Obs 2018 – (5) May

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Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 22nd May 2018

0900z 34011g24kt 15km 1Cu015 3Ci250 12.7/08.6 1019
RMK: Fine and sunny. The cirrus is dispersing. Had a
quick trip over to Sheffield this morning. It’s overcast
and grey there – very different to what we have here.
09-09z: Tx 23.6 (1505z) Tn 9.1 (0125z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 6.8 00-24Z: Sun 8.8

0530z 35003kt 15km 1Cu010 6Ci250 09.9/07.8 1017
RMK: The sun is shining weakly through the cirrus.
It’s a bit hazy again this morning. There were some
pretty hefty looking Cu around yesterday afternoon but
it didn’t come to anything. All the activity was to
the west of here.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 21st May 2018

0900z 14004kt 15km SKC 18.1/09.5 1018
RMK: Fine and sunny but still a bit hazy. This is
plenty warm enough for me.
09-09z: Tx 23.8 (1545z) Tn 6.7 (0435z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 4.7

0530z CALM 15km SKC 07.8/06.8 1018
RMK: Fine and sunny but with a slight haze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 17th May 2018

0900z 07009kt 30km 1Cu030 6Ci250 10.9/03.2 1029
RMK: The sun is shining strongly through the cirrus.
09-09z: Tx 13.2 (1450z) Tn 3.6 (0420z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg +2.0 00-24z: Sun 1.2

0530z 34005kt 30km 2St007 04.2/03.1 1029
RMK: Fine and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 16th May 2018

0900z 34011g22kt 30km 7Sc010 09.3/06.8 1027
RMK: A grey and overcast morning but we’ve missed the
rain so far. The breeze has quite an edge to it. The
past 11 days have produced a total of 93.4 hours of
sunshine. That’s only 5 hours short of the total for
the whole of March and April combined.
09-09z: Tx 20.2 (1345z) Tn 8.9 (0645z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 6.9 00-24z: Sun 11.4

0530z 34009g22kt 30km 2Cu010 5Sc025 7Sc050 09.3/07.4 1005
RMK: A grey, cool morning with a freshening breeze.
A weak cold front went through at about 0345z. There’s
been no rain so far.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 14th May 2018

0900z 30005kt 50km 1Ci250 13.1/06.7 1022
RMK: Fine and sunny. Cirrus edge far to SE.
09-09z: Tx 16.7 (1640z) Tn +2.0 (0410z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg +0.5 00-24z: Sun 7.8

0530z 29003kt 50km SKC 04.8/02.7 1021
RMK: Fine and sunny.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 13th May 2018

1600z 29007kt 50km 1Cu040 3Ci250 15.6/05.8 1016
RMK: A dry day. Increasingly sunny since late morning.
Max temp 16.3°.

0900z 31005kt 30km 1Cu015 7Ci250 10.9/08.3 1013
RMK: Thick high cloud is limiting the amount of sunshine.
09-09z: Tx 15.9 (1350z) Tn 6.2 (0505z) RR 2.3
18-09z: Tg 5.1 00-24z: Sun 1.7

0530z CALM 15km 4St005 7Ci250 06.6/06.8 1012
RMK: A bright morning but no sunshine yet.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 11th May 2018

0900z 16014g22kt 30km 1Cu025 6As170 8Ci250 10.7/05.2 1014
RMK: A brightish morning but the middle/high cloud is steadily
thickening. No sunshine so far.
09-09z: Tx 14.5 (1520z) Tn 3.2 (0405z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg +2.3 00-24z: Sun 7.3

0530z 31001kt 20km 3Ac180 7Ci250 05.2/04.0 1016
RMK: A dry, bright morning but the thick upper cloud has
prevented any sunshine so far.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 10th May 2018

1600z 29006kt 30km 3Cu030 14.4/06.0 1016
RMK: A dry day. Mostly cloudy during the morning with only
a few sunny intervals. Increasingly sunny during the afternoon
as the cloud became more broken. Max temp 14.5°.

0900z 28007kt 25km 7Cu015 09.4/06.2 1012
RMK: Dry but mostly cloudy so far this morning with only
a few sunny intervals. Very refreshing to have a coolish breeze.
09-09z: Tx 16.3 (1100z) Tn 6.0 (0515z) RR 4.2
18-09z: Tg 4.7 00-24z: Sun 5.4

0530z 30005kt 15km 6Cu007 06.1/05.0 1009
RMK: A pleasant fresh morning. Yesterday evening there was
rain from about 1700z. It was moderate at times from 2200z
then died out soon after a cold front went through at
about 0040z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 8th May 2018

1900z 29002kt 20km 6Cu008 12.3/10.7 1008
RMK: It was sunny and hot this morning. It then clouded over
in early afternoon. Slight rain started just before 1500z and
continued till around 1700z but it never amounted to much. It’s
been dry but mostly cloudy since 1700z. Max temp 21.7° just
before it clouded over in early afternoon. It’s now back down
to much more comfortable levels. Nice to have the Atlantic air
back! The sunshine total here for the 3-day holiday weekend
was 37.5 hours. That’s almost as much as the 38.2 hours we
managed during the whole of March! I haven’t had a chance to
check but I suspect that 37.5 hours may be the highest
3-day sunshine total in any month in the 10 years that I have
been here.

