/10.8 1012
RMK:      A fine clear morning with sunny spells.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 13th July 2014

0530z     23002kt 5000 BR 5St004 7Sc030 15.7/15.5 1005
RMK:      Very wet yesterday evening with max rate 33 mm/hr at 2335z. No measureable rain since midnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 12th July 2014

0530z     31003kt 30km 7Sc060 14.0/12.9 1015
RMK:      A muggy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 11th July 2014

1500z     36002kt 30+km 2Sc-6- 7Ac150 21.7/14.3 1017
RMK:      Mostly cloudy all day but very warm, muggy and oppressive. Max temp 23.0

0900z     30003kt 30+km 2Sc050 7Ac130 15.8/12.5 1018
RMK:      Temp rose sharply by 2.5 deg just after 0400z as a light NW breeze set in. It has continued to rise more slowly since then. It now feels very warm and muggy despite what the thermometer says.
09-09z: Tx 22.0 (1500z) Tn 9.1 (0400z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 6.6 00-24z: Sun 7.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 10th July 2014

1900z     VRBL01kt 30+km 7Cu020 19.4/14.3 1018
RMK:     A mostly sunny morning followed by a mostly cloudy afternoon and evening. Very warm and rather muggy in the afternoon. Max temp 22.0

0900z     30008kt 50+km 1Ac150 17.3/11.8 1018
RMK:      Fine and sunny. Ac edge lying approx N/S visible far to the east.
09-09z:   Tx 21.2 (1350z)   Tn 9.9 (0355z)   Rain trace
18-09z:   Tg 6.8      00-24z:   Sun 11.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 7th July 2014

0900z     21005kt 50+km 6Cu020 15.3/10.7 1013
RMK:     Cu med. The sky gradually clouded over this morning as the Cu developed. Sunny intervals are now short and infrequent.
09-09z: Tx 18.5 (1235z) Tn 6.9 (0310z) RR trace
18-09z: Tg 3.7 00-24z: Sun 2.9

0530z     CALM 50+km 1Cu007 4Ci350 09.6/09.4 1011
RMK:      Another fine clear morning with sunny spells.

strong>Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 6th July 2014

0900z     30005kt 30km 1Cu020 3Ac150 7Ci300 14.9/10.3 1002
RMK:     A splendid morning.
09-09z:   Tx 18.2 (1600z)   Tn 9.7 (0420z)   RR trace
18-09z:   6.6      00-24z:   Sun 5.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 5th July 2014

0530z     30005kt 5000 -RA 4St004 8Sc035 12.5/12.3 996
RMK:      Wet all night with max rate 12 mm/hr on cold front at about 0430z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 4th July 2014

1600z     22003kt 15km -RA 2Sc007 4Ac070 8As120 15.8/15.0 1001
RMK:      Spits of rain from about 1300z. Steady slight rain since about 1500z. Max temp 20.1

0900z     18009kt 30km 7Sc015 16.6/13.7 1004
RMK:      There was a little sun very early on but it soon clouded over.
09-09z:   Tx 19.8 (1655z)   Tn 13.7 (0440z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 11.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 3rd July 2014

1600z     21005kt 15km -DZ 2Cu007 6Sc012 17.2/16.2 1014
RMK:      Overcast for much of the day with slight drizzle from time to time. A few cloud breaks now arriving from the west. Max temp 18.8

0900z     21007kt 5000 -DZ 8Sc006 15.4/14.3 1017
RMK:      Slight drizzle since about 0745z.
09-09z:   Tx 21.7 (1210z)   Tn 13.3 (0450z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 11.5      00-24z:   Sun 4.5

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 2nd July 2014

0900z     25005kt 30km 1Cu025 7Ci400 18.9/12.9 1021
RMK:      A fine morning but the sun is rather weak because of the cirrus. The SW breeze set in just before 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 22.0 (1620z)   Tn 7.2 (0415z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 4.1      00-24z:   Sun 5.9

0530z CALM 20km 2Ac180 7Ci400 08.8/08.5 1021
RMK: A fine morning. The cirrus is higher than the contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 1st July 2014

1600z     VRBL01kt 30km 6Cu030 21.1/11.9 1020
RMK:      Clouded over rapidly around 0900z. It has been mostly overcast since then though there have been a few intervals of sun during the past hour. All the showers in the area have managed to paas us by and it has been dry all day. Max temp 21.3

0900z     09003kt 50km 4Cu023 18.5/12.3 1020
RMK:      Very strong warm sunshine. Vigorous Cu development to N and NW. I see that there’s a weak echo on the radar in that direction at 0900z.
09-09z: Tx 20.7 (1540z) Tn 6.4 (0345z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 2.9 00-24z: Sun 7.5

0530z     CALM 30km 1Ci350 07.8/07.4 1020
RMK:      A fine sunny morning with absolutely still air.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 30th June 2014

0900z     16003kt 30km 6Cu020 15.6/10.9 1017
RMK:      Cu med building strongly. Still occasional sunny intervals.
09-09z: Tx 16.8 (1605z) Tn 6.8 (0230z) RR 0.1
18-09z: Tg 4.6 00-24z: Sun 0.2

0530z     CALM 30km 1Sc040 4Ac070 08.4/08.1 1017
RMK:      It’s a beautiful morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 29th June 2014

1600z     29002kt 30km 6Cu025 6Sc040 16.6/09.9 1014
RMK:      Rain ceased around 1030z. Cloudy but dry since then with only a couple of brief glimpses of the sun. Max temp 16.6 so far but still going up.

0900z     36003kt 10km -RA 2Cu008 4Sc040 7Ac100 11.1/09.8 1013
RMK:      Slight rain since about 0830z. The forecast gives the probability of precipitation for this morning as ‘less than 5%’. The radar has been telling a rather different story.
09-09z: Tx 13.1 (1230z) Tn 7.1 (0445z) RR 4.2
18-09z: Tg 4.2 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 27th June 2014

2000z     04004kt 2000 -RADZ 7St004 10.0/9.5 1011
RMK:      Cloudy all day with spells of slight rain and drizzle. Max temp 13.2

0900z     08003kt 5000 -DZ 7St004 11.7/11.0 1012
RMK:      Continuous slight drizzle all morning so far. It’s nice to have a bit of relative coolth after all the heat of the past week 🙂
09-09z: Tx 18.7 (1255z) Tn 10.8 (0610z) RR 0.2
18-09z: Tg 9.1 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0530z     05003kt 1500 -DZ 8St003 10.9/10.5 1012
RMK:      Drizzle is very slight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 26th June 2014

1500z     09006kt3Cu030 7Ac080 17.3/10.2 1014
RMK:      Cloudy all day. Spits of rain during the first part of the morning then dry. Max temp 18.7

0900z     09003kt 50km 2Sc050 7Ac120 14.6/10.0 1016
RMK:      Occasional spits of rain since about 0700z but only just noticeable.
09-09z:   Tx 19.3 (1635z)   Tn 10.8 (0425z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg 9.9      00-24z:   Sun 3.7

0530z     CALM 20km 2Sc050 7Ac120 11.1/09.2 1016
RMK:      A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 25th June 2014

2000z     09002kt 30km 2Sc040 7Ac070 16.0/10.3 1017
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day after some early sun. Max temp 19.3

0900z     13002kt 30km 6Cu020 15.2/10.8 1019
RMK:      Cloud developed rapidly between 0700z and 0730z and it has been mostly cloudy since then.
09-09z:   Tx 19.7 (1235z)   Tn 7.3 (0425z)   RR 2.7
18-09z:   Tg 4.9      00-24z:   Sun 2.3

0530z     CALM 20km 1Sc025 09.0/08.7 1019
RMK:      Fine and sunny. Cooler than of late but the radiant heat from the sun is very strong this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 24th June 2014

2000     09002kt 30+km 6Sc025 14.3/11.7 1020
RMK:      Rain ceased around 1715z.

1500z     36002kt 5000 -RA 3St005 5Cu015 8Ac070 15.4/14.3 1019
RMK:      Sunny intervals till late morning then cloudy. Slight rain started around 1315z and has been intermittently moderate since 1430z. The cold front appears to have gone through here just before 1400z but it was a very diffuse affair. Max temp 19.6 but it’s much more pleasant now in the cooler air behind the front.

0900z     31009kt 50+km 1Cu015 6Ci350 15.7/12.8 1019
RMK:      Low cloud burned off rapidly during the past hour.
09-09z   Tx 22.3 (1610z)   Tn 12.2 (0455z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 11.1      00-24z:   Sun 12.3

0530z     30004kt 20km 8St005 12.4/11.9 1020
RMK:      A very pleasant morning with a coolish breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 23rd June 2014

0900z     30006kt 1Cu018 4Ac150 18.0/13.5 1022
RMK:       Sunny periods. Very warm and muggy.
09-09z:   Tx 23.7 (1530z)   Tn 9.9 (0410z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 7.3      00-24z:   Sun 11.7

0530z     CALM 20km 1Cu008 7Ci400 12.4/11.8 1022
RMK:      Numerous persistent contrails just below the cirrus. The thick high cloud is making the sunshine rather diffuse.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 22nd June 2014

0900z     20003kt 20km 1Cu015 5Sc035 16.9/13.8 1021
RMK:      Rather cloudy so far this morning but with occasional sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 19.6 (1410z)   Tn 10.1 (0230z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 7.2      00-24z:   Sun 5.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 21st June 2014

1500z     36002kt 50km 2Cu025 7Sc040 18.4/11.9 1019
RMK:      Sunny spells till late morning but cloudy since then. Max temp 19.6

0900z     30008kt 30km 3Cu015 14.9/11.5 1019
RMK:      Stratus burned off soon after 0600z. Cu now starting to bubble up
09-09z:   Tx 20.8 (1625z)   Tn 10.4 (0150z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun 9.7

0530z     31006kt 20km 7St005 11.8/11.2 1019
RMK:      It looks like there’s clear sky above the stratus.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 20th June 2014

0530z     VRBL01kt 20km 7Sc007 13.0/11.9 1022
RMK:      The cloud layer appears to be quite thin.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 19th June 2014

1500z     VRBL03kt 20km 4Cu030 7Ci400 20.2/13.4 1023
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day though some sunny intervals have developed during the past couple of hours. Very warm and muggy again but not as bad as yesterday. Max temp 20.2

0900z     07003kt 10km 7Sc008 14.7/12.7 1023
RMK:      Fog cleared soon after 0600z but it has been mostly cloudy since then with just a very brief glimpse of sun.
09-09z: Tx 24.8 (1625z) Tn 12.9 (0440z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 10.4 00-24z: Sun 3.9

0530z     29003kt 0500 FG 8St001 13.2/13.2 1022
RMK:      Another grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 18th June 2014

1500z     36008kt 30km 2Cu030 23.4/15.7 1025
RMK:      Overcast till early afternoon then becoming progressively more sunny as the cloud dispersed. It’s now unpleasantly hot and humid for my northern blood. Max temp 23.7 but it’ll probably creep a bit higher now that we’ve got strong sunshine.

