Obs 2018 – (3) March

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Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 31st March 2018

0900z   36013g21kt 5000 -RA 3St004 7St008 03.1/02.6 997
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain and sleet since about 1700z
yesterday. It was very wet sleet for much of the evening
but just after 2200z it became roughly 50/50 frozen/liquid
as the temp fell below 3°. Between midnight and 0400z the
temp was below 2° so there may well have been snow during
this period. From dawn until 0700z there was slight to
moderate sleet. Since 0700z it has been slight rain. It’s
a particularly nasty morning with a brisk N’ly breeze. The
Cat & Fiddle webcam was showing a slight covering of snow
up there this morning but it’s melting now.
09-09z:   Tx 7.4 (1450z)   Tn +1.3 (0140z)   RR 22.2
18-09z:   Tg +0.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 30th March 2018

1600z   35006kt 5000 -RA 4Cu008 8Sc015 07.2/04.5 995
RMK:   A cloudy day. Dry until slight rain started a few
minutes ago. Max temp 7.4°C. While I am typing this at 1605z
the precipitation has changed suddenly to heavy hail and

0900z   11003kt 30km 6Cu012 03.7/03.1 997
RMK:   A little rain on and off till about 0730z. Dry since
then but Cu now building strongly.
09-09z:   Tx 6.6 (1305z)   Tn 2.3 (0530z)   RR 12.4
18-09z:   Tg +1.5      00-24z:   Sun 2.6

0530z   17003kt 1200 BR RE-RA 3St001 7St005 +02.3/+02.0 997
RMK:   Rain and sleet continued for much of the night, mostly
moderate before midnight and slight since then.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 29th March 2018

1900z   10009kt 1200 +RASN 8St003 +02.8/+02.1 997
RMK:   Slight rain turned to sleet around 1700z and since 1725z
the sleet has been mod/hvy. It’s a really filthy evening.

1600z   09008kt 5000 RA 7Sc010 04.2/03.3 998
RMK:   Heavy shower of rain, sleet and hail 1400-1410z. Slight
rain started around 1510z the mod/hvy since 1540z.
Max temp 6.6°.

0900z   17005kt 20km 5Cu008 03.4/03.0 1001
RMK:   Cu bubbling up strongly but still some sunny intervals.
09-09z:   Tx 7.3 (1345z)   Tn -2.6 (0545z)   RR 0.9
18-09z:   Tg -4.3      00-24z:   Sun 1.4

0530z   CALM 20km 2Ac120 -02.5/-03.1 1001
RMK:   A fine morning with a moderate hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 27th March 2018

0900z   16006kt 1200 -RADZ BR 8St003 05.1/04.8 1002
RMK:   A murky morning with continuous slight rain and drizzle.
Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far.
09-09z:   Tx 11.1 (1625z)   Tn 3.8 (0630z)   RR 5.3
18-09z:   Tg 2.4      00-24z:   Sun 5.1

0530z   16015g24kt 1500 -RADZ 4St003 8St005 03.9/03.5 1004.2
RMK:   A dreich morning with slight to moderate rain and
drizzle since about 0100z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 26th March 2018

1600z   21005kt 30km 3Cu025 5Sc040 10.2/03.7 1015
RMK:   Long sunny spells during the morning but it clouded over
in the middle of the day and the afternoon has been mostly
cloudy. Max temp 10.2° so far but it’s still creeping up.

0900z   30003kt 20km 1Cu012 05.0/03.3 1017
RMK:   The low cloud bradually dispersed by 0730z and it’s now
a beautiful fine, clear and sunny morning with just a scrap
of Cu starting to bubble up.
09-09z:   Tx 10.6 (1440z)   Tn +1.4 (0040z)   RR nil
18-09z:   Tg -0.1      00-24z:   Sun 8.3

0530z   27003kt 10km 6Sc010 +02.2/+01.8 1017
RMK:   A quiet and rather cloudy morning. Yesterday we had
8.3 hours of sunshine, making it the sunniest day since
10.0 hours on 10th August last year.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 25th March 2018

1600z   28006kt 50km 3Cu020 08.3/02.8 1013
RMK:   It’s been a day of well broken Cu and lengthy spells
of sunshine. With a max temp of 10.6° and very little wind
it felt as though spring had arrived. More walkers around
than there has been for many weeks. It really has been a
near-perfect day.

