Obs 2018 – (4) April

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Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 30th April 2018

1600z 35007g21kt 50km 1Cu030 5As170 7Ci250 08.6/+00.8 1008
RMK: The middle cloud is slowly thinning and the wind easing.
For much of the day the sun has been visible through the middle
cloud but there has been no actual sunshine. Max temp 9.5°.

1200z 01013g26kt 50km 2Cu025 8As170 07.9/01.3 1009
RMK: A cold wind. The sun is still visible through the As but it
is very weak and not strong enough to register on the
sunshine recorder.

0900z 36016g26kt 30km 4Sc015 8As180 05.7/02.1 1009
RMK: The sun is visible through the As. There’s a biting wind,
making it feel very much like winter.
09-09z: Tx 9.1 (1400z) Tn +2.3 (0210z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg +0.1 00-24z: Sun 0.8

0530z 36009g22kt 30km 1Cu008 3Ac120 8As180 02.8/01.0 1010
RMK: A grey, cold, breezy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 29th April 2018

1600z 35006kt 50km 1Cu018 7Sc030 07.7/02.5 1014
RMK: Dry since 0900z but mostly cloudy. Only a few brief
glimpses of the sun. Max temp 9.1°.

0900z 35009kt 30km 4Cu015 7Sc030 06.4/03.6 1015
RMK: Rain ceased before 0800z. Cu now building strongly.
09-09z: Tx 8.3 (1340z) Tn +1.8 (2240z) RR 0.7
18-09z: Tg 0.0 00-24z: Sun nil

0530z 36003kt 15km -RA 5Cu007 7Sc025 03.9/03.1 1015
RMK: Rain is very slight. Hard surfaces are completely dry
so the rain has probably just started.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 28th April 2018

1630z 04005kt 15km -RA 5Cu010 7Sc025 07.3/05.1 1013
RMK: Cloudy all day and quite dark at times. Dry during the
morning then a little rain now and again in the afternoon but
this didn’t amount to much. Max temp 8.3°.

0900z 36006kt 20km 5Cu007 5Sc025 05.4/04.0 1012
RMK: Some very dark-looking clouds. It feels like we’ve moved
back to winter again.
09-09z: Tx 6.3 (1635z) Tn 4.1 (0500z) RR 7.3
18-09z: Tg 3.5 00-24z: Sun nil

0530z 35006kt 15km 2St007 7Sc015 04.2/03.1 1010
RMK: A grey, cloudy morning after a dry night. There’s a cool

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 27th April 2018

1600z 07005kt 15km RERA 5Sc006 8As100 06.0/05.1 1007
RMK: Slight to moderate rain for much of the day. It died out
between 1530z and 1545z. Max temp 6.2°.

0900z 36002kt 10km -RA 3St006 5Sc040 8Ac100 06.1/05.1 1009
RMK: Slight rain started around 0730z.
09-09z: Tx 10.8 (1335z) Tn +2.6 (0235z) RR 3.7
18-09z: Tg +1.3 00-24z: Sun 1.3

0530z CALM 20km 2Sc050 4Ac120 8As180 03.1/02.5 1009
RMK: A quiet morning with thickening middle cloud.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 26th April 2018

1600z 24004kt 15km RE-SHRA 2Cu010 6Sc025 07.8/05.8 1013
RMK: A mostly cloudy day with a few sunny intervals and fairly
frequent showers of rain and hail. Nothing particularly heavy
or long-lasting but enough to put a few mm in the rain gauge.
Max temp 10.8°.

