Obs 2019 – (1) January

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Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 31st January 2019

1700z   07009kt 0800 FZFG 7St001 -02.9/-03.5 990
RMK:   Freezing fog all day. The visibility has very
slowly improved but 800m is as good as we’ve had.
The max temp was -1.4°. If it remains below 0° till
0900z tomorrow it’ll be the first ‘ice’ day since
18th March 2018. The max that day was -2.3°.
There’s 7cm of lying snow. The strengthening E’ly
breeze has very sharp edges.

0900z   CALM 0100 FZFG VV/// -04.4/-05.0 993
RMK:   Fog isn’t showing any signs of clearing yet
though it is most probably quite shallow. It wasn’t
the coldest night of the winter here. Coldest was
-6.6° on 24th Jan.
09-09z:   Tx +0.1 (1520z)   Tn -5.8 (0615z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -7.4      00-24z:   Sun 0.0

0630z   29001kt 0150 FZFG VV/// -05.7/-06.2 994
RMK:   It was foggy before midnight last night so may
have been foggy all night.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 30th January 2019

1700z   27001kt 3000 HZ 3Cu005 -01.9/-02.8 995
RMK:   A dry, mostly cloudy day since the early snow
ceased. With a max temp of +0.1° we just missed
an ‘ice’ day. The temperature is now falling quickly
under clearing skies. There’s 9cm of lying snow.

0900z   26001kt 15km RESN 1Cu005 6Sc050 -01.2/-01.8 994
RMK:   Snow continued till 0815z and was mostly moderate
between 0700z and 0800z. Since 0630z there’s been a
further 4cm of fresh, very fluffy snow taking the
total depth to 10cm. We appear to be in a shower stream
from Morecambe Bay this morning rather than the more
usual Liverpool Bay.
09-09z:   Tx +1.5 (1120z)  Tn -4.6 (0025z)   RR 10.7
15-09z:   Tg -10.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   27002kt 1500 -SHSN 7Cu005 -01.1/-01.6 993
RMK:   Occasional snow showers since about 0200z have
produced a fresh cover of 1cm. The total depth is 6cm.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 29th January 2019

1700z   CALM 2000 -SN 8St005 +00.2/-00.4 992
RMK:   Continuous snow since 1045z, moderate approx 1200z-1530z.
There’s been a gradual accumulation but with the temp
remaining just above 0° throughout there’s also been a
slow thaw. The net result is that there’s now 6cm of
lying snow. The continuous snow is now moving away but
we are now getting the shower stream starting to come in
from Liverpool Bay. Max temp +1.5°. There’s 4 main roads
closed in the area. All of them reach around 500m.

0900z   19006kt 15km 6Sc006 8Ac120 +00.5/-00.1 998
RMK:   Typical pre-frontal sky with cloud thickening and
lowering. Less than 1cm of lying snow. It could be an
interesting day .
09-09z:   Tx +2.7 (1345z)   Tn -2.7 (1855z)   RR 0.3
21-09z:   Tn -1.3 (2105z)     15-09z:   Tg -7.6
00-24z:   Sun 7.1

0630z   20005kt 30km 1Sc008 6Ac150 8Ci250 +00.1/-00.6 1000
RMK:   Slight snow showers yesterday evening from 2000z
till at least 2300z. Probably dry since midnight. The
temperature has been just above 0° since 2130z after
having been down to -2.5° earlier in the evening. There’s
a covering of snow on all surfaces this morning but it’s
less than 1cm.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 28th January 2019

1700z   16002kt 50+km SKC -00.6/-03.8 1008
RMK:   A fine, clear, sunny day. With 7.1 hours of sun
it was the sunniest day since 7.8 hours on 22nd Oct 2018.
The max temp was 2.7° and the ground remained
frozen all day. There wasn’t much breeze but what
little there was had quite an edge to it.