0900z   29005kt 30km 1Cu012 3Ci250 06.3/03.5 1011
RMK:   Fine and sunny but how long will it last? The first of
the convective cloud is just starting to bubble up.
09-09z:   Tx 9.8 (1300z)   Tn -0.5 (0615z)   RR 0.2
18-09z:   Tg -3.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

0600z   CALM 30km 3Ci250 -00.3/-01.3 1009
RMK:   A fine, clear morning. Looks like we’ll have a sunny
start to the day.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 24th March 2018

1730z   CALM 30km 3Cu015 4Ac120 6As170 06.8/05.3 1004
RMK:   After the bright start much of the day has been overcast
and rather grey with a little rain now and again. The snow
drifts are shrinking fast but there’s still quite a lot of
them. The last remnants will probably have a couple more days
of life. Max temp 9.8°.

0900z   02004kt 30km 1Cu015 3Ac150 6Ci250 05.2/04.3 1001
RMK:   Spells of slight rain between 2130z yesterday evening
an 0500z this morning. It’s dry and bright now but the sun
is still hiding behind the middle cloud.
09-09z:   Tx 8.1 (1520z)   Tn 3.4 (0530z)   RR 4.6
18-09z:   Tg 2.8      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 23rd March 2018

1700z  25005kt 30km 2Cu018 3Ac120 7Ci200 07.4/04.0 996
RMK:   Overcast Sc for much of the day. It has broken up during
the past couple of hours but there’s thick high cloud above it
so no sunshine. Max temp 8.1°.

0900z   20012g26kt 20km 7Sc015 06.4/05.0 995
RMK:   Dry but cloudy since sunrise. There’s a bit of an edge
to the wind.
09-09z:   Tx 7.7 (1405z)   Tn 4.3 (0015z)   RR 1.9
18-09z:   Tg 3.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.7

0630z   20011g24kt 20km 7Sc015 05.3/04.1 996
RMK:   Slight rain approx 0100-0500z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 22nd March 2018

1700z   24008kt 30km 7Sc018 05.8/02.6 1012
RMK:   Dry all day. The early sun was something of a false dawn.
It soon disappeared and the rest of the day was cloudy. Max
temp 7.7° but the breeze has had a bit of an edge to it all
day. The 0.7 hours of sun that we had early on has taken the
total for the month so far to only 20.1 hours. The lowest March
total I have recorded here was 57.5 hours in 2013. It’s
looking increasingly likely that March this year will end up
with an even lower total.

0900z   25008kt 20km 2Cu008 6Ci250 06.3/05.0 1019
RMK:   Low cloud has broken and partially dispersed during the
past hour with sunny spells developing.
09-09z:   Tx 6.4 (1335z)   Tn 2.8 (0900z yesterday)   RR trace
21-09z:   Tn 4.1 (2100z)      18-09z:   Tg 3.9      00-24z:   Sun 5.5

0630z   30007kt 15km 4Sc008 8Sc035 05.1/03.9 1020
RMK:   It’s the mildest start to the day since 19th February.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 21st March 2018

1700z   27009kt 20km -RA 2Sc020 6Ac080 8As150 4.7/1.6 1026
RMK:   After a mostly sunny morning it clouded over in the
middle of the day and the afternoon has been mostly cloudy.
Slight rain started in the past few minutes. There’s been a
steady thaw all day but there’s still many snow drifts.
Max temp 6.2°.

0900z   28005kt 20km 1Sc015 5Ci250 +02.8/+00.7 1031
RMK:   The mist has burned off and there’s now spells of warm
09-09z:   Tx 5.9 (1610z)   Tn -2.3 (0205z)   RR 0.7
18-09z:   Tg -4.8      00-24z:   Sun 1.0

0630z   04001kt 1500 BR 3St002 -00.6/-01.1 1032
RMK:   The sun is just starting to break through the murk.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 20th March 2018

1700z   33003kt 50km 2Cu015 6Ci250 05.4/01.7 1032
RMK:   Mostly cloudy till early afternoon. Occasional slight
sleet showers till about 1000z then occasional slight rain
showers till early afternoon. The cloud became more broken
during the afternoon with sunny periods developing.
Max temp 5.9°.

