Obs 2018 – (1) January

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Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 31st January 2018

1700z 25008kt 8000 -SHSN 7Cu012 +01.2/+00.3 997
RMK: Showers of snow and hail started around 0945z. During the
morning they were infrequent and slight and there were a few
sunny intervals. The showers became much more frequent after
midday and have been mod/hvy at times in the afternoon with
the vis reduced to 200m briefly. The precipitation has been
almost continuous since midday. There’s 1cm of lying snow but
the roads are only a bit slushy.

0900z 26009kt 20km 2Cu012 5Ci180 +02.2/+00.9 1001
RMK: Rain turned to sleet around 0645z then died out around 0715z.
09-09z: Tx 5.0 (1215z and 0455z) Tn +2.0 (0715z) RR 8.4
15-09z: Tg +1.4 00-24z: Sun 2.2

0630z 28012g25kt 3000 RA 8St006 03.3/02.6 1001
RMK: Mod/hvy rain since just before 0500z. The temp reached
a max of 5.0° at 0455z but has been falling quite quickly
since then.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 30th January 2018

0900z 20006kt 20km 1Sc015 7Sc025 03.4/01.5 1019
RMK: After som early sun cloud gradually developed and by
late morning it was overcast. It has remained overcast
but dry since then. Max temp 5.0° and the breeze had a bit
of an edge to it this afternoon. It could be an interesting
day tomorrow with a prospect of some snow.

0900z 25010kt 20km 1Ac100 7Ci250 +02.3/+01.2 1027
RMK: A fine morning. A little weak sunshine through the
cirrus. There was a moderate hoar frost earlier but that
has all gone now.
09-09z: Tx 8.7 (0905z) Tn +1.3 (0350z) RR 4.6
15-09z : Tg -0.7 00-24z: Sun 1.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 29th January 2018

1700z 30006kt 20km 3Cu015 04.1/02.6 1026
RMK: Cold front went through just after 0900z but rain
continued till about 1130z. The afternoon began showery but
it soon became dry with sunny intervals developing.
Max temp 8.7 just before the cold front went through.

0900z 25015g25kt 5000 RA 6St005 8Sc012 08.7/08.2 1019
RMK: Rain has been moderate since 0750z.
09-09z: Tx 10.8 (1440z) Tn 8.1 (2255z) RR 3.3
15-09z: Tg 7.4 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 25018g29kt 5000 -RA 6St008 8Sc025 08.2/07.6 1018
RMK: Slight rain since about 0500z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 28th January 2018

1700z 25011g24kt 15km 8Sc012 09.9/08.7 1026
RMK: Cloudy all day. Largely dry but there was a spit or two
of rain now and again. Max temp 10.8 which makes it the
warmest day of the year so far. Not exceptional, though, as
there were warmer January days in 2013, 2015 and 2016. The
highest temperature in the past 10 Januarys was 12.8° on
9th Jan 2015.

0630z 20007kt 8000 5St003 8Sc007 08.5/08.2 1025
RMK: Slight rain approx 0500-0800z.
09-09z: Tx 10.0 (1825z) Tn 4.7 (0900z yesterday) RR 3.2
21-09z: Tn 6.1 (0535z) 15-09z: Tg 4.7 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 27th January 2018

1700z 25009kt 10km 7Sc007 09.4/09.2 1018
RMK: Slight rain continued till just after midday. Dry since
then but it has remained overcast. Max temp 9.4° so far but
it’s still rising.

0900z 17011g22kt 8000 -RA 6St006 8Sc020 04.7/04.2 1020
RMK: Slight rain started around 0730z.
09-09z: Tx 7.8 (1400z) Tn +0.6 (1735z) RR 0.1
21-09z: Tn +1.1 (2135z) 15-09z: Tg -1.8 00-24z: Sun 3.9

0630z 19008kt 20km 1Sc020 3Sc050 8Ac100 03.7/02.9 1022
RMK: Dry overnight. Cloud thickening and wind freshening.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 26th January 2018

1700z 29002kt 30km 1Cu015 5Ci250 +01.2/+00.1 1024
RMK: Cloudy throughout the morning with a little drizzle
from time to time. The cloud dispersed abruptly around
midday and the afternoon brought deep blue skies and
almost unbroken sunshine. It was gorgeous on the golf
course, my first round of the year. Another mild day with
a max temp of 7.8° but it’s falling quickly now. There’s
already frost/ice on the grass and on car roofs.