0900z     36003kt 25km 8Sc008 16.2/14.3 1028
RMK:      It has turned into another grey, overcast morning.
09-09z:   Tx 17.3 (1655z)   Tn 12.7 (0400z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 9.9      00-24z:   Sun 2.8

0530z     02001kt 25km 2Cu007 7Ci400 13.2/12.5 1028
RMK:      Sunny intervals but low cloud is now spreading across rapidly from the NE.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 17th June 2014

2000z     03001kt 30km 3Cu010 8Sc018 16.2/14.1 1028
RMK:      The overcast continues.

1500z     36004kt 30km 3Cu010 8Sc018 16.0/13.7 1029
RMK:      Solid overcast since 0730z but it’s been a really excellent day for being outdoors. Max temp 16.3

0900z     35006kt 30km 8Sc008 13.2/11.8 1030
RMK:      After a sunny start the sky clouded over between 0700z and 0730z. It’s now grey and overcast.
09-09z:   Tx 18.3 (1620z)   Tn 9.2 (0405z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun 6.9

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 16th June 2014

1500z     36005kt 50km 2Cu025 6Sc030 17.8/11.3 1029
RMK:      After the early sun it was overcast during the latter part of the morning and into the early afternoon. Some cloud breaks now with a few sunny intervals. Max temp 17.8 so far but still creeping up. An excellent day for outdoor activities.

0900z     36008kt 50km 5Sc020 7Ci400 15.2/09.5 1029
RMK:      Sc is spreading across from the NE. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good day with a pleasant breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 16.1 (1425z)   Tn 10.3 (0440z)   RR 0.7
18-09z:   Tg 8.0      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z     36002kt 50km 7Ci400 10.9/09.4 1029
RMK:      Fine and sunny though thicker patches of cirrus are limiting the strength of the sun. The cirrus is above the contrail levels.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 15th June 2014

1700z     07002kt 3000 -DZ 6St006 8Sc010 14.8/13.4 1029
RMK:      Grey and overcast all day with slight rain and drizzle from time to time. Max temp 16.1

0900z     09001kt 10km 7St006 14.6/13.0 1028
RMK:      Overcast so far this morning with spits of rain now and again.
09-09z:   Tx 21.1 (1300z)   Tn 12.6 (0410z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 11.1      00-24z:   Sun 2.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 12th June 2014

0900z     20005kt 50+km 1Cu025 6Ci350 17.4/11.2 1028
RMK:      Fine and sunny. After the pleasant cool start it’s already warmer than my ideal. Cu just starting to bubble up. There are numerous very persistent horizon-to-horizon contrails.
09-09z:   Tx 18.0 (1335z)   Tn 6.5 (0410z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 4.1      00-24z:   Sun 1.8

0530z     VRBL01kt 20km 6Ci300 08.6/08.2 1028
RMK:      A fine sunny morning. Pleasantly cool at the moment.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 11th June 2014

1700z     29001kt 30km 4Cu015 6Sc040 16.3/13.6 1026 RE-SHRA
RMK:      Some sunny intervals during the first part of the morning but cloudy apart from that. Occasional slight showers since 1400z. Max temp 18.0

0900z     23004kt 30km 3Cu010 7Sc050 14.6/12.1 1023
RMK:      Cloud has thickened but there are occasional sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 20.4 (1415z)   Tn 10.1 (0030z)   RR 1.0
18-09z:   Tg 8.1      00-24z:   Sun 7.1

0530z     20005kt 30km 1Cu007 7Sc050 11.6/10.6 1021
RMK:      A very pleasant bright, clear morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 10th June 2014

1500z     20009g24kt 20km 2Cb020 5Cu025 17.6/10.9 1015
RMK:      Dry so far today with varying amounts of cumulus and sunny spells. It’s looking very dark now in the western semi-circle. As I type this at 1508z I can hear distant rumbles
of thunder to the SW. Max temp 20.4

0900z     17007kt 50+km 6Cu017 17.1/12.8 1014
RMK:      Rapid development of cumulus 0730-0800z Some now Cu med.
09-09z:   Tx 20.1 (1720z)   Tn 12.0 (0445z)   RR 5.3
18-09z:   Tg 9.5      00-24z:   Sun 2.4

0530z     19001kt 50+km 1Ac100 12.4/11.5 1013
RMK:      A sparkling morning. Fine and clear with strong and very warm sunshine.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 9th June 2014

1800z     11002kt 30km 1Cu015 5Ac100 19.0/15.9 1014
RMK:      Rain and thunder ceased by 1230z. The rest of the day has been dry and bright with broken cloud and sunny periods. Max temp 20.1

1200z     29003kt 8000 -TSRA 2St006 4Cb015 6Ac080 14.0/13.3
RMK:      Continuous rain since 0920z, mostly moderate but brief heavy bursts. Max rate 22 mm/hr at 0925z. Frequent thunder 0950-1015z and again since 1115z. About a dozen lightning flashes seen. About 6 mm of rain since 0900z.

0900z     08007kt 20km 1Cb015 5Sc040 7Ac100 16.3/11.3 1016
RMK:      Looks very black to the south.
09-09z: Tx 20.6 (1405z) Tn 9.4 (2335z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 6.2 00-24z: Sun 5.3

0530z     36001kt 30km 2Cu007 4Sc040 5Ac070 10.8/10.3 1017
RMK:      It has been dry since the early hours of yesterday morning. We missed all of the showers yesterday afternoon.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 8th June 2014

0900z     17012kt 30km 5Cu015 16.6/13.3 1017
RMK:      Cu bubbling up strongly.
09-09z:   Tx 18.1 (1705z)   Tn 9.0 (0055z)   RR 12.9
18-09z:   Tg 5.5      00-24z:   Sun 1.4

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 7th June 2014

1600z     20004kt 30+km 4Cu010 4Sc030 16.2/14.6 1011
RMK:      Another spell of mod/hvy rain 1040-1230z with max rate 24 mm/hr. Dry since 1230z and, although mostly cloudy it has been a splendid afternoon – bright with excellent
visibility. 8.7 mm of rain since 0900z so a total of 11.8 mm for the whole event – nothing to very excited about. No thunder heard here. Max temp 16.3 so far.

0900z     12005kt 8000 BR 5Sc005 7Ac070 13.2/12.7 1009 RERA
RMK:      After a dry start there was a spell of mod/hvy rain 0715-0820z. Max rate 24 mm/hr so nothing particularly noteworthy yet. No thunder heard.
09-09z: Tx 20.3 (1625z) Tn 11.2 (0300z) RR 3.1
18-09z: Tg 9.0 00-24z: Sun 7.5

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 6th June 2014

0900z     14006kt 30km 1Cu020 6Ci300 15.4/09.6 1014
RMK:      A fine morning with strong, very warm sunshine. Small Cu just starting to bubble up.
09-09z: Tx 13.9 Tn 3.1 RR trace
18-09z: Tg +0.4 00-24z: Sun 0.7

0530z     CALM 25km 1Ci300 05.2/04.9 1014
RMK:      Fine and sunny – but will it last???

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 5th June 2014

0530z     30006kt 4000 -RADZ 3St002 7St004 08.5/08.2 1005
RMK:      A murky, drippy morning. Slight rain and drizzle throughout the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 4th June 2014

1700z     31004kt 20km -RA 1Cu008 6Sc035 11.5/10.2 1001
RMK:      Rain has been almost continuous throughout the day but mostly it has been very slight with only about 1mm since 0900z. Max temp 12.8

0900z     36002kt 15km -RA 3Sc008 5Ac070 8As100 11.0/09.6 1002
RMK:      Slight rain on and off since about 0630z but it hasn’t amounted to much so far.
09-09z:   Tx 16.2 (1340z)   Tn 8.9 (0425z)   RR 0.8
18-09z:   Tg 8.7      00-24z:   Sun 1.5

0530z     VRBL01kt 20km 4Sc030 8Ac070 09.1/08.5 1004
RMK:      A little rain approx 0100z-0230z. Dry since then.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 3rd June 2014

1600z     31005kt 25km 1Cu015 5Sc050 6Ci250 14.6/11.7
RMK:      A dry day but mostly cloudy with only a few brief intervals of sunshine. Max temp 16.2

0900z     23002kt 25km 5Cu006 8Sc050 13.0/11.7 1010
RMK:      Cloudy and dry so far this morning.
09-09z:   Tx 19.8 (1520z)   Tn 11.4 (0635z)   RR 10.5
18-09z:   Tg 11.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.5

0530z     23001kt 10km 5St004 7Sc040 11.8/11.6 1011
RMK:      Wet for a time yesterday evening. A further spell of mod/hvy rain 0315z-0400z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 2nd June 2014

1900z     VRBL01kt 10km -RA 1Cu005 4Sc025 7Ac080 14.9/14.4 1014
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day. Dry for much of the time but there were a couple of slight showers in late afternoon. A spell of continuous rain started around 1700z and it was briefly heavy either side of 1800z with max rate 28 mm/hr. Max temp 19.8

0900z     18003kt 15km 5Cu012 6Ci300 15.4/12.6 1017
RMK:      A mostly cloudy morning with only a few brief glimpses of the sun. Cu is bubbling up strongly now. Quite muggy.
09-09z:   Tx 21.4 (1435z)   Tn 11.5 (0420z)   RR 1.3
18-09z:   Tg 10.5      00-24z:   Sun 8.1

0530z     CALM 5000 BR 1Cu006 7Sc060 11.8/11.5 1017
RMK:      Slight rain approx 0045z-0315z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 1st June 2014

0900z     VRBL03kt 15km 2Cu020 3Ci250 16.4/11.4 1022
RMK:      Cu just starting to bubble up. Spells of warm sunshine.
09-09z:   Tx 16.5 (1215z)   Tn 5.6 (0315z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg +2.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.8

0530z     11001kt 15km 3Ci250 07.7/07.8 1023
RMK:      New month, new weather 🙂 A fine morning with strong and very warm sunshine.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 31st May 2014

2030z     29002kt 20km 1Ac100 3Ci250 09.9/08.3 1024
RMK:      Cloud dispersed towards sunset. It’s now a fine clear evening.

