Observations – 2017

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Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 23rd October 2017

0900z   16006kt 2000 -RADZ 6St004 8Sc020 09.8/09.5 1015
RMK:   Slight rain/drizzle on and off since dawn with increasing
low stratus.
09-09z:   Tx 9.8 (0900z today)   Tn 7.4 (1735z)   RR 0.8
09-21z:   Tx 8.8 (1505z)      21-09z:   Tn 8.1 (0055z)
15-09z:   Tg 4.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0530z   20004kt 15km 2Sc015 8Ac100 09.2/08.4 1015
RMK:   It appears to have been dry overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 22nd October 2017

1600z   27005kt 30km 7CuSc015 08.6/06.3 1012
RMK:   Slight rain continued till about 1300z. Dry but cloudy
since then with the wind easing. Max temp 8.8°, making it
the first day max below 10° this season. The 09-09z max might
just creep above 10° if the forecast temperatures for
tomorrow morning verify. The last 5 days (18th to 22nd) have
produced only 0.3 hours of sunshine while the past 4
rainfall days (to 0900z today) have produced 49.9 mm of rain.
The sunshine total for the month to date is 30.8 hours. That’s
only 50% of the average for the whole month.

0900z   28013g30kt 4000 -RADZ 6Sc006 8Sc020 07.6/06.5 1007
RMK:   Rain has been almost continuous for the past 24 hours.
Slight for much of daytime yesterday but mod/hvy at times
since 1500z yesterday. Strongest wind yesterday was Force 6
with a max gust of 35 knots. That was in the SSE winds. When
the wind veered to SW it decreased, largely due to the
sheltering effect of the rising ground to the west. There’s
quite a bit of nuisance flooding on the local roads but I
haven’t heard of anything worse than that. All-in-all a
very typical October low pressure system.
09-09z:   Tx 10.7 (1105z)   Tn 7.3 (0420z)   RR 27.1
15-09z:   Tg 7.0      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 21st October 2017

0900z   17017g29kt 10km RE-SHRA 3Cu008 7Sc020 10.4/09.4 994
RMK:   Cloudy since daw with occasional slight showers and
also a few very brief glimpses of sun. A breezy morning.
09-09z:   Tx 12.3 (1045z)   Tn 8.1 (1820z)   RR 2.8
15-09z:   Tg 6.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 20th October 2017

0900z   29005kt 5000 -RA 6St005 8Sc020 11.3/11.0 1000
RMK:   Slight rain since daybreak.
09-09z:   Tx 13.1 (1640z)   Tn 8.7 (0515z)   RR 13.7
15-09z:   Tg 6.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   23001kt 15km RE-SHRA 2Cu008 7Sc025 09.2/08.9 996
RMK:   Occasional slight showers overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 19th October 2017

1600z   09004kt 1500 -RA BR 8St003 12.6/12.4 997
RMK:   Not a nice day. Slight to moderate rain all afternoon and
also fog from time to time with vis occasionally down to 100m
for short periods. It’s been very dark this afternoon with
dusk setting in around 1430z. Max temp 12.6 so far but it’s
still going up. Looks like a bit of line convection
coming in the next 30 minutes or so.

1200z   09003kt 4000 RA 6St004 8Ns012 11.0/10.8 1002
RMK:   Fog lifted around 1030z. Rain has gradually become
heavier and persistent and has been mostly mod/hvy since 1040z.

0900z   14003kt 0100 FG RE-RA VV/// 10.3/10.2 1005
RMK:   Fog since about 0630z with vis occasionally falling
below 100m. Intermittent slight rain in past hour.
09-09z:   Tx 10.7 (1225z)   Tn 7.3 (0900z yesterday)   RR 6.3
21-09z:   Tn 9.6 (0700z)      15-09z:   Tg 7.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0530z   18005kt 2000 -DZ 8St002 10.1/10.0 1006
RMK:   Mod/hvy showers yesterday evening between 1920z and
2015z produced more than 5 mm of rainfall. Max rate,
according to the AWS, was 47 mm/hr. Very dank this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 18th October 2017

0900z   08002kt 50km 7Sc040 07.3/06.5 1014
RMK:   After a clear start the sky clouded over soon after
09-09z:   Tx 13.1 (1335z)   Tn +2.9 (0640z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg   0.0      00-24z:   Sun 6.0

0530z   CALM 50km 1Sc020 3Ci250 03.3/02.6 1013
RMK:   A fine morning with a heavy dew.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 17th October 2017

1600z   24005kt 50km 1Cu025 7Sc250 10.9/06.3 1016
RMK:   After a mostly sunny morning thick cirrus spread from
the SW during the afternoon, sufficiently thick to obscure
the sun. Max temp 13.1°.

0900z   23010kt 50km 2Cu015 10.7/07.9 1014
RMK:   A fine morning with spells of bright sunshine.
09-09z:   Tx 17.8 (1415z)   Tn 8.9 (0650z)   RR nil
05-09z:   Tg 6.8

0530z   19008kt 30km 1Sc018 09.7/07.4 1013
RMK:   A fine morning. Nice to have somewhat fresher air back.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 13th October 2017

0530z 20008kt 20km 7Sc005 13.6/12.8 1015
RMK: An exceptionally mild morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 12th October 2017

1600z     20005kt 50km 1Sc030 4Ac150 7Ci250 12.3/09.2 1017
RMK:     A dry day but extensive thick high cloud and patchy
middle cloud has limited the sunshine. Only about 4 hours
recorded. Max temp 14.2°.

0900z   23007kt 30km 1Ac100 7Ci300 09.1/07.7 1017
RMK:   Numerous persistent contrails are adding significantly
to the cirrus. It’s thick enough to be completely obscuring
the sun at times. At best, we have only diffuse shadows.
09-09z:   Tx 12.8 (1025z)   Tn 7.1 (0440z)   RR 5.2
15-09z:   Tg 4.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   19005kt 30km 1Sc025 6Ci300 07.7/06.4 1014
RMK:   A fine, clear morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 11th October 2017

1600z   20007kt 5000 RA 7St004 12.2/11.6 1002
RMK:   Slight rain started around 0915z and continued
intermittently til around 1200z. Rain has been continuous
since then, moderate to heavy at times. A much less mild day
than yesterday with a max of 12.8°.

0900z   20010g24kt 30km 7Sc012 12.8/10.8 1004
RMK:   Overcast and breezy with excellent visibility. Dry
since before dawn.
09-09z:   Tx 16.1 (1435z)   Tn 11.0 (1925z)   RR 1.3
15-09z:   Tg 8.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

0530z   21010g27kt 30km 7Sc010 12.9/11.8 1005
RMK:   A mild, breezy morning. There was a little slight rain
during the early hours.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 10th October 2017

1630z   24008kt 30km 1Sc018 6Ac150 13.3/10.1 1009
RMK:   Slight rain continued till about 1200z. Dry since then
but it has remained cloudy. The wind is slowly freshening.
A very mild day with a max of 16.1°.

0900z   24003kt 4000 -RA 12.2/11.9 1011
RMK:   A dreich morning with continuous slight rain since
before dawn.
09-09z:   Tx 12.9 (1005z)   Tn 10.9 (1940z)   RR 3.3
15-09z:   Tg 8.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.4

0530z   20006kt 3000 -RA 7St004 12.2/11.4 1010
RMK:   A very mild, damp morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 9th October 2017

1600z   21002kt 20km -RA 1Cu007 4Sc030 6Ac120 12.7/10.8 1016
RMK:   Cloudy all day and rather gloomy at times. Spells of
slight drizzle till mid-morning then dry until slight rain
started a few minutes ago. Max temp 12.9°. We’re almost
one-third of the way through the month and the sunshine total
up to today is a rather measly 13.7 hours. That’s only 22%
of the average for the whole month so we could be on for
another very dull month relative to average. With September
this year producing only 75% of the average sunshine for
the month, the first half of autumn is showing a substantial
sunshine deficit.

0900z   30005kt 7000 -DZ 5Sc006 7Sc025 11.4/10.8 1018
RMK:   A mostly overcast morning with spells of slight drizzle.
09-09z:   Tx 14.2 (1340z)   Tn 10.4 (0435z)   RR 0.4
15-09z:   Tg 9.5      00-24z:   Sun 0.6

0530z   CALM 3000 -DZ 7Sc006 10.6/10.3 1018
RMK:   A very mild, drippy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 8th October 2017

1600z   31003kt 30km 1Cu008 6Sc030 12.4/10.8 1020
RMK:   A dry day but mostly cloudy and rather gloomy. Only a
few brief glimpses of the sun. Max temp 14.1°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 7th October 2017

1600z   30006kt 7000 -RA 5Sc006 7Sc020 10.9/10.3 1013
RMK:   An overcast day with slight rain for much of the time.
The heavier rain this afternoon passed just to the west of
here and we didn’t have anything more than slight rain.
Max temp 12.0°.

0900z   25009kt 10km -RADZ 7St005 11.4/10.8 1014
RMK:   Slight rain since before dawn.
09-09z:   Tx 11.8 (1310z)   Tn 7.9 (2035z)   RR 2.6
15-09z:   Tg 6.0      00-24z:   Sun 5.4

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 6th October 2017

0900z   29005kt 50km 1Cu010 6Ci300 08.3/07.4 1026
RMK:   Cu has started to bubble up during the past half-hour.
We haven’t quite got to the end of the ‘home-grown’ convective
cloud season yet. It has about another 3 weeks to run.
09-09z:   Tx 12.3 (1300z)   Tn 5.0 (0655z)   RR 0.9
15-09z:   Tg +2.8      00-24z:   Sun 4.5

0530z   29003kt 50 km SKC 05.6/04.8 1024
RMK:   Fine and clear. A persistent breeze overnight limited
the temperature fall.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 5th October 2017

1630z   29005kt 30km RE-SHRA 6Cu012 09.7/08.3 1019
RMK:   After a sunny start cloud slowly built up through the
second half of the morning. The afternoon was mostly cloudy
and increasingly showery. Max temp 12.3°.

0900z   29006kt 50+km 1Cu012 09.6/08.5 1015
RMK:   It’s a gorgeous clear, fresh, sunny day.
09-09z: Tx 13.4 (0330z) Tn 7.4 (0710z) RR 14.9
09-21z: Tx 11.5 (1315z) 15-09z: Tg 5.8 00-24z: Sun 0.0

0530z   30008g31kt 50km 3Cu012 1010
RMK:   A fine fresh morning after a wet night. There was
moderate rain for much of the night. A cold front went
through at about 0345z and the rain ceased by 0430z.
A breezy night but nothing of note. The strongest wind
was Force 5 between 0300z and 0430z. Max gust was 36 knots
at 0335z. The wind is decreasing quickly now.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 4th October 2017

1600z   21009kt 10km -RA 7Sc012 10.8/08.9 1016
RMK:   Slight rain for much of the time since 1200z but not
amounting to much. Also a few short dry intervals.
Max temp 11.5°.

0900z   24009kt 30km 3Sc030 7Ac150 09.9/07.7 1019
RMK:   Grey and cloudy so far this morning.
09-09z:   Tx 12.6 (1140z)   Tn 7.8 (0435z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg 6.4      00-24z:   Sun 1.1

0530z   19005kt 30km 6Sc035 8Ac150 07.9/06.2 1019
RMK:   Nothing of note. Cloudy and dry with good visibility.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 3rd October 2017

0530z   31007kt 15km 7Sc008 09.0/07.6 1017
RMK:   Heavy showers late yesterday evening but dry since then.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 2nd October 2017

1600z   26011g22kt 30km 6Sc018 11.2/08.0 1009
RMK:   Cloudy till early afternoon with occasional slight rain.
Dry after that with a few sunny intervals. A breezy day but
the max gust was only 25 knots. Undoubtedly much stronger
than that out of the relative shelter of the dale. The coolest
day for some time with a max temp of 12.8°.

0530z   23011g21kt 20km 7Sc012 10.7/08.4 1006
RMK:   A breezy morning. Cooler than recently.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 1st October 2017

1600z   19007kt 2000 -RADZ 8St005 14.8/14.4 1003
RMK:   Spells of slight rain/drizzle all day with a persistent
low overcast. Quite muggy with a max temp of 15.2°.

0900z   17006kt 15km -RA 7St006 13.4/13.3 1007
RMK:   Slight rain throughout the night and so far this morning.
09-09z:   Tx 13.8 (1310z)   Tn 10.0 (0900z yesterday)   RR 9.9
21-09z:   Tn 11.6 (0010z)      15-09z:   Tg 11.0      00-24z   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 30th September 2017

1700z   16004kt 15km -RA 3Cu007 6Ac120 11.6/11.0 1013
RMK:   Continuous rain since 1300z, occasionally mod/hvy with
max rate 17 mm/hr 1410z-1415z. Max temp 13.8°.

1300z   18006kt 20km -RA 2Cu010 6Ac120 13.6/11.7 1013
RMK:   Spells of slight rain till about 1000z then a dry spell
with a little sun. Slight rain has started again within the
past few minutes.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 29th September 2017

0900z   26003kt 10km RA 2Sc008 5Sc030 8Ac100 11.7/10.9 1012
RMK:   Rain has been mod/hvy since 0730z with a max rate
of 11 mm/hr. Cold front went through at about 0810z with
a veer of wind from SSE to W. The temp has gradually fallen
from 13.4° at 0810z to the present value of 11.7°.
09-09z:   Tx 18.8 (1420z)   Tn 10.0 (2230z)   RR 5.2
15-09z:   Tg 9.0      00-24z:   Sun 5.4

0530z   16004kt 7000 -RA 7Sc008 13.2/12.9 1012
RMK:   Intermittent slight rain through the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 28th September 2017

1600z   16005kt 30km 1Cu022 6Ci300 17.2/12.1 1016
RMK:   A splendid day with broken cloud and spells of sunshine.
Warm for late September with a high of 18.8°.

0530z   29005kt 15km 4Sc007 7Sc015 12.0/11.5 1015
RMK:   Overnight rain, mod/hvy at times, ceased around 0230z.
A weak cold front appears to have gone through at 0515z with
a 1° temperature fall and a wind veer from S to WNW.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 27th September 2017

1600z   12006kt 8000 HZ 6Sc008 8Ac120 15.6/13.4 1015
RMK:   A dry day, but hazy with extensive low and middle cloud
all day. A less mild day with a max of 16.0° and more of a
breeze than yesterday.

0900z   13009kt 8000 HZ 8St007 12.3/11.1 1020
RMK:   Fog lifted by 0630z. Grey and overcast now but it’s
quite mild.
09-09z:   Tx 17.9 (1420z)   Tn 11.8 (0705z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg 8.8      00-24z:   Sun 1.2

0530z   06004kt 0500 FG VV/// 12.2/11.7 1020
RMK:   It feels very mild.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 26th September 2017

0900z   09003kt 10km 7Sc008 13.2/12.1 1023
RMK:   Fog approx 0630-0800z with vis down to 200m for a time.
09-09z:   Tx 17.7 (1530z)   Tn 10.0 (0630z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg 6.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   07003kt 2000 BR 1St005 6Ci300 11.9/11.4 1023
RMK:   A mild, autumnal morning with a heavy dew.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 25th September 2017

1800z   CALM 2000 HZ 4Ac150 7Ci250 14.0/12.6 1022
RMK:   Rain ceased before 0700z. The remainder of the day was
dry but cloudy. Quite warm, though, with a max temp of 17.7°.
Overall it was a splendid day (on the golf course!) and rather
better than the forecasts had predicted.

0530z   34001kt 2000 -RA 3St002 8St004 12.1/11.4 1019
RMK:   Rain started around 0500z

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 24th September 2017

1600z   12003kt 20km 2Sc040 6Ac150 8Ci200 17.1/12.0 1018
RMK:   After some early sun the sky clouded over by mid-
morning. The remainder of the day was dry but cloudy. Despite
the cloud cover it was a very warm day with a max of 19.0°.
That makes it the warmest day since 4th Sep. There hasn’t been
much of a breeze but it has been enough to cause a cascade of
leaves from the trees. Autumn is certainly well set-in.

0900z   15004kt 5000 HZ 1Sc012 6Ci250 12.2/11.4 1019
RMK:   After a cloudy start some occasional weak sunshine is
now showing through the cirrus.
09-09z:   Tx 14.7 (1550z)   Tn 6.7 (0610z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg +2.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 23rd September 2017

0530z   16003kt 15km 8Sc006 11.4/10.7 1019
RMK:   A grey, quiet morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 22nd September 2017

0900z   17006kt 15km 1Cu005 09.8/09.6 1020
RMK:   Fine and sunny. A developing S’ly breeze is bringing in
some small Cu, probably the remnants of valley fog that’s
being dispersed by convection.
09-09z:   Tx 13.6 (1145z)   Tn +2.1 (0610z)   RR 1.7
18-09z:   Tg -2.5      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0530z   CALM 20km 1Ci250 +02.3/+01.9 1019
RMK:   A fine morning. First ground frost of the season.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 21st September 2017

1600z   29004kt30km 3Cu012 6Ac150 12.4/11.0 1013
RMK:   Cold front went through at about 1255z with a sharp veer
of wind from SSE to WNW and a 1-degree drop in temperature.
The slight rain continued for a while but eventually
petered out around 1430z. It has been dry but cloudy since
then. Max temp 13.6 just before the cold front arrived.

0900z   17011g22kt 3000 -DZ 4St003 8St005 13.1/12.6 1010
RMK:   Slight drizzle since about 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 16.9 (1500z)   Tn 12.5 (0205z)   RR 0.5
18-09z:   Tg 12.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.5

0530z   16015g21kt 10km 8St006 12.6/12.1 1010
RMK:   A grey morning with a freshening wind.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 20th September 2017

0530z   19003kt 10km 7Sc010 10.2/09.7 1017
RMK:   A quiet morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 16th September 2017

0530z   35005kt 5000 -RA 7Sc010 08.3/07.1 1012
RMK:   Rain started in the past few minutes.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 15th September 2017

0900z   31007kt 15km 7Sc008 09/08 1013
RMK:   Rain ceased around 0630z. A few brief sunny intervals now.
09-09z:   Tx 14.2 (1325z)   Tn 6.3 (0150z)   RR 0.6
18-09z:   Tg +2.7      00-24z:   Sun 5.5

0530z   31003kt 10km -RA 7Sc008 07.7/07.2 1012
RMK:   Slight rain since about 0430z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 14th September 2017

1630z   29008kt 30km 4Cu015 6Ci250 12.0/08.7 1010
RMK:   A splendid day with broken cloud and sunny periods all
day and feeling quite warm in the sun. Dry all day, apart from
a slight shower that lasted only a few minutes around 1400z.
Max temp 14.2°.

0900z   30006kt 30km 3Cu008 10.9/09.3 1006
RMK:   It has turned into a fine morning with spells of sunshine.
The NW breeze has a bit of an edge to it.
09-09z:   Tx 12.8 (1445z)   Tn 6.7 (2325z)   RR 3.8
18-09z:   Tg 3.6      00-24z:   Sun 4.7

0530z   30005kt 10km 6St005 08.2/07.7 1002
RMK:   A grey morning after a few overnight showers.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 13th September 2017

1800z   30003kt 30km 2Cu012 09.8/07.1 997
RMK:   Occasional slight to moderate showers and sunny
intervals till mid-afternoon then dry with increasing sunny
spells. Max temp 12.8° but it’s falling away quickly now
under clearing skies with light winds.