0900z 25008kt 15km -SHRA 1Cb012 5Cu017 07.2/04.5 1012
RMK: Showers have started within the past half hour.
09-09z: Tx 11.3 (1445z) Tn 5.2 (2250z) RR 4.0
18-09z: Tg 3.1 00-24z: Sun 2.0

0530z 25009kt 30km 2Cu0010 7Sc025 05.3/03.8 1011
RMK: Another cloudy morning with a cool breeze. Again, the sky
has a showery look.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 25th April 2018

1600z 26008kt 15km -SHRA 2Cb012 3Cu015 5Sc030 09.8/07.3 1008
RMK: Showers got going soon after 1000z and have been frequent
through the afternoon, briefly mod/hvy with max rate 30 mm/hr.
A hail shower approx 1310-1315z brought the temperature down to
just below 7° for a short time. Some very impressive Cb anvils
this afternoon. Max temp 11.3°.

0900z 24006kt 20km RE-SHRA 5Cu010 4SC030 07.3/05.9 1009
RMK: A cloudy morning. We had the first shower of the day a few
minutes ago.
09-09z: Tx 10.8 (1115z) Tn 5.4 (0020z) RR 11.9
18-09z: Tg 4.2 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0530z 28005kt 30km 4Cu008 6Sc030 06.2/05.3 1008
RMK: A cloudy morning. Dry so far but it looks potentially

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 23rd April 2018

1600z 20008kt 30km 4Sc040 8Ac070 11.7/07.2 1011
RMK: A mostly cloudy day but dry, with a few sunny intervals
in the middle of the day. Max temp 12.6°.

1200z 21009kt 30km 4Cu020 7Ci300 12.1/07.2 1013
RMK: Occasional sunny spells developing.

0900z 26007kt 30km 6Cu015 08.4/05.8 1013
RMK: A dry, cloudy morning so far.
09-09z: Tx 15.4 (1325z) Tn 7.5 (0635z) RR 2.2
18-09z: Tg 5.9 00-24z: Sun 3.2

0530z 25006kt 25km 5Cu010 7Sc020 07.6/05.5 1011
RMK: A grey morning with a coolish breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 22nd April 2018

0900z 25009kt 20km 2Cu015 6Ac100 14.8/12.0 1007
RMK: Cloud thickening quickly.
09-09z: Tx 20.7 (1435z) Tn 12.1 (0900z yesterday) RR 0.4
21-09z: Tn 12.3 (0545z) 18-09z: Tg 9.8 00-24z: Sun 4.8

0530z 16010kt 25km 1Ac180 5Ci300 12.4/10.5 1007
RMK: A fine, clear, sunny morning. There was a very brief
moderate shower just before 2125z yesterday evening. It lasted
no more than 10-15 seconds. Apart from that we had nothing and
I didn’t see any distant lightning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 20th April 2018

1600z 29007kt 30km SKC 17.3/08.1 1023
RMK: It remained rather cloudy till around midday with only
occasional sunny intervals. Through the afternoon the
cloud gradually dispersed and it has become increasingly
sunny. We now have wall-to-wall blue sky, deep blue overhead
and a little bit hazy-looking around the horizon. Max
temp 17.6° so, at least for me, it’s been a very much more
pleasant day than the excessive heat of yesterday.

0900z 28007kt 10km 6St007 11.4/9.9 1023
RMK: The fog lifted around 0630z but the stratus is proving to
be much more stubborn. The base has slowly risen but it has
broken only sufficiently to allow a few brief sunny intervals.
It’s a much cooler morning than yesterday with today’s 0900z
temperature being 7.0° lower than yesterday’s.
09-09z: Tx 25.1 (1505z) Tn 8.7 (0525z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 7.5 00-24z: Sun 11.9

0530z 29005kt 0300 FG 8St001 08.7/08.3 1022
RMK: A much cooler feel than yesterday morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 19th April 2018

1700z 22002kt 25km 2Ci300 23.8/11.8 1022
RMK: A fine evening after a hot, sunny day. It’s been well
outside of my comfort zone. With a max temp of 25.1° it’s
been, by some margin, the hottest April day in the 10 years
that we have been here. The previous highest was 21.9° in
2015 and in 2011, both on the 23rd.