0900z   27004kt 50+km SKC -02.4/-03.5 1005
RMK:   A gorgeous clear, sunny, crisp morning.
09-09z:   Tx 3.5 (1330z)   Tn -3.1 (0825z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -7.2      00-24z:   Sun 1.2

0630z   29003kt 50+km SKC -02.3/-03.4 1003
RMK:   A fine clear morning. Slight hoar frost on the
grass. Hard surfaces are dry.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 27th January 2019

1700z   29014g26kt 30km 7Cu012 +02.9/+00.3 995
RMK:   A mostly cloudy day after some early sun. Dry
during daylight apart from a brief slight shower of
soft hail around 1415z. Max temp 3.5° but it felt
colder in the wind. Max gust was 41 knots.

0900z   29009g26kt 30km 6Cu008 +01.7/+00.4 991
RMK:   Cu invading the sky from NNW. There’s frozen slush
on cars and some roofs so there must have been some
wet snow after the cold front earlier this morning. The
Kinder webcam shows lying snow on Kinder Scout above
350-400m. The Cat & Fiddle webcam shows a slight
covering of snow up there.
09-09z:   Tx 7.6 (1530z)   Tn +0.7 (0700z)   RR 9.0
15-09z:   Tg -1.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   29010g22kt 30km 1Ac150 +00.8/-00.5 989
RMK:   A fine, fresh morning after a wet night. Cold
front went through at about 0200z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 26th January 2019

1700z   18011g24kt 3000 +RA 6 Sc007 8Sc020 06.8/06.2 987
RMK:  A cloudy day with occasional spits of rain.
Continuous rain since 1540z, mod/hvy since 1610z.
Max temp 7.6°.

0900Z   21006KT 20KM -RA 1sT006 7sC020 05.9/05.3 1002
RMK:   A grey morning with persistent slight rain.
09-09z:   Tx 7.9 (1115z)   Tn 5.3 (0740z)   RR 1.6
15-09z:   Tg 3.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   23004kt 15km -RA 3St008 7Sc020 05.4/04.3 1005
RMK:   It looks as though the rain has only just started.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 25th January 2019

1700z   29013g29kt 5000 -DZ 7Sc006 07.7/07.1 1011
RMK:   An overcast day with persistent slight rain and
drizzle. All of the natural lying snow has gone. All
that’s left are the remnants of piles that resulted
from path clearing etc. Max temp 7.9°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 24th January 2019

0630z   CALM 5000 -SN 8St003 +00.7/+00.3 1009
RMK:   Overnight snow has produced 2cm of fresh snow on
the ground. The total depth is 7cm. Falling snow is
now very slight. Min temp last night was -6.6° making
it the coldest January night since -7.1° on 17 Jan 2013.
Unusually for such a low temperature, last night’s
minimum occurred at the very early time of 1910z. The
temp has been above 0° since 0515z.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 23rd January 2019

1700z   27002kt 20km 1Ac150 4Ci250 -04.8/-05.7 1006
RMK:   A fine crisp winter day with light winds and long
spells of sunshine. There’s still 6cm of lying snow
and it has been quite dazzling. The temperature was
above 0° for only an hour, reaching a max of +1.2°
just before 1400z. It has been falling quickly since
then and it’s already well below last night’s min.
Walking around the village has been quite hazardous
today. There’s lots of thick frozen slush. Where the
sun got onto it there was a bit of surface melting.
Rutted slush with a bit of melt water on it is not
a good mix for walking.

0900z   31003kt 10km 1St005 -03.7/-04.3 1002
RMK:   A dazzling morning with the pristine snow cover
and bright sunshine. 6cm of lying snow.
09-09z:   Tx +1.6 (1335z)   Tn -4.1 (0840z)   RR 4.6
15-09z:   Tg -7.6      00-24z:   Sun 0.5

0630z   29006kt 50+km SKC -02.9/-03.6 1000
RMK:   A fine, clear morning with 6cm of lying snow.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 22nd January 2019

1700z   29004kt 15km 3Cu006 5Sc018 +00.2/-00.3 997
RMK:   Snow showers resumed just before 1400z and
continued till about 1530z, briefly mod/hvy. Dry
but cloudy since 1530z.Some further accumulation of
snow this afternoon but there’s also been a slow
thaw throughout the day. The net result is that
there’s now 6cm of lying snow. Max temp +1.6°.