0900z 20006kt 15km SKC 18.4/12.7 1008
RMK: There was some broken Cu 0700-0800 but that has all gone
now. It feels very warm and muggy.
09-09z: Tx 25.9 (1515z) Tn 9.4 (0455z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 8.6 00-24z: Sun 12.5

0530z CALM 8000 HZ SKC 10.2/09.5 1008
RMK: Another sunny morning but hazier and muggier than recent
mornings. The temperature is the highest at this time of day
since 22nd April.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 7th May 2018

1600z 16009kt 20km 1Cu045 25.7/13.8 1015
RMK: A hot, sunny day with only a few scraps of Cu.
Max temp 25.9°. That’s the hottest of the year so far but
it’s not exceptional for May. In the past 10 years there were
higher May temperatures in 2017 (27.4°), 2012 (28.3°) and
2010 (27.7°).

0900z 15004kt 20km 1Ci250 20.2/13.6 1019
RMK: Sunny and hot. It’s exactly 1° higher than at the same
time yesterday. I have a day of report typing today. Not a
bad activity on a day like this.
09-09z: Tx 24.6 (15345) Tn 7.1 (0450z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 5.9 00-24z: Sun 12.6

0530z CALM 15km SKC 07.9/07.0 1019
RMK: Sunny again but a bit more hazy than recent mornings.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 6th May 2018

1600z 18006kt 20km SKC 24.3/11.9 1019
RMK: A hot and sunny day with only occasional scraps of
shallow Cu. Max temp 24.6 but at least the RH has been
below 50% for most of the afternoon.

0900z 09003kt 20km 1Cu025 19.2/13.4 1024
RMK: Hot and sunny. There’s just one solitary scrap of
shallow Cu to NNE. The temp is 4.6° higher than it was at
this time yesterday. It didn’t reach 19.2° yesterday until 1225z.
09-09z: Tx 22.9 (1640z) Tn 7.1 (0450z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 6.1 00-24z: Sun 12.4

0530z CALM 20km SKC 07.9/07.4 1024
RMK: Despite the temperature, the sun feels hot already and
without even a breath of a breeze it seems inevitable that
we’re in for a very nasty hot day.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 5th May 2018

1600z 19004kt 30km 1Cu035 22,7/13.6 1024
RMK: Long sunny spells throughout the day with only small
amounts of shallow Cu. Max temp 22.8° which is well above my
comfort zone. I’m looking forward to the cooler conditions
returning in the middle of next week.

0900z 17008kt 30km 2Cu018 14.6/11.7 1025
RMK: Cu started bubbling up around 0800z but the vertical
development is very limited.
09-09z: Tx 16.1 (1705z) Tn 6.3 (0110z) RR trace
18-09z: Tg 3.9 00-24z: Sun 1.3

0530z 25002kt 30km 1Ci250 07.3/06.8 1025
RMK: Fine and sunny with a deep blue sky.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 4th May 2018

1700z 18003kt 30km 6Sc030 15.9/11.5 1023
RMK: It turned out to be cloudy all morning with a little
drizzle between 0930z and 1000z. There were some breaks in
the cloud in the afternoon, bringing a few short sunny intervals.
Max temp 15.9° so far but it’s still edging up.

0900z 23004kt 20km 7Cu007 11.8/10.0 1022
RMK: Stratus is bubbling up into Cu now but no significant
breaks yet.
09-09z: Tx 13.6 (1300z) Tn 8.1 (0420z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 7.4 00-24z: Sun 2.2

0530z 18001kt 10km 2St002 7St004 08.3/07.5 1020
RMK: A grey morning but there are a few chinks of blue sky.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 3rd May 2018

1900z 21004kt 30km 1Sc040 6Ac100 10.1/06.0 1018
RMK: A dry day but mostly cloudy after some early sunny periods.
Max temp 13.6°.

0900z 27008kt 30km 1Cu015 3Ac180 7Ci250 08.2/05.1 1017
RMK: Rather cloudy but with occasional sunny intervals. A cool
09-09z: Tx 10.8 (1455z) Tn 3.9 (0125z) RR 1.5
18-09z: Tg 1.6 00-24z: Sun 3.3

0530z 27002kt 20km 5Cu010 7Ci250 05.1/04.2 1016
RMK: Sunny intervals developing.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 2nd May 2018

1600z 30011g21kt 30km 5Sc025 10.2/03.9 1005
RMK: Rain ceased soon after 1000z. Dry, with broken cloud and
sunny periods, since then. Max temp 10.8°.

0900z 30006kt 5000 RA 6St005 8Ns015 06.9/06.4 998
RMK: Moderate to heavy rain since 0530z with max rate 20 mm/hr
on cold front at 0810z.
09-09z: Tx 13.2 (1405z) Tn 6.1 (0200z) RR 14.9
18-09z: Tg 5.6 00-24z: Sun 5.6

0530z 17017g29kt 3000 RA 6St005 8Ns015 06.7/06.3 997
RMK: A foul wet and windy morning. There’s been slight to
moderate rain since about 2200z yesterday evening.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 1st May 2018

1600z 17009kt 50km 3Cu030 3Ac150 7Ci250 11.8/04.0 1004
RMK: A day of broken cloud and sunny spells after a sunny start.
Middle and high cloud is now thickening. Max temp 13.2°.

0900z 25009kt 50km 1Cu015/7Sc050 09.1/05.8 1007
RMK: After the sunny start the sky has clouded over from the
west during the past hour.
09-09z: Tx 9.5 (1530z) Tn +0.6 (2305z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg -1.0 00-24z: Sun 1.1

0530z 29003kt 50km 1Ci250 +01.8/+00.9 1008
RMK: A fine, sunny morning with excellent visibility.