0900z 33003kt 15km 1Cu008 7Sc015 03.4/02.6 1018
RMK: A cloudy morning. Showers ceased soon after 0700z.
09-09z: Tx 7.0 1315z Tn +0.9 (0040z) RR 1.2
15-09z: Tg -0.8 00-24z: Sun 2.1

0630z 30003kt 10km -SHRA 7Cu012 +02.2/+01.6 1015
RMK: A shower has just started after what appears to have
been a dry night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 25th January 2018

0900z 19005kt 20km 6Cu015 03.4/02.4 1003
RMK: Rather cloudy so far this morning with only a brief
glimpse of the sun.
09-09z: Tx 6.4 (1520z) Tn +2.4 (0715z) RR 2.5
15-09z: Tg +0.5 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 24th January 2018

1700z 20010g24kt 4Cu010 4Sc025 05.6/03.9 998
RMK: Rain ceased around 1100z. The remainder of daytime was
mostly dry but cloudy with only a couple of brief slight
showers in mid-afternoon. The cloud broke up around dusk
but too late to prevent another sunless day. A cooler day
than yesterday but the max of 6.4° was still above the
January average.

0900z 24012g29kt 5000 RA 6St008 8Sc015 06.1/05.0 996
RMK: Segmented line convection along the cold front went
through 0730-0735z accompanied by a brief burst of torrential
rain with a max rate of 35 mm/hr. No significant wind gusts
associated with the front. Continuous moderate rain since
the front went through.
09-09z: Tx 10.3 (1200z) Tn 6.1 (0900z today) RR 5.0
15-09z: Tg 5.4 00-24z: Sun 0.0

0630z 17019g43kt 15km 8Sc015 10.1/08.9 995
RMK: Dry overnight and still dry but there’s a nice bit of
segmented line convection approaching from the west. Strongest
wind so far is Force 6 with a max gust of 43 knots.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 23rd January 2018

1700z 26010g26 20km 1Cu008 6Ac120 08.9/07.7 1007
RMK: Cloudy with occasional slight rain/drizzle for much of
the day. Low cloud cleared around dusk as the wind veered
to the west. Very mild with a max temp of 10.3°. That’s
5.5° above the average daily max for January.

0900z 18008g22kt 4000 BR 8St004 07.8/07.5 1009
RMK: Rain ceased just after 0700z. Very mild.
09-09z: Tx 7.8 (0900z today) Tn 4.5 (2225z) RR 2.2
09-21z: Tx 6.6 (1310z) 15-09z: Tg +2.8 00-24z: Sun 0.4

0630z 1709g21kt 3000 RA 8St006 06.3/05.9 1010
RMK: Rain started around 0500z. A very mild morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 22nd January 2018

1730z 25006kt 20km 7Sc012 05.2/03.9 1014
RMK: A cloudy day with occasional slight rain showers. Still
the remnants of many snowdrifts but all the other snow
has gone. Max temp 6.6°. It’s turning out to be a very dull
month. The sunshine total for the month to date is 19.5 hours.
The past 14 days have produced only 6,6 hours and 4.2 of that
came on Fri 19th. The lowest January total I have recorded here
is 27.4 hours in 2013. We need 8 more hours in the next 9 days
to get above that figure.