0900z   33007kt 20km RE-SHRASN 3Cu008 7Sc020 +02.7/+01.2 1030
RMK:   Slight sleet shower 0825-0830z.
09-09z:   Tx 3.2 (1505z)   Tn -1.3 (0900z yesterday)   RR 0.1
21-09z:   Tn +0.2 (0240z)      15-09z:   Tg -1.6      00-24z:   Sun 5.3

0630z   34007kt 20km 2Cu008 7Sc020 +01.6/+00.5 1029
RMK:   A cloudy morning but bright. A much ‘softer’ breeze this
morning.There’s less than 50% snow cover. Nevertheless,
there’s a huge amount of snow on the ground in the form of
widespread deep drifts. The deepest are around 2 metres.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 14th March 2018

0900z   07004kt 10km 2Cu007 4Ac100 7As170 +02.9/+02.7 1003
RMK:   After a little early sun the middle cloud has thickened.
09-09z:   Tx 8.4 (1555z)   Tn -2.0 (0300z)   RR 1.2
15-09z:   Tg -3.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.9

0630z CALM 20km 1Sc030 5Ac100 7Ci250 +00.3/+00.1 1004
RMK: A fine, frosty morning with sunny intervals.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 13th March 2018

1700z   CALM 30km 1Cu015 7Sc025 07.2/04.7 1008
RMK:   After a little early sun much of the morning was
overcast with slight rain on and off. It became dry soon
after midday and has remained dry since then. The cloud
became more cumuliform and some breaks did allow some
intervals of sunshine but the total for the day so far is
only 0.9 hours. Max temp 8.4°.

0900z   29003kt 10km -SHRA 1Cu008 4Sc020 04.7/04.0 1006
RMK:   Despite the current very slight shower, the cloud cover
is decreasing and short sunny intervals have developed.
09-09z:   Tx 5.1 (1515z)   Tn +2.4 (0230z)   RR 9.3
15-09z:   Tg +1.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   33002kt 5000 BR 7Sc020 03.2/02.7 1004
RMK:   A very pleasant morning, in sharp contrast to the wet of

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 12th March 2018

1700z   34009kt 8000 -RA 7Sc010 04.7/04.2 993
RMK:   A foul day. Slight to moderate rain all day, occasionally
briefly heavy. Max temp 5.1°.

0900z   35008kt 10km RE-RA 8Sc005 04.9/04.6 988
RMK:   Slight rain for much of the time since dawn.
09-09z:   Tx 9.5 (1350z)   Tn 4.2 (0430z)   RR 9.2
15-09z:   Tg 4.1      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0630z   36010kt 2500 -RA BR 3St002 8St004 987
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain since about 2300z

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 11th March 2018

0900z   CALM 15km 4Sc012 7Ci250 +02.5/+02.4 993
RMK:   Despite the relatively low temperature there’s a
spring-like feel this morning.
09-09z:   Tx 10.7 (1410z)   Tn +0.7 (0725z)   RR 1.0
15-09z:   Tg -1.0      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 10th March 2018

1700z   16009kt 10km -RA 3St005 7Sc008 10.3/10.0 991
RMK:   A low overcast all day. Long spells of slight rain
since 0900z. It’s turning out to be a very dull month. Assuming
there’s no sunshine between now and sunset this will be the
6th sunless day so far. The first 10 days of the month have
produced a total of only 3.6 hours of sunshine. The snow problems
continue. Today it was a Ford Galaxy taxi that got stuck. Same
road, different snow drift. The taxi didn’t even get past the
first drift. The underside bottomed out on the drift and he was
left with limited weight on the wheels. We tried to help him
get moving but there was no chance. The driver was last seen
heading off on foot to try to get hold of someone with a
tractor. It’s all so unnecessary as most roads are completely
clear. As I said yesterday, the one causing the problems is
notorious. It gets ploughed from the village end only as far as
the last house. From the other end it is usually left to thaw
naturally and that’s the bit where the deepest drifts are
usually found. Max temp today was 10.7°. That’s not quite the
warmest of the year so far. That accolade goes to 10.8° on
28th January.