1800z     30003kt 20km 1Cu018 7Sc030 14.4/10.2 1024
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day with only a few sunny intervals during the morning. Dry apart from the early drizzle. The last 9 days of the month have produced only 4.5 hours of sunshine unless we get a bit more this evening, which seems unlikely. Max temp 16.5

0900z     29002kt 5000 BR 7St006 11.6/11.1 1025 RE-DZ
RMK:      Brief sunny intervals early gave a total of 15 minutes sunshine which already makes today the sunniest day since last Monday! The cloud soon thickened and there was slight drizzle 0730z-0830z. That has now ceased and it’s looking a bit brighter.
09-09z:   Tx 14.1 (1605z)   Tn 9.5 (0425z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 8.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 30th May 2014

1500z     08002kt 20km 4Cu018 7Sc035 13.5/09.2 1025
RMK:      Another day of relentless grey skies. Having said that, there’s just the odd chink of blue sky visible now. It looks like we’re on course for the 4th sunless day on the trot, if we ignore the 2.4 minutes of sun recorded on Tuesday. Max temp 13.8

0900z     08004kt 15km 6Cu008 8Sc020 10.3/09.1 1025
RMK:      Getting a bit brighter but still very grey.
09-09z:   Tx 11.1 (1300z)   Tn 7.6 (0140z)   RR 0.9
18-09z:   Tg 6.8      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z     08003kt 20km 8St007 07.9/07.2 1024
RMK:      A grey morning but at least it is dry. Yesterday was one of the bleakest days for quite some time. There was a heavy low overcast with continuous slight rain and drizzle all day. We had the lights on indoors by 1700z. We should really have had the heating back on as well with the temp indoors dropping to 15 deg but there was no way I was putting the heating on at the end of May. This morning is a big improvement:-)

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 29th May 2014

0900z     36006kt 1500 -RADZ BR 6St002 8St005 09.8/09.7 1017
RMK:      Slight rain and drizzle has been pretty well continuous since yesterday evening. Despite the lower temperature this morning it feels ‘softer’ than yesterday morning. There’s nowhere near the same raw feel to the breeze.
09-09z: Tx 11.4 (1440z) Tn 8.8 (0520z) RR 3.7
18-09z: Tg 8.7 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 28th May 2014

1200z     36005kt 5000 -DZ 7St003 10.7/10.1 1014
RMK:      Continuous rain ceased soon after 0900z. Spits of rain and drizzle since then. A raw breeze.

0900z     36009kt 8000 -RA 6Cu005 8Sc015 11.2/10.8 1013
RMK:      Continuous rain. Moderate at times till 0730z but only slight since then. A raw feel to the breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 15.4 (1245z)   Tn 8.8 (2230z)   RR 10.2
18-09z:   Tg 8.1      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0530z     36005kt 5000 6St003 8Sc012 10.0/09.7 1014
RMK:      Slight to moderate rain since 2300z yesterday.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  – Tuesday 27th May 2014

2000z     04003kt 30km 4Cu008 7Sc040 09.3/07.7 1017
RMK:      A grey evening.

1500z     02007kt 25km 1Cu018 4Sc030 7Ac070 12.3/08.2 1016
RMK:      A cloudy day with spits of rain now and again but never amounting to much. Max temp 15.4

0900z     01008kt 20km 1Cu006 6Ac070 11.4/10.5 1017 RE-RA
RMK:      A cloudy morning so far with slight rain for much of the time, though the past 15 minutes have been dry.
09-09z:   Tx 16.1 (1240z)   Tn 8.9 (0110z)   RR 1.0
18-09z:   Tg 7.5      00-24z:   Sun 2.6

0530z     CALM 10km -RA 3Sc020 7Ac100 10.2/09.4 1017
RMK:      Rain is very slight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 26th May 2014

1800z     07001kt 10km -RA 4Sc020 7Ac080 12.5/11.1 1018
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day. Dry during the morning. The odd spit of rain in the afternoon then more persistent slight rain since around 1630z but, even so, not amounting to very much. Max temp 16.1

0900z     15004kt 25km 4Cu012 4Ac100 13.2/10.9 1020
RMK:      After the early sun it has been mostly cloudy since 0600z.
09-09z:   Tx 14.0 (1715z)   Tn 3.1 (0420z)   RR 1.7
18-09z:   Tg +0.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0530z     34001kt 15km 3St003 3Ci250 05.0/04.8 1019
RMK:      Fine and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 25th May 2014

2000z     CALM 30+km 1Cu008 7Sc035 11.6/10.0 1017 RE-SHRA
RMK:      Rain on and off till early afternoon, sometimes mod/hvy. Cldy but mostly dry after that but with a few slight showers in evening. Our afternoon walk was very muddy! Max temp 14.0

0900z     19006kt 2000 +RA BR 6St004 8Sc015 09.9/09.8 1013
RMK:      Rain started around 0730z. Mod/hvy since 0830z. Fog for a short time around 0800z.
09-09z: Tx 13.1 (1700z) Tn 7.9 (0455z) RR 15.5
18-09z: Tg 6.5 00-24z: Sun 0.4

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 24th May 2014

1900z     09002kt 10km -SHRA 3Cb010 6Sc025 11.7/10.0 1009
RMK:      Rain, sometimes mod/hvy, continued till about 1500z. Mostly cloudy with a few slight showers since then. Max temp 13.1

1200z     36003kt 4000 +RA 5St004 8Sc020 10.8/10.2 1009
RMK:      Rain became moderate around 1100z and heavy at 1145z.

0900z     07006kt 8000 -RA 4Sc008 8AcAs080 11.4/10.2 1010
RMK:      Rain started around 0850z
09-09z: Tx 15.4 (1435z) Tn 7.3 (0240z) RR 0.5
18-09z: Tg 3.8 00-24z: Sun 0.5

0530z     02007kt 10km 3Cu012 4As150 8Ci250 08.4/08.0 1009
RMK:      A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 23rd May 2014

1200z     11009kt 30km 3Cu010 7Sc050 13.2/11.2 1005
RMK:      Cloudy but bright. A couple of brief slight showers during the morning.

0900z     08005kt 0800 FG 8St003 10.0/09.9 1005 RE-RA
RMK:      Rain ceased around 0830z. Fog since 0730z with vis down to 150m for a time.
09-09z:   Tx 12.4 (1530z)   Tn 7.9 (0410z)   RR 18.9
18-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun nil
Rainfall total for the month to date is 117.4 mm which is 134% of the average for the whole month and it looks as though there’s likely to be a lot more before the end of the month.

0530z     36012g26kt 2000 -RA 8St004 08.1/07.9 1004
RMK:      Rain on and off all night with max rate 23 mm/hr at 0225z. It’s a filthy wet morning with a cold wind.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 22nd May 2014

1600z     36008kt 5000 RA 4Cu008 8Ns015 11.0/09.5 1003
RMK:      After the early rain it was a cloudy but dry day until the next batch of rain arrived around 1530z. Max temp 12.4

1200z     07003kt 20km 4Cu010 4Sc030 7Ac080 11.2/08.8 1002
RMK:      Heavy overcast. A cool breeze.

0900z     36004kt 30km 1Cu006 4Sc040 7Ac100 09.8/09.0 1001
RMK:      Rain became heavy between 0545z and 0630z then gradually eased, eventually ceasing around 0815z. It’s now a very pleasant day.
09-09z: Tx 20.4 (1610z) Tn 8.6 (0635z) RR 7.5
18-09z: Tg 7.4 00-24z: Sun 9.0

0530z     05001kt 3000 -RA 8St004 08.9/08.0 1000
RMK:      Slight to moderate rain since about 0400z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 21st May 2014

1600z     VRBL02kt 30km 2Cu040 8Ci250 20.1/08.7 1007
RMK:      Broken small cumulus all day and quite long spells of very warm sunshine. High cloud has slowly increased and thickened during the day and is now resulting in only very
weak sunshine. Max temp 20.3 so far.

0900z     18005kt 30km 3Cu020 14.6/09.8 1009
RMK:      Well broken small cumulus. Spells of warm sunshine.
09-09z:   Tx 20.5 (1435z)   Tn 7.3 (0320z)   RR 5.5
18-09z:   Tg 4.8      00-24z:   Sun 1.5

0530z     22002kt 30km 1Cu015 09.0/08.8 1009
RMK:      Fine and sunny. A heavy dew.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 16th May 2014

0900z     21004kt 30km 6Cu015 6Ci300 16.8/13.4 1032
RMK:      Clouded over around 0700z. Very warm and muggy. It’s 3.2 deg warmer than at this time yesterday.
09-09z:   Tx 18.7 (1355z)   Tn 5.8 (0420z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 3.7      00-24z:   Sun 7.3

0530z     CALM 30km 1Ac120 6Ci300 06.9/06.6 1033
RMK:      Fine and sunny. Unusual to have no breeze at all here.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 15th May 2014

1500z     30004kt 25km 1Cu020 4Ac120 7Ci300 17.3/13.5 1035
RMK:      Sunshine has been intermittent and rather weak for much of the day due to extensive middle/high cloud. Very warm and muggy, though, with a max temp of 18.7

1200z     29004kt 30+km 2Cu020 6Ac150 17.1/12.0 1035
RMK:      Rather cloudy but some intervals of weak sunshine.

0900z     30006kt 30km 1Cu010 6Ac150 13.6/11.8 1035
RMK:      After the sunny start middle level cloud has spread from the NW.
09-09z:   Tx 16.2 (1525z)   Tn 6.1 (0220z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 3.9      00-24z:   Sun 9.9

0530z     30002kt 30km 1Cu008 08.4/07.8 1035
RMK:      Fine and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 14th May 2014

1500z     31006kt 50+km 2Cu025 15.7/09.4 1032
RMK:      A day of broken cloud and spells of warm sunshine. Max temp 15.9

1200z     27003kt 50+km 4Cu018 14.1/09.7 1031
RMK:      Sunny spells through the morning but becoming a bit more cloudy now.

0900z     30009kt 50+km 1Cu010 6Ci350 11.3/09.2 1030
RMK:      Low cloud burned off 0630-0700z. Now fine and sunny.
09-09z:   Tx 11.9 (1525z)   Tn 6.0 (2135z)   RR 2.7
18-09z:   Tg 3.7      00-24z:   Sun 1.7

0530z     31005kt 10km 7St004 07.4/07.1 1028
RMK:      St layer appears to be relatively thin.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 13th May 2014

1500z     29004kt 20km -SHRA 1Cb010 6Sc040 11.8/09.1 1021
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day. Occasional slight showers have continued through the afternoon. Max temp 11.9

1200z     VRBL01kt 10km -SHRA 7Cu009 11.2/09.0 1019
RMK:      Frequent slight showers since about 1000z.