0530z 18005kt 20km 5Ci300 10.0/08.9 1022
RMK: A fine, clear morning. Looks like being a very hot one.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 18th April 2018

1600z 16014g24kt 20km 1Cu030 6Ci250 20.1/12.5 1024
RMK: It remained mostly cloudy till the middle of the day. The
cloud then slowly broke up and dispersed and it has become
increasingly sunny. A very warm and muggy afternoon with
a max temp of 20.8°. That’s the first time we have reached 20°
this year.

0900z 18010kt 15km 7Sc008 13.4/12.2 1025
RMK: A few small holes in the cloud sheet but no sunshine yet.
It’s feeling quite muggy. The snails and slugs are loving it.
09-09z: Tx 13.4 (0900z today) Tn 9.7 (1055z) RR 0.5
09-21z: Tx 11.6 (1535z) 21-09z: Tn 11.1 (0145z)
18-09z: Tg 10.3 00-24: Sun nil

0530z 16006kt 10km 7Sc005 11.9/11.3 1023
RMK: A grey morning but feeling very mild.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 17th April 2018

1600z 17012kt 10km -RADZ 7Sc006 11.3/10.7 1015
RMK: Overcast and grey all day. Occasional slight rain and
drizzle since about 1000z but never amounting to much.
Max temp 11.6°.

0900z 17019g30kt 15km 5Sc015 8Ac100 10.7/07.5 1013
RMK: A dry morning but with a leaden sky.
09-09z: Tx 10.7 (1600z) Tn 7.8 (0310z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 5.5

0530z 16014g27kt 15km 6Sc015 8Ac100 08.4/06.7 1011
RMK: A grey, breezy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 12th April 2018

0530z 36008kt 0250 -DZ FG VV/// 04.1/03.9 1007
RMK: ….And so it goes on, and on, and on……Will we ever
see the sun again?

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 11th April 2018

1600z 01007kt 0150 -DZ FG VV/// 05.4/05.2 1009
RMK: Drizzle and fog all day. The vis improved to 400m for a
time in early afternoon but it’s as thick as ever now with vis
down to 100m at times. With a max temp of 5.4° and a gusty
breeze it has felt decidedly raw. It’s one of the nastiest
faces of spring. There’s even some snowdrops still in bloom,
adding to the February feel and look. I still don’t understand
why fog as thick as this doesn’t trigger a severe weather
warning. Fog is fog, no matter what the mechanism is for
its formation. Attempting to drive at 60 m.p.h. on the main
roads through the area at present would be foolhardy.

0900z 01009g29kt 0250 -DZ FG VV/// 04.5/04.4 1009
RMK: A thoroughly unpleasant, raw morning. There was some
slight rain mixed in with the drizzle 0715-0745z but it’s back
to drizzle only again. It looks like progressively colder
air has been advecting in during the morning. The temp was
6.9° at 0145z It then fell steadily to 6.0° at 0400z then
flat-lined at 6.0° till 0515z. After that it fell quite quickly
to 5.0° to 0620z then more slowly to the present value of 4.5°.
09-09z: Tx 6.9 (0145z) Tn 4.5 (0900z today) RR 0.6
09-21z: Tx 6.5 (1715z) 18-09z: Tg 4.6 00-24z: nil

0530z 07009g22kt 0300 -DZ FG VV/// 05.8/05.6 1009
RMK: A very drippy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 10th April 2018

1600z 06005kt 0300 -DZ FG VV/// 06.3/06.1 1005
RMK: The perfect activity today would have been to curl up
in front of a log fire with a good book. I spent the day in
front of a computer screen, which was probably a good
second-best! The rain ceased by 1000z but was immediately
replaced by slight drizzle. At the same time, the cloud base
lowered to ground level. We’ve been in fog ever since with
the vis mostly in the range 200-400m. There’s been slight
drizzle for much of the time and a decidedly raw breeze
which was gusting 25-30 knots 0800-1100z. Max temp only 6.4°.