1200z   26003kt 10km 3Cu008 6Ci250 +01.1/+00.7 999
RMK:   Snow ceased around 1030z. Cloud has become more
broken since then and there’s been a few glimpses of
the sun. There’s 7cm of lying snow with a slow thaw
in progress. Looks like there may be more to come
this afternoon.

0900z   29004kt 0300 SN VV/// +00.4/-00.0 1000
RMK:   We’re right in the core of the Liverpool Bay
shower stream this morning. Snow has been almost
continuous since 0600z, often moderate. There’s 4cm
of lying snow. With the temp just above zero there’s
a little bit of melting but the rate of accumulation
is much faster than the rate of melting.
09-09z:   Tx 3.4 (1420z)   Tn +0.3 (0545z)   RR 12.2
15-09z:   Tg -2.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   27007kt 3000 -SHSN 3Cb005 4Cu008 +00.6/-00.2 1000
RMK:   Rain yesterday evening, moderate after 2200z.
Cold front went through just after midnight. Snow
showers are now setting in. There’s a covering of
snow on all surfaces but it’s less than 1cm deep.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 21st January 2019

1700z   18006kt 10km 6Sc008 8As120 +02.7/+02.0 1014
RMK:   The fog persisted till the middle of the day. By
the time it cleared middle cloud was covering the sky
so it was another sunless day. Most of the lying snow
has gone but not all of it. A few of the fields are
still quite white but most are green now. It’s
looking very marginal for tonight here and tomorrow
could be an interesting day with cold air and deep
convection up to about 500 mb. Max temp 3.4°.

0900z   16003kt 0600 -DZ FG 8St001 +01.5/+01.2 1023
RMK:   The fog has lifted a bit and there’s now a
definite cloud base. A very light SSE breeze has set
in during the past half hour. It’s not much but it feels
very raw. There’s still quite a lot of lying snow but
the cover is much less than 50% now.
09-09z:   Tx +2.2 (1515z)   Tn -0.2 (2315z)   RR 2.5
15-09z:   Tg -4.2      00-24z:   Sun 0.1

0630z   CALM 0250 -DZ FG VV/// +01.3/+01.1 1024
RMK:   A dank, drippy morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 20th January 2019

1700z   29001kt 10km 7Sc012 +01.6/+01.3 1021
RMK:   Extensive low cloud for much of the day lowering
to give fog at times. From mid-afternoon the cloud
slowly broke from the NE and became patchy. Some
blue sky developed and we managed 0.1 hours of
sunshine before the sun went down. A Sc layer has
developed since then. A slow thaw has continued
throughout the day with the temp reaching a high
of +2.2°. There’s still more than 50% snow cover but
it’s looking thin and moth-eaten now.

0900z   07001kt 0600 FG 8St003 +00.8/+00.5 1017
RMK:   The fog keeps coming and going. The slow thaw
continues. There 3cm of lying snow with about 80% cover.
09-09z:   Tx +1.1 (1830z)   Tn +0.4 (0900z yesterday)   RR 1.0
21-09z:   Tn +0.7 (0740z)      15-09z:   Tg +0.3
00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   CALM 0150 FG VV/// +00.8/+00.6 1015
RMK:   The slow thaw has continued throughout the night.
It’s a very dank, drippy morning with 4cm of lying

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 19th January 2019

1700z   06003kt 0250 -DZ FG VV/// 01.1/00.6 1009
RMK:   A dank, murky day with fog for a lot of the time.
Slight snow 1130z-1230z but this didn’t amount to much.
Drizzle during the past hour. There’s been a slow thaw
throughout the day but with a max temp of only +1.1°
the emphasis is on slow. Roads are all clear now.