0900z     34002kt 30km 4Cu010 6Sc040 10.0/08.4 1017.5
RMK:      Dry but mostly cloudy so far this morning with only a few brief glimpses of the sun.
09-09z: Tx 11.3 (1130z) Tn 3.7 (0415z) RR 8.1
18-09z: Tg -0.7 00-24z: Sun 0.5
The past 5 days have brought 69.3 mm of rain. With less than half the month gone we’ve already had 93% of the average rainfall for the whole month. Only 24% of the average sunshine for the whole month so far. Dull and wet sums it up for the month so far – and rather cool.

0530z     31001kt 15km 7St005 05.4/05.2 1015
RMK:      A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 12th May 2014

2000z     31001kt 20km 1Cu020 3Sc030 07.4/06.1 1011
RMK:      A fine cool evening.

1600z     31001kt 10km 5Cu006 4Ac070 08.9/08.3 1009 RESHRA
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day with showery outbreaks of rain on and off all day. Heaviest in the afternoon with a max rate of 54 mm/hr at 1445z. I think we’ll have to evolve back into aquatic beasties if this goes on for much longer 🙂 Max temp 11.3

0900z     24003kt 10km -RA 5Cu006 8Sc040 09.1/08.4 1007
RMK:      Continuous rain all morning, sometimes mod/hvy.
09-09z:   Tx 12.4 (1505z)   Tn 6.7 (0645z)   RR 9.8
18-09z:   Tg 5.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.4

0530z     27001kt 4000 -RA 1St004 5Cu008 8Ac070 07.6/07.1 1006
RMK:      Slight to moderate rain since 0430z after a dry night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Sunday 11th May 2014

1900z 31006kt 15km 7Cu007 09.2/08.0 1002 RE-SHRA
RMK: Turned showery again this evening after a dry afternoon

1500z     33009g25kt 25km 5Cu012 12.4/09.6 1000
RMK:      The showers ceased abruptly just before midday and the afternoon has been dry with sunny intervals. Max temp 12.4 so far but still going up.

1200z     29009kt 15km 1St004 4Cu007 10.3/09.3 999 RESHRA
RMK:      Frequent showers throughout the morning.

0900z     29007kt 7000 -SHRA 2St003 7Cu006 08.8/08.5 997
RMK:      Frequent showers throughout the night and this morning, often mod/hvy. Max rate 44 mm/hr at 0415z.
09-09z:   Tx 13.6 (1340z)   Tn 6.6 (0425z)   RR 26.5
18-09z:   Tg 5.6      00-24z:   Sun 0.9
In the 72 hours to 0900z today there’s been 51.4 mm of rain.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Saturday 10th May 2014

1600z     20009g27 15km -SHRA 7Cu007 10.5/09.4 993
RMK:      A mostly cloudy day with fairly frequent slight showers. Max temp 13.6

0900z     20008g21kt 10km 7Cu008 11.7/09.5 998
RMK:      Occasional glimpses of the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 13.9 (1525z)   Tn 7.1 (1100z)   Rain 14.1
21-09z:   Tn 7.5 (0250z)      18-09z:   4.7      00-24z:   Sun 4.7

0530z     17006kt 2500 -RA BR 4St002 8St003 08.2/08.1 1000
RMK:      Rain since about midnight, often mod/hvy with max rate 10 mm/hr 0500-0510z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Friday 9th May 2014

1500z     27011g30kt 50km 5Cu020 13.1/08.4 1008
RMK:      Frequent showers through the morning culminating in a torrential downpour just before 1100z with max rate 35 mm/hr. Dry with sunny periods in the afternoon but with a very blustery wind. Gusts over 30 knots here in the relatively sheltered dale but on the open land above the village I reckon it was gusting well over 40 knots. Max temp 13.1 so far but still going up.

0900z     26010g26kt 8000 -SHRA 2St004 7Cu007 08.3/07.5 1004
RMK:      Cool and breezy with frequent showers. Also brief glimpses of the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 12.4 (1510z)   Tn 8.1 (0600z)   RR 10.8
18-09z:   Tg 6.7      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z     26009g24kt 20km 2St004 6Cu008 08.3/07.5 1003
RMK:      Showery approx 0300-0500z with max rate 25 mm/hr at 0410z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Thursday 8th May 2014

1600z     24001kt 2000 +RA 6St005 8Ns015 12.2/11.5 1002
RMK:      Rain for much of the day. Mostly slight but heavy for the past half hour with the current rate 15 mm/hr. Max temp 12.3

1200z     17003kt 5000 -RA 2St003 6St005 8Sc030 10.8/10.0 1003
RMK:      Slight rain for much of the morning.

0900z     21003kt 15km 6Sc007 8Sc035 09.3/08.2 1005
RMK:      Intermittent slight rain since obout 0630z
09-09z:   Tx 12.2 (1540z)   Tn 8.5 (0455z)   RR 2.1
18-09z:   Tg 7.5      00-24z:   Sun 2.6

0530z     20002kt 20km 5Sc007 8Sc040 08.6/07.3 1006
RMK:      Grey and overcast.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Wednesday 7th May 2014

1600z     25010g24kt 30km 5Cu010 11.4/09.5 1005 RE-SHRA
RMK:      Dry this morning with sunny intervals. More cloudy in the afternoon with occasional showers. About 2 mm of rain since midday. Max temp 12.2 but it has felt a bit muggy.

0900z     21008kt 30km 5Cu012 10.9/07.9 1004
RMK:      Cu building strongly. Sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 16.3 (1455z)   Tn 7.1 (0505z)   RR 1.0
18-09z:   Tg 5.3      00-24z:   Sun 5.6

0530z     20004kt 20km 1Cu006 7Ci250 07.3/06.5 1003
RMK:      Cu med to north. Sunshine is limited by thick high cloud.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Tuesday 6th May 2014

1800z     24003kt 30km 1Cu015 3Ac120 6Ci200 12.1/08.4 1002
RMK:      Broken Cu and sunny intervals all day. Dry apart from a brief slight shower around 1600z.

1200z     23003kt 30km 5Cu018 13.4/09.2 1003
RMK:     A beautiful day with broken cloud and sunny intervals. A perfect day for outdoors.

0900z     25008kt 30km 3Cu012 11.8/09.5 1003
RMK:      Variable amounts of Cu. Occasional sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 15.2 (1305z)   Tn 8.0 (0535z)   RR 6.2
18-09z:   Tg 6.1      00-24z:   Sun 3.7

0530z     20002kt 30km 1Cu007 08.1/07.6 1002
RMK:      Fine and sunny. Rain yesterday evening continued into the early hours of this morning. Dry since about 0330z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire  –  Monday 5th May 2014

1600z     16011g24kt 30km 3Ac120 8As170 13.8/09.1 1006
RMK:      A dry and very pleasant day. Sunny intervals till early afternoon then the middle cloud thickened to give a rather dull finish. Max temp 15.2

0900z    17009kt 25km 2Ac150 7Ci250 12.0/06.9 1012
RMK:     High cloud thickening and is now obscuring the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 14.6 (1350z)   Tn 4.8 (0505z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 2.8      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0530z     18002kt 15km 1Sc012 3Ac150 05.4/04.5 1014
RMK:      A fine morning with spells of sunshine.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 4th May 2014

1800z 20001kt 20km 5Sc018 8Sc040 12.6/09.6 1018
RMK: Cloudy and grey all day. A few spits of rain in the morning and again in late afternoon. Max temp 14.6 and feeling a bit muggy in the afternoon.

0900z 23003kt 25km 1Cu010 3Sc040 7Ac100 10.2/08.4 1022 RE-RA
RMK: A rather grey morning. A few spits of rain 0800-0815z.
09-09z: Tx 15.7 (1515z) Tn 8.1 (1945z) RR trace
18-09z: Tg 7.0 00-24z: Sun 10.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 20th April 2014

0900z 04008g21kt 1500 -RA BR 8St003 06.4/06.2 1013
RMK: A bleak, raw morning with spits of rain just starting. There’s some very forlorn-looking holidaymakers in the village. They didn’t come for a February break 🙁
09-09z: Tx 11.8 (1545z) Tn 3.7 (0035z) RR trace
18-09z: Tg 2.4 00-24z: Sun 1.3

0530z 36007kt 5000 BR 8St004 05.1/04.6 1014
RMK: Grey and raw.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 19th April 2014

1800z 08009kt 30km 6Cu015 09.6/05.9 1019
RMK: A mostly cloudy day with a raw breeze though there were a few sunny intervals in the second half of the afternoon. Max temp 11.8

1200z 08009kt 20km 7CuSc017 08.4/04.2 1020
RMK: The odd glimpse of the sun now but still a raw breeze.

0900z 08008kt 15km 8CuSc010 04.7/02.0 1021
RMK: What a change from the warm sunshine of yesterday! With overcast skies and a raw easterly breeze it feels more like late February than late April. No sunshine so far today.
09-09z: Tx 14.6 (1640z) Tn -1.5 (0400z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg -4.2 00-24z: Sun 12.1

0530z 36001kt 15km 5Cu008 3Ci250 +00.5/00.0 1020
RMK: Slight hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 18th April 2014

0900z 36007kt 50+km 1Cu020 06.6/01.5 1022
RMK: A sparkling clear sunny morning. Small Cu just starting to bubble up.
09-09z: Tx 10.2 (1545z) Tn +0.8 (0510z) RR 0.4
18-09z: Tg -1.9 00-24z: Sun 0.0

0530z 01005kt 50+km 1St005 02.0/01.4 1021
RMK: Fine and sunny with a slight hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 17th April 2014

1800z 30009kt 25km 6Sc008 7Ci250 07.6/06.6 1017
RMK: Occasional slight rain 1530-1700z.

1500z 29012kt 25km 7Cu015 7Ci250 10.0/07.4 1017
RMK: A mostly cloudy day with just the odd glimpse of sun. Dry after the early spits of rain.

0900z 25008kt 15km -RA 3Cu008 7Sc025 08.4/07.4 1018
RMK: Just the odd spit of rain.
09-09z: Tx 15.7 (1535z) Tn 6.4 (0900z yesterday) RR trace
18-09Z: Tg 3.0 00-24z: Sun 9.5

0530z 26008kt 25km 2Cu012 7Ci250 06.9/04.5 1018
RMK: Weak sunshine through thick cirrus.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 16th April 2014

1600z 18009kt 25km 1Ac180 6Ci300 15.4/05.0 1024
RMK: Spells of warm sunshine all day.