0900z   18003kt 2500 -RA BR 4St001 8St003 07.2/07.1 991
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain since 0645z. Warm front went through
at 0830z with the onset of a S’ly breeze and the start of a
rapid rise in temperature which is ongoing.
09-09z:   Tx 7.2 (0900z today)   Tn +1.2 (0900z yesterday)   RR 16.6
09-21z:   Tx 6.4 (1445z)      21-09z:   Tn 4.1 (2230z)
15-09z:   Tg 3.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   CALM 0300 FG 8St002 04.4/04.3 991
RMK:  A very damp, drippy morning after a long spell of slight to
moderate rain from 1830z till about 0500z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 9th March 2018

1700z   08003kt 20km 2Sc025 8As120 05.7/04.0 999
RMK:   Fog slowly thinned after 0900z and eventually lifted
into low cloud around 1100z. The low cloud persisted into
the early afternoon and by the time it dispersed the middle
cloud was invading the sky. As a result, there was no
sunshine but it did remain dry. Almost all of the snow that
fell yesterday morning has now melted and we are left with
only the drifts from last week’s event. It’ll be a while
before the last of them is gone. Some lanes that don’t
lead to properties are still blocked by drifts. This
afternoon we came across an abandoned water authority Land
Rover that was well and truly stuck in a deep drift. Just
beyond it the was a ‘Chelsea Tractor’ type of Land Rover
that had been trying to negotiate the same lane. When the
driver realised that she couldn’t get through she had tried
to do a 3-point turn in a gateway and had also got stuck in
another deep drift. It’ll need a tractor to extricate both
vehicles. I don’t have much sympathy for the drivers as
there is no need to use that particular lane. There are two
alternatives, both of which have been ploughed and cleared.
Where the two vehicles are stuck is a notorious spot for
deep drifts. Almost always it is the last stretch of road
to be opened around the village after a heavy snowfall.
Max temp 6.4°.

0900z   18001kt 0200 FG VV/// +01.2/+00.9 1003
RMK:   Persistent thick fog all morning so far. In contrast,
200m higher up, the webcam at the Cat & Fiddle is showing
blue sky and sunshine. There’s 2cm of lying snow with about
a 75% cover. The thaw has just resumed.
09-09z:   Tx 4.6 (1500z)   Tn -0.8 (0620z)   RR 1.6
15-09z:   Tg -2.2      00-24z:   Sun 1.2

0630z   23002kt 0200 FZFG VV/// -00.4/-00.8 1002
RMK:   Untreated hard surfaces are very icy. There’s 2cm of
lying snow with about a 75% cover.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 8th March 2018

1800z   27002kt 10km -SHRA 4Cu008 8Sc020 +02.8/+01.5 996
RMK:   Slight sleet and snow continued till 1045z then a spell of
moderate snow till about 1115z. Dry for much of the afternoon
with a few sunny intervals then occasional rain showers during
the past hour. A lot of this morning’s snow has melted but
there’s still 3 cm in the garden with about a 75% cover in the
surrounding fields. The old drifts from last week are
beginning to re-appear. Max temp 4.6°.

0900z   25006kt 8000 -RASN 8St006 +01.4/+00.9 987
RMK:   Snow became slight around 0700z and turned to sleet
around 0745z: There’s 7cm of lying snow and a slow thaw has
just begun.
09-09z:   Tx 7.4 (1555z)   Tn -0.6 (0015z)   RR 10.0
15-09z:   Tg -4.1      00-24z:   Sun 2.3

0630z CALM 0300 SN VV/// +00.4/+00.1 987
RMK: Snow started sometime between 0300z and 0500z.
There’s 6cm of lying snow on all surfaces. A nice even
covering this time!

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 7th March 2018

1700z   25005kt 50km 2Cu015 04.9/01.6 993
RMK:   There was another slight shower around 1300z. Apart from
that it has been a splendid day with broken cloud and sunny
periods. There’s less than 10% snow cover now but some
of the less important lanes, ones that haven’t had a visit
from a snow plough, are still blocked by deep drifts. All
outlying properties now appear to be accessible. Some more
to come tonight it seems. Max temp 7.4° but it’s falling
quickly now.

0900z 20003kt 15km -SHRA 2Cu012 7Sc028 +02.3/+02.1 992
RMK: A very slight shower around 0845z.
09-09z: Tx 5.4 (1240z) Tn -1.5 (0420z) RR trace
15-09z: Tg -3.5 00-24z: Sun nil

0630z   CALM 15km 7Sc030 00.0/-00.3 991
RMK:   A quiet, cloudy morning with a slight hoar frost and
some icy patches.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 6th March 2018

1700z   21002kt 15km 2Cu015 8Sc025 04.4/03.0 988
RMK:   A dry overcast day. with very little wind. A little cooler
than yesterday with a max temp of 5.4°. The first 6 days of
March have produced a total of only 0.1 hours of sunshine.