0900z 29006kt 15km -SHRA 7Cu012 04.7/03.7 1008
RMK: Mostly cloudy with occasional slight rain showers. Lots
of snow patches remaining, mostly the remnants of drifts The
cover is less than 10%.
09-09z Tx 5.1 (0020z) Tn -0.1 (1145z) RR 12.9
09-21z: Tx 4.6 (2100z) 21-09z: Tn 3.8 (0645z)
15-09z: Tg +0.2 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 27003kt 10km 6Sc010 03.9/03.1 1007
RMK: The temperature rose from 0.5° to 4.5° between 2000z and
2030z yesterday evening. It’s now much milder than recent
mornings. There’s still quite a lot of lying snow but the
cover is less than 50%.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 21st January 2018

1700z 16004kt 1200 -RA BR 8St003 +00.2/-00.1 1004
RMK: A thoroughly miserable afternoon. Slight to moderate
rain all afternoon with a max temp of only +0.2°. Very pleased
that I had a walk this morning while it was still snowing.
Despite the rain there’s been very little thaw and there’s
still 6 cm of lying snow. It’s turned quite slushy now.

1300z 15013g25kt 1500 -RA BR 8St004 +00.1/-00.2 1009
RMK: Slight snow till 1000z then moderate snow 1000-1200z.
The snow stopped abruptly and was replaced by half an hour
of ice pellets. For the past half hour there’s been slight
rain. There’s 7 cm lying snow. It did drift a bit but there
wasn’t enough wind for that to be a problem. The roads are
a bit of a mess and there isn’t much traffic about. Even the
gritted main roads have a covering of snow.

0900z 16004kt 1500 -SN BR 8St004 -00.1/-00.4 1013
RMK: Slight snow since about 0730z. 4 cm lying snow.
09-09z: Tx +1.4 (1405z) Tn -2.7 (2340z) RR 1.4
15-09z: Tg -5.0 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 20th January 2018

1700z 23002kt 15km 1St002 7Sc030 -00.7/-01.1 1003
RMK: Continuous slight snow approx 1030-1500z giving slight
fresh accumulations. The sky cleared for a short time in late
afternoon but we now have a cover of Sc. There’s 3 cm of lying
snow which now has a frozen crust on it. Untreated roads turned
slushy this afternoon but the slush is now freezing into
hard ice. Max temp +1.4°. It fell below zero at 1605z and
was down to -0.9° by 1645z. Since then it has risen a bit as
the Sc sheet came across.

0900z CALM 20km 1St003 7St007 +00.2/-00.2 1000
RMK: Slight snow showers continued into the early hours.
Despite what the radar suggests, there’s no precipitation
here at the moment but it must surely start soon. There’s
2 cm of lying snow. Our road has shiny hard-packed snow on it
but I should think the main roads in the immediate vicinity
are fine. The only main road in the area that’s still closed
is the A6024 over Holme Moss but Derbyshire CC say that there
are icy stretches even on gritted roads.
09-09z: Tx +2.4 (1420z) Tn -1.2 (0455z) RR 1.4
15-09z: Tg -5.2 00-24z: Sun 4.2

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 19th January 2018

1700z 25009kt 20km RE-SHSN 4Cu012 +01.5/+00.0 1005
RMK: In sharp contrast to recent days it has been a mostly
dry day today with sunny intervals. The Liverpool Bay shower
stream has been running from due west for most of the day.
With this direction all of the shower activity passes north
of here. Late this afternoon the gradient appears to have
veered slightly. As a result the shower stream is coming
very slightly further south and, since 1600z, we have been
catching the southern edge of the stream. A change of
gradient direction of as little as 10° can make a big
difference. Anything north of due west round to NW, say 280°
to about 310° puts us in the firing line. There’s still
2 cm of lying snow which is already freezing. The A537 Cat &
Fiddle and the A57 Snake Pass re-opened this afternoon. The
only main road in the area that’s still closed is the
A6024 over Holme Moss. Around Tideswell, main roads and bus
routes (all gritted) are clear but many of the lanes have
quite long stretches of hard-packed snow on them. With a
film of melt-water on top of this during the afternoon
they have been very slippery. Max temp 2.4°.

