Obs 2018 – (2) February

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Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 28th February 2018

1700z 06014g26kt 20km 1Cu015 -06.6/-08.4 1019
RMK: Continuous snow ceased around 1245z. During the afternoon
there’s been occasional heavy snow showers and blowing snow
giving temporary blizzard conditions with vis below 50m.
There’s something like 13 cm of lying snow though there is
no ‘level depth’. There’s drifts to 50cm around the house and
garden and to 1.5m or more outside the village. Max temp -4.2°.
If that turns out to be the 24-hour max to 0900z tomorrow it’ll
be the lowest daily max since -5.7° on 20th Dec 2010.

1200z 07017g25kt 0300 SN BLSN VV/// -04.8/-05.7 1020
RMK: Slight snow continued for much of the morning then
abruptly became mod/hvy at 1100z and is now drifting
significantly as the wind freshens. 10 cm of lying snow with
drifts to 30 cm around the house. I haven’t ventured further
but I expect that there are drifts to 1 metre and more in
exposed areas outside the village. I suspect that traffic
in the area has either mostly ground to a standstill or is

0900z 07009g21kt 2000 -SN -BLSN 8St008 -04.9/-05.8 1020
RMK: Snow since 0645z. Mostly slight but briefly moderate.
With the freshening wind it’s beginning to drift a bit. That
could become more of a problem as the day goes on. Several
main roads in the area have been closed, including the
A57 Snake Pass, A537 Cat & Fiddle, A53 Leek Road and A6024
Holme Moss. Untreated roads have hard-packed snow or pristine
powder. Last night’s min temp of -8.1° was the lowest min
here since -9.5° on 16th Jan 2013. It was the lowest February
min since -8.8° on 4th Feb 2012.
09-09z: Tx +0.2 (1505z) Tn -8.1 (0205z) RR 4.9
15-09z: Tg -9.9 00-24z: Sun 1.3

0630z 01004kt 10km 8St008 -06.2/-07.1 1019
RMK: Snow showers continued yesterday evening and into the
early hours. There’s 5 cm of lying snow but with only light
winds overnight there’s no significant drifting.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 27th February 2018

1700z 07008kt 20km RESHSN 4Cu012 4Sc035 -03.1/-04.6 1024
RMK: Continuous snow ceased just after midday. During the
afternoon there’s been sunny intervals and occasional mod/hvy
snow and hail showers. There’s 3 cm lying snow with a little
drifting but I’m not aware of any traffic disruption in the
area. There hasn’t been enough snow or wind today for
the drifting to be a problem but if there’s more snow
tonight and tomorrow with stronger winds then it might
become a problem. Max temp +0.2° so we didn’t quite manage
an ‘ice day’. With the temp falling below -3° already it’s
perishing out there.

1200z 07011g22kt 0100 +SN BLSN VV/// -02.3/-03.6 1026
RMK: Slight snow continued till around 1045z then became
mod/hvy with a fresher wind. There’s 3 cm of lying snow
with some drifting. I suspect that this is the leading edge of
somewhat colder air.

0900z 04002kt 10km -SN 2Sc018 7Sc030 -02.6/-03.8 1027
RMK: It’s been snowing gently for the past couple of hours
but still only 1 cm on the ground. Untreated roads are a bit
slippery but, overall, the weather seems to be having little
or no impact on travel locally. There’s been hardly a breath
of a breeze so far this morning, though it has veered to
the NE during the past hour. No doubt it’ll freshen as the
beefier showers start to push in from the ENE.
09-09z: Tx +0.4 (1150z) Tn -4.3 (0345z) RR 0.7
15-09z: Tg -5.6 00-24z: Sun 2.5

0630z 31002kt 10km -SHSN 6Cu012 -03.3/-04.2 1027
RMK: Some slight snow overnight but there’s only 1 cm on
the ground. Winds have been very light throughout the
night, mostly from N-NW.

Tdeswell, Derbyshire – Monday 26th February 2018

1700z 06005kt 15km -SHSN 1Cu012 5Sc025 -01.7/-04.3 1033
RMK: Frequent slight snow showers throughout the day but never
amounting to much. Only an occasional temporary slight
dusting on the ground. Max temp +0.4° and with the wind
gusting to 25-30 knots during the middle part of the day it
could certainly be described as ‘bitter’ at times.