0900z 18009kt 15km 4Cu007 3Ci400 06.4/05.0 1027
RMK: Sunny intervals.
09-09z: Tx 15.1 (1335z) Tn -0.1 (0520z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg -3.4 00-24z: Sun 9.0

0530z 18001kt 15km 3Ci400 00.0/-00.8 1029
RMK: Slight hoar frost. A bit hazier this morning and the sky has a milky appearance.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 15th April 2014

1800z 17003kt 25km 1Sc035 7Ci400 11.7/05.3 1028
RMK: A fine evening.

1500z 17004kt 25km 3Cu030 6Ci400 13.2/05.6 1030
RMK: Broken cumulus has limited the sunshine since late morning. Max temp 15.1.

0530z 09001kt 30km 5Ci400 -00.7/-01.6 1030
RMK: Fine and sunny. There’s a thin layer of cirrus higher than the contrails and perhaps higher than my estimate.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 14th April 2014

1800z 31004kt 30km 1Cu025 4Ci300 10.4/06.5 1026
RMK: A fine evening, cooling down quickly.

1500z 30008kt 30km 3Cu025 13.1/06.4 1025
RMK: A fine day with well broken cumulus and quite long spells of sunshine. More than 6 hours of sun already today. Warm in the sun but cool in the breeze. Max temp 13.2

0900z 30011g25kt 30km 3Cu012 08.7/06.1 1023
RMK: Spells of warm sunshine but still a cool breeze.
09-09z: Tx 11.3 (1325z) Tn 5.2 (0535z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg +2.9 00-24z: Sun 6.2

0530z 30010g21kt 30km 2Cu008 05.2/04.1 1021
RMK: A fine morning with a cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 11th April 2014

0900z 31004kt 30km 1Cu012 08.1/05.6 1022
RMK: A superb morning. Fine and clear with spells of warm sunshine.
09-09z: Tx 11.6 (1325z) Tn 3.4 (0550z) RR trace
18-09z: Tg +0.8 00-24z: Sun 0.2

0530z 29003kt 15km 1Sc050 04.1/03.4 1021
RMK: Fine and clear.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 10th April 2014

1500z 30007kt 30km 1Cu020 7Sc035 10.8/06.8 1020
RMK: It has been a dry and bright day but cloudy, with only 0.2 hours of sunshine recorded so far. Max temp 11.6

0900z 25005kt 30km 2Cu012 7Sc040 09.1/07.3 1022
RMK: A bright morning but no sunshine so far.
09-09z: Tx 12.7 (1620z) Tn 3.3 (0340z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg +0.7 00-24z: Sun 0.5

0530z 25001kt 20km 7Sc030 05.1/04.8 1022
RMK: A very still morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 8th April 2014

1500z 30008kt 30km 6Cu015 08.4/05.0 1019
RMK: Showers died out soon after 0900z. Dry since then but with large amounts of convective cloud there’s been only short intervals of sunshine. It’s been a cloudy month so far with only about 6 hours of sunshine, including today’s small contribution. Max temp 9.0

0900z 29009kt 15km 7Cu007 05.3/04.5 1013 RESHRAGS
RMK: Frequent slight to moderate sleet and hail showers since 0700z.
09-09z: Tx 13.1 (1340z) Tn +2.2 (0530z) RR 16.8
18-09z: Tg +0.1 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0530z 27006kt 10km -SHRA 7Cu005 +02.2/+01.6 1010
RMK: Overnight hail showers have left a covering on grass, cars and roofs.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 4th April 2014

0900z 30012kt 10km 2Cu007 6Ac150 08.7/08.4 1005
RMK: Nice to have a bit of visibility again!
09-09z: Tx 8.8 (0855z) Tn 6.3 (2220z) RR 7.1
09-21z: Tx 7.6 (1400z) 18-09z: Tg 6.2 00-24z: Sun nil

0530z 29002kt 0350 -RA FG 8St001 07.2/07.2 1004
RMK: Slight to moderate rain throughout the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 3rd April 2014

1800z 36003kt 0100 -RA FG VV/// 07.3/07.3 1003
RMK: Unrelenting fog all day. Steady slight rain now.

1500z 35005kt 0200 FG VV/// 07.5/07.5 1002 RE-RA
RMK: The vis has been 200m or less all day. Spits of rain again this afternoon. Max temp 7.6

1200z 01003kt 0150m FG VV/// 07.3/07.3 1003
RMK: Thick fog all morning. Vis never better than about 200m and sometimes below 100m. Dry since 0900z.

0900z 07003kt 0100 FG VV/// 06.6/06.6 1003 RE-RA
RMK: A pretty grim morning with unrelenting dense fog. Vis has been down to 50m at times. To add to the mix there’s been occasional slight rain since dawn.
09-09z: Tx 8.7 (1430z) Tn 6.1 (0615z) RR 0.2
18-09z: Tg 5.9 00-24z: Sun nil

0530z 08004kt 0150 FG VV/// 06.2/06.2 1002
RMK: Quite a raw breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 1st April 2014

1800z 16002kt 30km 1Cu020 7Ci200 12.7/09.0 1008
RMK: A gorgeous warm day with spells of sunshine and not a hint of the dust that has blighted the past few days. Warmest day of the year so far with a max of 17.2. Just about a perfect summer day for me. I don’t want it any warmer 🙂

1200z VRBL02kt 30km 5Cu015 13.1/10.1 1010
RMK: A fine day with sunny spells. The dust haze has now all gone.

0900z 27002kt 15km 6Cu007 09.2/08.8 1010
RMK: Cu building strongly. Much cleaner air than we have had for some days.
09-09z: Tx 13.4 (1410z) Tn 7.3 (0425z) RR 8.1
18-09z: Tg 6.1 00-24z: Sun nil

0530z CALM 2000 BR 7St003 07.9/07.8 1010
RMK: A spell of heavy rain in the early hours with a max rate of 26 mm/hr at 0115z. It’s a damp drippy morning. The snails are loving it. We’ve got a plague of the yellow and black
striped ones this year. We always get them but I’ve never seen them in the numbers we have this year. No doubt it’s due to the very mild winter.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 31st March 2014

2000z 18001kt 1500 RA HZ 5St005 8Ac100 10.3/09.5 1011
RMK: Moderate, occasionally heavy rain since 1830z

1500z 10003kt 5000 -RA HZ 7Ac120 12.8/09.8 1012
RMK: Spits of rain since late morning. Max temp 13.4

1200z 11003kt 4000 -RA HZ 6Ac120 8Ci200 12.4/09.6 1013
RMK: Spits of rain for the past 15 minutes.

0900z 08003kt 1500 BR 3St002 5Ac120 8Ci200 07.9/07.7 1013
RMK: Another very murky morning. No sunshine yet.
09-09z: Tx 14.7 (1500z) Tn 6.1 (0410z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 5.3 00-24z: Sun 1.9

0530z 03002kt 0600 FG 8St002 06.2/06.1 1013
RMK: The fog has formed during the past hour.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 30th March 2014

2000z 12003kt 4000 HZ 1Ac150 6Ci250 09.9/09.2 1014
RMK: A murky evening

1800z 07007kt 4000 HZ 3Ac150 7Ci250 11.8/09.9 1013
RMK: Very hazy all day with the vis mostly less than 5km. The haze, together with extensive middle and high cloud has restricted the sunshine to only 1.9 hours. Max temp 14.7

0900z 04001kt 2500 BR 1Ac150 8Ci250 07.7/07.4 1014
RMK: Another very murky morning. Sunshine is very limited due to the thick cirrus.
09-09z: Tx 14.8 (1520z) Tn 4.8 (0610z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 2.4 00-24z: Sun 5.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 29th March 2014

0630z 07003kt 1500 BR 2Ac150 6Ci250 05.1/04.8 1016
RMK: Quite a heavy dew.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 28th March 2014

1500z 07008kt 3000 -SHRA HZ 5Cu010 7Ci250 09.3/07.2 1016
RMK: Very murky all day with only a couple of glimpses of very hazy sun. Occasional slight showers during the afternoon. Max temp 9.6 so far.

1200z 08009kt 6000 HZ 5Cu008 08.6/06.5 1017
RMK: Cumulus cloud building as it warms up. Very hazy.

0900z 07008kt 2500 BR 7St003 05.3/05.1 1017
RMK: A very grey morning with a raw breeze.
09-09z: Tx 7.2 (1355z) Tn 2.4 (0900z yesterday) RR 6.4
21-09z: Tn 2.5 (2345z) 18-09z: Tg +0.6 00-24z: Sun 0.2

0630z 07004kt 4000 BR 8St003 03.8/03.6 1016
RMK: Grey and damp.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 27th March 2014

2100z 17003kt 0800 -DZ FG 8St002 03.3/03.0 1015
RMK: Fog and drizzle after a spell of rain earlier this evening.

1600z 01007kt 7000 HZ 5Cu004 7Sc015 05.8/05.1 1013 RE-SHRA
RMK: A cloudy day. Slight rain for a time a.m. A shower of snow pellets in early afternoon. Occasional rain showers since then. Max temp 7.2

0900z 08009kt 5000 BR 3Cu005 7Sc018 02.4/02.1 1015
RMK: A grey morning with a raw, almost bitter breeze.
09-09z: Tx 7.2 (1545z) Tn +1.3 (0600z) RR 0.7
18-09z: Tg -0.1 00-24z: Sun 0.8

0630z 09003kt 3000 BR 8St002 +01.4/+01.2 1014
RMK: There was a small amount of precipitation in the early hours. With the temperature just below 2 deg it was probably sleet. The Cat & Fiddle webcam shows a sprinkling of snow on the ground up there this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 26th March 2014

2100z 36002kt 10km 2Sc020 7Ac070 +01.8/+00.7 1015
RMK: Dry now but it’s getting close to a frost. It looks like there’ll be a bit more slight sleet or maybe even snow overnight but the amounts, if any, will be very small. There’s unlikely to be anything on the roads.

1800z 36006kt 10km -RA 3Sc008 8Sc040 03.2/01.4 1016
RMK: Very slight rain since about 1530z.

1500z 35007kt 20km 1Cu010 6Ac070 05.4/03.0 1018 RE-SHRASN
RMK: Occasional sleet showers this afternoon and also a little hail. Max temp 6.4 with a raw breeze.

1200z 35009kt 25km 3Cu015 6Ci250 06.2/03.0 1020
RMK: Cool and breezy with occasional sunny intervals. Not at all a bad day to be out walking but there’s showers to come later in the afternoon.

0900z 36007kt 20km 5Cu008 6Ci250 04.1/03.3 1021
RMK: Cu building strongly. Sunny intervals. Warm in the sunshine but decidedly cool in the breeze.
09-09z: Tx 5.9 (1650z) Tn +0.3 (0000z) RR 1.8
18-09z: Tg -2.4 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 02001kt 10km 4Cu007 5Sc025 +01.9/+01.7 1021
RMK: Quite a heavy dew but no frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 25th March 2014

2100z 01002kt 10km 2Sc050 5Ci250 03.9/03.1 1017
RMK: After the wet day the cloud is clearing now with stars visible in the western half of the sky. We’re probably in for a frost later tonight.