0900z 25011kt 20km 3Cu010 +00.5/-00.5 1005
RMK: Snow showers continued all yesterday evening but it has
probably been dry since midnight. 2 cm of lying snow on all
surfaces. 76.3 mm of rain in past 5 days.
09-09z: Tx +2.6 (1010z) Tn +0.3 (0805z) RR 18.6
15-09z: Tg -1.1 00-24z: Sun 0.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 18th January 2018

1700z 25006kt 5000 -SHSNGS 3St006 7Cu010 +00.8/+00.4 1000
RMK: Frequent slight to moderate sleet, snow and hail showers
all afternoon. The precipitation has been almost continuous
since aboout 1030z. No fresh accumulations during the daytime
but since dusk, with the temp falling below 1°, a slushy
covering of about 1 cm has developed. Max temp +2.6°.

1300z 26005kt 5000 RESHSNGS 2St007 7Cu010 +01.2/+00.7 999
RMK: Frequent showers of snow and hail, mostly slight but
briefly moderate. There’s a slight slushy covering but
nothing significant. There’s also some patches of old snow.

0900z 28009kt 7000 -SHRASN 7Cu010 +01.7/+01.2 998
RMK: Sleet and snow showers started after 0800z.
Only 2.0 hours of sunshine in the past 9 days. 57.7 mm of
rain in the past 4 days.
09-09z: Tx 6.5 (0220z) Tn +0.5 (2305z) RR 15.9
09-21z: Tx 2.8 (1315z) 15-09z: Tg +0.1 00-24z: Sun 0.2

0630z 30009kt 15km 6Cu012 +01.4/+00.7 995
RMK: An eventful night! Slight sleet started around 2000z.
This turned to moderate snow sometime between 2100z and 2200z.
By the time it stopped, around 2300z, there was 2 cm of snow
lying on all surfaces. Most of that has gone now but there
are still a few patches remaining. The temperature was on
a real roller-coaster ride. It rose from +0.5° at 2300z to
6.5° at 0215z. It then fell from 6.0° at 0330z to +1.8°
at 0500z. It was windy in the warm sector, peaking at Force 6
with a max gust of 42 knots but we are fairly sheltered in
a westerly. The wind had died away by 0530z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 17th January 2018

1700z 25017g24kt 15km RE-SHGS 5Cu012 +02.6/+00.8 1003
RMK: It remained dry till about 1030 then the showers
resumed and have continued since then. They have been
slight and mostly of hail though there was also some snow.
No significant fresh accumulations and there’s been a
slow thaw all day. There’s still a lot of snow on the
ground but the overall cover is now less than 50%. Max
temp +2.8°.

0900z 29012g26kt 15km 5Cu012 +02.1/+00.8 1001
RMK: Dry for the past couple of hours and sunny intervals
are developing. There’s 3 cm of slushy, wet snow on the
ground, thawing steadily.
09-09z: Tx +2.3 (1315z) Tn -0.4 (0100z) RR 8.2
15-09z: Tg -1.3 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0630z 27013g35kt 7000 -SHSNGS 7Cu010 +01.5/+00.5 998
RMK: Slight to moderate showers of snow and hail have
continued throughout the night. There’s 5 cm of lying snow
with a slow thaw in progress.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 16th January 2018

1700z 26007kt 15km RE-SHSNGS 7Cu012 +00.9/-00.1 989
RMK: Snow showers continued through the morning but between
about 1200z and 1530z it was dry, though still cloudy. Slight
showers of snow and hail resumed around 1530z and have
continued since then. There’s been a slow thaw during the
day and there’s now only a patchy cover of less than 50%. The
remaining slushy stuff on the roads and pavements is freezing
now. Max temp +2.3°. Looks like the showers are ganging up
over Liverpool Bay now.