0900z   14003kt 0250 FG VV/// +00.4/00.0 1009
RMK:   Fog since about 0700z. There’s a very slow thaw
in progress.
09-09z:   Tx +2.1 (1545z)   Tn -1.7 (0900z yesterday)   RR 11.6
21-09z:   Tn +0.2 (2100z)      15-09z:   Tg -0.1
00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   16002kt 1500 -SN BR 8St002 +00.4/00.0 1008
RMK:   Current snowfall is very slight. There’s been some
further accumulation of lying snow overnight but also
some compacting and some melting with the temp in the
range +0.4° to +0.6°. The net result is that there’s
currently 8cm of lying snow.Throughout the snowfall
event yesterday evening ond overnight the temperature
remained just above 0.0°.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 18th January 2019

1700z   15009kt 0400 SN VV/// +00.5/-00.3 1012
RMK:   A cloudy day. Dry till 1530z then snow, mostly
moderate. There’s 3cm of lying snow on all surfaces.
The radar indicated that the precipitation started
around 1230z but for the first 3 hours it was
apparently evaporating before reaching the ground.
Max temp 2.1°.

0900z   CALM 30km 1Sc040 8As100 -01.7/-02.8 1016
RMK:   Overcast and grey. Still some patchy snow on the
ground, left over from yesterday morning.
09-09z:   Tx +2.3 (1350z)   Tn -3.1 (0405z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -5.9      00-24z:   Sun 6.5

0630z   CALM 50km 2Ac130 7Ci250 -02.4/-03.4 1016
RMK:   A very still morning with a moderate hoar frost.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 17th January 2019

1700z   29003kt 50+km 1Ac150 4Ci250 -00.2/-02.7 1016
RMK:   A splendid clear and mostly sunny day with only
a few scraps of Cu in afternoon. Towards dusk the sun
disappeared behind high cloud encroaching from the
west. Lying snow and ice persisted all day in the shade.
Walking was a bit hazardous on some of the lanes this
afternoon. Max temp 2.3°.

0900z   29007kt 50+km -02.0/-03.7 1010
RMK:   A gorgeous morning. Fine, clear and sunny but with
a sharp breeze. There’s a patchy dusting of snow but the
cover isn’t enough to count as a morning with snow
lying. Untreated hard surfaces are icy.
09-09z:   Tx 6.3 (0915z)   Tn -2.1 (0855z)   RR 6.1
15-09z:   Tg -5.8      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   31009kt 50km SKC -00.5/-02.9 1007
RMK:   Occasional showers overnight, probably rain/sleet.
Cold front went through just before 0430z with a spell
of snow and winds gusting to 30 knots. There’s a
slight covering of snow on roofs and cars and a patchy
cover on the grass. Untreated hard surfaces are very icy.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 16th January 2019

1700z   28004kt 30km 2Cb008 03.1/02.2 999
RMK:   Slight to moderate rain persisted all morning.
It turned to moderate sleet around 1230z and the temp
fell below 3.0° for a while before the sleet stopped
abruptly around 1400z. Since then it has been dry
with some cloud breaks but no sunshine. There’s a
large Cb passing just north of here at present. Max
temp since 0900z 6.3°.

0900z   22010kt 15km -RA 7Sc006 06.3/05.5 1000
RMK:   Occasional slight rain since 0700z.
09-09z:   Tx 8.6 (1200z)   Tn 5.9 (0640z)   RR 0.6
15-09z:   Tg 3.4      00-24z:   Sun 2.1

0630z   20007kt 30km 1Sc012 6Ac150 06.0/04.8 1001
RMK:   A pleasant, mild morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 15th January 2019

0630z   26003kt 20km 2Ac150 6Ci250 05.7/04.4 1017
RMK:   A mild, clear morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 14th January 2019

1700z   28006kt 20km RE-SHRA 3Cu010 6Sc020 05.1/04.0 1021
RMK:   A mostly cloudy day with occasional slight
showers. Max temp 6.6°.