0900z  23005kt 5000 BR REFG 8St003 +02.8/+02.6 985
RMK:   Fog 0715z-0830z with vis down to 200m for a time. It has
now lifted into low cloud.
09-09z:   Tx 6.2 (1525z)   Tn +1.9 (0635z)   RR 18.3
15-09z:   Tg +1.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0630z   28003kt 10km 7Sc007 +01.9/+01.7 983
RMK:   Rain, often mod/hvy, approx 2000z-0500z. The thaw

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 5th March 2018

1700z  07004kt 10km 4St008 8Sc025 05.6/04.2 987
RMK:   A low overcast with mist and intermittent fog persisted
till early afternoon. There was then a change to more
cumuliform cloud for a while but it has all flattened out
again. There’s been a steady thaw throughout the day. Despite
that, while out walking this afternoon we came across 2 roads
only a few hundred yards outside the village that are still
blocked by snowdrifts 1-2m high. A transit van had tried to get
through one of them but had become completely stuck. The
driver needed either a tractor or several more days of thaw
to get the van moving again. All this on a ‘no lying snow’ day.
I should think the driver of the van might have a different
view on that 🙂 Max temp 6.2°.

0900z   16002kt 0800 FG 4St001 8St003 +02.3/+02.2 988
RMK:   The fog lifted for a short time around 0800z then quickly
came back down again. The slow thaw continues.
09-09z:   Tx +2.4 (1905z)   Tn +0.2 (0900z yesterday)   RR 2.2
21-09z:   Tn +1.1 (0650z)      15-09z:   Tg -0.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   18003 0400 FG 8St002 +01.2/+01.0 987
RMK:   A claggy morning with a very slow thaw in progress.
There’s still lots of deep snow on the ground but the cover is
now less than 50%. It’s an anomaly in the system whereby today
won’t count as a ‘snow lying’ day, even though there are
still roads blocked by deep drifts, but a day with a uniform
slight dusting would count. The rules appear to assume that
snowfall always produces an even cover and do not address the
situation in which dry powdery snow falls with a strong wind

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 4th March 2018

1700z   07006kt 0100 -RA FG VV/// +02.1/+01.9 988
RMK:   Thick fog all day with vis below 100m from time to time.
There was a further spell of slight to moderate snow 0910-1000z.
Dry for the remainder of the morning then occasional slight
drizzle in afternoon. Slight rain in the past half hour.
A slow thaw set in around midday and the lying snow is
turning wet and it’s a bit slushy in places now. There’s
still about 10cm of lying snow with drifts to 2m. We had
a major snow-clearing exercise this afternoon to get our cars
out. I don’t know how much snow we shifted but it felt like
tons. The main problem is finding somewhere to put it all
that doesn’t impede the neighbours. We all have the same
problem! Max temp +2.1° so far but it’s still creeping up.

0900z   07006kt 0400 FG RESN RE-FZRA 8St002 +00.2/-00.1 990
RMK:   It’s difficult to keep up this morning! Slight snow
continued till about 0715z then turned to slight freezing
rain. This was abruptly replaced by moderate snow at 0820z
which seased at 0840z. Foggy throughout. The temp rose to 0°
at 0745z, bring to an end a spell of continuous frost that
had lasted almost 113 hours.
09-09z:   Tx +0.2 (0900z today)   Tn -2.9 (0900z yesterday)   RR 2.4
09-21z:   Tx -1.2 (1520z)      21-09z:   Tn -1.9 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg -1.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   07005kt 0600 -SN FZFG 8St002 -00.5/-00.8 991
RMK:   There’s about 2cm of fresh snow so the total depth is
something like 12cm with drifts to 2m and more. It looks
like there was some freezing rain or drizzle before the snow
as many surfaces are coated in ice. The temperature is
creeping up so we might not manage a 4th consecutive 09-09z
ice day.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 3rd March 2018

1700z   07011g24kt 0800 -FZDZ FZFG 8St003 -01.4/-01.9 995
RMK:   A grey, gloomy day with freezing fog for much of the
time. Very slight freezing drizzle for the past couple of
hours. Something like 10cm of lying snow with drifts to
2m in the village outskirts and beyond. Max temp -1.2°
and it has started to drop again.