0900z 07011g21kt 15km -SHSN 4Cu012 -01.7/-03.7 1034
RMK: Frequent slight snow showers since 0700z but there’s
only a slight dusting on the ground. Also occasional brief
glimpses of the sun. A biting wind.
09-09z: Tx 3.3 (1515z) Tn -3.0 (2305z) RR 0.1
15-09z: Tg -4.4 00-24z: Sun 4.6

0630z 07007g21kt 30km 1Cu012 -02.4/-03.8 1033
RMK: Fine at the moment but slight snow showers earlier
have left a slight dusting on the ground.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 25th February 2018

1700z 07011kt 30km SKC +01.0/-03.9 1030
RMK: A fine, sunny afternoon but with a biting wind.
Max temp 3.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 22nd February 2018

0900z 10005kt 10km 7Cu012 +01.2/-00.1 1026
RMK: One or two holes appearing in the cloud. The breeze, what
there is of it, is decidedly raw.
09-09z: Tx 6.7 (1255z) Tn +1.0 (0755z) RR 0.2
15-09z: Tg -0.2 00-24z: Sun 0.9

0630z 09003kt 10km 8Sc012 +01.2/+00.5
RMK: Another grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 21st February 2018

1700z 07003kt 20km 2Cu012 7Sc025 04.9/03.1 1026
RMK: A mostly cloudy day with a few very slight showers. Also
a few brief sunny intervals. Max temp 6.7°. With the wind now
from the east the slow cooling down process has begun.

0900z 03003kt 30km 8Sc015 03.9/02.8 1028
RMK: Overcast and rather gloomy.
09-09z: Tx 8.4 (0420z) Tn 3.5 (0605z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg +2.4 00-24z: Sun 4.4

0630z 35003kt 20km 7Sc012 03.6/02.7 1028
RMK: A grey morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 20th February 2018

1700z 34009kt 50+km 7Sc020 06.9/02.9 1024
RMK: A dry day with broken cloud and sunny intervals. It has
become more generally during the past couple of hours. Max
temp 8.4° but the breeze has felt cool.

0900z 29009kt 20km 2Cu006 5Ac150 03.9/03.4 1022
RMK: Sunny periods for a while this morning but it has become
rather cloudy since 0800z. Quite a bit cooler than yesterday.
09-09z: Tx 8.4 (1500z) Tn 3.2 (0750z) RR 1.0
15-09z: Tg 1.9 00-24z: Sun 0.0

0630z 30006kt 20km 1Cu007 04.0/03.7 1020
RMK: A fine, clear morning after a few overnight showers.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 19th February 2018

1700z 29004kt 10km 7Sc008 08.2/07.9 1017
RMK: Drizzle continued till early afternoon. Fog from around
0930z till it lifted to low cloud between 1400z and 1430z.
During the fog the vis was mostly 100-300m. Very mild with
a max temp of 8.4°.

1200z 29007kt 0200 -DZ FG VV/// 07.7/07.6 1016
RMK: Persistent slight drizzle. Fog since 0930z.

0900z 30004kt 2000 -RADZ BR 3St002 8St005 07.1/06.9 1016
RMK: A grey, gloomy morning with persistent slight rain and
drizzle and a low overcast. Still a few scraps of snowdrifts
remaining but those will probably all go today.
09-09z: Tx 7.1 (0450z) Tn +2.3 (0900z yesterday) RR 2.8
21-09z: Tn 5.2 (2100z) 15-09z: Tg 4.8 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 30003kt 1500 -RA BR 8St005 06.8/06.7 1016
RMK: A dreich morning. Very mild.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 18th February 2018

1700z 16005kt 1500 -DZ BR 8St002 05.1/04.8 1019
RMK: The fog lifted around 1030z but it has remained dull and
grey with a very low overcast all day and with slight drizzle
from time to time, especially in the afternoon. All very
different from the near-springlike weather we had yesterday.
Max temp 5.4°. I was pleased that I had a full day of work
to get on with today but I’ve got a severe case of
spreadsheetitis now 🙁