1800z 36001kt 8000 -RA 5Sc012 8Sc050 05.3/04.6 1014
RMK: It hasn’t stopped raining all day. Never very heavy but very persistent.

1500z 08003kt 10km -RA 4Sc008 8Sc050 05.4/04.6 1011
RMK: Rain has been continuous since about midnight, mostly slight but a little bit of moderate this morning. A dreich day. Max temp 5.7

1200z 08005kt 10km -RA 4Cu004 8Sc018 05.1/04.8 1008
RMK: Continuous rain all morning, mostly slight.

0900z 08002kt 2000 -RA BR 04.5/04.3 1006
RMK: Rain has been moderate at times since dawn.
09-09z: Tx 9.2 (1545z) Tn +2.3 (0900z yesterday) RR 3.2
21-09z: Tn 3.3 (0305) 18-09z: Tg 2.7 00-24z: Sun 8.3

0630z 14001kt 0400 -RA FG 8St001 03.8/03.6 1005
RMK: Slight rain since midnight. A very still morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 24th March 2014

1500z 16017g33kt 30km 3Cu030 6Ci300 08.9/01.5 1008
RMK: A fine day with spells of sunshine. The cirrus has been slowly increasing and thickening through the day. Breezy this afternoon. Max temp 8.9 so far.

0900z 12003kt 15km 1Ci300 +02.3/+02.1 1013
RMK: Fine and sunny. Hoar frost in the shade. The first of the cirrus is visible far to the SW.
09-09z: Tx 7.8 (1430z) Tn -3.8 (0630z) RR 2.6
18-09z: Tg -6.5 00-24z: Sun 3.8

0630z CALM 15km SKC -03.8/-04.2 1013
RMK: Fine and sunny with a moderate hoar frost. It’s been the coldest night of the “winter”.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 23rd March 2014

2100z 29002kt 20km 1Sc025 +01.8/+00.7 1013
RMK: A fine frosty evening.

1700z 30003kt 5000 -SHRASNGS 4Cb007 03.2/01.8 1010
RMK: Fairly frequent showers of sleet, hail and snow pellets throughout the day. Max temp 7.8

0900z 30010g21kt 4000 -SHRAGS 6Cb007 04.9/04.0 1004
RMK: After a dry couple of hours the showers have resumed within the past half hour.
09-09z: Tx 7.1 (1230z) Tn +1.2 (0315z) RR 8.2
18-09z: Tg -1.1 00-24z: Sun 2.4

0630z 31007kt 8000 6Cu007 02.3/02.0 1002 RE-SHRASN
RMK: Occasional rain, hail, sleet and snow showers yesterday and throughout the night. There’s some slush on the grass and cars this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 22nd March 2014

0630z 21005kt 30km 6Sc008 +01.1/+00.5 994
RMK: The Sc layer is very thin. Slight hoar frost.
A few sleet showers yesterday evening.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 21st March 2014

2100z 17017g29kt 10km -SHRASN 7Cu008 04.9/03.4 996
RMK: A slight sleet shower for the past few minutes

1500z 23007g25kt 10km 6Cu008 06.8/05.6 1001 RESHRA
RMK: Moderate shower 1430-1445z approx. Max temp 9.8

0900z 21009kt 30km 3Cu008 05.0/03.3 1002
RMK: A fine clear morning with spells of strong sunshine.
09-09z: Tx 10.8 (1325z) Tn 1.6 (0450z) RR 5.9
15-09z: Tg -0.6 00-24z: Sun 0.2

0630z 23004kt 30km 1Sc030 +01.7/+00.4 1002
RMK: Fine and clear with a slight hoar frost. Cirrus edge to ESE

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 20th March 2014

2100z 22009g21kt 20km 2Cu010 05.3/04.3 999
RMK: Rain ceased just before 1800z. Now fine and clear with a cooler breeze.

1500z 21013g29kt 7000 -RA 5Sc008 8As070 09.2/07.6 998
RMK: Rain started around 1415z. Max temp 10.8

1200z 18015g29kt 20km 2Sc010 7Ac150 09.1/06.7 1000
RMK: Overcast and breezy.

0900z 19012g26kt 20km 4Cu008 7Ac120 06.6/05.0 1004
RMK: Overcast and breezy.
09-09z: Tx 13.5 (1345z) Tn 4.4 (0255z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg 2.4 00-24z: Sun 4.8

0630z 19012g30kt 15km 1St005 7Ac070 05.0/04.1 1006
RMK: Bright and breezy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 19th March 2014

2100z 21011kt 20km 1Sc030 6Ci250 06.8/05.2 1015
RMK: Fine and breezy.

1800z 22007kt 30km 2Ac150 6Ci250 09.8/07.2 1016
RMK: A fine evening.

1500z 23014g29kt 30km 3Ac150 6Ci250 12.9/09.0 1017
RMK: A breezy day with spells of sunshine but the amount of sun has been limited by extensive thick high cloud. Max temp 13.5

1200 26009kt 30km 7Ci250 12.2/08.7 1019
RMK: Mostly sunny.

0900z 23007kt 15km 1Sc007 7Ci250 06.2/05.6 1020
RMK: Some weak sunshine. A cool breeze.
09-09z: Tx 9.9 (1250z) Tn 4.4 (0625z) RR 4.9
15-09z: 0.9 00-24z: Sun 0.5

0630z 22004kt 15km 3Sc040 6Ci250 04.4/03.9 1019
RMK: A quiet morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 18th March 2014

2100z 31016g29kt 30km 1Sc008 3Ci250 07.1/05.9 1015
RMK: Fine clear and breezy.

1800z 29017g30kt 15km -SHRA 7Cu008 08.3/06.6 1012
RMK: Frequent showers since 1000z. About 5 mm rain so far. That’s the first measureable rain since the morning of Fri 7th Mar. A windy day with a max gust
of 35 knots at 1545z.

1200z 28011g21kt 20km 6Cu012 07.8/07.0 1009 RESHRA
RMK: Showers 1000z-1145z

0900z 21008kt 25km 7Sc008 07.1/05.9 1011
RMK: Grey and overcast. The earlier brightness has gone.
09-09z: Tx 10.8 (1455z) Tn 5.5 (0215z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg 3.6 00-24z: Sun 0.0

0630z 22005kt 20km 3Sc007 7Sc040 05.9/05.3 1012
RMK: Brighter than recent mornings but still cloudy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 17th March 2014

2100z 22004kt 20km 7Sc030 06.4/04.8 1017
RMK: The moon is visible through the cloud.

1500z 26008kt 20km 7Sc015 10.6/07.1 1018
RMK: Another cloudy day but with less of a breeze and the temperature a little higher it feels much warmer. Max temp 10.8 so far.

0900z 30007kt 15km 8Sc006 06.8/06.1 1020
RMK: Overcast and grey with a cool breeze.
09-09z: Tx 9.1 (1435z) Tn 6.3 (0710z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg 4.7 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0630z 30008kt 20km 1Cu007 4Ac080 7Ci250 06.5/05.6 1020.0
RMK: Cloudy with a cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 16th March 2014

2100z 30009kt 20km 7Sc030 08.3/07.7 1022
RMK: Cloudy and dry with an easing wind.

1500z 31015kt 5000 -RADZ 7St005 08.5/08.0 1023
RMK: Mostly cloudy all day with only a few glimpses of sun. Very slight rain and drizzle since about 1300z. Just enough to dampen the roads. Max temp 9.1

0900z 29012g29kt 15km 7St005 06.3/05.3 1023
RMK: Overcast and grey with a cool breeze.
09-09z: Tx 8.7 (1550z) Tn: 5.9 (0810z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg 5.4 00-24z: Sun 0.2

0630z 30017g30kt 20km 7Sc006 06.4/05.5 1023
RMK: Cloudy, breezy and cool.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 15th March 2014

2100z 30014g24kt 20km 7Sc007 08.5/07.7 1023
RMK: Cloudy and breezy.

1500z 29011g21kt 20km 3Sc008 7Sc040 07.9/06.3 1024
RMK: Cloudy all day with a cool breeze. Max temp 8.7

1200z 30009g27kt 20km 7Sc009 08.7/06.8 1026
RMK: Cloudy with a cool breeze.

0900z 30015g29kt 15km 7Sc006 07.1/06.1 1025
RMK: Cool, grey and breezy.
09-09z: Tx 11.8 (1205z) Tn 5.5 (1625z) RR nil
21-09z: Tn 6.2 (0620z) 15-09z: Tg 5.9 00-24z: Sun 3.5

0630z 30008kt 15km 8Sc006 06.2/05.4 1025
RMK: Overcast, grey and breezy

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 14th March 2014

2100z 29018g31kt 10km 3Sc008 6Ci250 07.8/06.8 1023
RMK: A fine breezy evening.

1500z 30014kt 0800 FG 8St001 06.8/06.0 1024
RMK: The clag rolled in after 1300z, about 3 hours after the WNW breeze set in.
Max temp 11.8 at 1205z but it’s been all downhill since then. As I type this at 1515z the vis is down to 400m and the temp is 6.3.

1200z 29012kt 8000 HZ 6Ci250 11.7/07.2 1025
RMK: Stronger sunshine now with the high cloud getting thinner. The breeze is freshening.

0900z 23002kt 4000 HZ 7Ci250 07.5/07.3 1027
RMK: Weak sunshine through thick cirrus. Very hazy.
09-09z: Tx 14.7 (1455z) Tn +0.8 (0625z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg -2.4 00-24z: Sun 6.9

0630z 36001kt 5000 HZ 7Ci250 +00.8/+00.5 1028
RMK: Thick cirrus again this morning. No hint of fog.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 13th March 2014

2100z CALM 5000 HZ 7Ci250 05.8/04.8 1031
RMK: Fine and hazy with a bright moon.

1500z 30005kt 6000 HZ 1Ci250 14.4/10.4 1030
RMK: A sunny afternoon but much hazier than recent days. Max temp 14.7

1200z 30007kt 6000 HZ 5Ci250 10.2/08.0 1030
RMK: The cirrus has thinned, allowing the sunshine to strengthen gradually.