0900z   31006kt 20km RE-SHRA 7Cu008 05.0/04.1 1019
RMK:   A cloudy morning with the odd spit of rain now
and again.
09-09z:   Tx 8.8 (1320z)   Tn 4.9 (0815z)   RR 4.7
15-09z:   Tg 3.3      00-24z:   Sun 0.3

0630z   31006kt 20km 7Sc012 05.1/04.2 1018
RMK:   A much quieter morning.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 13th January 2019

1700z   30017g35kt 30km RE-RA 1Cu008 05.9/04.7 1009
RMK:   A windy day. The wind peaked at Force 6 between
1100z and 1130z. Highest gusts were 41 knots at 1300z
and again at 1410z.Mostly cloudy with long spells of
rain. Much of this was slight but it was mod/hvy for
a time in mid-afternoon. There was a dry spell in
early afternoon with a few glimpses of sun. The rain
ceased just after 1600 and the cloud has dispersed.
Max temp 8.8° but it’s falling quickly now as
colder air streams down from the NW.

0900z   29016g29kt 2000 -RADZ 8St003 07.3/06.7 1010
RMK:   A filthy wet and windy morning.
09-09z:   Tx 8.4 (2315z)   Tn 6.6 (1610z)   RR 3.2
09-21z:   Tx 8.1 (2100z)     21-09z:   Tn 7.0 (0640z)
15-09z:   Tg 6.4      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 12th January 2019

1700z   29011g24kt 3000 -RA 8St004 06.8/06.3 1017
RMK:   A cloudy, blustery day with slight rain from time
to time. Very gloomy all day. Max gust was 33 knots
at 1415z. The 19 days since Christmas Eve have
produced only 8.5 hours of sunshine. 15 of those days
have been completely sunless. The 18 days to 0900z
this morning have produced only 10.2 mm of rain.
Max temp 6.8°.

0900z   30010g30kt 15km RE-RA 6Cu006 8Sc020 06.7/05.8 1020
RMK:   A very gloomy morning. Cold front went through
around 0710-0715z. Although the temp hasn’t dropped
much it feels much fresher and less mild. The drizzle
has gone and we are now getting intermittent slight rain.
The wind is becoming increasingly gusty though the
mean speed isn’t increasing.
09-09z:   Tx 7.3 (0710z)   Tn +1.9 (0900z yesterday)   RR 2.5
09-21z:   Tx 6.3 (2100z)      21-09z:   Tn 6.2 (0025z)
15-09z:   Tg 3.7      00-24z:   Sun 0.2

0630z   29012g25kt 2000 DZ 8St003 07.2/06.6 1021
RMK:   Rain and drizzle since about 0100z. It may not
be producing a lot in the rain gauge but 10 minutes
out in it without being adequately clad would result
in a soaking. Very mild.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 11th January 2019

1700z   31003kt 15km 7Sc015 04.7/03.9 1030
RMK:   Fog cleared around 0930z. A mostly cloudy day
from then with a little drizzle now and again.
Max temp 4.9°.

0900z   31002kt 0400 FG 6Ci250 +01.9/+01.5 1031
RMK:   Fog since about 0800z.
09-09z:   Tx 4.8 (1255z)   Tn +1.8 (0855z)   RR 0.1
15-09z:   Tg -1.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   29006kt 20km 1Sc012 6Ci250 +02.8/+02.3 1030
RMK:   A fine, clear morning. Stars visible through
the cirrus.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 10th January 2019

1700z   29007kt 0200 FG VV/// 04.3/04.0 1031
RMK:   Mist and fog alternating throughout the day, with
about 50% of each. Vis occasionally down to 150m briefly.
Spells of slight drizzle during the morning. Dry in
the afternoon. Max temp 4.8°.