0900z 16003kt 0200 FG VV/// +02.3/+02.0 1021
RMK: Fog since about 0730z.
09-09z: Tx 7.9 (1550z) Tn -0.6 (0410z) RR 0.7
15-09z: Tg -3.8 00-24z: Sun 1.8

0630z CALM 3000 BR 2St007 7Sc025 +00.6/+00.3 1021
RMK: A quiet morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 17th February 2018

1700z 23002kt 30km 1Cu010 5Sc030 05.2/03.1 1020
RMK Rain ceased soon after 1000z. Dry since then with broken
cumulus and occasional sunny intervals. With light winds
and the temp reaching a max of 7.9° it felt distinctly
springlike this afternoon. The snowdrifts have shrunk a lot
this afternoon but there’s quite a few remnants left. There’s
still a few patches of thick ice on the roads and pavements
around the village where the sun hasn’t got at it.

0900z 17007kt 7000 -RA 4Sc007 8Sc030 +02.7/+01.9 1019
RMK: Slight rain since about 0700z. Numerous snow drifts
persist in hollows and along the walls.
09-09z: Tx 6.2 (1555z) Tn +0.9 (0900z yesterday) RR 0.4
21-09z: Tn +1.1 (2100z) 15-09z: Tg -2.1 00-24z: Sun 3.4

0630z 17005kt 20km 3Sc020 7Sc035 +02.1/+01.3 1019
RMK: A grey, overcast morning after a dry night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 16th February 2018

1700z 18005kt 30km 2Ac120 7Ci250 04.3/02.2 1022
RMK: Sunny for a while this morning but thick cirrus in late
morning and through the afternoon has obscured the sun. The
general snow cover has all gone but there’s still lots of
drifts in the fields, especially along the stone walls.
Max temp 6.2°

0900z 23004kt 30km 1Ac150 6Ci250 +00.9/-00.4 1022
RMK: A clear morning but thickening cirrus is starting to
obscure the sun at times.
09-09z: Tx 5.6 (1355z) Tn -0.4 (0450z) RR 0.1
15-09z: Tg -3.4 00-24z: Sun 7.5

0630z 19004kt 30km 1Cu015 +00.2/-01.3 1021
RMK: A fine, clear morning with a slight hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 14th February 2018

1700z 16017g33kt 2000 -DZ BR 8St004 +02.0/+01.7 997
RMK: One of the most unpleasant days of the winter. Slight to
moderate snow continued till midday then became slight sleet.
Around 1430z it turned to drizzle and that has continued
for the rest of the afternoon. A bitter wind all day, frequently
gusting over 30 knots. 3 cm of lying snow with a slow thaw
continuing. Walking around the village is still quite
hazardous due to stretches of thick ice. This formed as a
result of hard-packed snow partly thawing then re-freezing
several times. This process has left stretches of thick hard
ice. It’s very lumpy and it’s like walking on oily cobbles,
only much slippier than that. Max temp 2.0° so far but it’s
still creeping up.

0900z 16012g25kt 30km 1Sc030 7Ac100 -00.2/-01.8 1002
RMK: Middle cloud is steadily thickening. The wind is bitter.
4 cm lying snow, looking a bit moth-eaten.
09-09z: Tx +2.2 (1310z) Tn -5.2 (0130z) RR 2.3
15-09z: Tg -7.9 00-24z: Sun 0.0

0630z 16009kt 30km 1Sc020 6Ac100 -01.9/-02.6 1004
RMK: A raw morning. 4 cm of frozen snow on the ground and
there’s quite a bit of frozen slush on untreated roads and

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 13th February 2018

1700z 30005kt 30km 4Ac120 +01.2/-00.3 1002
RMK: Slight sleet continued till early afternoon. Cold front
went through just before 1330z with about 10 minutes of
moderate snow. Slight snow then continued till about 1415z.
Dry since then but it has remained mostly cloudy. There was
just the briefest glimpse of the sun before it set. There’s
been a slow thaw all day and there’s now 5 cm of lying snow
that now has a rather moth-eaten look. Max temp +2.2° just
before the cold front went through.