0900z 29006kt 5000 -SHSNGR 2Cb005 5Cu008 +01.1/+00.2 991
RMK: Frequent slight showers of snow and hail. Some of the
hail is large with diameter up to about 10 mm. There’s 2 cm
of lying snow/hail.
09-09z: Tx 7.7 (1120z ) Tn +0.8 (0835z) RR 18.7
15-09z: Tg +0.1 00-24z: Sun 0.0

0630z 25010g24kt 3000 -SHSN 7Cu012 +01.4/+00.4 990
RMK: Sleet showers yesterday evening continued till about 0200z
then turned to snow showers. There’s 1 cm of lying snow.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 15th January 2018

1700z 29011g26kt 5000 -SHRAGS 3Cb006 4Cu010 04.2/03.3 990
RMK: Rain continued till around midday. It became more
showery after that but it remained cloudy all afternoon.
Frequent slight to moderate showers and since about 1530z
there’s been hail in many of them. Max temp 7.7° just
before 1130z. It then fell steadily through the afternoon
but it has steadied an about 4° since 1600z.

0900z 21008kt 10km -RA 7St006 07.2/07.0 992
RMK: The rain is easing and it’s now very slight.
09-09z: Tx 7.2 (0900z today) Tn +0.8 (1650z) RR 14.9
09-21z: Tx +1.9 (1145z) 21-09z: Tn +1.0 (2100z)
15-09z: Tg +0.7 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 20009kt 5000 RA 8St005 05.8/05.5 995
RMK: Slight to moderate rain since about 2130 yesterday
evening, with brief bursts of heavy from time to time.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 14th January 2018

1700z 18007kt 8000 2St006 8Sc012 +00.9/00.0 1015
RMK: Dry but dull and grey all day. A significantly colder
day with a max of only +1.8°. An interesting few days to come.

0900z 17005kt 7000 3St005 8Sc008 +01.4/+00.7 1019
RMK: A grey and rather raw morning.
09-09z: Tx 4.1 (1440z) Tn +1.2 (0740z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg +1.2 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 16005kt 10km 8St004 +01.6/+00.8 1019
RMK: Cooler than recent mornings.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 13th January 2018

1700z 11006kt 10km 2Sc010 8Sc020 03.9/03.2 1018
RMK: A dry, cloudy day with a nagging raw breeze.
The cooling trend of the past couple of days has continued
with a max temp of 4.1°.

0900z 15009kt 10km 3Sc010 8Sc020 03.2/02.4 1018
RMK: A grey, dull morning with a raw breeze.
09-09z: Tx 4.8 (1255z) Tn 3.0 (0720z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg 2.8 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 15008g21kt 10km 8Sc020 03.1/02.5 1018
RMK: A bit more of a breeze than on recent mornings.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 12th January 2018

1700z 12003kt 10km 3Sc008 8Sc020 04.1/03.5 1024
RMK: Cloudy and dry all day with very little wind. A colder
day than yesterday with the max temp 4.8°.

0900z 09003kt 2500 BR 8Sc006 03.9/03.8 1026
RMK: Low cloud increased 0700-0800z.
09-09z: Tx 6.4 (1330z) Tn 3.1 (1650z) RR trace
21-09z: Tn 3.7 (0710z) 15-09z: Tg -1.9 00-24z: Sun 0.4

0630z CALM 10km 2Sc007 4Sc025 7Ci250 04.1/03.8 1026
RMK: Another very quiet morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 11th January 2018

1700z 29007kt 8000 -RA 2Cu007 8Sc015 03.1/02.5 1024
RMK: A very pleasant day even though it was mostly cloudy.
There’s been a few spits of rain in the past 15 minutes.
Max temp 6.4°.

0900z 29001kt 10km 1Cu008 7Sc015 03.2/02.6 1018
RMK: A quiet morning, almost with a hint of spring.
09-09z: Tx 6.1 (1335z) Tn -1.0 (2300z) RR 0.2
15-09z: Tg -2.6 00-24z: Sun 1.3

0630z 28007kt 5000 BR 8Sc012 03.0/02.4 1016
RMK: A quiet, damp morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 10th January 2018

1700z 27003kt 5000 BR 7Sc007 04.8/04.3 1006
RMK: Rain ceased soon after 0900z and the rest of the day has
been dry. The cloud lifted and broke to give some sunny
intervals in the middle of the day but it’s thickening up
again now. Max temp 6.1°.