0900z   26011g22kt 15km -SHRA 6Cu008 10.1/09.0 995
RMK:   Frequent slight to moderate showers. Also a few sunny
09-09z:   Tx 14.1 (1435z)   Tn 8.4 (0525z)   RR 9.5
18-09z:   Tg 7.7      00-24z:   Sun 1.8

0530z   31010g26kt 15km RESHRA 7Cu007 08.4/07.5 992
RMK:   Frequent slight to moderate showers. I had an undisturbed
sleep last night thanks to ‘Aileen’ turning out to be
something of a non-event here. The strongest wind overnight
was Force 4 with a max gust of 33 knots.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 12th September 2017

1600z   18003kt 15km -RA 1Cu012 5Sc040 7AcAs150 12.0/09.6 1001
RMK:   Broken cloud and sunny intervals though the morning.
Middle cloud spread across soon after midday but it remained
dry until there was a heavy shower at 1500z. This has evolved
into steady slight rain. Max temp 14.1°.  Anticipating a noisy
night 🙂

0900z   21007kt 20km 6Cu007 11.3/09.8 1003
RMK:   A dry morning so far with occasional sunny intervals.
It’s turning out to be a very wet month. With less than half
the month gone we’ve already had 96% of the average rainfall
for the whole month.
09-09z:   Tx 13.4 (1320z)   Tn 9.2 (0600z)   RR 11.7
18-09z:   Tg 7.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.8

0530z   29006kt 20km 3Cu007 09.5/08.4 1001
RMK:   Mostly dry overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 11th September 2017

1630z   29008g22kt 30km 3Cu012 12.3/10.2 992
RMK:   Frequent slight to moderate showers, briefly heavy,
continued till about 1430z. Dry since then with sunny
periods developing. Max temp 13.4°.

0900z   27009kt 10km RESHRA 7Cu007 11.6/10.9 985
RMK:   Frequent slight to moderate showers. Also a few
very brief glimpses of sun.
09-09z:   Tx 13.3 (1605z)   Tn 8.4 (2330z)   RR 11.2
18-09z:   Tg 6.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0530z   24010kt 15km RESHRA 7Cu008 10.3/09.4 983
RMK:   Frequent slight/moderate showers overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 1st September 2017

0900z   30007kt 20km 1Cu010 5Ci250 13.1/11.5 1023
RMK:   Fog burned off around 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 16.9 (1400z)   Tn 4.9 (0415z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg +1.9      00-24z:   Sun 1.3

0530z   29002kt 0400 FG VV/// 08.4/08.1 1021
RMK:   An autumnal start to September.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 31st August 2017

1600z   28003kt 10km -SHRA 3Cb015 5Sc050 14.1/10.1 1017
RMK:   A rather cloudy day with only a few sunny intervals.
A lot of TCu and Cb development all around us but we have
had only occasional slight showers. Undoubtedly some places
in the area have had a deluge. Max temp 16.9°.

0900z   16003kt 30km 1Cu012 6Sc050 13.2/10.9 1016
RMK:   Cu development is just starting but, despite the
mayhem not so far away to the NW, there’s no sign of any
shower activity around here yet.
09-09z:   Tx 15.5 (1440z)   Tn 5.3 (0405z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg +2.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   CALM 25km 2Sc050 6Ac080 06.2/05.7 1014
RMK:   A fine, autumnal morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 30th August 2017

1600z   25003kt 20km RE-SHRA 1Cu015 6Sc050 13.5/10.7 1012
RMK:   Cloudy all day. After the early slight rain there has
been a lot of dry weather though there was the odd spit of
rain from medium cloud during the morning and there’s been
a few brief slight showers in the second half of the
afternoon. Max temp 14.5°.

0530z   CALM 20km RE-RA 1Sc050 4Ac120 8As170 10.0/08.9 1012
RMK:   A grey morning. Dry at the moment but there were a
few spits of rain earlier.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 29th August 2017

1600z   32003kt 30km 1Sc020 4Ac120 8As180 13.9/08.5 1013
RMK:   Drizzle died out around 0900z. The rest of the day
has been dry but mostly cloudy, though there were a few
sunny intervals in late morning. Max temp 16.8°. After not
doing very much in yesterday’s heat we had a splendid walk
today above Bradwell and Brough in much more pleasant

0530z   21003kt 2000 -RADZ BR 8St002 14.7/13.9 1012
RMK:   A dreich morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 28th August 2017

1600z   20006kt 30km 4Ac180 22.3/15.9 1014
RMK:   Sunny spells through the day with small amounts of Cu
and patchy Ac. Some Ac lenticularis. Hot in the sun this
afternoon and not much of a day for any strenuous outdoor
activities. Max temp 22.9°.

0900z   20009kt 30km 1Cu015 3Ac150 18.3/15.2 1016
RMK:   A fine sunny morning. Got back to the relative coolth
of Tideswell last night after spending a few days in the
sub-tropics of East Sussex. Looking forward to the real
cooling down tomorrow 🙂
09-09z:   Tx 22.8 (1500z)   Tn 12.0 (0050z)   RR nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 24th August 2017

0530z   22005kt 15km 1St005 4Ci350 10.9/10.2 1013
RMK:   A fine morning. Much fresher than the past couple of
days. Much more pleasant 🙂

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 23rd August 2017

1800z   23003kt 30+km 1Cu018 4Sc040 16.2/12.1 1012
RMK:   After the early excitement, the bulk of the day turned
out to be dry, quiet and rather cloudy, though there were some
sunny intervals, especially in the latter half of the
afternoon.Max temp 19.8° but it’s cooling off rather
quickly now.

0900z   20003kt 0800 -DZ FG RE+TSRA 8St003 15.4/15.0 1011
RMK:   An entertaining morning! It was foggy to begin with. The
fog lifted around 0730z and, at the same time, slight rain
started. This continued till about 0810z, accompanied by
occasional rumbles of thunder. Just after 0810z all hell
let loose with torrential rain and frequent close and very
loud ‘flash-bangs’. This went on for 10 minutes or so then
moved quickly away to the north. It was all over by 0830z.
6 mm of rain fell in 5 minutes between 0815z and 0820z, with
a max rate of 155 mm/hr. Although brief, it was the most
spectacular storm I have seen here for some years.
09-09z:   Tx 21.2 (1405z)   Tn 14.9 (0405z)   RR 8.4
18-09z:   Tg 13.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 22nd August 2017

0900z   10003kt 3000 BR 8Sc008 16.7/16.3 1019
RMK:   A grey, murky morning. It was foggy till about 0730z.
09-09z:   Tx 16.7 (0900z today)   Tn 14.6 (0945z)   RR 0.5
09-21z:   Tx 16.3 (1435z)      21-09z:   Tn 14.7 (0010z)
18-09z:   Tg 12.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 21st August 2017

1600z   16006kt 15km RE-RA 8Sc008 15.7/14.2 1020
RMK:   Grey with a low overcast all day. Dry for much of the
time but there has been some intermittent slight rain
during the latter part of the afternoon. Max temp 16.3°.

0900z   16006kt 10km 7St008 14.7/13.2 1021
RMK:   Drizzle ceased and fog lifted around 0700z. Still very grey.
09-09z:   Tx 17.4 (1425z)   Tn 9.1 (0150z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg 6.3      00-24z:   Sun 2.9

0530z   10002kt 0300 -DZ FG VV/// 11.7/11.3 1021
RMK:   Very autumnal!

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 20th August 2017

1630z   20002kt 50+km 1Cu025 3Sc050 8Ac120 16.1/10.6 1022
RMK:   A dry day. Some sunny intervals through the first
half of the morning but then middle cloud started to thicken
and the rest of the day was sunless. Max temp 17.4°.

0900z   29007kt 20km 4Cu012 6Ci350 13.7/11.1 1022
RMK:   Cu med building strongly. Sunny intervals diminishing.
09-09z:   Tx 14.9 (1640z)   Tn 8.8 0415z   RR 2.7
18-09z:   Tg 5.6      00-24z:   Sun 1.5

0530z   20002kt 15km 1Cu006 6Ci350 09.1/08.3 1020
RMK:   A fine morning with a heavy dew.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 19th August 2017

0900z   21008kt 5000 -RA 3Cu010 7Sc025 12.2/10.7 1013
RMK:   We’ve been stuck under the Liverpool Bay shower stream
since before dawn. Although technically showers, the result
here is almost continuous rain, mostly slight but occasionally
briefly mod/hvy. Golf cancelled for the day 😦
09-09z:   Tx 16.6 (1300z)   Tn 8.7 (2235z)   RR 5.4
18-09z:   Tg 6.2      00-24z:   Sun 5.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 18th August 2017

1600z   27004kt 20km -SHRA 2Cb015 4Cu022 13.6/10.2 1006
RMK:   Convective cloud built up rapidly through the morning
and by late morning there were Cb all around, many with
glaciated tops. Showers were widespread through the afternoon
but, apart from a brief heavy one with a max rate of 60 mm/hr
1415-1420z and also some hail, we have had only a few slight
showers. There were occasional rumbles of thunder from
about 1200z till about 1500z. No doubt some places within
20 miles of here will have experienced proper downpours.
Max temp 16.6° so much more pleasant (for me!) than
yesterday’s heat.

0900z   21009g21kt 50km 4Cu015 14.3/11.2 1006
RMK:   A splendid morning with broken cloud and spells of
sunshine and with a refreshing breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 21.0 (1335z)   Tn 11.4 (0550z)   RR 2.4
18-09z:   Tg 9.3      00-24z:   Sun 5.7

0530z   20006kt 20km 4Cu007 11.5/10.6 1005
RMK:   Occasional moderate showers overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 17th August 2017

1600z   21008kt 50km 1Cu030 20.4/12.2 1008
RMK:   After the grey start the cloud gradually broke up
during the morning as the convection got going. Sunny
spells lengthened in the afternoon and we are ending the
day with bright sunshine. Hotter and more humid than I
prefer with a max temp of 21.0°. That’s the first time we
have reached 20° this month and it’s the hottest day
since 21.8° on 25th July.

0900z   21005kt 20km 7St006 16.9/15.8 1007
RMK:   Grey and rather muggy.
09-09z:   Tx 19.4 (1345z)   Tn 12.6 (0130z)   RR 11.1
18-09z:   Tg 12.1      00-24z:   Sun 2.5

0530z   15003kt 0400 FG RE-RA 8St001 13.5/13.0 1007
RMK:   Rain approx 2300-0500z, mostly mod/hvy. Max rate 17 mm/hr
at 0010z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 16th August 2017

1900z   17011kt 30km 3Sc050 6Ac120 15.9/12.5 1013
RMK:   A rather cloudy day but some sunny periods, mainly during
the morning. A warm day in a freshening S’ly breeze with a
max temp of 19.4°.

0900z   16003kt 30km 1Cu008 6Ci300 13.4/11.7 1018
RMK:   Small Cu just starting to develop. A gentle SSE breeze
set in around 0730z. Extensive thick cirrus has obscured the
sun for much of the morning so far but this is now thinning
and clearing from the west, with sunny periods developing.
09-09z:   Tx 19.2 (1545z)   Tn 5.9 (0505z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 3.9      00-24z:   Sun 6.9

0530z   31001kt 30km 1Ac120 7Ci200 06.8/06.4 1018
RMK:   Thick cirrus is obscuring the sun.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 15th August 2017

1600z   26004kt 50km 3Cu025 18.4/11.7 1014
RMK:   Cu hum/med. A splendid day with well broken cloud and
spells of sunshine. Max temp 19.2°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 14th August 2017

1600z   16008kt 25km 3Sc040 7Ac120 16.8/13.3 1014
RMK:   Cloudy all day. There were a few spits of rain before
0900z but, apart from that, it has been a dry day.
Max temp 17.3°. The mean temp for the month to date is
currently about 1° below the average for the whole month.
Max temp for the month so far is 18.8°. The last time
we reached 20° was 26th July.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 13th August 2017

1630z   21003kt 30km 1Cu035 7Sc050 17.6/07.3 1020
RMK:   After the sunny start, broken Cu started to develop
by about 0800z. The rest of the morning was dry with
broken cloud and sunny spells. During the afternoon a sheet
of high Sc spread across from the west but it remained dry.
There was only a gentle breeze and a max temp of 18.8°. All
in all it was an ideal day for outdoor activities.

0530z   29002kt 30km 1Sc008 5Ci350 07.5/07.1 1020
RMK:   A fine, sunny morning. The cirrus layer is very thin
and will probably become invisible when the sun gets higher.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 12th August 2017

1830z   29005kt 50km 1Cu020 13.8/09.7 1016
RMK:   It remained cloudy throughout the morning with spells
of slight rain and drizzle. The cloud started to break
around 1200z but there were still occasional showers till
about 1400z. It was dry after that with increasing spells
of sunshine. Max temp 17.6 °.

0900Z   23005KT 7000 -RADZ 5sC010 8sC030 12.8/11.2 1013
RMK:   Overcast so far this morning with spells of slight rain
and drizzle. It’s been wetter than the radar suggests.
09-09z:   Tx 16.2 (1055z)   Tn 12.1 (0525z)   RR 2.0
18-09z:   Tg 11.8      00-24z:   Sun 2.2

0530z   31002kt 5000 -RA 7St005 12.1/11.5 1012
RMK:   Steady rain for the past hour or so. A weak cold front
went through at around 0430z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 11th August 2017

1730z   21007kt 4000 -RADZ 3St005 6Sc008 8Sc020 15.6/14.6 1013
RMK:   A mostly cloudy day with faint spits of rain now and
again. More definite slight rain and drizzle during the
past hour. Max temp 16.2°.

0900z   21005kt 30km 1Sc010 6Ac120 14.2/11.9 1017
RMK:   It has steadily clouded over during the past 3 hours.
09-09z:   Tx 18.8 (1435z)   Tn 6.8 (0300z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 4.1      00-24z:   Sun 6.9

0530z   23002kt 30+km 1Ac150 7Ci300 08.8/08.3 1018
RMK:   A fine morning. Numerous persistent contrails in the
cirrus layer.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 10th August 2017

0900z   29004kt 30km 2Cu018 15.0/10.8 1025
RMK:   After the sunny start there’s been variable amounts
of CuSc and sunny intervals since 0630z.
09-09z:   Tx 18.5 (1625z)   Tn 6.8 (0520z)   RR Nil
18-09z:   Tg +2.7      00-24z:   Sun 3.3

0530z   20002kt 50+km 1Sc030 06.8/06.2 1025
RMK:   A fine morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 9th August 2017

1600z   33010kt 50+km 1Cu025 18.1/10.5 1020
RMK:   The cloud started to break up around 1200z and the
afternoon has become increasingly sunny. It’s been a
splendid afternoon and the holidaymakers have all
emerged from their ‘hibernation’. Max temp 18.4°.

0900z   34010kt 20km 7Sc010 12.3/11.6 1017
RMK:   Rain ceased around 0630z. Cloudy, cool and breezy
since then.
09-09z:   Tx 12.9 (1410z)   Tn 10.6 (0000z)   RR 17.6
18-09z:   Tg 10.0      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   35008g21kt 7000 -RA 7Sc008 11.5/10.7 1015
RMK:   …….and so it goes on! Rain throughout the night,
often moderate till about 0200z and slight since then. The
rain has been continuous for almost 30 hours.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 8th August 2017

1600z   36008kt 8000 -RA 2Sc012 3Sc040 8AcAs100 12.3/11.2 1011
RMK:   Rain all day but only slight since 1100z. It’s been
raining continuously for about 15 hours now but the total
for the event so far is only 8.8 mm. Max temp 12.9°.

0900z   35003kt 10km -RA 3Sc010 8As120 11.7/10.9 1012
RMK:   Continuous rain, alternating between slight and moderate.
09-09z:   Tx 18.6 (1420z)   Tn 10.2 (0455z)   RR 5.4
18-09z:   Tg 9.0      00-24z:   Sun 0.8

0530z   27002kt 10km RA 1Sc030 3Ac080 8As120 19.3/09.7 1012
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain since about 0100z, briefly
heavy 0430-0440z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 7th August 2017

0900z   22005kt 30km 2Cu010 3Sc030 7Ac150 13.8/12.0 1015
RMK:   A cloudy but very pleasant morning.
09-09z:   Tx 18.7 (1300z)   Tn 10.6 (0355z)   RR 9.7
18-09z:   Tg 8.8

0530z   19005kt 20km 2St005 5Sc025 7Ac100 11.4/11.0 1015
RMK:   Rain, mostly moderate, approx 1800z-0300z. Max rate
20 mm/hr briefly at 0110z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 3rd August 2017

0900z   20008kt 15km -SHRA 6Cu010 8Sc035 13.9/12.8 999
RMK:   A cloudy morning with fairly frequent slight to
moderate showers.
09-09z:   Tx 17.7 (1630z)   Tn 13.0 (0440z)   RR 3.9
18-09z:   Tg 11.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 2nd August 2017

1700z   16014g22kt 30km 6Cu012 17.2/15.5 1004
RMK:   Intermittent rain through the morning, mostly slight
but briefly mod/hvy. Drizzle for a time after 1200z, then
dry from about 1400z but remaining mostly cloudy.
Max temp 17.7.
Went to the Bakewell Show today. The showground was a real
swamp, the worst I have seen there. It must be a real
let-down for the organisers. The attendance was very poor.
Today was the first day of what is a 2-day event. Unfortunately,
the weather isn’t looking at all promising for tomorrow.

0900z   16011kt 20km RE-RA 5Cu012 8Sc030 14.3/13.3 1010
RMK:   Intermittent slight rain 0715-0830z but it didn’t
amount to much.
09-09z:   Tx 17.4 (1630z)   Tn 11.6 (0210z)   RR 10.7
18-09z:   Tg 8.2      00-24z:   Sun 3.4

0530z   17004kt 20km 7St008 11.9/11.2 1011
RMK:   A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 1st August 2017

1630z   20010g22kt 30km 4Cu020 17.2/12.5 1011
RMK:   Sunny period early and late. Mostly cloudy through the
middle part of the day. Frequent showers approx 1030z
till 1430z. Some were mod/hvy and briefly violent, with a
max rate around 60 mm/hr. Between 1230z and 1310z there
was almost continuous thunder to the SE. Max temp 17.4°.

0900z   19007kt 30km 3Cu015 6Ac080 16.1/12.7 1012
RMK:    Rather cloudy but still occasional sunny intervals.
Sight showers 0700-0745z.
09-09z:   Tx 18.6 (1435z)   Tn 10.1 (0150z)   RR 0.3
18-09z:   Tg 7.0      00-24z:   Sun 3.2

0530z   19004kt 20km 1Cu008 4Ac150 11.3/10.3 1011
RMK:   Another fine morning with sunny periods.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 31st July 2017

0900z   20007g21kt 50+km 4Cu015 14.5/11.8 1007
RMK:   Cu hum/med. A beautiful, crystal-clear morning.
09-09z:   Tx 18.7 (1425z)   Tn 10.1 (0535z)   RR 2.3
18-09z:   Tg 8.4      00-24z:   Sun 4.2

0530z   19005kt 30km 1Cu006 3Sc040 10.1/09.2 1006
RMK:   A fine, clear morning with sunny periods.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 28th July 2017

0900z   20009kt 30km 6Cu018 15.2/10.8 1004
RMK:   Cu med building strongly.
09-09z:   Tx 18.0 (1500z)   Tn 10.8 (0255z)   RR 2.6
18-09z:   Tg 8.9      00-24z:   Sun 2.1

0530z   20009kt 30km 3Sc030 6Ac080 11.0/09.4 1003
RMK:   A very pleasant coolish morning

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 27th July 2017

1600z   19009kt 30km 1Cb015 3Cu020 5Sc040 16.8/11.3 1002
RMK:   A rather cloudy day with occasional showers and also
occasional sunny intervals. Max temp 18.0°.