0900z 16014g33kt 7000 -RASN 7St008 +01.3?+00.8 995
RMK: Slight sleet since about 0715z. 7 cm lying snow with
a slow thaw continuing.
09-09z: Tx +2.7 (1545z) Tn -1.2 (0035z) RR 1.2
15-09z: Tg -3.8 00-24z: Sun 5.4

0630z 16017g39kt 15km 7Sc008 +01.3/+00.6 997
RMK: 8 cm lying snow with a slow thaw in progress.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 12th February 2018

1700z 21007kt 30km 1Ac120 +00.9/-00.6 1009
RMK: Dry since 0900z with sunny spells though the sun was
obscured from time to time by thick cirrus. 10 cm of lying
snow with drifts to around 25 cm. Just outside the village
there’s lots of drifts up to 1 m and a few deeper than that.
Treated roads are clear but untreated roads have stretches
of slush and hard-packed snow. It’s all starting to freeze.
Max temp +2.7°.

0900z 23003kt 30km 1Cu012 -01.6/-02.3 1012
RMK: Snow showers 0700-0800z. Sunny since then. 11 cm of
lying snow with drifts to 25 cm around the house and garden.
I haven’t ventured any further this morning. Our road is
covered by hard-packed polished snow – very slippery.
09-09z: Tx +1.1 (1335z) Tn -1.8 (0840z) RR 13.8
15-09z: Tg -4.2 00-24z: Sun 0.4

0630z 27009g21kt 20km 5Cu010 -00.6/-01.2 1012
RMK: Showers of snow and hail have continued overnight.
There’s now 10 cm of lying snow with drifts to 25 cm around
the house and garden. No doubt drifting is much worse in more
exposed areas outside the village.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 11th February 2018

1700z 28009g22kt 0200 SHSNGS 8CuCb005 +00.3/-00.6 1004
RMK: A cloudy day with frequent snow showers and an increasing
amount of hail in the afternoon. It has actually been
snowing for most of the day. For much of the time the
showers have been slight but briefly they have been mod/hvy
with the vis occasionally down to 100m. With the temperature
now close to zero there’s an increasing amount of drifting.
There’s 5 cm of lying snow and drifts to 20 cm around the
house and garden.

0900z 28009g21kt 8000 -SHSN 7Cu005 +01.1/+00.2 999
RMK: Cloudy with frequent slight snow showers. There’s
1 cm of lying snow thawing slowly.
09-09z: Tx 7.3 (2255z) Tn +0.8 (0750z) RR 15.6
09-21z: Tx 6.9 (2100z) 15-09z: Tg +0.2 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 29013g24kt 5000 -SHSN 7Cu005 +01.8/+00.5 997
RMK: Mod/hvy rain late yesterday evening. Cold front went
through at 2310z and the temp has been falling erratically
since then. It turned showery overnight and I was wakened
at about 0430z by the noise of a heavy hail shower. There’s
now a 1 cm patchy cover of hail and snow. Max gust overnight
was 34 knots at 0145z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 10th February 2018

1730z 20009kt 7000 -DZ 7St003 06.5/06.4 999
RMK: Sleet turned to rain soon after 0900z and the ice
quickly melted. Slight to moderate rain continued into
the early afternoon and then there was a change to slight
drizzle with a very low overcast which has persisted until
now. The cloud base has been down to 100-200 ft at times
but never quite low enough for us to get into fog.
Max temp 6.5° so far but it is still trying to creep up
a little. Back to winter tomorrow by the looks of it.

0900z 18010g21kt 2500 FZRASN 6St005 8Sc020 +01.0/+00.6 1008
RMK: Slight snow started around 0700z. By 0800z there was a
slight dusting on all surfaces. It then turned to moderate
sleet. Untreated hard surfaces now look wet but the sleet
is freezing on impact and hard surfaces are now extremely
dangerous, being covered in ice with a film of liquid water
on top but just looking wet. No doubt it’ll be a short-lived
hazard but it’s probably the most ‘severe’ conditions we have
had this winter.
09-09z: Tx 4.1 (1340z) Tn -1.4 (0225z) RR 2.1
15-09z: Tg -6.1 00-24z: Sun 3.9

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 9th February 2018

1700z 28007kt 30km 1Cu015 +01.4/-00.4 1013
RMK: Slight snow showers till about 1030z but nothing settling.
Dry after 1030z and it became increasingly sunny through the
afternoon. Max temp 4.1°.