0900z 34009g25kt 4000 -RA 7St004 04.9/04.5 1002
RMK: The rain is slowly easing but it remains gloomy, bleak
and raw. The statistics show just how dull and wet it has
been in recent weeks. With 30% of April gone we have already
had 107% of the average rainfall for the whole month but
only 16% of the average sunshine for the whole month. 43% of
spring has now elapsed. In that period the rainfall total
is 93% of the average for the whole of spring while the
sunshine total is only 18% of the average for the whole of
spring. Dull and wet sums up the first half of spring very
well. It has also been cold.
09-09z: Tx 12.2 (1135z) Tn 4.9 (0605z) RR 15.3
18-09z: Tg 4.7 00-24z: Sun 5.1

0530z 35007kt 5000 RA 7St004 05.0/04.6 1002
RMK: The long wet spell continues. There’s been continuous
slight to moderate rain since about 1530z yesterday. It’s
bleak and raw this morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 9th April 2018

1600z 09007kt 10km -RA 4Sc012 8Ac100 09.0/07.0 1005
RMK: Sunny spells till early afternoon. It then clouded over
and slight rain started around 1530z. Max temp 12.2°.

0900z 13002kt 10km 2Cu012 3Ci250 08.2/07.6 1009
RMK: Fog burned off by 0730z. Cu is now starting to bubble up.
09-09z: Tx 12.6 (1335z) Tn +0.1 (0625z) RR Nil
18-09z: Tg -1.9 00-24z: Sun nil

0530z CALM 0300 FG 1Ac150 3Ci250 +00.3/-00.3 1010
RMK: Unusually for here, the fog is radiation fog. It has
formed during the past half hour.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 8th April 2018

1600z 06004kt 30km 3Cu015 3Sc035 7Ac120 10.7/06.9 1008
RMK: A cloudy day and rather grey for much of the time. It’s
currently looking very black to the west. Max temp 12.6°.

0900z 33003kt 20km 1Cu012 7As150 07.2/06.0 1008
RMK: The sun’s disc is visible through the altostratus.
09-09z: Tx 11.0 (1600z) Tn 3.7 (0530z) RR 0.7
18-09z: Tg +1.4 00-24z: Sun 0.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 7th April 2018

1630z 23003kt 5000 HZ 7St006 10.8/09.1 1004
RMK: Rain became moderate for a short time 0915-0925z then died
out before 1100z. The afternoon has been dry, overcast and
rather murky. with a max temp of 11.0° we didn’t experience
any of the sub-tropical heat that some southern and eastern
parts had.

0900z 33002kt 8000 -RA 2Sc030 3Ac070 7As130 08.4/07.5 1005
RMK: Slight rain started around 0745z
09-09z: Tx 13.4 (1620z) Tn 5.4 (0900z yesterday) RR 0.9
21-09z: Tn 5.5 (0520z) 18-09z: Tg 3.5 00-24z: Sun 0.7

0530z CALM 20km 2Sc035 6Ac120 05.6/04.8 1005
RMK: A quiet morning with middle cloud invading the sky
from SSW.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 6th April 2018

0900z 12009kt 30km 2Sc030 5Ac120 8Ac180 05.4/03.5 1010
RMK: The middle cloud has been gradually thickening since
dawn. With 10.5 hours of sun, yesterday was the sunniest day
here since 12.7 hours on 17th July last year.
09-09z: Tx 11.5 (1455z) Tn +2.2 (0350z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg -0.3 00-24z: Sun 10.5

0530z 13003kt 30km 2Ac120 5Ac170 8Ci250 +02.4/+00.8 1012
RMK: A chaotic sky with multi-layered middle and high cloud.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 5th April 2018