0900z   18006kt 30km 1Cu010 3Sc040 7Ac150 12.8/10.5 1003
RMK:   A few sunny intervals earlier but the cloud has now
09-09z:   Tx 20.4 (1445z)   Tn 8.3 (0455z)   RR 4.2
18-09z:   Tg 5.7      00-24z:  Sun 0.8

0530z   17002kt 20km 1Sc040 7Ac150 08.8/07.9 1003
RMK:   A bright morning with an autumnal feel.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 26th July 2017

1600z   30007kt 30km -SHRA 3Cu015 7Ci250 17.2/14.5 1000
RMK:   Continuous rain ceased around 1200z. Occasional slight
showers since then with a few glimpses of the sun.
Max temp 20.4

0900z   17011kt 4000 RA 5St005 8Ns015 14.1/13.6 1003
RMK:   Rain started around 0615z. Mod/hvy since 0750z.
09-09z:   Tx 21.8 (1625z)   Tn 10.3 (0320z)   RR 4.3
18-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun 2.4

0530z   CALM 3000 BR 3Sc030 5Ac080 8Ac120 12.7/12.3 1006
RMK:   The middle cloud is thickening. The rain isn’t far away.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 25th July 2017

0530z   04002kt 2500 -DZ 8St004 10.7/10.0 1017
RMK:   Drizzle is very slight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 24th July 2017

1900z   34005kt 50+km 1Cu015 15.7/12.6 1017
RMK:   Overcast all morning. A few cloud breaks developed in
the afternoon but it remained mostly cloudy. As we approach
sunset the cloud is melting away. Max temp 18.4°.
Rain for the month to date stands at 49mm. Sunshine total
for the month to date is 75.8 hours. The temp is running
very slightly above the July average. So, unless there are
any significant events during the last week, we’re on track
for a dull, dry month with near average temps.

0900z   31004kt 30km 8Sc012 13.7/11.9 1015
RMK:   Overcast and dull so far this morning. The relatively
cool air is much appreciated 🙂
09-09z:   Tx 19.2 (1455z)   Tn 12.9 (0115)   RR 3.4
18-09z:   Tg 12.6      00-24z:   Sun 1.5

0530z   31008kt 6Cu012 13.3/11.4 1013
RMK:   A dull, grey morning. Wet yesterday evening.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 23rd July 2017

1700z   30004kt 50km 2Cu015 3Sc035 6Ac120 16.2/12.2 1011
RMK:   A mostly cloudy day but there have been a few sunny
intervals. A dry day, apart from a brief slight shower just
before midday. Max temp 19.2°.

0900z   32003kt 30km 3Cu015 7Sc040 14.2/11.0 1010
RMK:   Overcast but quite bright. Cu building strongly.
09-09z:   Tx 20.4 (1455z)   Tn 10.1 (0415z)   RR 10.2
18-09z:   Tg 9.5      00-24z:   Sun 1.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 22nd July 2017

1600z   16010kt 10km SHRA 3Cu018 5Sc050 7Ac120 17.3/12.8 1006
RMK:   Wet overnight then a dry day until a moderate shower
during the past 5 minutes. A mostly cloudy day though there
have been occasional brief sunny intervals. Max temp 20.4°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 21st July 2017

0900z   16013g24kt 15km -RA 5Sc012 7Ac100 14.3/13.2 1005
RMK:   Rain was mod/hvy 0535z-0640z. Intermittent slight since
then and there’s even been a couple of glimpses of the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 17.0 (1655z)   Tn 9.3 (2205z)   RR 3.5
18-09z:   Tg 5.6      00-24z:   Sun 2.0

0530z   16014g22kt 7000 -RA 4St008 6Sc030 8Ac100 11.9/11.0 1004
RMK:   Rain started just before 0500z. The wind is freshening

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 20th July 2017

1600z   22006kt 50km 5Cu028 16.1/09.7 1006
RMK:   Rain ceased around 1000z but it has remained rather
cloudy since then. Occasional sunny intervals as well,
especially during the past hour. Max temp 16.6°.

0900z   30003kt 8000 -RA 2St008 3Sc030 8Ac070 11.6/10.8 1004
RMK:   Rain since about 0600z, mostly slight but moderate
0625z-0715z. Nice to have the cooler air.
09-09z:   Tx 21.2 (1135z)   Tn 11.2 (0830z)   RR 2.7
18-09z:   Tg 11.7      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   29003kt 3000 -DZ 8St005 12.4/11.8 1003
RMK:   A dreich morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 19th July 2017

1600z   17003kt 1500 -DZ 8Sc008 19.4/17.4 1002
RMK:   Grey and overcast all day but dry, apart from a few
spits of drizzle around 0945z and again during the past
10 minutes. Max temp 21.2°.

0900z   07008kt 10km 8Sc008 17.0/15.5 1005
RMK:   Grey and gloomy but still no rain. The fog lifted
around 0630z.
09-09z:   Tx 24.3 (1400z)   Tn 13.9 (2350z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 12.1      00-24z:   Sun 5.8

0530z   07010kt 0300 FG 8St001 14.8/14.4 1006
RMK:   A claggy morning but no rain here yet.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 18th July 2017

1600z   08009g21kt 50km 4Ac130 7Ci300 22.4/12.0 1015
RMK:   Some sunny periods but for a lot of the day the sun
has been obscured by the middle and high cloud. Feeling very
warm, though, with a max temp of 24.3°.

0900z   10003kt 25km 4Ac150 7Ci350 19.6/13.5 1019
RMK:   Increasing middle cloud is obscuring the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 24.6 (1550z)   Tn 11.2 (0140z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 8.8

0530z   CALM 20km 1Ac150 7Ci350 12.4/11.0 1020
RMK:   Fine and sunny. Numerous persistent contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 14th July 2017

0900z   31005kt 15km -SHRA 4Cu012 8Sc030 12.7 10.3 1018
RMK:   Fairly frequent slight showers since 0630z.
09-09z:   Tx 20.7 (1415z)   Tn 11.4 (0755z)   RR 1.6
18-09z:   Tg 10.1      00-24z:   Sun 2.2

0530z   31005kt 20km 3Cu008 7Sc035 11.6/10.3 1016
RMK:   Showers 0000z-0030z with a max rate of 9 mm/hr. Lighter
showers just before 0200z. Currently, it’s looking quite
black to the north, over Kinder Scout.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 13th July 2017

0530z   CALM 30+km 2Cu015 7Sc040 11.4/09.4 1021
RMK:   A very pleasant morning. The air is absolutely still,
quite unusual for here.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 12th July 2017

1830z   18001kt 50+km 1Cu030 3Sc050 18.6/10.2 1021
RMK:   A dry day. Long sunny spells during the morning. Mostly
cloudy in the afternoon but becoming sunny again in the
evening. Much warmer than yesterday with a max of 21.1°.

0900z   35007kt 50+km 2Cu018 13.5/09.4 1016
RMK:   A splendid morning with long sunny spells.
09-09z:   Tx 15.0 (1245z)   Tn 10.2 (0425z)   RR 10.2
18-09z:   Tg 9.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   36009kt 25km 3Cu010 10.3/09.4 1012
RMK:   A fine fresh morning with sunny periods.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 11th July 2017

1600z   20002kt 5000 -RA 5Cu007 8Sc030 14.5/13.2 1007
RMK:  An overcast day with rain for much of the time. Mostly, the
rain has been slight but there have been occasional brief
bursts of mod/hvy. Max temp 15.0

0900z   19003kt 2000 BR RE-RA 8St005 12.4/11.8 1007
RMK:   Rain died out during the past hour and it’s now grey and
overcast. It’s very nice to have the cooler temperatures 🙂
09-09z:   Tx 18.3 (1250z)   Tn 9.9 (0320z)   RR 2.9
18-09z:   Tg 8.1      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0530z   CALM 7000 -RA 3Sc012 7Ac070 10.3/09.4 1008
RMK:   Slight rain since about 0500z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 10th July 2017

1200z   31004kt 30km 5Cu010 6Ac120 16.3/13.6 1007
RMK:   Rain ceased around 1030z. Cu now building strongly.

0900z   23003kt 10km -RA 4Sc007 8Ac120 14.9/13.5 1007
RMK:   Slight rain since about 0615z.
09-09z:   Tx 24.3 (1415z)   Tn 10.4 (0400z)   RR 0.7
18-09z:   Tg 8.3      00-24z:   Sun 4.5

0530z   CALM 30km 1Sc050 6Ac120 12.5/10.9 1008
RMK:   There’s been a little rain earlier this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 9th July 2017

1630z   30003kt 30km 3Cu030 5Ci300 22.9/15.0 1009
RMK:   Mostly cloudy during the morning and there was a spit
or two of rain beteen 0630z and 0700z. The cloud broke
during the afternoon and it has become increasingly sunny.
Hotter than yesterday with a max of 24.3°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 8th July 2017

1730z   31004kt 30km 2Cu030 6Ci300 19.3/12.3 1017
A fine day. Long sunny spells in the morning but in the
afternoon thickening cirrus has greatly limited the
sunshine. Very warm and rather muggy in the afternoon.
Max temp 21.2°.

0900z   31003kt 50+km 2Cu020 6Ci350 14.2/09.9 1019
RMK:   A fine morning with spells of warm sunshine. Numerous
persistent contrails at cirrus level.
09-09z:   Tx 19.7 (1325z)   Tn 10.1 (0320z)   RR 0.4
18-09z:   Tg 7.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 7th July 2017

1600z   29003kt 30km -DZ 2Cu006 8Sc030 16.8/14.8 1015
RMK:   Cloudy all day. Dry for much of the time but there’s
been occasional spits of drizzle during the past hour.
Much less hot than yesterday but still feeling warm and
rather muggy in the early afternoon. Max temp 19.7°.

0530z   29002kt 15km 7Sc006 15.0/13.7 1014
RMK:   A grey morning after a dry night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 6th July 2017

1900z   29003kt 30km 1Cu020 7Ac100 20.1/15.7 1012
RMK:   A hot muggy day with broken cloud and sunny periods.
Dry, apart from a couple of spits of rain around 1600z, so no
severe weather here, at least not yet. Max temp 28.1°.

0900z   CALM 20km 1Cu020 6Ac150 20.4/16.0 1015
RMK:   The fog burned off by 0630z. There’s a few intervals
of sundhine through holes in the Ac sheet. Very muggy.
09-09z:   Tx 22.8 (1535z)   Tn 13.1 (0500z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 11.9      00-24z:   Sun 1.1

0530z   CALM 0800 FG 8St001 13.5/12.6 1016
RMK:   It feels very muggy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 5th July 2017

1600z   11002kt 15km 5Cu025 4Ci300 22.3/15.9 1018
RMK:   The cloud base continued to rise through the morning
and the cloud became more cumuliform but the total cloud
cover was never less than 7/8 until during the past hour.
As a result the sunshine total for the day so far is only
0.8 hrs. It’s a bit hazy and rather muggy. Not a day for
strenuous outdoor activity. Max temp 22.8°.

0900z   27001kt 15km 7Sc010 16.2/14.2 1019
RMK:   The cloud base is slowly lifting but there’s no sign
of it breaking yet. It remains grey and overcast.
09-09z:   Tx 20.3 (1400z)   Tn 11.1 (0115z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 8.6      00-24z:   0.2

0530z   CALM 10km 8St008 13.3/12.2 1018
RMK:   Another grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 4th July 2017

0530z   CALM 15km 7Sc008 12.0/09.6 1019
RMK:   A grey morning but the rain has missed us so far.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 3rd July 2017

1600z   30009kt 50km 1Sc030 5Ci300 17.9/11.9 1019
RMK:   A splendid day with decreasing amounts of cloud and
increasing amounts of sunshine. Max temp 18.8° with a very
pleasant cooling breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 2nd July 2017

0530z   13003kt 20km 4Sc008 09.7/08.3 1018
RMK:   Cloud clearing to the east. Blue sky to west.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 1st July 2017

0900z   31005kt 3000 -DZ 8St004 12.2/11.4 1016
RMK:   The early brightness didn’t last. The low overcast
returned by 0630z and there’s been slight drizzle since 0745z.
09-09z:   Tx 16.7 (1655z)   Tn 11.0 (0505z)   RR 0.8
18-09z:   Tg 10.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0530z   30003kt 20km 2Sc020 6Ac100 11.2/10.3 1015
RMK:   A much brighter morning with a few glimpses of the sun.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 30th June 2017

1600z   01004kt 15km RE-DZ 5Cu008 7Sc025 15.4/14.3 1007
RMK:   After the bright start the cloud gradually lowered
and thickened during the morning. By the middle of the day
we were back to a dark, low overcast which has persisted
through the afternoon. Since 1300z there’s been occasional
slight drizzle. Another sunless day, making it 4 on the trot.
Max temp 15.6° and feeling rather muggy in the afternoon.

1200z   35002kt 10km 7St008 15.2/13.4 1005
RMK:   It has become grey and overcast again.

0900z   28003kt 15km 1Cu007 3Sc030 7Ac100 14.7/13.4 1003
RMK:   Dry so far. Much brighter than recent days but still
no sunshine.
09-09z:   Tx 14.7 (0900z today)   Tn 10.3 (0900z yesterday)   RR 1.2
09-21z:   Tx 13.1 (1630z)      21-09z:   Tn 10.8 (0350z)
18-09z:   Tg 10.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   01002kt 3000 BR 2St004 4Cu012 7Sc030 11.4/11.1 1001
RMK:   A grey morning. There’s a chink of blue sky visible, the
first we’ve seen since Monday.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 29th June 2017

1600z   33003kt 10km RE-RA 6St005 8Sc020 13.0/12.4 995
RMK:   A dreich day. Overcast and grey all day with long
spells of slight rain and drizzle. Max temp 13.0° but it’s
still going up. Assuming that there’s no sunshine during the
remainder of today, the past 10 days will have produced
only 9.9 hours of sunshine.

1200z   30006kt 5000 -RA 6St004 8Sc030 11.2/10.8 994
RMK:   Rain started again around 1045z.

0900z   30004kt 10km RE-RA 7St004 10.3/09.8 993
RMK:   Rain was mod/hvy at times between 0600z and 0800z. It
eventually ceased at around 0830z The total fall for the
event was 38 mm, falling in about 33 hours.
09-09z:   Tx 11.0 (1220z)   Tn 8.9 (2030z)   RR 21.2
18-09z:   Tg 8.6      00-24z:   Sun nil
Christmas Day last year (max 11.6°) was warmer than yesterday.

0530z   33006kt 7000 -RA 6St005 8Sc020 09.8/09.4 993
RMK:   It has been raining all night, mostly slight. That makes
it about 30 hours of continuous rain so far. It looks as
though it might be gradually petering out now.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 28th June 2017

1600z   01009kt 8000 -RA 6St005 8Sc030 10.4/09.8 998
RMK:   A grim day. Continuous rain all day, moderate for most
of the time. This afternoon it’s been almost dark enough
to require indoor lights to be on. There’s been a
persistent N’ly breeze and with a max temp of only 11.0° it
has been on the cool side, even for me 🙂 This afternoon’s
walk was a short one. I think the holidaymakers have gone
into hibernation.

1200z   35008kt 8000 RA 8St005 10.8/10.2 999
RMK:   Continuous rain all morning, mostly moderate.

0900z   36008kt 8000 -RA 8St005 10.8/10.2 1000
RMK:   Rain has been mostly moderate all morning so far. It’s
a day that wouldn’t be out of place in November. The rainfall
total for the month to date is now over 100 mm and with only
just over 70 hours of sun so far it’s turning out to be
quite a dull and wet month.
09-09z:   Tx 14.8 (1420z)   Tn 10.7 (0855z)   RR 16.7
18-09z:   Tg 10.8      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   07004kt 5000 RA 8St005 11.1/10.7 1001
RMK:   Rain since 2300z, mod/hvy since 0145z with a max rate
of 14 mm/hr at 0405z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 27th June 2017

1630z   08003kt 7000 -DZ 8St006 13.8/12.2 1005
RMK:   Grey and overcast all day. Dry for a lot of the time
but there has been a little rain and drizzle from time to time.
Max temp 14.8°. The holidaymakers aren’t impressed.

0900z   07005kt 15km -RA 4Sc008 8Sc060 11.8/09.9 1009
RMK:   Rain started around 0730z.
00-24z:   Tx 19.1 (1510z)   Tn 11.7 (0545z)   RR 0.5
18-09z:   Tg 10.4      00-24z:   Sun 3.4

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 26th June 2017

0900z   28003kt 30km 3Cu022 6Ac100 13.5/08.3 1015
RMK:   A very pleasant bright morning.
09-09z:   Tx 15.2 (1200z)   Tn 6.2 (0320z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 3.8      00-24z:   Sun 1.0

0530z   27001kt 30km 6Ac150 09.8/08.5 1014
RMK:   A fine, bright, cool morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 25th June 2017

0900z   24004kt 15km -DZ 4St007 8Sc020 12.2/11.1 1010
RMK:   Occasional slight rain/drizzle for the past few hours.
09-09z:   Tx 17.5 (1640z)   Tn 10.9 (0605z)   RR 0.5
18-09z:   Tg 10.9      00-24z:   Sun 1.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 24th June 2017

1600z   24008kt 30km RE-RA 2Cu015 6Ac040 15.9/12.6 1010
RMK:   A cloudy day. Dry, apart from a few spits of rain
in the past hour. Max temp 17.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 23rd June 2017

0900z   21007kt 10km -RA 5Sc007 7Ac080 14.5/12.7 1012
RMK:   Occasional very slight rain but not amounting to
09-09z:   Tx 18.1 (1310z)   Tn 11.8 (0210z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 10.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.2

0530z   23009kt 30km 1Sc010 6Ac070 12.3/10.6 1011
RMK:   A rather grey and breezy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 22nd June 2017

1700z   29006kt 30km 2Sc015 4Ac100 16.1/12.0 1011
RMK:   Drizzle for much of the morning then a few spits of
rain in the middle of the day. The afternoon was dry with a
higher cloud base and the cloud has started to break up in
the past hour. Max temp 18.1°, making it the coolest day in
over a week.

1200z   30007kt 10km -RA 3Sc006 7Sc040 15.2/13.4 1009
RMK:   Drizzle for much of the morning. A few spits of rain now.

0900z   23005kt 7000 -DZ 8St006 15.7/14.0 1008
RMK:   The most comfortable day for a week! There’s been
intermittent slight drizzle for the past couple of hours.
09-09z:   Tx 27.5 (1445z)   Tn 15.4 (0740z)   RR 0.5
18-09z:   Tg 15.0      00-24z:   Sun 2.3

0530z   21001kt 15km 8Sc018 15.8/14.4 1007
RMK:   A grey morning and feeling a bit fresher than recently.
Yesterday evening we had fog for a while with the temp between
20° and 21°. Very steamy! The dew point reached a peak of 21.1°
at 1815z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 21st June 2017

0900z   CALM 15km 3Ac090 7Ci350 20.0/15.8 1016
RMK:   Patchy castellanus. Very warm and muggy with sunny
intervals. It feels much more oppressive than yesterday due
to the absence of a breeze today.
09-09z:   Tx 20.8 (1040z)   Tn 12.4 (0505z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 11.4      00-24:   Sun 0.4

0530z   CALM 15km 1Ac070 7Ci350 12.7/11.1 1017
RMK:   Castellanus to north.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 20th June 2017

1600z   09004kt 8000 HZ 8Sc017 18.9/15.2 1019
RMK:   Overcast, hazy and grey all afternoon. Max temp 20.8°.