0900z 29013g25kt 10km -SHRASN 7Cu006 +01.6/+01.0 1004
RMK: Occasional slight sleet and snow showers since about 0700z.
Not settling. The wind is decidedly raw.
09-09z: Tx 5.3 (0010z) Tn +1.3 (0750z) RR 14.1
09-21z: Tx 5.2 (2100z) 15-09z: Tg +0.3 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 27007kt 8000 RERASN 7St005 +01.7/+01.2 1002
RMK: Mod/hvy rain 1915-2345z yesterday evening. Sleet during
the past hour.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 8th February 2018

1700z 18012g22kt 4000 -RA 7St005 04.8/04.4 1009
RMK: Overcast all day with very slight rain from time to
time. During the past 90 minutes the rain has become more
persistent and a bit heavier but it’s still only slight.
There’s still some patches of snow around the village but
most of it has gone. Max temp 5.0°.

0900z 19005kt 20km 6Sc006 7Ci250 +02.4/+01.9 1015
RMK: There’s a ‘softer’ feel to the air now. Still some patches
of lying snow but they’re melting now.
09-09z: Tx +2.4 (0900z today) Tn -4.2 (0900z yesterday) RR nil
09-21z: Tx +1.3 (1320z) 21-09z: Tn -0.7 (2100z)
15-09z: Tg -4.0 00-24z: Sun 6.5

0630z 20006kt 20km 4Sc007 7Ci250 +01.2/+00.7 1015
RMK: Dry overnight. The temp rose above 0° at 0400z. There’s
a bit of an edge to the breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 7th February 2018

1700z CALM 50+km 4Ac120 7Ci250 -00.2/-02.4 1020
RMK: Fine and sunny till early afternoon then middle and high
cloud gradually spread across from the NW. 6.5 hours of
sunshine made it the sunniest day since 12th Nov. A lot of
the lying snow exposed to the sun in the middle of the day
has melted but any that remainde in shaded areas has persisted.
Max temp +1.3°.

0900z 21005kt 50+km 1Ac120 -04.2/-05.6 1022
RMK: A gorgeous clear, sunny, crisp morning. Coldest morning
since 13th Dec. There’s rather less than 1 cm of lying snow.
09-09z: Tx +0.1 (1110z) Tn -5.7 (0810z) RR 0.5
15-09z: Tg -9.1 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 29004kt 50+km SKC -04.2/-06.4 1021
RMK: A fine, clear morning with 1 cm of lying snow. There’s
quite an edge to the breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 6th February 2018

1700z 30004kt 2000 -SN 5St004 8Sc020 -01.0/-01.6 1018
RMK: An overcast day with slight snow on and off, more on
than off. There’s 1 cm of lying snow. Max temp +0.1° so not
quite an ‘ice’ day.

0900z 29002kt 8000 -SN 5Sc030 8Ac080 -01.2/-03.5 1019
RMK: There’s been continuous slight snow for the past couple of
hours, though this morning’s forecast didn’t predict any snow
before 1500 and even then, gave only a 50% probability of
precipitation at 1500. All surfaces are taking on a whitish
look though the snow depth is less than 1cm.
09-09z: Tx +1.7 (1155z) Tn -2.2 (0525z) RR 0.2
15-09z: Tg -4.4 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0630z 29001kt 20km 7Sc030 -01.9/-03.5 1019
RMK: A little overnight snow has left a dusting on the ground.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 5th February 2018

2000z 01001kt 20km 8Sc030 -00.5/-02.2 1025
RMK: This morning’s slight snow continued till about 1100z. It
was then dry for a while, but it remained cloudy, then there
were a couple of snow flurries in the afternoon. The cloud
dispersed briefly around dusk, allowing the temp to fall to
-1.4°. The cloud soon returned and the temp has risen to its
present level of -0.5°. Max tem today was +1.7°.