0900z   31004kt 0500 FG RE-DZ 8St002 +01.7/+01.2 1031
RMK:   Occasional slight drizzle since about 0800z. Fog
since about 0830z and it’s getting thicker.
09-09z:   Tx +2.1° (1155z)   Tn -1.9 (0305z)   RR 0.1
15-09z:   Tg -5.9      00-24z:   Sun 0.7

0630z   27003kt 2500 HZ 8St004 +00.7/-00.5 1031
RMK:   A rather murky morning with a cold breeze. There’s
very little frost on the ground.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 9th January 2019

1700z   28003kt 30km 6Sc012 +01.4/-00.1 1032
RMK:  After a bit of early sun, most of the day was
cloudy and we managed only 0.7 hours of sun. It was a
mostly dry day but there were brief slight snow
showers at 0930z and again at 1100z. Max temp 2.1°
and it felt cold in the breeze. An excellent
afternoon for a walk, though.

0900z   36008kt 30km 3Sc015 +01.3/-00.6 1032
RMK:   Variable amounts of Sc. Up to 6 oktas at times.
09-09z:   Tx 6.1 (1345z)   Tn +0.4 (2220z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -2.4     00-24z:  Sun 5.9

0630z   34007kt 50km 1Sc015 +01.2/-01.2 1030
RMK:   A fine, clear morning with a sky full of stars.
The breeze is a bit sharp.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 8th January 2019

1700z   29003kt 30km 7Cu010 03.1/01.7 1029
RMK:   A mostly fine day with only small amounts of
cloud and long sunny spells. Cloud increased rapidly in
late afternoon. With 5.9 hours of sun it was the
sunniest day since 7.0 hours on 31st October.
Max temp 6.1°.

0900z   29009kt 30km 1Cu010 03.1/01.8 1028
RMK:   Fine and sunny for a change! The high cloud is
clearing away to the SE but scraps of Cu are just
beginning to develop.
09-09z:   Tx 9.3 (1255z)   Tn 3.1 (0845z)   RR 4.0
15-09z:   Tg +0.3      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   29009kt 20km 6Ci250 04.4/02.9 1026
RMK:   Some stars visible. It’s a while since we last saw
those. There’s quite a cold breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Monday 7th January 2019

1700z   28015g25kt 3000 -RA 5St005 8Sc008 08.6/07.7 1024
RMK:   A cloudy day with rain and drizzle for much of
the time, often moderate in the afternoon. The wind
has been slowly freshening throughout the day.
Max temp 9.3°.

0900z   23007kt 4000 -DZ 7St004 07.8/07.2 1030

RMK:   Drizzle has started within the past half hour.
09-09z:   Tx 7.8 (0900z today)   Tn 5.5 (0900z y’day)   RR trace
09-21z:   Tx 7.3 (1230z)      21-09z:   5.7 (0450z)
15-09z:   Tg 3.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   24006kt 8000 7St004 07.0/06.3 1031
RMK:   A mild morning with a freshening breeze.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Sunday 6th January 2019

1700z   29007kt 3000 -DZ 3St002 4Sc010 5Sc040 06.1/05.5 1036
RMK:   Yet another grey and gloomy day. Around midday the
cloud base lowered to ground level and we went into fog.
Throughout the afternoon the cloud base remained at
ground level or only 50 ft or so above ground. The
visibility varied from about 400m to about 1500m.
There’s been slight drizzle all afternoon. Around dusk
some breaks started to develop in the cloud and the
lowest stuff now appears to be dispersing. It’s still
drizzling, though. Max temp 7.3°.

0900z   29007kt 8000 1St005 7Sc008 05.5/04.8 1036
RMK:   Grey and gloomy again. Damper air than recently.
09-09z:   Tx 5.5 (0900z today)   Tn +2.7 (0900z yest’day)   RR nil
09-21z:   Tx 5.2 (1520z)      21-09z:   Tn 4.3 (0235z)
15-09z:   Tg 3.7      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 5th January 2019

1700z   28004kt 30km 7Sc018 04.9/03.4 1036
RMK:   Another sunless day! The max temp of 5.2° means
that it was the warmest day since Wed 2nd Jan but with
a bit more of a breeze it actually felt colder than
recent days.