1200z   07007kt 8000 HZ 8Sc020 20.2/15.0 1020
RMK:   What a difference a day makes! Only 0.4 hours of sun
so far and there’s a very pleasant breeze.

0900z   07006kt 8000 HZ 6Cu018 19.0/14.7 1019
RMK:   A much more pleasant day than recently with a nice
breeze coming in from the North Sea and the cloud cover
limiting the rate of temperature rise.
09-09z:   Tx 28.1 (1615z)   Tn 15.2 (0530z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 14.0      00-24z:   Sun 6.0

0530z   34005kt 5000 HZ 8St008 15.2/13.2 1018
RMK:   Much more pleasant than recent mornings with
an overcast sky and a refreshing breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 19th June 2017

1600z   31001kt 30km 2Cu040 7Ci350 27.6/16.9 1017
RMK:   Another very hot day. Sunny till mid-morning then
broken cloud and sunny intervals. Max temp 27.9°.

0900z   CALM 30km 1Cu030 5Ci350 24.9/17.4 1019
RMK:   Sunny and hot. Cu building strongly to NNE. Another
day for indoor activities.

0530z   CALM 30km 1Cu020 15.7/14.0 1020
RMK:   A sunny morning. It feels hotter and more humid than

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 18th June 2017

1600z   30003kt 30km 3Cu045 28.1/16.7 1021
RMK:   Unbroken sunshine till the middle of the day. Broken Cu
developed during the afternoon making the sunshine rather
more intermittent. A very hot day with a max temp of 28.3°
and feeling quite muggy in the afternoon. The footpath
beside our house has been unused today, very unusual for a
Sunday at any time of the year. It’s not been a day for
strenuous exercise.

0900z   20002kt 30km SKC 24.2/16.2 1023
RMK:   Fine, sunny and very hot. Managed to get a walk in this
morning before the temperature got up to silly levels. I think
it’ll be indoor activities for the rest of the day.
09-09z:   Tx 26.8 (1625z)   Tn 11.7 (0410z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 9.6      00-24z:   Sun 7.3

0530z   CALM 30km SKC 13.5/11.9 1024
RMK:   Fine and sunny and feeling hot in the sun already.
Another day to be endured rather than enjoyed 😦

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 17th June 2017

1600z   25003kt 30km 1Cu035 3Ci300 26.3/17.1 1024
RMK:   Hot and rather muggy. It remained rather cloudy till
early afternoon with only occasional sunny intervals. The
cloud has gradually dispersed during the afternoon resulting
in increasing amounts of sunshine. Nevertheless, the total
for the day so far is only 4.6 hours. Max temp so far is 26.6°.

0900z   23003kt 30km 6Sc040 19.8/16.7 1026
RMK:   Cloudy so far this morning. The cloud sheet is just
starting to break but there’s been no sunshine yet. For me,
it’s already unpleasantly hot and humid. A nasty day.
09-09z:   Tx 19.8 (0900z today)   Tn 13.8 (0920z)   RR nil
09-21z:   Tx 18.6 (1300z)      21-09z:   Tn 15.4 (0355z)
18-09z:   Tg 14.8      00-24z:   Sun 0.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 16th June 2017

0530z   27004kt 20km 2Cu015 7Sc040 11.3/09.4 1019
RMK:   A quiet, cloudy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 15th June 2017

1930z   21007kt 30km 2Cu018 7Sc050 13.6/09.3 1014
RMK:   It remained cloudy till late morning then the cloud
became more broken to give a dry afternoon with sunny
intervals. The early evening has turned cloudy again.
Max temp 19.6°.

0900z   23009kt 20km -RA 7Sc015 15.3/12.5 1011
RMK:   Low cloud spread across from the west around 0700z. A spit
or two of rain during the past hour.
09-09z:   Tx 23.9 (1525z)   Tn 12.1 (0425z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 9.8      00-24z:   Sun 5.7

0530z   20003kt 30km 1Ac180 6Ci250 13.2/10.6 1010
RMK:   A fine morning with sunny periods.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 14th June 2017

1630z   18007kt 20km 5Cu030 7Ci300 22.4/14.7 1014
RMK:   After the sunny start cloud developed through the
morning and it was quite cloudy for a time in the middle
of the day. The low cloud has become more broken in the
afternoon but the high cloud has been very persistent.
Max temp 23.9°.

1200z   15007kt 20km 3Cu030 8Ci300 21.9/15.0 1016
RMK:   Weak sunshine through thick high cloud.

0900z   17006kt 20km 3Cu018 8Ci300 19.2/15.1 1017
RMK:   Cu has started to develop during the past hour. The upper
cloud is thickening and, as a result, the sunshine is
09-09z:   Tx 19.2 (0900z today)   Tn 8.1 (0410z)   RR nil
09-21z:   Tx 18.1 (1525z)      18-09z:   Tg 6.0      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0530z   CALM 20km 6Ci300 10.1/09.6 1018
RMK:   Fine and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 13th June 2017

1600z   23006kt 30km 1Cu018 7Sc050 17.9/13.4 1019
RMK:   Dry and cloudy all day and feeling a bit muggy in the
afternoon. Max temp 18.1°. Counting today, the past 8 days
have produced only 9.0 hours of sunshine. The total for
the month to date is only 27.8 hours. June is not a
sunny month here. April, May and July all average more
sunshine hours than June.

0900z   23005kt 20km 2Cu008 6Sc050 8Ac100 14.4/12.3 1018
RMK:   A rather grey morning.
09-09z:   Tx 15.0 (1225z)   Tn 10.7 (0440z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg 10.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0530z   CALM 20km 1Cu007 3Sc050 8Ac100 11.1/10.3 1018
RMK:   There’s been a little rain overnight but not
amounting to much.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 12th June 2017

1800z   23003kt 20km 4Cu015 8Sc050 13.2/10.3 1017
RMK:   A cloudy day with a few slight showers but these never
amounting to much. Max temp 15.0°. The holidaymakers
aren’t too impressed with the weather at the moment.

1200z   24008g24 15km RE-SHRA 4Cu012 8Sc040 13.1/10.3 1015
RMK:   Slight showers during the past hour.

0900z   24007kt 20km 6Cu012 8Sc030 12.1/09.6 1013
RMK:   Cloudy and grey.
09-09z:   Tx 17.1 (1255z)   Tn 10.1 (0100z)   RR 0.7
18-09z:   Tg 8.9      00-24z:   Sun 1.6

0530z   24007kt 15km RE-RA 5Cu012 8Sc030 10.8/09.4 1010
RMK:   Some occasional slight rain over the past few hours.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 11th June 2017

1600z   21009kt 30km 4Cu015 15.6/12.1 1008
RMK:   A mostly cloudy day though there have been occasional
brief sunny intervals. Dry through the morning but there’s
been a few slight showers this afternoon. Max temp 17.1°.

0900z   19007kt 15km 7Cu012 14.1/11.3 1010
RMK:   Cu building strongly.
09-09z:   Tx 17.2 (1600z)   Tn 11.3 (0220z)   RR 1.8
18-09z:   Tg 9.8      00-24:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 10th June 2017

1630z   19007kt 5000 -RA 3St005 8Sc007 17.0/16.0 1011
RMK:   Rain ceased around 0930z. It was then dry until slight
rain started again around 1545z. Grey and overcast all day
though the cloud base did rise above the hilltops for a
few hours in the middle of the day. Max temp 17.2° and
feeling quite muggy.

0900z   18007kt 7000 -RA 8St007 11.9/11.5 1012
RMK:   Rain since 0330z. It’s been mostly mod/hvy but it’s
been easing off a bit in the past half hour.
09-09z:   Tx 18.8 (1625z)   Tn 10.7 (0450z)
18-09z:   Tg 9.8

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 7th June 2017

0530z   30010g26kt 20km 7Cu012 08.9/07.2 1003
RMK:   Bright and breezy with the odd glimpse of sun. More
rain at times overnight took the total for the event
to 64.2 mm. This fell over a period of about 45 hours from
0630z on Monday.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 6th June 2017

1700z   29008g33kt 10km -RA 6Cu008 8Sc020 09.2/08.5 994
RMK:   The continuous rain finally ceased around 1530z, about
33 hours after it started. The respite was short, though,
with rain setting in again around 1615z. Mostly mod/hvy
since then with max rate 58 mm/hr at 1625z. There’s been
17.5 mm since 0900z. That takes the total for the whole
event since 0630z yesterday to 59.3 mm. Max temp 10.6°.
Max gust 42 knots at 1455z.

1230z   31016g33kt 5000 RA 6Cu008 8Sc018 09.4/08.5 990
RMK:   This would be a foul day in November, never mind June!
Moderate rain, briefly hvy, all day so far with the wind
gusting over 30 knots. We’ve just reached 30 hours of
continuous rain. 7 mm since 0900z, taking the total for the
event to 47 mm. It looks like we might well get past 50 mm
before it’s finished. Max temp so far is 9.7°. Lots of
tree debris around, including a large branch on the A6.

0900z   31013g30kt 7000 RA 7St006 09.3/08.7 987
RMK:   …..and so it goes on! That’s more than 26 hours of
continuous rain. Total for the event so far is 40 mm. As is
so often the case here, the severe weather has occurred at
a time when there was no severe weather warning.
09-09z:   Tx 13.7 (1330z)   Tn: 8.7 (0815z)   RR 35.6
18-09z:   Tg 8.8      00-24z:   Sun nil

0530z   31009kt 7000 RA 6St006 8Sc020 09.5/09.0 986
RMK: Slight to moderate rain throughout the night. It has
been raining continuously for the past 23 hours. A cold front
went through at 0430z and the NW wind is now freshening.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 5th June 2017

1700z   18011g22kt 5000 -RA 5St008 8Sc020 11.9/10.8 998
RMK:   Rain all day, often mod/hvy. Max rate 20 mm/hr at 1325z.
Total for the event so far is 18 mm. Max temp 13.7°.

0900z   17013g27kt 4000 RA 8Sc007 10.8/10.2 1003
RMK:   Rain, mostly moderate, since 0640z.
09-09z:   Tx 16.6 (1155z)   Tn 6.7 (0350z)   RR 4.2
18-09z:   Tg 2.9      00-24z:   Sun 6.3

0530z 17010kt 15km 7Sc008 08.5/07.3 1006
RMK: A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 4th June 2017

1630z   21005kt 30+km 3Cu020 7Sc050 14.8/10.4 1012
RMK:   Variable amounts of cloud throughout the day with
occasional sunny periods. Dry for much of the day but there
was a heavy shower approx 1430-1500z with max rate 20 mm/hr.
Max temp 16.6°. The temp fell to just below 12° during the
heavy shower.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 3rd June 2017

1600z   24006kt 30+km 1Cu030 7Sc050 15.7/09.1 1012
RMK:   It’s been a very pleasant day. Dry, with variable
amounts of cloud and sunny periods from time to time
throughout the day. Max temp 17.9°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 2nd June 2017

0900z   20003kt 30km 7Sc007 15.3/13.5 1015
RMK:   Grey and muggy.
09-09z:   Tx 21.9 (1440z)   Tn 11.5 (0410z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 8.6      00-24z:   Sun 6.1

0530z   21002kt 30km 2St007 6Sc050 13.2/11.6 1015
RMK:   A grey and rather muggy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 1st June 2017

1900z   19001kt 30+km 1Cu025 6Ci250 18.6/12.6 1016
RMK:   A dry bright day with variable amounts of cloud and
sunny periods. Lokks like we’ll end up with a little over
6 hours of sunshine. Max temp 21.9°.

0530z   CALM 20km 2Cu007 6Ac070 12.4/11.8 1020
RMK:   A bright morning. It feels muggier than yesterday.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 31st May 2017

0530z   CALM 30km 1Ci250 07.0/06.7 1021
RMK:   A beautiful clear, sunny morning and feeling quite crisp.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 30th May 2017

1830z   21004kt 8000 -RA 5St006 8Sc015 14.9/12.4 1015
RMK:   Cloudy all day. Slight rain for most of the morning.
Dry through the afternoon but slight rain has started again
in the past few minutes. Max temp 17.3°.

0900z   20003kt 4000 -RA BR 5St005 8Sc012 13.5/13.0 1012
RMK:   Continuous slight rain since before 0600z. Some fog
from time to time earlier on.
09-09z:   Tx 13.5 (0900z today)   Tn 11.3 (0925z)   RR 2.9
09-21z:   Tx 13.2 (1750z)      21-09z:   Tn 12.0 (0530z)
18-09z:   Tg 12.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 29th May 2017

1830z   07001kt 1200 -RA BR 8St003 13.1/12.5 1011
RMK:   It’s been a particularly foul Bank Holiday Monday. The
fog came back down around midday and persisted for much of
the afternoon with vis varying between 800m and 100m. It
lifted into low stratus again around 1600z but it has
remained grey with a low overcast since then. Intermittent
slight rain since around 1400z. Max temp 13.2°. I pity the
campers on a day like this.

0900z  07005kt 2000 BR RE-RA 8St003 11.6/11.3 1013
RMK:  A bleak Bank Holiday Monday! The fog lifted into low
cloud during the past hour but the slight rain has been
more on than off. The breeze feels quite raw.
09-09z:   Tx 17.7 (1625z)   Tn 11.6 (0900z today)   RR 2.8
18-09z:   Tg 11.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.4

0530z   07005kt 0200 FG VV/// 11.9/11.3 1013
RMK:   Intermittent slight to moderate rain overnight. Dry
since about 0400.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 28th May 2017

1600z   33004kt 20km 1Ac120 7Ci250 17.1/12.8 1017
RMK:   Drizzle ceased around 100z but it has remained cloudy
all day with only a couple of brief sunny intervals. The low
cloud dispersed in the middle of the day but through the
afternoon the sun has been mostly obscured by thick cirrus.
Max temp 17.4°.

0900z   33003kt 5000 -DZ 8St004 12.7/11.9 1017
RMK:   A grey morning with continuous slight drizzle since
before 0600z.
09-09z:   Tx 23.8 (1115z)   Tn 12.0 (0730z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg 10.2

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 26th May 2017

0900z   15007kt 30km SKC 21.7/14.6 1019
RMK:   Strong sunshine from a deep blue sky. The air is much
cleaner than it was yesterday. Although the temp is only
marginally lower than it was at this time yesterday it feels
quite a bit fresher and more pleasant than it did yesterday,
at least for a little while!
09-09z:   Tx 27.4 (1525z)   Tn 11.5 (0445z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun 12.4

0530z   07002kt 20km SKC 12.8/10.7 1019
RMK:   It’s already feeling hot in the sun.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 25th May 2017

0900z   15003kt 15km 1Cu025 3Ci350 22.4/16.2 1024
RMK:   Hot and sunny. The temperature is already higher than
yesterday afternoon’s maximum. A good day to have lots to
do indoors.
09-09z:   Tx 22.4 (0900z today)   Tn 8.9 (0440z)   RR nil
09-21z:   Tx 22.3 (1630z)      18-09z:   Tg 6.8      00-24z:   Sun 4.4

0530z   CALM 7000 HZ 2Ac120 11.1/10.6 1025
RMK:   Sunny and hazy. I suspect that it’s going to turn out
a very unpleasant day.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 24th April 2017

0900z   30006kt 15km -SHRA 5Cu010 7Sc040 08.3/06.3 1014
RMK:   Fairly frequent slight showers.
09-09z:   Tx 13.0 (1410z)   Tn 3.6 (2030z)   RR 0.3
18-09z:   Tg +1.9      00-24z:   Sun 10.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 23rd April 2017

0900z   30005kt 30km 1Cu015 5Ac150 08.2/04.6 1026
RMK:   A fine morning with sunny spells.
09-09z:   Tx 13.3 (1520z)   Tn +2.6 (0600z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg +1.0      00-24z:   Sun 9.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 22nd April 2017

1600z   30006kt 30km 3Cu030 12.4/05.1 1027
RMK:   A splendid day – Dry with well broken cloud and long
spells of sunshine. Max temp 13.3 but feeling much warmer
in the strong sunshine.

0900z   27007kt 30km 2Cu012 08.3/05.6 1029
RMK:   Spells of strong sunshine but Cu now developing rapidly.
09-09z:   Tx 12.0 (1440z)   Tn 4.9 (0505z)    RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 3.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 21st April 2017

0900z   30006kt 30km 3Cu012 8Sc050 09.4/07.4 1031
RMK:   A quiet and rather grey morning.
09-09z:   Tx 11.7 (1520z)   Tn 7.9 (0340z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 6.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

0530z   30004kt 20km 2St005 7Sc025 08.4/07.4 1031
RMK:   A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 20th April 2017

0530z   31001kt 0500 FG RE-RA 8St002 07.7/07.1 1034
RMK:   A dreich morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 19th April 2017

1900z   25002kt 30km 1Sc050 3Ac070 7Ci250 09.3/03.9 1035
RMK:   A dry day but extensive thick high cloud and patchy
middle cloud has obscured the sun all day. Max temp 11.3°.

0900z   18007kt 20km 2Cu018 8Ci250 07.9/04.2 1037
RMK:   Thick high cloud is obscuring the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 11.2 1500z   Tn +2.5 (0525z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg -0.2      00-24z:   Sun 7.3

0530z   CALM 30km 7Sc050 +02.6/+01.4 1036
RMK:   The cloud edge is visible to the SE. Blue sky beyond.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 18th April 2017

1600z   07003kt 50km 4Cu040 7Ci300 10.8/-00.7 1033
RMK:   It’s been a cracking day with broken fair-weather Cu and
periods of sunshine. The best of the sun was during the
morning. Rather more cloud in the afternoon. Max temp 11.2°.

0900z   07009kt 50km 1Cu025 7Ci350 06.1/+00.6 1932
RMK:   A fine morning with long sunny spells. Cu has started
to bubble up during the past hour.
09-09z:   Tx 9.7 (1550z)   Tn -0.1 (0545z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg -2.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0530z   16001kt 30km 7Ci350 +00.1/-02.0 1031
RMK:   Fine and sunny. Numerous persistent contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 17th April 2017

1600Z   36003KT 50KM 4cU022 7sC045 09.1/03.7 1025
RMK:   Dry and cloudy all day. Max temp only 9.7° but with
very little wind it felt warmer. It was an ideal day for
outdoor activities. There’s no sign of any swallows here
yet. They usually turn up mid to late April so not
overdue yet.

0900z   07003kt 20km 4Sc015 8Sc040 05.2/02.9 1024
RMK:   A grey morning. There’s not much of a breeze but what
there is has quite an edge to it.
09-09z:   Tx 9.9 (1710z)   Tn 3.9 (0430z)   RR 6.1
18-09z:   Tg 3.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.4

0530z   02001kt 15km 4Sc006 8Sc040 04.1/03.5 1022
RMK:   Some rain overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 16th April 2017

1600z   31004kt 10km RA 4Cu008 8Sc030 08.8/07.9 1019
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain since 0900z. Max temp 8.8° so
far but it’s still on the way up.