0900z CALM 2000 -RA BR 8St003 04.1/04.0 1003
RMK: Rain is very slight.
09-09z: Tx 4.3 (0500z) Tn +0.5 (0900z yesterday) RR 2.7
09-21z: Tx 2.2 (2100z) 21-09z: Tn 2.2 (2100z)
15-09z: Tg 2.2 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 11001kt 1500 -RA BR 8St002 03.7/03.6 1002
RMK: Slight rain since about 0130z

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 9th January 2018

1700z 15003kt 0200 -DZ FG VV/// +01.7/+01.6 1003
RMK: A bleak, raw, dark day with drizzle and fog all day.
The visibility improved to about 600m for a time in the
afternoon but it closed in again around dusk.
Max temp 1.7° so far but it’s still creeping up.

0900z 09008kt 0150 -DZ FG VV/// +00.5/+00.4 1009
RMK: A very dark, dank, raw morning with the wind gusting
to 15-20 knots.
09-09z: Tx +1.9 (1240z) Tn -0.8 (0900z yesterday) RR 0.6
21-09z: Tn +0.3 (0500z) 15-09z: Tg +0.3 00-24z: Sun 3.3

0630z 09006kt 0200 -DZ FG VV/// +00.3/+00.1 1010
RMK: A drippy morning even though the drizzle is very slight.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 8th January 2018

1700z 07006kt 3000 -DZ BR 8St004 +00.7/+00.1 1021
RMK: Mostly sunny till late morning then cloud spread up
from the south. The afternoon was grey, bleak and raw. Slight
drizzle started around 1500z and has continued since then. It’s
very slight but enough to make hard surfaces damp.
Max temp +1.9°.

0900z 07007kt 50km SKC -00.8/-03.3 1026
RMK: Fine and sunny but the breeze is very nasty.
09-09z: Tx +2.9 (1320z) Tn -1.1 (0755z) RR nil
15-09z: Tg -2.4 00-24z: Sun 5.9

0630Z 06009kt 50km SKC -00.9/-03.1 1028
RMK: A fine frosty morning with a biting breeze gusting to
15-20 knots.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 7th January 2018

1900Z 07011kt 50km SKC +00.2/-01.0 1030
RMK: A gorgeous day with patchy small Cu and sunny spells.
With 5.9 hours of sun it was the sunniest day since 6.3 hours
on 24th Nov. Lots of walkers out. Mind you, it was a day to
be well clad. With a max of 2.9° and the wind gusting to
25-30 knots in the afternoon it was a bit ‘thin’ as they say
in these parts. Despite not having an air frost last night
ice and hoar frost persisted in the shade all day. Looks like
a much colder night in prospect with the temperature already
down to last night’s minimum.

0900z 06006kt 30km 1Sc020 +00.3/-01.0 1031
RMK: A beautiful sunny morning with only a scrap of Sc far to
the SE. There was a persistent breeze overnight that prevented
an air frost from developing.
09-09z: Tx 3.6 (1345z) Tn +0.2 (0835z) RR 0.2
15-09z: Tg -1.2 00-24z: Sun 1.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 6th January 2018

1700z 02005kt 20km 1Cu015 +01.8/+00.4 1019
RMK: Cloudy during the morning with occasional slight showers.
These were mostly of rain but there was a little sleet as well.
The afternoon was dry with the cloud breaking and sunny periods
developing. Max temp 3.6°.

0900z 34006kt 15km 3Cu008 +02.1/+01.2 1010
RMK: Sleet ceased just before 0800z.
09-09z: Tx 4.3 (1420z) Tn +0.6 (0150z) RR 3.2
15-09z: Tg -0.9 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 35009G22kt 5000 -RASN 8Sc007 +02.4/+02.2 1006
RMK: Intermittent sleet since about 0300z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 5th January 2018

1700z 29004kt 20km 6Sc007 +02.5/+01.9 994
RMK: Extensive low cloud all day. Slight rain 0920-1145z then
dry. Max temp 4.3°.