0900z 05002kt 5000 -SN 3Cu015 7Sc030 -00.4/-01.1 1030
RMK: Overcast so far this morning with continuous slight snow
but it isn’t enough to result in any accumulation.
09-09z: Tx 4.1 (1340z) Tn -0.6 (0725z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg -3.4 00-24z: Sun 2.2

0630z 36002kt 8000 -SN 8Sc020 -00.5/-01.3 1031
RMK: It’s snowing gently but not at a rate that would produce
any accumulation on the ground.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 4th February 2018

1700z 36003kt 30km 1Cu015 6Sc025 +01.8/-01.0 1031
RMK: A rather cloudy day but with occasional sunny intervals.
Largely dry but I did notice a very light snow flurry in
late morning. There may have been others that I didn’t notice.
There’s still some patches of snow in gardens and on the
fields, mostly where the sun hasn’t got at it.
Max temp 4.1 so less cold than yesterday.

0900z 36003kt 20km 1Cu008 7Sc025 +00.6/-00.3 1028
RMK: There was a slight hail shower in the early hours.
We finally managed to get an air frost last night, but only
by the narrowest of margins.
09-09z: Tx +2.0 (1500z) Tn -0.1 (0715z) RR 3.9
15-09z: Tg -1.7 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 3rd February 2018

1900z 35003kt 1500 -RASN 8St002 +01.2/+00.9 1010
RMK: Grey and murky with a very low overcast all day. Slight
sleet, snow or ice pellets for much of the day. With the
temperature rising a little during the day the rate of
melting overtook the rate of accumulation. There’s now
only a patchy snow cover. Max temp 2.0°.

0900z 27001kt 1200 -SN 8St005 +00.6/+00.3 1005
RMK: It has been snowing gently since the early hours. The
rate of accumulation is slightly greater than the rate of
melting and there’s 1cm of lying snow. Roads are only a little
bit slushy. There’s no ice locally. Despite the wintriness of
recent days we still haven’t had an air frost since 22nd Jan.
Last night came very close, though.
09-09z: Tx 5.4 (1350z) Tn 0.0 (2110z) RR 4.0
15-09z: Tg -2.4 00-24z: Sun 4.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 2nd February 2018

1700z 27001kt 30km 1Sc025 +01.1/-00.5 1012
RMK: Dry since 0900z with broken cloud and sunny periods.
Max temp 5.4° but with the cloud dispersing and the breeze
dropping out the temp is now falling quickly. It has fallen
3.0° in the past hour and standing water now has a film of ice.

0900z 30006kt 20km RE-SHGS 7Sc015 +01.6/+00.5 1012
RMK: A mostly cloudy morning so far. There was a very slight
hail shower around 0840z. Still some patches of lying snow
but the overall cover is less than 10%. Despite the little bit
of wintriness in recent days it has, overall, been quite a
mild spell of weather. The last air frost was on 22nd Jan.
09-09z: Tx 4.5 (1405z) Tn +0.8 (0050z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg -1.3 00-24z: Sun 2.5

0630z 29008kt 30km 1Cu015 3Sc030 +01.6/+00.7 1011
RMK: A fine, clear morning. There’s no frost or ice but there
are still some patches of lying snow in gardens and fields.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 1st February 2018

1700z 30005kt 20km 3Cu015 5Sc025 03.4/01.5 1005
RMK: Dry during the morning with sunny periods for a time.
Thicker cloud spread across from NNE in the middle of the
day and the afternoon was cloudy with a few spits of rain
now and again. The cloud is just starting to break up now.
Max temp 4.5°.

0900z 29010g21kt 20km 7Cu012 +01.7/+00.6 1001
RMK: A slow thaw but a biting wind. There’s 2cm of lying
snow. Roads are largely clear and there’s no ice, at least
not in the immediate vicinity.
09-09z: Tx 4.4 (1235z) Tn +0.5 (2340z) RR 10.3
15-09z: Tg -1.1 (under snow) 00-24z: Sun 1.8

0630z 30010g27kt 20km 7Cu012 +01.8/+00.8 1000
RMK: Snow showers continued till late yesterday evening,
occasionally mod/hvy. The showers probably died out
just before midnight. There’s 2cm of lying snow with a slow
thaw in progress. Untreated hard surfaces are just a bit
slushy. There doesn’t appear to be any ice. The overnight
min temp was +0.5°.