0900z   29006kt 15km -RA 4Cu006 8Sc035 06.4/04.4 1021
RMK:   After some early sun the cloud thickened quickly.
Rain started a few minutes ago.
09-09z:   Tx 10.2 (1215z)   Tn 3.2 (0555z)   RR 0.7
18-09z:   Tg +1.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.9

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 15th April 2017

1630z   30006kt 20km -SHRA 5Cu015 7Sc035 07.4/03.9 1018
RMK:   A mostly cloudy day with onl a few sunny intervals.
Dry for most of the time but there have been a few very
slight showers in the past half hour. Max temp 10.2°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 14th April 2017

1600z   30003kt 3000 -RA 3St005 8Sc008 09.8/08.4 1012
RMK:   Rain till about 1100z then dry till about 1500z
with a couple of brief glimpses of sun. Rain started
again around 1500z, very slight at first but it’s slowly
getting heavier. Max temp 11.9°.

0900z   21005kt 2000 -RADZ 7St003 07.7/07.3 1014
RMK:   A dreich morning. It looks and feels like November.
09-09z:   Tx 9.3 (1215z)   Tn 3.4 (2030z)   RR 1.3
18-09z:   Tg +2.1      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0530z   CALM 15km =RA 7Sc007 05.8/04.6 1015
RMK:   Just a few spits of rain. Cloud is very dark.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 13th April 2017

1600z   29006kt 50km 2Cu018 6Sc035 08.4/05.0 1017
RMK:   Cloudy and dry all day with a cool breeze.
Max temp 9.3°.

0900z   30005kt 30km 2Cu012 7Sc030 06.4/04.4 1018
RMK:   Cool and grey.
09-09z:   Tx 8.8 (1450z)   Tn 4.0 (0350z)   RR 3.2
18-09z:   Tg 2.6      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0530z   35003kt 20km 7St006 04.4/03.5 1016
RMK:   Another grey morning with a cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 12th April 2017

1700z   30008kt 30km 2Cu010 5Sc018 08.6/06.6 1015
RMK:   Grey with a low overcast for much of the day. Slight
rain and drizzle most of the time becoming moderate 1400-1515z.
The rain then ceased and the cloud broke to give a few glimpses
of sun since then. Max temp 8.8° and the breeze had a bit of
an edge to it.

0900z   27007g21kt 5000 -RADZ 8Sc006 07.5/06.1 1016
RMK:   Spits of slight rain and drizzle since about 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 11.7 (1545z)   Tn 6.3 (0730z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 6.1      00-24z:   Sun 2.1

0530z   26006g24kt 20km 8Sc015 06.7/04.2 1017
RMK:   A grey morning with a cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 10th April 2017

1600z   30007kt 50km 2Cu018 7Sc030 08.5/04.7 1026
RMK:   A rather cloudy, cool, breezy day. Occasional sunny
intervals during the morning but these were very limited
in the afternoon. A much more pleasant day for outdoor
activities than the relatively hot days over the weekend.
Max temp 10.0°.

0900z   30010g22kt 30km 4Cu015 6Ci300 08.1/05.0 1024
RMK:   Sunny intervals. A cool breeze.
09-09z:   Tx 19.9 (1255z)   Tn 4.7 (0515z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 2.9      00-24z:   Sun 10.0

0530z   30008kt 30km 6Cu010 04.9/03.4 1022
RMK:   A bright morning with a cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 9th April 2017

0900z   18007kt 20km SKC 13.8/09.4 1018
RMK:   Fine and sunny. Looking forward to the cooler weather
during the coming week. Yesterday was warmer than I prefer.
09-09z:   Tx 19.8 (1545z)   Tn 4.9 (0310z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg +1.2      00-24z:   Sun 10.9

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 7th April 2017

0900z   30004kt 20km 8Sc010 07.5/05.1 1027
RMK:   Grey and overcast with a cool breeze.
09-09z:   10.2 (1335z)   Tn 5.1 (0300z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg 2.9      00-24z:   Sun 1.0

0530z   31002kt 10km 7St008 05.8/04.7 1027
RMK:   A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 6th April 2017

0900z   30006kt 10km 7St007 05.6/05.2 1032
RMK:   Fog thickened for a while then lifted into low cloud
around 0730z. Still grey and overcast and the breeze is
quite raw.
09-09z:   Tx 10.1 (1440z)   Tn +1.3 (0555z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg -0.9      00-24z:   Sun 1.9

0530z   CALM 0300 BCFG 5Ci350 +01.4/+00.9 1031.5
RMK:   The cirrus all appears to have originated from contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 4th April 2017

0900z   30007kt 4000 -DZ BR 3St002 8St004 08.4/08.0 1025
RMK:   Fog 0630-0800z with vis down to 100m for a while. There’s
a raw breeze. As I type this at 0905z, the fog has returned
with visibility about 250m.
09-09z:   Tx 15.6 (1450z)   Tn 7.9 (0250z)   RR 0.6
18-09z:   Tg 5.8      00-24z:   Sun 9.8

0530z   31001kt 1500 -DZ BR 8St004 09.0/08.1 1022
RMK:   A dank morning. The slugs and snails are loving it 😦

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 3rd April 2017

0530z   CALM 20km 7Ci350 +00.3/-00.4 1024
RMK:   A fine morning with a slight frost on the grass.
Numerous persistent contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 2nd April 2017

0900z   29007kt 50km 6Cu012 07.8/06.0 1021
RMK:   The low Sc dispersed quickly. We then had an hour or so
of strong sunshine before the Cu bubbled up, once more hiding
the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 12.1 (1455z)   Tn 5.7 (0635z)   RR trace
18-09z:   Tg 4.6      00-24z:   Sun 0.9

0530z   33003kt 20km 7Sc006 05.8/04.7 1018
RMK:   A grey, quiet morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 1st April 2017

1630z   29006kt 50km 2Cu015 5Sc040 10.6/06.9 1019
RMK:   A rather cloudy day with the odd spit of rain. A more
summery looking sky now with Cu med and sunny intervals.
Max temp 12.1

0900z   16003kt 15km 7Sc008 08.1/07.2 1005
RMK:   Grey and overcast. There were a few spits of rain earlier.
09-09z:   Tx 15.7 (1550z)   Tn 5.3 (0400z)   RR 0.3
18-09z:   Tg +2.2      00-24z:   Sun 4.2

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 31st March 2017

0530z   16010kt 15km RE-RA 1Sc007 3Ac080 7Ci200 10.2/09.0 1005
RMK:   A little rain from time to time overnight but not
amounting to much.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 30th March 2017

1600z   18013g27kt 20km 1Cu020 6Ac070 16.4/11.6 1013
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain 0815z-1000z. Dry since then
but remaining mostly cloudy. Max temp 16.8°. making it the
warmest day of the year so far.

0530z   18007kt 10km 8Sc005 10.6/09.8 1015
RMK:   Mostly dry overnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 29th March 2017

0900z   23011kt 20km 7Sc007 10.6/09.6 1017
RMK:   Rain ceased after 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 13.1 (1525z)   Tn 5.5 (0900z yesterday)   RR 3.4
21-09z:   Tn 8.1 (0050z)      18-09z:   Tg 6.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.8

0530z   23009kt 15km 5Sc007 8Sc050 09.5/08.9 1016
RMK:   Rain for much of the night, mostly slight but
occasionally moderate.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 28th March 2017

1630z   20006kt 10km 2Cu015 6Sc050 11.8/08.1 1017
RMK:   Fog lifted into low overcast by late morning then
dispersed by early afternoon. The afternoon remained mostly
cloudy with Sc and Ac and there were a few spits of rain.
Now there’s substantial buildups to NW and SE. Max temp 13.1°.

0900z   16003kt 0200 FG VV/// 05.5/05.2 1018
RMK:   Vis has been less than 150m for most of the morning
so far but it has started to improve a little during the past
half hour.
09-09z:   Tx 12.2 (1445z)   Tn 4.5 (0640z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg +2.6      00-24z:   Sun 4.2

0530z   CALM 0100 FG VV/// 04.7/04.3 1019
RMK:   Low, grey overcast persisted into the early afternoon
yesterday. The cloud then broke to give very pleasant
sunny spells later. It’s very claggy this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 27th March 2017

0900z   07004kt 5000 HZ 7St006 05.3/03.5 1024
RMK:   A grey morning and feeling rather cold.
09-09z:   Tx 13.3 (1400z)   Tn 3.1 (0655z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg +1.1

0530z   08003kt 5000 4St005 03.4/02.3 1024
RMK:   A rather grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 23rd March 2017

0900z   36009kt 10km 7Sc007 05.0/04.6 1019
RMK:   Rain ceased by 0700. A few sunny intervals now.
09-09z:   Tx 5.2 (1310z)   Tn +1.6 (0215)   RR 13.8
18-09z:   Tg +0.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   07005kt 5000 -RA 2St005 4Sc040 7Ac100 03.6/03.4 1017
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain throughout the daylight hours
yesterday. Dry from about 2100 till slight to moderate
rain resumed at around 0500.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 22nd March 2017

0900z   12008kt 7000 RA 5Sc007 8Ns025 03.7/02.8 1003
RMK:   Wet, raw and bleak. A really nasty morning.
09-09z:   Tx 7.9 (1400z)   Tn +2.4 (2315z)   RR 6.5
18-09z:   Tg +1.6      00-24z:   Sun 5.7

0630z   13009kt 10km -RA 3Sc007 8Ns020 03.4/02.7 1002
RMK:   Rain yesterday evening turned to moderate sleet by 2300
and continued into the early hours of this morning. Mostly
dry 0200-0500 then slight to moderate rain.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 21st March 2017

1700z   29006kt 50km RE-RA 2Cu015 5Ac100 7Ci200 04.4/01.5 1006
RMK:   Sunny spells through the morning. Hail shower 1200-1215
then sunny spells again for a while before middle and high
cloud spread across from the SW. There’s been a little rain
from the middle cloud during the past hour. Max temp 7.9°.

0900z   26012kt 50km 3Cu015 03.4/+00.6 1005
RMK:   Cu developing widely with sunshine intervals decreasing.
09-09z:   Tx 8.1 (1540z)   Tn +0.5 (0625z)   RR 6.1
18-09z:   Tg -1.7      00-24z:   Sun 2.1

0630z   26004kt 50km 1Cu015 +00.6/-01.2 1004
RMK:   A fine and sunny start to the day after a dry night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 20th March 2017

1700z   30006kt 30km 2Cu015 07.1/03.3 999
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain continued till early afternoon.
Dry since then with the cloud gradually breaking and
dispersing, leading to lengthening sunny intervals
during the latter part of the afternoon. Max temp 8.1°.

0900z   25004kt 7000 RA 5Sc007 8Sc025 08.1/07.5 997
RMK:   Rain has been mostly moderate since 0630.
09-09z:   Tx 12.1 (1150z)   Tn 7.9 (0825z)   RR 7.0
15-09z:   Tg 7.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0630z   21007g22kt 5000 -RA 6Sc007 8Sc020 08.3/07.6 999
RMK:   Slight rain since about 0330.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 19th March 2017

1630z   27014g22kt 10km 7Sc006 10.7/10.0 1001
RMK:   Cloudy, breezy and very mild all day Dry till about 1100
then continuous rain/drizzle, mostly slight but briefly
moderate. Max temp 12.1°.

0900z   26016g27kt 20km 8Sc006 10.1/09.1 1002
RMK:   Another very mild and windy morning. It looks as though
it has been dry for much of the night.
09-09z:   Tx 11.1 (1405z)   Tn 8.9 (0615z)   RR 5.4
15-09z:   Tg 7.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 18th March 2017

0900z   30013g24kt 10km -RA 8St005 09.5/09.0 1006
RMK:   Mild and breezy with a little slight rain from time to
09-09z:   Tx 9.6 (0120z)   Tn 4.1 (0900z yesterday)   RR 12.4
09-21z:   Tx 7.9 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn 7.9 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 6.0      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   30013g26kt 10km RE-RA 8St005 09.1/08.7 1005
RMK:   Very mild and windy overnight with gusts up to 38 knots.
Rain for much of the night, mostly slight since 2200.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 17th March 2017

1630z   23010g22kt 3000 +RA 6Sc008 8Sc020 06.2/05.5
RMK:   Slight rain all morning then a couple of hours of dry
weather in early afternoon. Slight rain restarted around
1430 then mod/hvy since about 1530. Max temp 7.4° and
feeling decidedly cold in the wind. Not a pleasant day.

0630z   23007kt 30km 4Sc015 8Sc056 +02.6/+01.0 1016
RMK:   A cold, grey, overcast morning with a raw breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 16th March 2017

1630z   25009kt 30km 7CuSc015 09.3/06.4 1016
RMK:  A mostly cloudy day after the early sun though there have
been a few brief sunny intervals from time to time. Dry all
day but feeling quite cold in the breeze. Max temp 9.9°.

1400z   26009kt 30km 7CuSc012 09.8/07.5 1017
RMK:   Mostly cloudy since 0900

0900z   20005kt 15km 7St007 06.1/05.4 1021
RMK:   Clouded over rapidly around 0730. There’s one or two
holes in the Sc layer showing that there’s still blue sky
above but it’s very different from yesterday which was the
first really spring-like day that we have had.
09-09z:   Tx 15.2 (1530z)   Tn 3.8 (0655z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg +1.2      00-24z:   Sun 7.6

0630z   29002kt 15km 1St005 6Ci350 04.1/02.2 1022
RMK:   Fine and sunny. Numerous persistent contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 15th March 2017

0630z   Calm 30km 1Sc008 3Ac150 5Ci300 04.1/02.9 1032
RMK:   A fine morning with absolutely still air.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 14th March 2017

1700z   31005g24kt 30km 2Sc018 6Ci300 10.8/07.3 1030
RMK:   Very variable cloud amounts through the day. Sometimes
overcast and sometimes sunny periods. Dry apart from a
very slight shower around 1230. Max temp 12.8

0900z   25007kt 20km 2Sc010 7Ci300 10.0/08.4 1028
RMK:    Weak sunshine through the cirrus. Numerous persistent
09-09z:   Tx 11.6 (1440z)   Tn 6.0 (2240z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg 2.8      00-24z:   Sun 4.7

0630z   27009kt 15km 5Sc007 8Sc020 08.4/07.5 1028
RMK:   A grey morning. Very mild.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 13th March 2017

0900z   26009kt 30km 1Sc012 7Ci300 06.9/04.3 1026
RMK:   Weak sunshine through the cirrus.
09-09z:   Tx 12.6 (1345z)   Tn 3.5 (0450z)   RR 0.3
15-09z:   Tg +0.7      00-24z:   Sun 1.6

0630z   29004kt 20km 1Sc008 7Ci300 04.1/03.2 1025
RMK:   A sunny start to the day. Numerous persistent contrails.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 12th March 2017

2000z   30006kt 15km 2Sc007 6Sc020 06.8/06.1 1019
RMK:    Slight rain/drizzle 1700-1730. Cloud breaking now.

1630z   31008kt 20km 7Sc007 09.3/08.0 1016
RMK:   The cloud broke for a while during the morning to give
some sunny intervals. It clouded over again before midday
and the afternoon has been cloudy throughout. Max temp 12.6°.

0900z 29004kt 15km 1Sc008 4Sc040 7Ac120 09.2/08.5 1012
RMK: The sky is brightening.
09-09z: Tx 11.9 (1615z) Tn 8.5 (0900z yesterday) RR 0.8
21-09z: Tn 8.9 (0725z) 15-09z: Tg 8.4 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z   25003kt 10km 3Sc006 7Sc015 09.1/08.6 1011
RMK:   Another very mild morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 11th March 2017

0900z   18007kt 10km 7Sc007 08.5/08.1 1017
RMK:   Grey and overcast.
09-09z:   Tx 10.1 (1415z)   Tn 5.7 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.2
21-09z:   Tn 7.2 (0650z)      15-09z:   Tg 6.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 10th March 2017

1700z   18002kt 10km RE-RADZ 2Sc015 8Sc040 09.1/08.5 1021
RMK:   Grey and overcast all day. Slight rain/drizzle for
much of the time but thid didn’t amount to much.
Max temp 10.1° which is marginally above yesterday’s max
despite the absence of sun today.

0900z   18005kt 2500 -RADZ 3St010 8Sc020 05.7/05.2 1024
RMK:   Slight rain/drizzle since about 0715.
09-09z:   Tx 9.9 (1515z)   Tn +2.1 (0005z)   RR 0.2
15-09z:   Tg -0.3      00-24z:   Sun 7.7

0630z   18005kt 30km 2Sc050 4Ac080 7Ac150 04.7/03.8 1024
RMK:   Relatively mild and overcast.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 9th March 2017

1700z   28003kt 50km 1Ci300 07.7/04.1 1023
RMK:   Long sunny spells through the day. It’ll be the sunniest
day since at least 2nd Oct and perhaps since before that. It
all depends on what we end up with as the total for today.
Still not particularly springlike and quite a bit cooler
than yesterday with a max of 9.9°. In the middle of the day
it felt decidedly cool with the wind gusting to 30 knots
and the temp around 9°. The wind died down in the afternoon.

0900z   30015g24 30km 2Cu012 5Ci300 07.8/05.8 1016
RMK:   A bright and breezy morning with lengthening sunny
spells. It feels cool in the wind.
09-09z:   Tx 11.4 (1505z)   Tn 3.6 (2100z)   RR 0.2
15-09z:   Tg -0.8      00-24z:   Sun 3.5

0630z   27007kt 30km 6Cu008 07.6/06.7 1015
RMK:   A mild, bright morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 8th March 2017

0900z   30004kt 20km 7St006 06.8/06.2 1008
RMK:   A very mild morning. The wind has dropped right off.
09-09z:   Tx 9.8 (1455z)   Tn 3.8 (0900z yesterday)   RR 9.3
21-09z:   Tn 5.4 (2250z)      15-09z:   Tg 4.8      00-24z:   Sun 3.1

0630z   29014g22kt 15km 5St0066Sc030 08.1/07.5 1006
RMK:   Rain 2300-0430, often mod/hvy. Dry, mild and breezy now.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 7th March 2017

1630z   18003kt 30km 6Ac150 8Ci250 06.9/02.8 1014
RMK:   Cloud broke up through the morning to give spells of
sunshine. During the afternoon middle and high cloud
spread across the sky. Max temp 9.8

0900z   31008kt 20km 5Cu007 6Ci250 03.8/03.1 1015
RMK:   Mostly cloudy but with a few brief sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 8.3 (1420z)   Tn +1.2 (2120z)   RR 1.6
15-09z:   Tg -2.1      00-24z:   Sun 4.4

0630z   33002kt 15km RE-SHRA 7Cu007 02.8/02.3 1014
RMK:   Occasional slight showers since midnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 6th March 2017

1700z   29006kt 50km 5Cu020 07.2/03.0 1007
RMK:   A very pleasant dry, bright day with broken cloud and
sunny periods. Perhaps stretching thing a bit to call it
springlike but it’s getting there 🙂 Max temp 8.3°.