0900z 15003kt 2000 BR 4St002 8Sc007 +02.2/+01.9 989
RMK: Sleet ceased around 0715z. Grey and murky now.
09-09z: Tx 8.1 1350z) Tn +0.8 (0040z) RR 4.5
15-09z: Tg -1.5 00-24z: Sun 0.7

0630z 17004kt 5000 -RASN 8Sc007 +01.8/+01.3 990
RMK: Sleet started a short time ago.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 4th January 2018

1700z 29016g39kt 5000 -RA 8Sc010 04.3/03.5 988
RMK: A lot of weather today! Rain ceased just after 1000z.
A warm front went through at around 1100z with the temp rising
from 4° to 8° over a couple of hours. It was very pleasant
in the milder air – dry with light winds and a few sunny
intervals. It didn’t last, though, and a very marked cold
front went through at 1430z with a gust of 30 knots and the
onset of slight to moderate rain accompanied by much stronger
Wly winds. The rain has continued since then and the max
gust has been 41 knots at 1550z. The temp fell from 8° at
1430z to 5° at 1500z and is still easing down. The max
temp was 8.1°.

1200z 20008kt 10km 2St004 6Sc015 06.7/06.6 984
RMK: Rain ceased just after 1000z. A few cloud breaks now.

0900z 13007kt 1500 RA BR 8St005 03.7/03.4 988
RMK: Rain became moderate just before 0900z.
09-09z: Tx 6.3 (1125z) Tn 3.6 (0825z) RR 6.5
15-09z: Tg 3.2 00-24z: Sun 0.1

0630z 17004kt 5000 -RA 8Sc008 04.4/03.7 991
RMK: Slight rain from time to time through the night with
much lighter winds than yesterday.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 3rd January 2018

1700z 25009kt 10km -RA 7Sc012 05.6/04.2 995
RMK: A cloudy day with rain for much of the time. Mostly, this
was slight but there were a few brief moderate bursts.
Max temp 6.3°.

0900z 28021g36kt 15km RE-SHRA 05.4/03.9 988
RMK: Cloudy with occasional blustery showers. Another gust
of 44 kt at 0720z.
09-09z: Tx 8.3 (2225z) Tn +1.6 (0900z yesterday) RR 10.5
09-21z: Tx 6.8 (1640z) 21-09z: Tn 4.2 (0220z)
15-09z: Tg +2.6 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z 28018g38kt 10km RE-SHRA 5Cu008 8Sc020 04.9/03.5 983
RMK: A windy, showery night. The strongest wind was Force 6
with a max gust of 44 knots at 0520z. This may be the
strongest that I have recorded here in a westerly, a direction
from which we get a fair amount of shelter due to the lie
of the land.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

1200z 16017g26kt 2000 RA 3St005 8Ns018 03.2/02.9 1000
RMK: Slight rain started around 0930z. Turned to moderate
sleet around 1000z then to moderate rain around 1045z.

0900z 10003kt 20km 3Sc015 6Sc050 8As120 +01.6/+01.0 1006
RMK: Cloud steadily thickening.
09-09z: Tx 4.9 (1330z) Tn +0.9 0620z) RR 7.4
15-09z: Tg -0.9 00-24z: Sun 1.6

0630z 20003kt 20km 1Sc020 3Sc050 8As150 +01.1/+00.3 1007
RMK: Occasional moderate showers continued till about 0215z.
Dry since then. Untreated hard surfaces are icy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 1st January 2018

1700z 28011g26kt 4000 RA 8St008 04.1/03.4 994
RMK: Dry till early afternoon with sunny intervals. Slight
rain started around 1430z and since 1600z it has been mod/hvy.
Max temp 4.9°.

0900z 23009kt 15km 2Cu007 6Sc020 +02.6/+01.7 992
RMK: Heavy showers for a while yesterday evening but it has
been dry since 2200z.
09-09z: Tx 7.4 (1220z) Tn +2.6 (0850z) RR 4.8
15-09z: Tg -0.1 00-24z: Sun 2.0