0900z VRBL02kt 5000 BR 7Ci250 05.7/05.5 1030
RMK: Fog dispersed soon after 0730z, about 3 hours earlier than yesterday. The sunshine is very diffuse due to overcast thick cirrus.
09-09z: Tx 14.6 (1535z) Tn +0.7 (0430z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg -3.1 00-24z: Sun 7.5

0630z VRBL01kt 0100 FG VV/// +03.2/+03.2 1030
RMK: No frost this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 12th March 2014

2100z CALM 5000 HZ 1Ci250 03.3/02.5 1031
RMK: Fine but hazy. Fog isn’t too far away.

1800z 18001kt 7000 HZ 1Ci250 08.4/05.4 1031
RMK: A fine evening but it’s already quite hazy. Looks like a foggy night to come.

1500z 15003kt 15km 1Ci250 13.5/08.1 1032
RMK: A fine sunny afternoon (again!). Max temp 13.5 so far but it’s still on the way up.

1200z 18003kt 15km 1Ci250 09.5/07.1 1034
RMK: Fog and low cloud burned off 1030-1100z. Now sunny and warm with less of a breeze than yesterday.

0900z 05001kt 0300 FG 7St002 +00.9/+00.7 1035
RMK: The sun is shining through the stratus strongly enough to be casting diffuse shadows.
09-09z: Tx 10.2 (1610z) Tn -1.7 (0555z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg -4.7 00-24z: Sun 8.5

0630z 36001kt 0200 FZFG VV/// -00.9/-01.2 1035
RMK: Slight hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 11th March 2014

0900z 07005kt 5000 BR 1St002 +01.8/+01.5 1037
RMK: Fog burned off 0730-0800z. Now sunny. Hoar frost persists in the shade.
09-09z: Tx 11.3 (1400z) Tn -0.3 (0650z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg -3.3 00-24z: Sun 9.5

0630z 09001kt 0400 BCFG 3St001 7St002 -00.2/-00.3 1036
RMK: There’s a moderate hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 10th March 2014

2100z 07003kt 30km 1Ci250 03.4/01.9 1034
RMK: Fine and clear.

1800z 07002kt 30km 1Ci250 07.2/03.5 1033
RMK: Another day of almost unbroken sunshine. 9.5 hours today making the two-day total for yesterday and today 19.5 hours. That’s quite remarkable for the first half of March here. Max temp 11.3

0900z 36008kt 30km 1Cu008 3Ci250 06.3/05.1 1029
RMK: Another gorgeous, clear sunny morning. A few bits of Cu just
starting to bubble up.
09-09z: Tx 16.6 (1420z) Tn 4.1 (0730z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg +1.0 00-24z: Sun 10.0

0630z 30003kt 30km 1Ac120 05.2/05.0 1026
RMK: Fine and clear with a deep blue sky. Retreating cirrus edge to ESE.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 9th March 2014

2100z 29001kt 20km 6Ci250 07.3/06.2 1021
RMK: A fine evening.

1800z 23003kt 20km 2Ci250 11.7/07.0 1020
RMK: It’s been a stunning sunny day. Max temp 16.6, the highest since 7th Oct last year. On this date last year the max was 2.7 and we still had 4 ‘ice days’ and a major snowstorm to come before the end of the month. 10.0 hours of sunshine today making it the sunniest
day since 19th July last year.

1200z 26005kt 20km 1Ci250 14.8/10.4 1020
RMK: Unbroken sunshine. A superb day.

0900z 21005kt 20km 1Ci250 08.9/07.1 1020]
RMK: Clear, sunny and warm. A near perfect spring morning.
09-09z: Tx 10.8 (1650z) Tn 4.2 (0530z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg -0.5 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 20002kt 20km 1Ci250 05.4/03.7 1019
RMK: A gorgeous morning. Fine, clear and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 8th March 2014

2100z 19003kt 20km 6Ci250 06.7/04.4 1019
RMK: Fine and clear.

1800z 17003kt 15km 1Ac120 7Ci250 09.1/05.5 1018
RMK: The low cloud dispersed in the afternoon but the middle and high cloud was sufficiently thick to prevent any sunshine. Max temp 10.8

1200z 17011g24kt 5000 BR 7Sc007 07.4/07.2 1021
RMK: Intermittent fog and drizzle 0900-1100z but it’s dry now and just beginning to brighten a bit.

0900z 18012g26kt 3000 BR 8St003 05.8/05.6 1023
RMK: Grey and rather raw. Fog 0700-0730z.
09-09z: Tx 10.3 (1115z) Tn -0.9 (2355z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg -3.9 00-24z: Sun 5.1

0630z 17013kt 3000 BR 8St003 04.3/03.8 1024
RMK: A grey featureless sky. A raw breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 7th March 2014

2100z 29001kt 30km 2Ci250 -00.1/-01.1 1027
RMK: Fine clear and frosty.

1800z 29001kt 30km 1Sc015 3Ci250 04.6/02.1 1026
RMK: Cloudy till late morning then broken cloud and lengthy
sunny spells. Max temp 10.3

0900z 23005g26kt 15km 2St005 6As100 08.4/08.2 1015 RERA
RMK: Moderate rain 0630-0840z.
09-09z: Tx 8.9 (1400z) Tn 6.8 (0900z yesterday) RR 5.1
21-09z: Tn 7.7 (0450z) 15-09z: Tg 7.5 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 19008g22kt 4000 -RA 7St004 08.0/07.8 1013
RMK: Rain started around 0600z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 6th March 2014

2100z 19007g19kt 0800 -RA FG 8St001 07.9/07.8 1017
RMK: A claggy damp evening.

1500z 18007G21kt 5000 BR 7St004 08.4/07.9 1018
RMK: A grey featureless sky all day with the odd spot of drizzle. The only thing springlike has been the frantic activity in the pond! Max temp 8.9

0900z 18008kt 7000 -DZ 7St004 06.8/06.4 1021
RMK: Spits of drizzle. Very grey.
09-09z: Tx 9.2 (1315z) Tn 3.8 (0900z yesterday) RR 0.1
21-09z: Tn 6.1 (0340z) 15-09z: Tg 4.1 00-24z: Sun 0.9

0630z 19004kt 10km 7St005 06.3/05.6 1020
RMK: A grey overcast morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 5th March 2014

1500z 22006kt 30km 3Cu015 7Ac080 08.6/06.1 1020
RMK: Mostly cloudy through the afternoon. Max temp 9.2

1200z 22007kt 30km 1Cu012 3Ac080 7Ci250 08.1/06.1 1019
RMK: Sunny spells developing.

0900z 28001kt 30km 1Sc030 7Ac070 03.8/03.5 1018
RMK: Overcast and a bit grey.
09-09z: Tx 7.8 (1600z) Tn -0.4 (0420z) RR 0.2
15-09z: Tg -3.8 00-24z: Sun 2.6

0630z 29001kt 20km 3Ac070 4Ci250 +00.4/+00.2 1016
RMK: Fine and clear with a slight hoar frost. Hard surfaces are dry.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 4th March 2014

2100z 29002kt 20km 2Ci250 +02.3/+01.1 1008
RMK: Fine and clear with a frost on the grass.

1500z 27004kt 30km 3Cu015 7Ci250 07.4/03.8 1002
RMK: A dry afternoon but with a lot of cloud. Only occasional sunny intervals. Max temp 7.7 so far.

1200z 26006kt 15km 6Cu012 06.9/05.6 1001
RMK: Rain ceased around 0930z. A few glimpses of the sun since then but it has been mostly cloudy.

0900z 22006kt 10km -RA 2Cu008 7Sc012 03.8/03.6 1000
RMK: Slight rain started around 0840z. Frost and ice has all gone.
09-09z: Tx 9.9 (1455z) Tn -0.7 (0140z) RR 0.1
15-09z: Tg -4.6 00-24z: Sun 6.6

0630z 23001kt 15km 2St005 7Sc012 +01.4/+01.1 998
RMK: Moderate hoar frost. There’s some ice on untreated hard

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 3rd March 2014

2100z 28003kt 20km SKC +01.3/+00.8 994
RMK: A fine frosty evening.

1800z 36001kt 30+km 1Sc015 03.2/01.0 990
RMK: Rather cloudy for much of the afternoon after the sunny morning but the cloud has melted away now to give a fine clear evening. Max temp was 9.6 but it’s falling very quickly now and there’s already a frost on the grass. There’s been hardly a breath of
wind all day.

1200z 12001kt 30+km 1Cu015 4Ci250 07.1/03.7 984
RMK: Spells of warm sunshine. Cumulus cloud starting to bubble up.

0900z 34001kt 30km 1Cu007 +01.5/+01.2 982
RMK: Fine and sunny. Frost and ice in the shade. A superb
09-09z: Tx 7.4 (1235z) Tn -1.5 (0705z) RR 10.4
15-09z: Tg -3.5 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 25001kt 20km 1Cu007 -00.7/-00.9 980
RMK: Rain ceased around 2300z yesterday evening. Fine and clear this morning with a slight hoar frost and icy patches on untreated hard surfaces. Retreating cirrus edge visible
to east.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 2nd March 2014

2100z 25003kt 3000 RA 7St004 04.7/04.3 978
RMK: Persistent rain, often mod/hvy. Cold front went through around 2030z.

1800z 16016g25kt 3000 RA 7St003 06.3/06.1 981
RMK: Rain has been mostly moderate, occasionally heavy, since 1600z.

1500z 18017g31kt 7000 -RA 7St005 06.7/06.4 985
RMK: Rain all afternoon. Mostly slight but occasionally moderate. Max temp 7.4.

1200z 18015g24kt 15km 6Sc007 8Sc030 07.0/06.5 990
RMK: Rain died out around 1030z.

0900z 18008kt 5000 -RA 7St004 05.4/05.2 993
RMK: A murky morning with persistent rain.
09-09z: Tx 8.8 (1505z) Tn +1.2 (2205z) RR 3.4
15-09z: Tg -3.1 00-24z: Sun 1.4

0630z 21007kt 3000 RA 7St004 04.4/04.2 994
RMK: Slight to moderate rain since midnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 1st March 2014

2100z 21001kt 15km 1Sc020 3Ci250 +01.6/+00.4 999
RMK: A fine clear evening with a frost on the grass.

1500z 18004kt 30km 6Cu020 08.7/04.0 1000
RMK: Mostly cloudy through the afternoon but dry and there have been a few sunny intervals. Almost no wind and with a max temperature of 8.7 so far the afternoon
has been definitely springlike.

1200z 31001KT 15km 7Cu008 04.3/02.9 1001 RE-SHRASN
RMK: Occasional slight sleet showers since about 1120z.