0900z   29005kt 20km 5Cu006 6Sc020 04.9/04.2 1001
RMK:   Very variable cloud amounts. Bright sunshine from time
to time.
09-09z:   Tx 4.9 (0900z today)   Tn +1.4 (1730z)   RR 12.0
09-21z:   Tx 3.7 (1025z)      21-09z:   Tn 2.5 (0615z)
15-09z:   Tg -0.6      00-24z:   Sun 0.1
The first 5 days of March have produced 42.3 mm of rain.
That’s about 55% of the average for the whole month.

0630z   31005kt 20km RE-SHRA 6Cu007 +02.7/+02.2 999
RMK:   Occasional showers since midnight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 5th March 2017

1700z   30003kt 5000 -RASN 8St004 +01.6/+01.1 988
RMK:   Slight to moderate sleet and snow all afternoon.
Nothing settling here but the webcams at Flash and the
Cat & Fiddle show a good covering there. The snow-line
looks to be somewhere between 350m and 400m. Max temp 3.7°.

1200z   07002kt 2500 SN 8St004 +01.4/+01.0 984
RMK:   Slight rain started around 0915. Turned to moderate
sleet at 1035 and to mod/hvy snow at 1100. There’s a slight
slushy covering on grass and cars. The radar imagery suggests
that the event is just about over now. Quite entertaining
for a while, though 🙂

0900z   15005kt 8000 8Sc008 03.4/02.7 986
RMK:   Clouded over quickly between 0700 and 0800. The breeze
is decidedly raw.
09-09z:   Tx 9.9 (1335z)   Tn +1.8 (0605z)   RR 0.8
15-09z:   Tg -0.2      00-24z:   Sun 2.6

0630z   17006kt 20km 1Sc008 +02.0/+01.4 987
RMK:   A fine clear morning with a cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 4th March 2017

1700z   18012kt 30km RE-SHRA 7Sc017 07.1/04.4 985
RMK:   A rather cloudy day but there have been occasional
short sunny intervals. Dry, apart from a slight shower
around 1630. Max temp 9.9°. One of the most pleasant
days in recent weeks.

0900z   18003kt 15km 4Cu010 7Ci250 05.3/04.8 987
RMK:   A quiet, cloudy morning.
09-09z: Tx 7.1 (2235z) Tn 3.6 (0900z yesterday) RR 18.0
09-21z: Tx 6.7 (2100z) 21-09z: Tn 4.7 (0755z)
15-09z: Tg +2.7 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 3rd March 2017

1630z   08002kt 1500 RA BR 8St003 04.7/04.4 992
RMK:   Continuous rain since 0900, slight until midday but
moderate since then. A very murky day with fog from time
to time in the afternoon. Max temp 4.7° so far but it’s
still creeping up.

1300z   09008kt 3000 RA BR 6St005 8Sc020 04.2/03.7 995
RMK:   Rain became moderate around midday.

0900z   15003kt 3000 -RA BR 8Sc007 03.6/03.2 1000
RMK:   Rain started during the past 15 minutes.
09-09z:   Tx 7.3 (1320z)   Tn +2.1 (1950z)   RR 0.1
21-09z:   Tn 3.2 (2100z)      15-09z:   Tg -1.5      00-24z:   Sun 3.0

0630z   18001kt 4000 BR 7Sc008 03.6/03.1 1002
RMK:   A grey, overcast, murky morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 2nd March 2017

1630z   27009kt 50km 1Sc015 7Ci250 05.2/01.1 1008
RMK:   Dry after the early showers. A very bright morning
with spells of sunshine but a veil of high cloud has spread
across from WNW in the afternoon. Max temp 7.3°. Last
night’s snow had quite an impact on travel locally. The
Cat & Fiddle road, the Buxton-Leek road and the Snake Pass
were all closed for some time overnight but the ploughs
and gritters got them open again in time for the morning
traffic. All of the lying snow around Tideswell had gone
by late morning but there’s still quite a bit to be seen on
higher hills to W and SW of Buxton.

1300z   27010kt 50km 3Cu012 06.6/04.1 1007
RMK:   A sparkling, bright day with spells of sunshine. All the lying
snow has gone.

0900z   30009kt 15km -SHRA 4Cu007 6Sc030 +02.9/+02.3 1004
RMK:   Mostly dry since sunrise but there have been a couple
of brief slight rain and sleet showers. There’s a fairly
rapid thaw of lying snow in progress and the cover is now
down to less than 25%.
09-09z:   Tx 6.7 (1230z)   Tn +0.6 (0035z)   RR 11.4
15-09z:   Tg -2.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.5
There’s been 82.3 mm of rain in the past 10 days.

0630z   25009kt 10km 6Sc006 +01.7/+01.3 999
RMK:   Slight rain and sleet yesterday evening became
mod/hvy snow around 2300 and continued into the early hours.
There’s 2cm lying snow this morning with about a 75% cover
but it’s thawing steadily. The local roads are clear.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 1st March 2017

1630z   23005kt 30km 4Cu010 06.0/04.0 995
RMK:  Mostly cloudy for much of the day with a little rain from
time to time. The cloud has broken in the past hour and
there’s now some pleasant sunny spells. An interesting
night to come with a lot of precipitation and the
temperature likely to fall close to zero. Max temp 6.7°.

0900z   25003kt 30km 1Cu007 5Ci250 +02.5/+01.9 996
RMK:   A clear, bright morning with sunny spells developing.
The snow-line is at 350-400m but the snow cover is looking
increasingly ‘moth-eaten’. There was a complete snow cover
in Tideswell yesterday morning but it had gone by the
09-09z:   Tx 3.9 (1350z)   Tn +0.7 (0940z)   RR 4.0
21-09z:   Tn +1.1 (0735z)      15-09z:   Tg -1.0      00-24z:   Sun 1.3

0630z   25006kt 30km 2Cu008 6Ci250 +01.7/+01.0 996
RMK:   A fine morning. Hard surfaces are wet.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 27th February 2017

1630z   30003kt 0250 +SN VV/// +01.1/+00.5 980
RMK:   After a short dry spell there were a couple of slight hail
showers in early afternoon. Slight rain started around 1530 and
turned to mod/hvy snow soon after 1600. It’s settling on all
surfaces and there’s already 1 cm on the grass. It’ll be nasty when
this lot freezes tonight.

1300z   17006kt 15km 6Sc008 04.4/03.7 982
RMK:   Sleet turned to slight rain soon after 0900 then
dribbled on till about midday.

0900z   18007kt 7000 -RASN 3St007 8Sc015 03.8/03.1 987
RMK:   Slight sleet since about 0815.
09-09z:   Tx 8.5 (1330z)   Tn 3.7 (0640z)   RR 3.7
15-09z:   Tg 2.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   18009g21kt 20km 1Cu007 4Sc050 6Ac080 03.8/03.2 989
RMK:   A threatening sky. Frequent showers 0300-0530.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 26th February 2017

1630z   18013g35kt 20km -RA 7Sc012 07.9/07.0 995
RMK:   Cloudy all day. Dry for much of the time but there’s
been a few spits of rain now and again. Very mild again with
a max temp of 8.5°.

0900z   23007kt 20km 7Sc012 06.2/05.3 1002
RMK:   Overcast and mild again.
09-09z:   Tx 8.3 (0215z)   Tn 5.7 (0700z)   RR 5.8
09-21z:   Tx 7.9 (1830z)      15-09z:   Tg 4.3      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 25th February 2017

1700z   21010kt 10km -RADZ 8Sc010 07.8/07.2 1004
RMK:   Overcast all day. Rain & drizzle on and off since 0945,
mostly quite slight but mod/hvy 1330-1400. 4 mm since 0900.
Max temp 7.9°.

0900z   23011g22kt 20km 8Sc012 06.8/05.5 1007
RMK:   Mild, breezy and dry. Despite the forecast of wet
weather we’re currently enjoying the rain shadow in the
lee of the Welsh hills, but will it last?
09-09z:   Tx 6.8 (0900z today)   Tn +2.2 (0900z yesterday)   RR 2.2
09-21z:   Tx 6.3 (1430z)      21-09z:   Tn 3.7 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 1.5      00-24z:   Sun 4.6

0630z   20012g29kt 15km 7Sc012 05.9/05.0 1007
RMK:   A mild, breezy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 24th February 2017

1630z   23003kt 50+km 1Sc018 7Ci200 05.2/+00.9 1016
RMK:   After sunny spells through the morning high cloud
has spread across the sky from NW during the afternoon.
Max temp 6.3°.

1300z   29007kt 50km 2Cu012 06.0/03.0 1016
RMK:   A fine day with sunny spells.

0900z   31009kt 30km 6Cu010 6Ci250 +02.2/+01.5 1014
RMK:   After some early sun Cu has developed strongly
during the past hour. Most of the lying snow has gone.
09-09z:   Tx 4.8 (0900z yesterday)   Tn +0.9 (0515z)   RR 14.9
15-09z:   Tg -1.0      00-24z:   Sun nil
47.6 mm of rain in the past 72 hours. 4.2 hours of sun in
the past 10 days. Only 24.4 hours of sun so far this month
up till yesterday. That’s 48% of the average for the whole
month with over 80% of the month gone.

0630z   29007kt 30km 2Cu008 +01.1/+00.5 1012
RMK:   There’s a slight dusting of snow this morning.
Untreated hard surfaces are icy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 23rd February 2017

1700z   31010g30kt 7000 -RASN 8Sc010 03.3/02.5 996
RMK:   Continuous sleet since 0900, mod/hvy till 1300 then
slight. It was a windy day but not notably so, at least not here.
It was Force 7 at its peak in the early afternoon with a max
gust of 46 knots at 1355. It appears that the belt of
strongest winds was just south of us. Another factor is
that the village is a bit sheltered from the west. There
doesn’t appear to be any damage in the village, only a few
roof slates down and a scattering of twigs from trees.
Over the wider area there has been a fair bit of disruption
on the roads due to fallen trees. Max temp 4.8° but that
was at 0900. Since 0945 it has been below 4°.

0900z   21015g34kt 3000 RASN 8Sc008 04.8/04.0 981
RMK:   Continuous mod/hvy rain since dawn. Max rate 24mm/hr
at 0710. Big blobs of sleet in it in the past 10 minutes.
Cold front went through at 0705 and the temp has fallen
from 7.2° to 4.8° since then.
09-09z:   Tx 8.1 (0300z)   Tn 4.8 (0900z today)   RR 21.0
09-21z:   Tx 7.8 (1110z)      15-09z:   Tg 4.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.4

0630z   18014g24kt 3000 +RA 8St006 07.4/07.0 985
RMK:   Very wet for much of the night. It’s a filthy wet morning
with a freshening wind. Warm front went through at 0135.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 22nd February 2017

1630z   29012g26kt 15km -RA 3Sc008 5Ac100 8Ci250 06.9/05.7 1002
RMK:   Rain continued till around 1330. There was then a dry
spell with a little bit of sun until 1600 when the rain started
again. Max temp 7.8°.

1200z   29016g24kt 10km -RA 3Sc005 7Sc008 07.5/06.4 1004
RMK:   Slight rain has been more or less continuous through the morning.

0900z   29016g22kt 8000 -RA 7St006 06.8/05.9 1004
RMK:   Persistent slight to moderate rain but also occasional
glimpses of sun. This is not a good wind direction for here as
it often brings many hours of incessant rain.
09-09z:   Tx 10.0 (1710z)   Tn 6.3 (0655z)   RR 11.7
15-09z:   Tg 5.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   30012g21kt 7000 RA 2St008 5Sc030 6Ac120 06.3/05.9 1004
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain since about 2245. Cold front
went through at 0445.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 21st February 2017

1700z   21011g21kt 7000 -DZ 8Sc005 10.0/09.4 1008
RMK:   After the brightish start this morning much of the day
turned out grey and gloomy again. Slight drizzle started
in the late morning and has continued since then, with a few
bursts of slight rain thrown in for good measure. Very mild
again with the max temp 10.0° so far. In the past 8 days
there’s been only 2.8 hours of sunshine. I’m relieved that
the very strong winds expected over the next few days will
be primarily from the west. Much of Tideswell is nestled in
a valley running N/S so a lot of the wind in a westerly goes
over the top. More exposed parts look like getting a real
battering. An interesting week.

1300z   21004kt 7000 -DZ 7St005 08.9/08.3 1012
RMK:   A mostly cloudy morning. Drizzle started around 1100.

0900z   25003kt 20km 6Cu007 7Ci300 06.3/05.4 1015
RMK:   A brighter morning with a much fresher feel than
09-09z:   Tx 12.7 (1110z)   Tn 5.8 (0740z)   RR 3.4
15-09z:   Tg 4.7      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   25002kt 30km 6Cu007 06.0/05.1 1015
RMK:   A pleasant, mild morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 20th February 2017

1700z   30010g21kt 7000 -RADZ 8St003 09.7/09.1 1015
RMK:  Overcast and gloomy all day with spells of rain/drizzle,
mostly slight but briefly moderate. Max temp 12.7° which
makes it the second warmest February day that I have
recorded (since 2009). The warmest is 15.0°on 24th Feb 2012.

0900z   29009g22kt 3000 BR 8St003 09.8/09.5 1015
RMK:   Another murky morning. Slight rain/drizzle for a time
in the early hours.
09-09z:   Tx 10.0 (0035z)   Tn 6.5 (0900z yesterday)   RR 1.0
09-21z:    Tx 8.9 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn 8.8 (2210z)
15-09z:   Tg 6.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.0
This is the first time we have reached 10.0° since
Christmas Day. Odd that it should happen in the middle of
the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 19th February 2017

0900z   23004kt 3000 -DZ 7St003 06.5/06.1 1020
RMK:   Yet another claggy morning. How many have there been
this winter? It’s certainly mild but it doesn’t feel at
all springlike.
09-09z:   Tx 9.7 (1400z)   Tn 5.4 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.3
21-09z:   Tn 6.3 (0815z)      15-09z:   Tg 5.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.5

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 18th February 2017

1630z   19004kt 15km 7Sc006 08.4/07.5 1020
RMK:   A mostly cloudy day. Dry apart from a short spell
of slight rain 1020-1040. A few cloud breaks resulted in
half-an-hour of sunshine. Max temp 9.7° so we haven’t
quite reached 10° yet this year. Maybe tomorrow or Monday.
Over the past 8 years the highest February max has been
above 10° in 4 of the years and below 10° in the other 4

0900z   CALM 1500 BR 2St003 7Sc060 05.4/05.2 1023
RMK:   The fog thinned to mist between 0700 and 0800. A mild
morning but not as mild as yesterday.
09-09z:   Tx 9.3 (1430z)   Tn +2.7 (0500z)   RR 0.3
15-09z:   Tg -0.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   18004kt 0150 FG VV/// 04.6/04.4 1023
RMK:   Yet another murky morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 17th February 2017

1630z   18003kt 20km 4Cu010 7Sc040 08.5/07.0 1025
RMK:   Cloudy all day. Dry, apart from a few spits of rain
in the middle of the day. Outside the village there’s still
surviving remnants of snow drifts along a few of the walls,
left over from the snowfall last Sunday. Max temp 9.3°.

0900z   CALM 10km 7St007 06.6/06.1 1027
RMK:   Grey and overcast. Very mild.
09-09z:   Tx 8.0 (1410z)   Tn 5.1 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.4
21-09z:   Tn 6.0 (2140z)      15-09z:   Tg 5.1      00-24z:   Sun 1.7

0630z   CALM 8000 8St006 06.3/05.7 1026
RMK:   A very mild morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 16th February 2017

1600z   26009kt 20km RE-SHRA 4Cu010 6Ac080 06.8/05.3 1025
RMK:   The early sun was a bit of a false dawn. The sky
clouded over soon after 0900 and it has remained cloudy
for the remainder of the day. Dry for most of the time
but there’s been a few slight showers since 1500.
Max temp 8.0°.

0900z   24009kt 50+km 1Cu008 3Ac150 05.1/03.9 1026
RMK:   Fine and clear with sunny spells. Cloud is now
starting to increase from the west.
09-09z:   Tx 8.1 (1420z)   Tn 3.8 (0800z)   RR 2.5
15-09z:   Tg +0.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   23005kt 50+km 1Ac150 04.3/03.1 1026
RMK:   A beautiful clear morning but with a cool breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 15th February 2017

1700z   CALM 5000 -RA 3St007 8Sc050 07.3/07.2 1024
RMK:   Another grey and murky day. Fog 1000-1400 with vis down
to 100m at times in early afternoon. Slight drizzle 1200-1400.
There was a short dry spell after the fog lifted then slight
to moderate rain from 1515. Max temp 8.1°.

1300z   18003kt 0120 -DZ FG VV/// 06.9/06.8 1025
RMK:   Fog since about 1000, thickening in the past hour. Drizzle
started around midday.

0900z   16008kt 7000 3St005 7Sc007 06.8/06.7 1026
RMK:   A grey morning with just a glimpse of blue sky.
09-09z:   Tx 6.8 (0900z today)   Tn +1.1 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.3
09-21z:   Tx 5.6 (1505z)      21-09z:   Tn 5.2 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 4.5      00-24z:   Sun 0.6

0630z   17005kt 3000 BR 4St003 8Sc008 05.9/05.8 1026
RMK:   It’s the mildest morning for some time.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 14th February 2017

1630z   07005kt 3000 HZ 8Sc008 04.7/03.5 1024
RMK:   Dull grey and murky for much of the day. The cloud did
break up for a short time in mid-afternoon resulting in
about half an hour of very hazy sunshine. Max temp 5.6°.

0900z   08006kt 2000 BR 8St004 +01.1/+00.6 1023
RMK:   Dull and grey with a raw breeze. Not much hint of
anything milder here yet. The automated forecasts since
right back in the middle of last week have very consistently
predicted that the cold air would stick here until today.
They have done a pretty good job on this.
09-09z:   Tx 6.4 (1455z)   Tn +0.8 (0825z)   RR 0.1
15-09z:   Tg +0.1      00-24z:   Sun 5.6

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 13th February 2017

1600z   07010g21kt 5000 HZ 1Cu008 05.2/03.2 1024
RMK:   The cloud broke up during the morning and the afternoon
has been mostly sunny though it remained very hazy. Despite
the sunshine it wasn’t very springlike due to the raw
ENE wind. Max temp 6.4° but falling quite quickly now under
the clear skies.

1200z   07014g25kt 4000 HZ 4St007 04.8/03.6 1026
RMK:   Breezy and hazy. All lying snow has gone.

0900z   07010g21kt 0800 FG 7St003 +02.1/+02.0 1026
RMK:   Occasional small breaks developing in the cloud sheet
allowing the odd glimpse of blue sky. The snow cover in the
immediate area is down to about 10% and is decreasing fast.
Higher up there’s probably still almost a full cover.
09-09z:   Tx +2.1 (0900z today)   Tn +0.1 (0900z yesterday)   RR 5.0
09-21z:   Tx +0.9 (1905z)      21-09z:   Tn +0.8 (2130z)
15-09z:   Tg +0.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z 07013g27kt 0500 FG 8St002 +01.4/+01.2 1027
RMK: Another murky morning. The wind is still very raw.
There’s less than 50% snow cover in the immediate area.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 12th February 2017

1630z   07017g25kt 0250 -RASN FG VV/// +00.6/+00.5 1025
RMK:  ……and so we come to the end of a particularly
foul day. Moderate snow continued into the early
afternoon then turned to slight sleet. To add to the
joy of the day the fog came down about an hour ago. There’s
4cm of lying snow but it’s just a horrible wet mushy mess.
It’s not very often that we don’t get out for a walk at
some time during the day but today we decided it wasn’t
worth the bother of getting all togged up. Max temp +0.7°.