0900z   04008kt 0800 FZFG 8St002 -02.9/-03.4 996
RMK:   That’s 3 consecutive 09-09z ‘ice’ days. That’s pretty
remarkable for the time of year. There’s been a little
fresh snow overnight but nothing significant. There’s
probably the equivalent of 10cm of lying snow. Once the
thaw does come we’ll almost certainly end up with less
than 50% cover despite still having huge amounts of snow
on the ground. One result of the very strong winds of the
past 2 days is that all of our east-facing windows have a
thick coating of salt on them. I suppose it could be road
salt but I think it’s much more likely to be from sea
spray. The Lincolnshire coast is 80-90 miles east of here.
Given the strength of the wind the travel time from the coast
to here would have been 2 hours at most so it certainly does
seem plausible.
09-09z:   Tx -1.8 (1220z)   Tn -3.4 (0350z)   RR 1.0
15-09z:   Tg -3.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 2nd March 2018

1700z   07021g41kt 10km 8Sc012 -02.6/-04.3 996
RMK:   Dry and cloudy all day with a persistent bitter wind.
Had a walk around the lanes this afternoon. My guess is that
the total amount of snow equates to something like 10-15cm
of level snow but it’s very difficult to be sure. Exposed
areas have been blown completely bare while more sheltered
areas have deep snow. There’s numerous drifts 1-1.5m and
some to 2m and higher. All of the lanes we investigated are
impassable to all traffic except tractors. The main road
through the village is slushy but not a problem. There’s
a long list of roads closed in North Derbyshire, some main
roads and some important minor roads. Max temp -1.8°, so
warming up a little!

0900z   06025g42kt 7000 7Cu015 -03.2/-04.1 998
RMK:   It really is bitter out there. Indeed, it feels even
worse than yesterday. The 24-hour max temp of -3.2° to
0900z this morning is the lowest such value in March in the
10 years that I have been here. The previous lowest was
-1.0° on 11th Mar 2013.
09-09z:   Tx -3.2 (0900z today)   Tn -5.3 (0900z yesterday)
RR 5.0 (estimated)
09-21z:   Tx -3.8 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn -4.1 (0245z)
15-09z:   Tg -5.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   06023g41kt 2000 -BLSN 7Cu015 -03.8/-04.7 998
RMK:   Snow died out late yesterday evening. Overnight has
probably been dry. A very windy night with a max gust
of 48 knots at 0020z. A lot of the lying snow has blown
away and what remains has been compacted by the wind, hard
enough to walk on without sinking in. There’s probably the
equivalent of about 10cm of lying snow with drifts to
about 75cm around the house. It’s perishing in the wind.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 1st March 2018

1700z   07022g41kt 0400 -SN -BLSN VV/// -04.1/-04.6 1003
RMK:   Continuous snow all day. Moderate till about 1100z then
slight since then. It’s been intensifying during the past hour
and it’s getting close to moderate again. Much drifting in the
wind that has been frequently gusting to 35-40 knots. Max gust
44 knots. Best guess is that there’s around 25cm of lying
snow but it varies from absolutely bare ground to waist-deep.
There’s drifts to about 1m around the house and garden.
Many roads are closed/impassable and the police have advised
everyone to keep off the roads in North Derbyshire. This is
certainly high impact weather and it could be life-threatening
to anyone stranded in a car. Max temp -3.9°.

0900z   07022g35kt 0300 SN BLSN VV/// -05.3/-06.0 1008
RMK:   This is now an event of some significance. Continuous
moderate snow since before dawn with considerable drifting.
I’ll make a guess at 20cm of lying snow. Around the house
drifts are now approaching 1 metre. I haven’t investigated
any further afield! There’s no sensible way of measuring the
rainfall so the rainfall figure below is just an estimate.
I doubt if we’ll see a snow plough while this lot continues.
It would be a bit of a futile exercise.
09-09z:   Tx -4.2 (1105z)   Tn -7.6 (2120z)   RR 15.0 (estimated)
15-09z:   Tg -8.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.4

0630z   07015g31kt 0300 SN BLSN VV/// -06.2/-07.0 1010
RMK:   Wow! Welcome to spring. These are potentially
life-threatening conditions were you to have the misfortune
of getting caught out in them. It’s absolutely perishing
out there. There’s no level snow but I would guess that the
amount of snow corresponds to something like 15cm of level
depth. There’s drifts up to 50cm around the house. Outside the
village drifts are now undoubtedly up to 2 metres or more now.