0900z 29010kt 50km SKC 03.5/01.4 1014
RMK: Fine and sunny. There’s a deep blue sky with not a scrap
of any sort of cloud to be seen. It’s not often that we get
such conditions here. The first 4 days of the month have
produced 80% of the average rainfall for the whole month but
only 2% of the average sunshine for the whole month. Today
should help these figures a bit!
09-09z: Tx 9.4 (1300z) Tn -0.4 (0610z) RR 10.5
18-09z: Tg -2.1 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0530z 28005kt 20km 1St005 -00.3/-01.0 1010
RMK: A fine morning with a slight hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 4th April 2018

1600z 28005kt 10km -SHRA 4Cb007 5Sc030 7Ac100 07.3/06.2 990
RMK: A cloudy day with frequent sh0wers, briefly mod/hvy.
Max temp 9.3°.

0530z 15003kt 0300 -RA FG VV/// 05.3/05.0 991
RMK: Slight to moderate rain since about 0300z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 3rd April 2018

1600z 20005kt 20km 1Cb010 3Sc040 5Ac100 09.9/08.2 990
RMK: A mostly cloudy day. Occasional showers through the
afternoon, briefly moderate. It’s looking very black to the SE.
Max temp 12.9, making it the warmest day of the year so far.

0900z 17011kt 10km -RA 8Sc008 08.4/08.1 990
RMK: Overcast so far this morning. Slight rain started during
the past half-hour. The last few scraps of lying snow are
disappearing fast. After the exceptionally wet March, April
is starting in a similar vein. The rainfall total for the
first 2 days of the month is more than 50% of the average
for the whole month.
09-09z: Tx 8.4 (0900z today) Tn +0.4 (0900z yesterday) RR 9.7
18-09z: Tg 0.6 00-24z: Sun nil

0530z 19003kt 10km 8St005 06.8/06.6 990
RMK: What a difference a day makes. A much milder morning
with only a few scraps of snow left on the ground. It’s
still grey and overcast, though, with no real hint of spring

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 2nd April 2018

1600z 35002kt 0400 RA FG 8St001 +02.8/+02.5 992
RMK: It must be a Bank Holiday Monday! There was a dry spell
for a couple of hours in mid-afternoon but the rain is back.
There’s been fog on and off since mid-morning. There’s still
2-3cm of lying snow with a 90% cover. The roads around the
village have only a little slush on them and are no problem.
All the high-level main roads are now open after many were
closed earlier in the day. Max temp 2.8° so far. A thoroughly
foul day.

1200z 35003kt 0800 -RA FG 8St002 +01.3/+01.1 996
RMK: Persistent slight to moderate rain. 4cm of very wet
lying snow with a steady thaw in progress.

0900z 07009kt 3000 RA 8St005 +00.4/+00.2 998
RMK: Snow turned to sleet around 0630z and to rain around 0830z.
There’s 6cm of lying snow. The max depth was about 8cm but it’s
thawing fast now.
09-09z: Tx 4.2 (1415z) Tn +0.2 (0635z) RR 22.4
18-09z: Tg -0.8 00-24z: Sun 0.5

0530z 07009kt 0500 SN VV/// +00.3/-00.0 1002
RMK: Moderate sleet started just after 2200z yesterday evening
with the temp on +2.0°. Judging from the temperature trace
and the time the AWS stopped clocking up rainfall I reckon
the sleet probably turned to snow around 0300z. There’s
5cm of lying snow on all surfaces, including the road. There’s
no drifting. The temp is slowly creeping down.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 1st April 2018

1600z 07008kt 30km RE-RA 3Cu015 7Sc050 03.7/02.1 1012
RMK: After a few sunny intervals early much of the day has
been overcast with a spit of rain now and again. Max temp 4.2°.

RMK: 0900z 36008kt 30km 6Cu012 +02.8/+01.5 1012
RMK: C u building strongly. Sunny intervals. A raw breeze.
09-09z: Tx 4.2 (1130z) Tn +0.3 (0600z) RR 0.7
18-09z: Tg -1.5 00-24z: Sun nil A