1200z   08009g24kt 1000 SN 8St004 +00.6/+00.3 1026
RMK:   Moderate snow since about 0930. The temperature has
been creeping up slowly during the morning. There’s a slow
thaw in progress but the rate of accumulation is a bit
higher than the rate of melting. 3cm of lying snow.
Conditions must be very nasty a bit higher up.

0900z   35014g31kt 3000 -SN 8St004 +00.1/-00.4 1026
RMK:   Snow has been mostly very slight since dawn but in
the past 15 minutes it has been getting a bit heavier.
1cm of lying snow. The wind is bitter.
09-09z:   Tx +1.4 (2205z)   Tn 0.0 (0800z)   RR 6.8
09-21z:   Tx +1.3 (1815z)      15-09z:   Tg -0.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   36012g30kt 5000 -SN 8St004 +00.2/-00.3 1027
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain and sleet yesterday evening
probably continued into the early hours with the temp in
the range +1.0° to +1.3°. After 0200 the temperature
started to fall and my best guess is that the rain/sleet
turned to snow between 0400 and 0500. There’s 1cm on
the ground but the falling snow at the moment is very
slight. The wind is perishing.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 11th February 2017

1600Z   01006KT 2500 -rasn 8sT005 +01.2/+00.7 1025
RMK:   Slight to moderate snow till about 1300, heaviest in
late morning. Also a slow thaw. Snow accumulated on the
ground during the heavier bursts then decreased when it
eased off. Since 1300 there’s been a mix of very slight
drizzle, sleet and snow grains. The slow thaw has continued
and there’s now 1cm of very wet snow on the ground.
Max temp +1.2° but it’s still creeping up. Some nasty
looking stuff now moving into the Lincolnshire and
Yorkshire coasts.

0900z   36007kt 2000 -SN 8St005 +00.6/+00.3 1026
RMK:   There’s been slight snow since before dawn. It’s got
a bit heavier in the past half hour and is getting close to
moderate now. There is a very slow thaw but it’s currently
accumulating faster than it’s melting. There’s 2cm of
lying snow.
09-09z:   Tx +1.8 (1430z)   Tn -0.4 (2255z)   RR 3.0
15-09z:   Tg -1.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 10th February 2017

1700z   01003kt 5000 -SG 7Sc010 +00.3/-00.7 1026
RMK:   Slight snow and snow grains for much of the day but
never amounting to much. There were a few cloud breaks in
the afternoon and even a glimpse of the sun. The lying snow
this morning melted by about midday and the ground was
snow-free for much of the afternoon. Over the past hour, as
the temperature dropped, a slight dusting has developed
again on all surfaces. Max temp +1.8°.

0900z   04004kt 7000 -SN 6Sc008 7Sc030 -00.4/-01.2 1026
RMK:   Slight snow for much of the time but not amounting to
anything. Snow is lying on all surfaces but it’s less
than 1cm. It’s a brighter day than yesterday and there’s an
occasional glimpse of a bit of blue sky.
09-09z:   Tx +0.6 (1320z)   Tn -0.8 (0100z)   RR 0.6
15-09z:   Tg -1.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   07003kt 5000 -SN 8Sc008 -00.7/-01.2 1026
RMK:   It’s snowing gently and probably has been on and off
throughout the night. There’s 1cm of lying snow.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 9th February 2017

1630z   07006kt 4000 -SG 4Sc010 8Sc015 -00.3/-01.3 1027
RMK:   Overcast and grey all day. Slight snow and snow grains
from time to time till late morning but never amounting to
anything. It was then dry for a few hours but snow and
snow grains have started again in the past hour. It’s still
only slight but it’s heavier than this morning and there’s
a fresh dusting on the ground. Max temp +0.6 but it fell
below zero as the snow re-started.

0900z   08004kt 8000 -SN 8Sc012 -00.2/-01.1 1030
RMK:   Occasional slight snow. Not amounting to much but there’s
a dusting on all surfaces.
09-09z:   Tx +2.7 (1345z)   Tn -0.3 (0825z)   RR 0.5
15-09z:   Tg -0.7      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   08005kt 7000 -SN 8Sc008 -00.1/-01.0 1030
RMK:   Small flakes of snow are giving a dusting on all
surfaces. There’s also snow grains on the ground but not
falling at present.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 8th February 2017

1600z   09001kt 8000 RE-SG 7Sc008 +02.1/+00.9 1029
RMK:   Slight drizzle for much of the morning, then a dry
spell in the middle of the day. Occasional spells
of slight snow grains in the afternoon but nothing settling.
Max temp +2.7°.

0900z   08005kt 0400 -DZ FG 8St001 +02.3/+02.0 1027
RMK:   The cloud lifted and broke for a while but it has
closed in again during the past hour. Drizzle is very slight.
09-09z:   Tx 7.9 (1315z)   Tn -0.9 (0130z)   RR 0.5
15-09z:   Tg -3.5      00-24z:   Sun 3.7

0630z   07003kt 1500 -SG BR 8St002 +02.4/+02.2 1025
RMK:   Precipitation is very slight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 7th February 2017

1700z   CALM 20km 3Cu012 03.7/02.3 1016
RMK:   After the early fog cleared it was a beautiful day with
broken cloud and sunny periods. There’s some towering Cu to
the north at the moment. It looks like it’s probably showering.
Max temp 7.9°. Falling quickly now.

0900z   23003kt 0500 BCFG 5St002 03.8/03.7 1011
RMK:   The fog is in the process of burning off and we’re
starting to see a little of the sun.
09-09z:   Tx 3.8 (0900z today)   Tn -1.8 (0900z yesterday)   RR 10.0
09-21z:   Tx 3.3 (1540z)      21-09z:   Tn +1.2 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 0.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   18002kt 0150 FG VV/// 03.1/03.0 1010
RMK:   Moderate wet snow yesterday evening resulted in a
slushy covering for a couple of hours. No problem at this
level but the roads higher up must have been quite nasty
for a while. There’s been further rain at times overnight
and possibly some sleet.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 6th February 2017

1630z   16009kt 5000 -RASN 6Sc010 8Sc040 03.1/01.9 1014
RMK:   Fog cleared just after midday. Cloudy but dry for much
of the afternoon. Slight rain started around 1600 and quickly
turned to sleet. The Cat & Fiddle webcam shows that snow
is starting to settle up there. Max temp 3.3° but starting
to fall now that the precipitation has started. As I type
this at 1638 it is down to 2.9° with moderate sleet falling.

1300z   16004kt 2500 REFG 5Ac170 7Ci250 +02.3/+02.1 1017
RMK:   Fog lifted soon after midday.

0900z   CALM 0100 FZFG VV/// -01.8/-02.1 1018
RMK:   Not a nice morning to be on the roads.
09-09z:   Tx 5.1 (1110z)   Tn -3.9 (0615z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -6.4      00-24z:   Sun 2.6

0630z   CALM 0250 FZFG VV/// -03.6/-03.8 1018
RMK:   Moderate hoar frost on grass. Hard surfaces are
largely dry.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 5th February 2017

1600z   31002kt 50km 1Cu015 7Ci250 04.6/01.7 1008
RMK:   The sky gradually clouded over during the morning and
the afternoon was mostly cloudy but dry. Visibility has
been excellent all day and with very little wind it was
a splendid day for a walk. Max temp 5.1

0900z   16001kt 20km 1Sc012 +01.6/+01.3 1001
RMK:   A beautiful sunny morning. There’s a dusting of fresh
snow up at the Cat & Fiddle but nothing in Tideswell, though
there was a shower just after 0100 which was probably sleet.
09-09z:   Tx 7.4 (1355z)   Tn +0.7 (1945z)   RR 0.4
21-09z:   Tn 0.9 (0800z)      15-09z:   Tg -2.4      00-24z:   Sun 6.9

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 4th February 2017

1700z   18002kt 50km 1Sc020 3Ci250 +02.8/+00.8 997
RMK:   It’s been a fine day with only small amounts of cloud
and long spells of sunshine. Excellent visibility
Max temp 7.4 but it’s falling quickly now.

0900z   20002kt 20km 1Sc007 7Ci250 +01.1/+00.8 994
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain yesterday evening turned to
heavy sleet at 2255 as a cold front went through. Slight to
moderate sleet then continued till about 0100. Fine and
sunny this morning with a slight hoar frost on the grass.
Hard surfaces are wet.
09-09z:   Tx 7.8 (1250z)   Tn +0.3 (0830z)   RR 7.9
15-09z:   Tg -1.7      00-24z:   1.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 3rd February 2017

1600z   10009kt 20km -RA 7Sc012 06.7/05.1 990
RMK:   The early sun didn’t last and by 1000 the sky was
overcast. It has stayed overcast since then and there’s
been spits of rain since just before 1500. Max temp 7.8°.

0900z   18005kt 30km 4Sc008 04.1/03.5 994
RMK:   A fine morning with sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 9.2 (1320z)   Tn 3.9 (0820z)   RR 0.8
15-09z:   Tg +2.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   18009kt 30km 3Cu015 5Sc025 04.7/03.8 993
RMK:   A very pleasant morning, the best of the working week.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 2nd February 2017

1630z   16017g35kt 15km 6Sc010 8Sc025 08.9/07.8 988
RMK:   Overcast and breezy all day with slight rain from
time to time. Max temp 9.2°.

0900z   16019g33kt 7000 -RA 7Sc008 08.6/08.1 992
RMK:   Not a very nice morning with the wind strengthening and
with the rain becoming a bit heavier.
09-09z:   Tx 8.8 (0550z)   Tn 6.6 (0900z yesterday)   RR 1.7
09-21z:   Tx 8.2 (1335z)      21-09z:   6.8 (2310z)
15-09z:   Tg 5.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0630z   17019g30kt 5000 -RA 5St003 8Sc012 08.7/08.3 994
RMK:   A mild, breezy morning. Slight rain since about 0330.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 1st February 2017

0900z   16003kt 2000 BR RE-RA 8St005 06.6/06.6 1005
RMK:   Rain died out after 0900.
09-09z:   Tx 6.7 (2355z)   Tn 3.6 (0900z yesterday)   RR 14.1
15-09z:   Tg 4.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   CALM 0800 -RA FG 8St003 05.8/05.8 1006
RMK:   Continuous slight/moderate rain since 1700 yesterday

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 31st January 2017

1600z   17007kt 0150 -DZ FG VV/// 05.8/05.8 1010
RMK:   Thick fog and slight drizzle all day with the occasional
burst of slight rain just for variety. This afternoon the
cloud base was quite sharply defined at about 230m a.s.l.
Max temp 5.8° but it is still creeping up.

0900z   13003kt 0100 -DZ FG VV/// 03.6/03.4 1011
RMK:   Fog came down between 0700 and 0800. It has thickened
during the past half hour. Not a great morning to be on
the roads.
09-09z:   Tx 4.6 (1120z)   Tn 1.9 (0355z)   RR 2.4
15-09z:   Tg 2.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   08003kt 1500 -RADZ BR 8St002 03.2/03.1 1011
RMK:   Slight rain and drizzle for much of the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 30th January 2017

1700z   12008kt 15km 8Sc008 04.1/03.4 1012
RMK:   Fog lifted around 1000. Dry but overcast since then.
Max temp 4.6°.

0900z   CALM 0200 FG RE-DZ VV/// 03.4/03.2 1012
RMK:   Fog since about 0730. It’s thickening at present. Spits
of drizzle now and again.
09-09z:   Tx 3.8 (0120z)   Tn -0.5 (0900z yesterday)   RR 1.8
09-21z:   Tx 3.4 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn 3.2 (0720z)
15-09z:   Tg +2.8      00-24z:   Sun 1.9

0630z   07002kt 1500 -DZ BR 8St002 03.2/03.1 1010
RMK:   A drippy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 29th January 2017

1830z   CALM 0200 -RA FG VV/// +02.9/+02.8 1008
RMK:   Fog came down mid-afternoon. Rain started around 1630.
I drove home from Sheffield just after dark. Thick fog most
of the way. Not at all good on the roads. On the outskirts
of Sheffield earlier in the afternoon I saw one badly
damaged car, probably a casualty of the very icy roads
this morning. Max temp 2.9° so no sign of milder air
here yet.

0900z   CALM 30km 1Ci250 -00.5/-00.9 1012
RMK:   Overnight snow showers have left a slight covering on
grass, roofs and cars. Untreated hard surfaces look wet
but are actually covered in a film of clear ice which
is extremely slippery. It’s quite dangerous for walking.
09-09z:   Tx 5.2 (1325z)   Tn -0.6 (0855z)   RR 4.8
15-09z:   Tg -4.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 28th January 2017

1700z   25010kt 5000 SHRASN 6Cu007 8Sc020 03.1/02.2 1009
RMK:   Fog lifted after 1000 and the rain ceased around 1045
after a weak cold front went through around 1015. Showery
through the afternoon and the latest one is quite heavy with
big blobs of sleet in it. Max temp 5.2° but it’s falling
steadily now.

0900z   18005kt 0500 -RA FG 8St001 03.7/03.7 1005
RMK:   A dreich morning. It’s a good day for indoor tasks 🙂
09-09z:   Tx 3.7 (0900z today)   Tn -3.1 (0900z yesterday)   RR 9.2
09-21z:   Tx +1.2 (1730z)      21-09z:   Tn +1.0 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg +0.9       00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   13003kt 0250 -RA FG 03.1/03.0 1005
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain since about 2015 yesterday

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 27th January 2017

1630z   10001kt 0800 FG 7St003 +01.0/+00.9 1009
RMK:   Fog all day, freezing till early afternoon. Quite a bit
of rime till the middle of the day. I was a little
surprised this afternoon to come across a couple of snow
drift remnants just outside the village, left over from
the snowfall on the 13th. Max temp +1.0 so far but it’s
still creeping up. It might be midwinter but the first
hints of spring are appearing. The first of the early
lambs are in the fields, the first snowdrops are in
bloom and a pair of blue tits have been checking out the
nesting box in our garden.

1300z   16007kt 0800 FG 8St001 +00.2/+00.1 1009
RMK:   Fog is slowly thinning. Trees have a thin covering
of rime.

0900z   08002kt 0100 FZFG VV/// -03.1/-03.3 1010
RMK:   There’s a thin film of rime on many surfaces but
horizontal hard surfaces are mostly dry. Yesterday was the
first 09-09z ‘ice day’ here since 2nd Feb 2015 which had a
max of -0.5°. Yesterday had the lowest 09-09z max since
-2.3° on 21st Dec 2010. In Dec 2010 there was a run of 9
consecutive ice-days from 17th till 25th.
09-09z:   Tx -1.8 (1410z)   Tn -3.6 (0620z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -4.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   09002kt 0100 FZFG VV/// -03.6/-03.8 1011
RMK:   We’ve certainly got the freezing fog this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 26th January 2017

1700z   16007kt 1500 BR 5St004 8Sc012 -01.9/-02.4 1016
RMK:   Very grey and hazy all day with very slight snow from
time to time but this didn’t amount to anything. Apart from
very early this morning we didn’t see any of the freezing
fog that was forecast for today. With only a relatively
light breeze it turned out to be an OK day for a walk.
Max temp -1.8°. Despite the all-day freeze, any water on
untreated hard surfaces has mostly remained liquid. Also,
the soil surface has only half-heartedly frozen a bit.
Presumably the cloud cover has prevented surfaces from
radiating to space and conduction from below has balanced
the effects of contact with the sub-zero air.

1300z   26007kt 2000 -SN HZ 4St005 8Sc020 -01.9/-02.7 1017
RMK:   Very slight snow from time to time. Very hazy.

0900z 15004kt 2000 BR 8St004 -02.1/-02.7 1019
RMK: The fog has lifted into low cloud. Not much of a
breeze yet but what there is is very cutting.
09-09z: Tx 5.7 (1345z) Tn -2.2 (0830z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg -2.2 00-24z: Sun 6.6

0630z   14007kt 0400 -SG FZFG 8St001 -02.1/-02.4 1019
RMK:   The first genuinely bitter morning of the winter.
Very slight snow grains.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 25th January 2017

1630z   18005kt 10km 6St004 02.9/01.9 1024
RMK:   Long spells of sunshine through the day but low
stratus has rolled in from SSE during the past hour.
Max temp 5.7

0900z   23004kt 10km 1St005 3Ci300 +01.8/+01.5 1026
RMK:   The sky clouded over for a while ibu it’s becoming
sunny now.
09-09z:   Tx 6.2 (1310z)   Tn 0.0 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.2
15-09z:   Tg -1.7

0630z   27001kt 15km 1Sc015 3Ci300 +01.7/+01.4 1025
RMK:   A fine morning with a slight hoar frost. Untreated
hard surfaces are icy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 22nd January 2017

0900z   25003kt 5000 -SN HZ 2Sc030 7Sc060 -00.8/-01.6 1025
RMK:   Very slight snow started a few minutes ago. It’s a
grey, hazy, frosty morning.
09-09z:   Tx 2.2 (1855z)   Tn -2.1 (0640z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -4.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 21st January 2017

1630z   09004kt 10km 5St005 8Sc008 +01.9/+01.3 1026
RMK:   Overcast, grey and gloomy all day with a raw breeze.
Max temp 2.0°.

0900z   09007kt 4000 BR 7St004 +01.1/+00.9 1030
RMK:   It’s a snell midwinter wind or, as they say in these
parts, – ‘It’s a bit thin’. After yesterday’s sun it’s
back to the grey overcast sky again today.
09-09z:   Tx 6.5 (1355z)   Tn -0.2 (0205z)   RR 0.1
15-09z:   Tg -3.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 20th January 2017

1630z   07005kt 30km 2Ci300 +02.8/-01.7 1033
RMK:   The cloud slowly broke and dispersed through the
morning with sunny intervals developing. The afternoon
was mostly fine and sunny. Quite a change from recent days.
Max temp 6.5°.

0900z   CALM 1500 BR 6St003 03.0/02.7 1035
RMK:   Some breaks are developing in the cloud with patches
of blue sky appearing. There’s even a risk of some
sunshine later 🙂
09-09z:   Tx 5.7 (1305z)   Tn 2.9 (0840z)   RR 0.2
15-09z:   Tg 2.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   17002kt 0800 FG 8St001 03.9/03.2 1035
RMK:   No drizzle this morning! It looks like the change to
colder, drier air is just starting.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 19th January 2017

1600z   CALM 10km 2St004 8Sc008 05.5/04.8 1036
RMK:   Slight drizzle for much of the morning then a dry
afternoon. No break in the overcast, though. Max temp 5.7°.

0900z   CALM 4000 -DZ BR 4St003 8Sc008 05.4/05.0 1038
RMK:   Very dull and gloomy. The drizzle is very slight.
09-09z:   Tx 6.7 (1355z)   Tn 5.3 (0845z)   RR 0.2
15-09z:   Tg 5.0      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   CALM 2000 -DZ BR 8St003 05.4/05.0 1037
RMK:   This spell of weather is starting to remind me of the
movie ‘Groundhog Day’ 🙂

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 18th January 2017

1600z   VRBL01kt 15km 1St007 8Sc015 06.3/05.4 1037
RMK:   A somewhat better day but it’s all relative. It stayed
dry after the early drizzle ceased but the sky remained
overcast and grey all day to give another sunless day. That
makes 12 sunless days so far this month. There’s still a few
remnant snow drifts along the walls outside the village but
I expect that they’ll be gone by tomorrow. Max temp 6.7.