0900z 25001KT 0400 FG 3St001 4Ci250 +01.3/+01.3 1002
RMK: Fog has been coming and going since before dawn.
It’s thickening at the moment. Blue sky overhead.
Icy patches on untreated hard surfaces but these are
melting now.
09-09z: Tx 7.8 (1440z) Tn -2.1 (0610z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg -4.6 00-24z: Sun 1.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 28th February 2014

2100z 30003KT 15km 1Sc015 6Ci250 +01.7/+00.9 1004
RMK: Fine and clear with a frost on the grass.

1500z 36004KT 15km 6Cu015 7Ci250 06.8/03.2 1002
RMK: It has been a very pleasant, if rather cloudy, afternoon with some
sunny intervals. With a max temperature of 7.8 and not much of a breeze it was a
splendid afternoon for a walk. The countryside is drying out very quickly
now after more than a week with not very much rain.

1200z 02005KT 5000 BR 3St003 7Ci250 03.5/03.3 1001
RMK: Fog lifted around 1100z but it’s still quite murky. There’s a bit of weak sunshine.

0900z 03003KT 0350 FG 8St001 +01.5/+01.5 999
RMK: The ice has melted and the fog is just starting
to show signs of thinning.
09-09z: Tx 7.6 (1135z) Tn -1.7 (0140z) RR 0.6
15-09z: Tg -4.2 00-24z: Sun 2.7

0630z 01003KT 0300 FG 8St001 +00.4/+00.4 998
RMK: Icy patches on untreated hard surfaces.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 27th February 2014

2100z 21001KT 20km SKC +00.8/-00.2 1002
RMK: Fine clear and frosty.

1800z 21001KT 30km 1Cu012 03.1/01.3 1003
RMK: Fine and clear. It’s a colder evening than we have been used to this
winter and there’s a frost on the grass already.

1500z 30009G21KT 15km 1Cb012 05.9/02.9 1003 RE-SHRAGS
RMK: Fairly frequent slight hail showers through the afternoon. Max temp 7.6

1200z 28009KT 10km 1St005 6Cb008 05.8/04.2 1002 RE-SHRAGS
RMK: Occasional slight showers all morning with some hail in the
past hour.

0900z 29007KT 10km -SHRA 7Cu006 04.7/03.9 1001
RMK: Occasional slight showers for the past couple of hours.
09-09z: Tx 8.4 (1200z) Tn 4.7 (0840z) RR 8.3
15-09z: Tg -0.7 00-24z: Sun 5.2

0630z 27010G22KT 15km 1Cu004 6Sc008 05.1/04.7 1000 RERA
RMK: Rain approx 0100z-0600z, mod/hvy at times. Cold front
went through just before 0600z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 26th February 2014
2100z 19006KT 30km 3As180 7Ci250 03.8/02.1 1010
RMK: After a fine early evening it’s clouding over now ahead of the rain moving
in from the west. The leading edge of the rain is currently over the west coast
of Wales. It’ll reach the Peak District around midnight.

1800z 21007KT 30km 3Ci250 04.9/02.1 1011
RMK: Rather cloudy through the middle of the day with a
couple of slight showers. Fine apart from that with spells
of sunshine. The second half of the afternoon was gorgeous.
Max temp 8.4

1200z 26009G22KT 30km 1Cu012 6Ac150 08.3/05.4 1009
RMK: Bright and breezy with sunny intervals. Not as mild as recent days.

0900z 22011KT 15km 1Cu007 04.2/03.7 1008
RMK: Fine and sunny with a sharp breeze.
09-09z: Tx 8.8 (1510z) Tn +1.7 (0715z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg -0.5 00-24z: Sun 2.1

0630z 18001KT 10km 2St004 +01.9/+01.6 1006
RMK: A fine morning with a touch of frost on the grass.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 25th February 2014
2100z 20003KT 30km 1Cu010 3Ci200 04.0/03.4 999
RMK: Fine and clear.

1500z 18015G24KT 30km 2Cu015 5Ci200 08.7/05.5 994
RMK: A slight shower around 1300z. Otherwise a very pleasant
dry day with sunny intervals. Max temp 8.8

1200z 18014G26KT 20km 5Cu010 4Ci200 07.7/06.2 994
RMK: A fine breezy day with sunny intervals.

0900z 18014G25KT 15km 6Cu007 5Ci180 05.3/04.9 993
RMK: Bright and breezy with occasional sunny intervals.
09-09z: Tx 9.9 (1425z) Tn 4.3 (0640z) RR 3.5
15-09z: Tg 2.4 00-24z: Sun 1.8

0630z 18012G24KT 15km 6Cu007 04.3/04.0 993
RMK: Breezy after overnight rain.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 24th February 2014
2100z 16016G25KT 15km -RA 2St007 5Sc025 8Ac120 06.4/05.2 997
RMK: Rain is very slight.

1500z 19010G24KT 20km 2Cu015 6Sc025 09.4/06.1 1001
RMK: A very pleasant afternoon with occasional sunny intervals.
Max temp was 9.9 deg.

1200z 22010KT 20km 6Cu010 08.1/06.5 1001
RMK: Rain ceased around 1000z. Some sunny intervals now.

0900z 22006KT 15km -RA 2St004 5Sc020 6Ac100 05.0/04.6 1000
RMK: Slight rain since 0740z. Cold front went through
at 0750z. The wind died away sharply behind the cold front.
09-09z: Tx 9.4 (1630z) Tn 5.0 (0855z) RR 0.4
15-09z: Tg 4.5 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 18017G31 20km 2St006 7Sc012 06.0/05.4 998
RMK: Mild and breezy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 23rd February 2014
2100z 18014G33KT 15km 8Sc007 08.7/07.3 1003
RMK: Rain has died out.

1800z 18017G30KT 15km -RA 6Sc007 8Sc020 09.2/08.1 1002
RMK: Continuous very slight rain.

1500z 18014G30KT 15km -RA 6Sc007 8Sc020 09.1/08.5 1001
RMK: Continuous rain all afternoon but very slight. A windy
day with max gust 42 kt just before 1300z. Max temp 9.2

1200z 18019G31KT 20km -RA 7Sc008 09.1/08.0 1002
RMK: Spits of rain during the past half hour but not amounting to anything.
It’s very windy in exposed areas.

0900z 18016G29KT 30km 5Sc008 7Sc030 08.1/06.9 1002
RMK: Breezy but very mild. The strongest gust overnight
was 35 knots at 0040z
09-09z: Tx 9.3 (1420z) Tn 4.8 (0900z yesterday) RR nil
21-09z: Tn 6.1 (2100z) 15-09z: Tg 5.3 00-24z: Sun 5.5

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 22nd February 2014
2100z 18014G22kt 20km 3Sc025 7Sc040 06.1/04.2 1006
RMK: Cloud gradually lowering.

1800z 18009G19KT 30km 2Sc030 7Sc050 06.2/04.2 1006
RMK: A cloudy afternoon after a largely sunny morning.
Max temp today 9.3

0900z 25007KT 30km 2Cu008 04.8/03.7 1005
RMK: Spells of strong sunshine.
09-09z: Tx 6.4 (1510z) Tn +2.7 (0900z yesterday) RR 2.2
21-09z: Tn 3.1 (0700z) 15-09z: Tg +0.7 00-24z: Sun 4.2

0630z 27011G27KT 30km 4Cu008 03.4/02.4 1002
RMK: A fine morning with a raw breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 21st February 2014
2100z 19010G21KT 20km 2Cu008 7Sc030 03.8/03.0 997
RMK: Showers have died out.

1800z 21009G18KT 20km RE-SHRA 6Cu010 04.7/03.4 997
RMK: Occasional sharp showers continue.

1500z 23009G22 20km RE-SHRA 6Cu010 06.2/05.0 997
RMK: A mostly cloudy afternoon with occasional sharp showers.
Max temp today 6.4 deg.

1200z 22012G25KT 20km RE-SHRA 7Cu010 05.6/03.7 998
RMK: It has gradually clouded over during the morning and in the past
hour there’s been a couple of slight showers. A cool breeze.

0900z 23013G25KT 30km 1Cu008 +02.7/+01.8 998
RMK: Fine and sunny but there’s a raw breeze.
09-09z: Tx 10.2 (1405z) Tn +1.0 (0605z) RR 2.2
15-09z: Tg -1.6 00-24z: Sun 2.6

0630z 23005KT 30km 1Cu008 +01.2/+00.8 997
RMK: Fine and clear. Untreated hard surfaces are very icy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 20th February 2014
1800z 26009G25KT 10km RE-SHRA 6Cu008 04.3/03.3 995
RMK: Showers have become heavier during the past hour. The temperature
is falling quickly ahead of what will be a cold night.

1500z 22012G21KT 15km -SHRA 3Cb008 5Sc040 07.9/06.4 993
RMK: Broken cloud and sunny intervals since
midday. Occasional slight showers since 1400z. Max temp 10.2

1200z 24009G22KT 20km 6Cu010 08.6/07.3 994
RMK: Cold front just after 0900z with a brief spell of heavy
rain. Broken cloud and sunny intervals now.

0900z 19011G25KT 3000 -RA 6St005 8Sc010 08.9/08.7 993
RMK: Rain has become more persistent and a bit heavier during
the past hour.
09-09z: Tx 10.7 (1435z) Tn 5.7 (0900z yesterday) RR 1.2
21-09z: Tn 6.7 (2245z) 15-09z: Tg 3.8 00-24z: Sun 1.6

0630z 18013G22KT 10km -RA 7St004 08.6/08.4 994
RMK: Exceptionally mild for a February morning. Only a spit
or two of rain.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 19th February 2014
0900z 25003KT 3000 -RA BR 6St004 8Sc012 05.7/05.5 1009
RMK: A murky morning with continuous slight rain since dawn.
09-09z: Tx 9.7 (1320z) Tn 3.8 (0230z) RR 0.9
15-09z: Tg 1.0 00-24z: Sun 1.3

0630z 25005KT 3000 -SHRA BR 7Cu006 05.2/04.9 1008
RMK: Another mild morning. Occasional slight showers.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 18th February 2014
1500z 23006KT 10km RE-SHRA 5Cu008 7Sc035 08.0/06.1 1005
RMK: Cloudy all day. Mostly dry but there have been a couple
of slight showers in the past hour. Max temp 9.7. The last
time we have been that high was 23rd December. Spring is
definitely on the way!

0900z 20003KT 20km 3Sc006 6Sc040 05.9/05.7 1006
RMK: A bright early spring morning.
09-09z: Tx 7.1 (1405z) Tn 4.6 (0900z yesterday) RR 3.3
21-09z: Tn 5.1 (0715z) 15-09z: Tg +3.0 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 21003KT 20km 3Cu007 6Sc018 05.7/05.5 1006
RMK: A very mild morning. Wet yesterday evening with
the rain continuing till about 0100z

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