0900z   29002kt 20km 8Sc015 +02.7/+01.4 1038
RMK:   The only changes from the past couple of days are
that the temperature is a little bit higher and the
pressure is a little bit lower!
09-09z:   Tx 3.0 (0425z)   Tn +0.8 (0900z yesterday)   RR trace
09-21z:   Tx 2.1 (1315z)      21-09z:   Tn +1.8 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg +1.6      00-24z:   Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 4th January 2019

1700z   29002kt 20km -SN 8Sc015 +01.7/+00.4 1041
RMK:   A few small flakes of snow falling gently. It’s
been one of those days that never seems to reach
proper daylight. We’ve had indoor lights on all day.
Nevertheless, it was a very pleasant day for a walk.
Max temp 2.1°.

0900z   CALM 20km 7Sc015 +00.8/-00.2 1042
RMK:   Unrelenting anticyclonic gloom.
09-09z:   Tx +1.0 (1140z)   Tn -0.3 (0420z)   RR nil
15-09z:   Tg -2.5      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   CALM 20km 7Sc015 +00.1/-01.1 1042
RMK:   Another very still, cloudy morning. There’s no
frost or ice.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 3rd January 2019

1700z   18001kt20km 8Sc018 +00.2/-01.7 1043
RMK:   …..and so it goes on. Relentlessly grey and gloomy
all day. On Christmas Eve we had 4.2 hours of sunshine.
In the 10 days since then we’ve had a total of only
1.7 hours. A few days ago a lot of the forecasts were
optimisticlly predicting a lot of sunshine this week but,
as so often happens at this time of year, anticyclonic
gloom was the winner. It’s a thankless task trying to
predict where and how much cloud there will be in these
situations. Despite the gloom, the almost complete
absence of any breeze meant that it was a very pleasant
day for a walk. The max temp was only +1.0° but, when
adequately clad, it didn’t feel particularly cold.

0900z   16001kt 20km 7Sc017 +00.6/-01.8 1044
RMK:   Grey and gloomy.
09-09z:   Tx 3.5 (1250z)   Tn +0.5 (0855z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -0.2      00-24z:   Sun nil

0630z   25001kt 20km 8Sc020 +00.6/-01.7 1043
RMK:   A very still morning. There’s no frost on the ground.
Hard surfaces are dry.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 2nd January 2019

1700z   CALM 30km 8Sc020 +02.5/+00.1 1044
RMK:   Yet another sunless day. That’s 8 sunless days in
the past 9 days. The past 16 days have produced a
sunshine total of only 8.8 hours. Max temp 3.5°.

0900z   36002kt 20km 7Sc020 +01.7/00.0 1044
RMK:   Snow ceased by 0700z. Dry since then but it has
remained cloudy.
09-09z:   Tx 7.8 (0900z yesterday)   Tn -0.1 (0355z)   RR trace
15-09z:   Tg -4.6      00-24z:   Sun 1.7

0630z   34001kt 20km -SN 7Sc025 +01.4/-00.4 1044
RMK:   It’s snowing very gently but not at all significantly.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 1st January 2019

1700z   29001kt 30km 4Ci250 +02.6/+01.2 1037
RMK:   Rain ceased by 0930z but the morning remained mostly
cloudy. The cloud became more broken in afternoon giving
some sunny intervals, the first sun since Christmas Eve.
The low cloud dispersed towards dusk and the temp is
falling quite quickly now. Max temp 7.8°.

0900z   29010g21kt 8000 -RADZ 6St005 7Ci250 07.8/07.2 1033
RMK:   A very mild start to the year. Slight rain and
drizzle since before 0400z. A few breaks have developed
in the low cloud sheet during the past half hour.
09-09z:   Tx 7.8 (0900z today)   Tn 6.8 (1725z)   RR 1.7
09-21z:   Tx 7.7 (1135z)      21-09z:   Tn 6.9 (2100z)
15-09z:   Tg 4.9      00-24z:   Sun nil

A Happy New Year to all and may it be a prosperous one.