0900z   31003kt 4000 RE-DZ BR 8St002 05.6/05.4 1037
RMK:   Drizzle ceased after 0800z. There’s a hint of brightness
to the SE.
09-09z:   Tx 5.6 (0520z)   Tn 3.8 (0940z)   RR 1.2
09-21z:   Tx 5.4 (1525z)      21-09z:   Tn 4.7 (2335z)
15-09z:   Tg 4.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   31003kt 2000 -DZ BR 8St002 05.4/05.3 1036
RMK:   A slightly bizarre morning. There’s steady drizzle yet
the moon is clearly visible through the cloud. The light
NW breeze has returned. As a result, it’s a milder morning

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 17th January 2017

1600z   18001kt 0300 -DZ FG 8St001 05.2/05.1 1034
RMK:   Another day of continuous drizzle. Fog for much of the
time as well. Outside the village there’s still snow drift
remnants along some of the walls. Max temp 5.4° so quite a
bit cooler than yesterday.

0900z   18001kt 0600 -DZ FG 8St001 03.9/03.7 1034
RMK:   A very quiet morning – nothing happening. As far as I
can see in the fog, there’s no lying snow left.
09-09z:   Tx 8.1 (1325z)   Tn 3.8 (0845z)   RR 1.4
15-09z:   Tg 3.7      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   CALM 0500 -DZ FG 8St001 03.9/03.8 1033
RMK:   The leading edge of somewhat cooler air reached here
at 1720z yesterday evening as the breeze changed from a
light NW’ly to a light SSE’ly. The temperature has been
easing downwards slowly since then and it’s 3° colder at
present than it was at this time yesterday. The change hasn’t
done anything for the weather, though. It just as grotty this
morning as it was yesterday morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 16th January 2017

1600z   31003kt 1200 -DZ BR 8St002 07.3/07.2 1027
RMK:   A mild, grey day with continuous slight drizzle all day.
There’s still some snow drifts persisting, especially along
the walls. Apart from the drifts all the lying snow has gone.
Max temp 8.1

0900z   28003kt 2000 -DZ BR 8St002 07.0/06.9 1026
RMK:   The cloud base is quite sharply defined, more so than is
usual in such situations.
09-09z:   Tx 7.6 (1515z)   Tn 5.2 (0900z yesterday)   RR 10.8
21-09z:   Tn 6.6 (0350z)      15-09z:   Tg 6.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   29002kt 1500 -DZ BR 8St002 06.8/06.6 1025
RMK:   A dreich morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 15th January 2017

1700z   34005kt 0250 -DZ FG VV/// 07.3/07.0 1022.3
RMK:   Continuous precipitation all day. Through the morning
it was rain fluctuating in intensity from slight to heavy.
In the early afternoon it evolved ito drizzle which has
persisted since then. The fog came down during the past hour.
There’s still some patches of snow in the village but
they’re disappearing fast. Outside the village there’s
drifts along most of the walls. Some of these are still
close on 1 metre deep but most are less than half a metre.
Max temp 7.6

1300z   29009kt 4000 -RA 6St004 8Sc012 07.2/06.9 1021
RMK:   Continuous slight to moderate rain but now just showing signs of easing

0900z   30009kt 3000 +RA 8St004 05.2/04.9 1020
RMK:   Rainfall rate is very variable. Hvy at times during the
past half hour.
09-09z:   Tx 5.2 (0900z today)   Tn +1.0 (2015z)   RR 14.6
09-21z:   Tx 3.2 (1355z)      21-09z:   Tn 1.3 (0140z)
15-09z:   Tg -1.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.9

0630z   28006kt 3000 RA 8St004 03.8/03.5 1021
RMK:  Precipitation since about 2300z. Initially slight but
moderate since about 0330z. The precip probably started as
sleet as the temp was below 1.5° till just before 0200z when
it jumped to 2.5° and has been rising gradually since then.
There’s still a patchy snow cover but it’s much less
than 50% now.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 14th January 2017

1600z   29003kt 30km 1Cu008 6Ac120 +02.2/+01.1 1021
RMK:   Slight sleet/snow till mid-morning then dry with
broken cloud and sunny intervals. 6 cm lying snow with about
75% cover. A slow thaw resumed today. Walking around the
village was difficult this afternoon. Thick slush from
yesterday froze solid overnight and with a thin film of
melt-water on it today it was extremely slippery.
Max temp 3.2

0900z   29006kt 15km -SG 5St007 7Sc015 +01.6/+00.8 1018
RMK:   A real mixed bag this morning. Slight rain and
sleet since about 0500 falling on frozen surfaces so all
untreated hard surfaces have a coating of glaze. It’s
extremely slippery out there. In the past half hour
the precipitation has changed to snow grains. There’s
7 cm of lying snow.
09-09z:   Tx +2.6 (1305z)   Tn -2.5 (2220z)   RR 2.1
15-09z:   Tg -5.3      00-24z:   Sun 4.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 13th January 2017

1600z   30005g21kt 30km 1Sc020 5Ci250 +00.9/-01.6 1013
RMK:   After the excesses of the morning the rest of the day
turned out very pleasant with well-broken cloud and
spells of sunshine. There was a sharp breeze all day.
Max temp 2.6 resulting in a slow thaw for a while but it’s
already freezing again. There’s about 11 cm of lying snow
with drifts to over half a metre.

1300z   31010g27kt 20km 1Sc015 5Ci250 +02.6/+00.3 1011
RMK:   Fine and sunny but with a raw breeze. A slow thaw.

0900z   30013g26kt 10km RE-SN 4Cu008 6Sc015 +00.9/+00.6 1006
RMK:   Snow ceased just after 0800z. The whole event lasted
only a couple of hours but it was pretty severe. There’s
something like 13 cm of lying snow with drifts to around
1 metre outside the village. Some of the fields have been
blown nearly bare but there’s drifts along the walls.
There’s four ‘A’-roads in the area closed and there’ll be
a lot of difficulty on hills on the minor roads.
09-09z:   Tx 2.4 (1110z)   Tn -1.9 (0420z)   RR 13.7
15-09z:   Tg -3.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   31009kt 0150 +SN BLSN VV/// -00.4/-00.9 1003
RMK:   It’s a while since we had it this bad. It’s fortunate
that the wind isn’t stronger. 8 cm lying snow and drifting
a lot. I’m very pleased that I don’t have to be on the
roads this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 12th January 2017

1600z   30003kt 10km RE-SN 6St008 8Sc020 +00.4/-00.1 997
RMK:   Sleet turned to snow soon after 1200z and continued
till about 1530z. Mostly slight but briefly moderate. There’s
only 1 cm of lying snow but it’s just enough to make the
countryside completely white. Max temp 2.4

1200z   25005kt 5000 -RASN 6St006 8Sc018 +02.1/+01.3 1002
RMK:   Continuous slight sleet all morning. The temp has
been fluctuating a couple of tenths either side of +2 but,
so far, it isn’t showing any signs of a downward trend.
Snow is starting to settle at the Cat & Fiddle (515m) and
the road is becoming snow-covered. The A6024 is closed by
drifting snow at Holm Moss (summit 524m). The A57 Snake Pass
(summit 512m) is open but very icy. As expected, the ‘high
impact’ weather is occurring inland, outside of the severe
weather warning area which is confined to areas nearer the
west coast.

0900z   25006kt 10km -RASN 6St007 8Sc020 +01.9/+01.2 1005
RMK:   Slight sleet since about 0730z.
09-09z:   Tx 5.9 (0900z yesterday)   Tn +1.4 (0830z)   RR 2.1
15-09z:   Tg -0.3      00-24z:   Sun 4.6

0630z   26012g25kt 1Sc010 6Ci250 +02.3/+01.1 1006
RMK:   Occasional sleet showers since 2130z yesterday

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 11th January 2017

1600z   29022g44kt 25km 1Cu018 04.1/+00.2 1007
RMK:   Cloudy for a while in the morning with occasional
showers. The cloud then gradually broke and from late
morning onwards there were long sunny spells. Very windy
all day but it was at its peak between 0500z and 0600z.
Had a walk over much more exposed ground above the village
this afternoon. The wind was much stronger up there. We
didn’t go far as progress was very difficult. At times
it was difficult to keep standing. I reckon it was
gusting to 60-70 knots in the more exposed bits.
Max temp 5.9 but it’s on the drop now and, with the wind,
it’s getting a bit nasty out there.

1300z   29023g41kt 25km 1Cu015 05.6/01.8 1006
RMK:   Increasingly sunny but it remains very windy.

0900z   30028g43kt 20km RE-SHRA 2Cu010 05.9/03.4 1003
RMK:   Occasional slight rain showers since 0815z. Frequent
gusts over 40 knots. A few sunny intervals. That’s the
first sun since last Thursday.
09-09z:   Tx 9.1 (0410z)   Tn 5.3 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.6
09-21z:   Tx 7.2 (1815z)      21-09z:   Tn 5.8 (0855z)
15-09z:   Tg 4.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   28025g41kt 20km 2Ci300 06.7/05.0 1001
RMK:   A wild, windy morning. Max gust so far is 49 knots
just after 0500z. We are relatively sheltered in this wind
direction so I suspect that in more exposed parts it’s
likely to be up to at least gale force and quite likely
severe gale force. Not a good morning for high-sided

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 10th January 2017

1600z   25005kt 4000 RE-DZ 8St005 06.6/06.1 1009
RMK:   Cloudy and grey all day with spells of slight rain
and drizzle. Another sunless day, which makes it 5 on the
trot. Max temp 6.6 so far but it’s still going up.

1300z   29007g22kt 15km 5Sc008 5Ac070 05.8/04.8 1008
RMK:   Cloudy through the morning with occasional spits of rain.

0900z   31009kt 15km RE-RA 7St007 05.3/04.7 1008
RMK:   Rain died out after 0800z.
09-09z:   Tx 7.2 (1220z)   Tn 3.2 (2310z)   RR 13.6
15-09z:   Tg +1.8      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   31014g26kt 5000 -RA 5St005 8Sc015 05.1/04.5 1006
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain throughout the night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 9th January 2017

2000z   27007kt 20km -SHRA 4Cu008 7Sc020 03.7/02.5 1009
RMK:   Occasional slight showers.

1700z   27009kt 20km 1Sc020 03.8/02.9 1009
RMK:   Cold front went through at about 1245z. Rain ceased
around 1400z. Cloud has gradually broken since then.
Max temp 7.2

1200z   30009g22kt 5000 RA 4St007 8Sc012 05.5/04.8 1011
RMK:   Slight/mod rain since 0900z. Cold front at about 1245z with
a brief burst of heavy rain.

0900z   21009kt 5000 +RA 4St007 8Sc015 06.7/06.1 1016
RMK:   Slight rain started around 0715z. Mod/hvy since
about 0830z.
09-09z:   Tx 7.8 (0525z)   Tn 4.0 (2100z)   RR 1.9
09-21z:   Tx 7.6 (1325z)      15-09z:   Tg 0.0      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   23009g24kt 10km 4St005 8Sc018 07.6/07.0 1018
RMK:   A mild, breezy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 8th January 2017

2000z   CALM 10km 1St005 4Sc018 05.8/05.4 1029
RMK:   Cloud gradually breaking up.

1630z   23001kt 7000 4St005 7Sc012 06.9/06.7 1030
RMK:   Very dull with a low overcast and spells of slight
drizzle for most of the day. The drizzle ceased around
1500z and the cloud has lifted a bit since then with a few
small breaks developing. No sunshine, though. That’s
three sunless days on the trot. Max temp 7.6

1200z   CALM 3000 -DZ BR 4St003 8St005 06.8/06.7 1032
RMK:   A dank day. Slight drizzle for much of the time.

0900z   CALM 2500 BR 5St002 8St004 05.3/05.2 1032
RMK:   Very still and very damp.
09-09z:   Tx 8.6 (1340z)   Tn 3.2 (0515z)   RR 1.0
15-09z:   Tg +0.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   CALM 3000 -DZ BR 3St002 8St004 04.2/03.9 1031
RMK:   A dank, drippy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 7th January 2017

2000z   26001kt 5000 -DZ BR 4St002 8St005 07.2/06.9 1031
RMK:   The clag and drizzle goes on. The moon is visible through the cloud.

1600z   33003kt 5000 -DZ BR 2St002 7St004 08.0/07.7 1031
RMK:   Dull and grey with a low overcast all day. Slight
drizzle for much of the time. Although it has been a bit
misty the cloud base has been above us all day so we’ve
escaped the fog. It’s been pretty thick higher up, though.
Max temp 8.6°.

0900z   CALM 4000 -DZ BR 3St002 8St005 07.3/07.2 1031
RMK:   A very mild, dank morning. The drizzle is very slight.
09-09z:   Tx 7.7 (0100z)   Tn 1.7 (1025z)   RR 2.1
09-21z:   Tx 4.8 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn 4.8 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 3.1      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 6th January 2017

1600z   18002kt 2500 -RA BR 1St003 4St005 8Sc020 03.3/02.9 1031
RMK:   Slight rain since just after 1000z. It hs become very
misty since midday. The Cat & Fiddle webcam is showing
thick fog up there. Max temp 3.3 so far. The ground is still
frozen hard.

1200z   18003kt 3000 -RA BR 1St003 5St005 8Sc020 02.5/01.9 1032
RMK:   Slight rain started soon after 1000.

0900z   19004kt 20km 2Sc020 8Sc030 +01.9/+00.6 1034
RMK:   Cloud is lowering. Still some frost on grass and
untreated hard surfaces.
09-09z:   Tx 4.7 (1350z)   Tn -3.2 (0905z)   RR nil
21-09z:   Tn -1.6 (2100z)      15-09z:   Tg -5.3      00-24z:   Sun 5.9

0630z 21003kt 30km 2Sc020 7Sc050 +01.5/+00.2 1034
RMK: There’s a slight frost on the grass and on untreated
hard surfaces.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 5th January 2017

2000z   CALM 50km 7Ci250 -02.2/-02.9 1035
RMK:   High cloud thickening.

1600z   16001kt 50km 6Ci300 +00.9/-01.0 1035
RMK:   It has been a beautiful sunny day with hardly a
breath of wind. Frost/ice have persisted all day where
the sun didn’t get at them. The max temp was 4.7° but it’s
falling quickly now and frost/ice is re-forming where it
had melted earlier in the day. Persistent contrails all day.

1300z   16001kt 50+km 2Ci300 04.1/+00.9 1035
RMK:   A beautiful clear sunny day. Persistent contrails.

0900z   CALM 30km 3Ci300 -03.1/-03.9 1034
RMK:   A fine sunny morning. The cirrus has its origins in
persistent contrails.
09-09z:   Tx 5.3 (1045z)   Tn -3.6 (0825z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -6.1      00-24z:   Sun 3.5

0630z   04001kt 50km 3Ci300 -02.2/-03.4 1033
RMK:   A fine crisp clear morning. Numerous persistent
contrails. There’s a slight hoar frost on the grass but
hard surfaces are largely dry.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 4th January 2017

2000z   CALM 20km 7Sc025 +00.7/-02.2 1029
RMK:   It has clouded over since dark. Still frosty on the grass.

1630z   31002kt 30+km 1Sc025 +01.4/-01.5 1028
RMK:   The cloud slowly dispersed through the morning and
the afternoon has been fine and sunny. Max temp 5.3° but
it’s falling quickly now. There’s already a frost on the
grass but, thanks to the relatively dry air this
afternoon, hard surfaces are largely dry.

1300z   36005kt 30+km 1Sc020 04.3/+00.2 1026
RMK:   The cloud gradually dispersed through the morning.
It’s fine and sunny now.

0900z   35003kt 15km 4Cu005 6Sc015 04.7/03.9 1024
RMK:   Rain ceased by 0730z.
09-09z:   Tx 5.7 (0625z)   Tn 3.7 (0900z yesterday)   RR 3.3
09-21z:   Tx 4.7 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn 4.6 (0850z)
15-09z:   Tg 2.3      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   33005kt 7000 -RA 6Sc007 05.6/05.2 1023
RMK:   Slight rain on and off throughout the night. It’s
much less windy than yesterday.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 3rd January 2017

1600z   30017g33kt 8000 -DZ 8Sc005 04.2/03.6 1022
RMK:   Cloud base gradually lowered through the morning but
it remained dry. Slight drizzle started around 1330 and has
continued since then. Roads above about 400m have been
affected by hill fog this afternoon. There’s been a cold,
gusty WNW wind all day and with a max temp of only 4.6° it
hasn’t been a very pleasant day.

1300z   30017g31kt 15km 7Sc005 04.4/03.7 1023
RMK:   Cloud steadily lowering.

0900z   29019g33kt 20km 3Sc007 7Ci250 03.7/02.5 1025
RMK:   Cold and windy. Very different from yesterday’s very
pleasant light winds and sunshine.
09-09z:   Tx 3.7 (0900z today)   Tn -0.9 (2310z)   RR 0.2
09-21z:   Tx 1.7 (1340z)      15-09z:   Tg -3.0      00-24z:   Sun 5.9

0630z   29017g26kt 20km 1Sc020 6Ci250 03.3/02.4 1026
RMK:   Starry skies but a freshening cold gusty wind.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 2nd January 2017

1600z   28002kt 30+km SKC +00.4/-01.1 1030
RMK:   It’s been a beautiful crisp sunny day. Max temp +1.7°.

0900z   27003kt 50+km 1Ci250 -00.9/-01.9 1031
RMK:   Clear and sunny. Untreated hard surfaces are very icy.
09-09z:   Tx 2.7 (1340z)   Tn -1.0 (0825z)   RR 2.4
15-09z:   Tg -3.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   34004kt 50+km SKC +00.2/-00.9 1030
RMK:   A gorgeous clear frosty morning. Hard surfaces are icy
and there’s a slight dusting of snow from overnight showers.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 1st January 2017

1600z   36009kt 30+km 2Sc010 4Ci250 +01.7/+00.4 1020
RMK:   Rain turned to slight sleet around 1000z then back to
rain around 1200z before dying out about 1300z. The
afternoon was mostly cloudy then the low cloud dispersed
just as the sun was going down. The snowline was at about
500 metres this afternoon. Max temp 2.7° and with a gusty
N’y wind it was certainly a day for being well wrapped up.

0900z   36011g21kt 8000 -RA 4St005 8Sc020 02.7/02.1 1016
RMK:   Happy New Year to all! A change of year and a change
of weather. Slight to moderate rain since about 0215z. Cold
front went through just before 0600z with a 2 deg temperature
drop and the onset of a blustery northerly wind.
09-09z:   Tx 8.4 (1300z)   Tn 2.7 (0900Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 21st January 2017

0900z 09007kt 4000 BR 7St004 +01.1/+00.9 1030
RMK: It’s a snell midwinter wind or, as they say in these
parts, – ‘It’s a bit thin’. After yesterday’s sun it’s
back to the grey overcast sky again today.
09-09z: Tx 6.5 (1355z) Tn -0.2 (0205z) RR 0.1
15-09z: Tg -3.1 00-24z: Sun nil

1630z 09004kt 10km 5St005 8Sc008 +01.9/+01.3 1026
RMK: Overcast, grey and gloomy all day with a raw breeze.
Max temp 2.0°.