Observations – April 2022

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Saturday 30th April 2022

0530z CALM 30km SKC +00.4/-01.1 1031
RMK: A fine, sunny start to the day with a moderate frost on
the grass. Hard surfaces are dry.

0900z 16005kt 50km 5Ci300 11.2/05.5 1030
RMK: Fine and sunny. Thin cirrus spreading from the west.
09-09z: Tx 15.4 (1429z) Tn -0.4 (0432z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg -3.5 00-24z: Sun 8.6

1830z 31002kt 20km -RA 4Sc025 8AcAs080 11.0/07.5 1025
RMK: Middle cloud gradually invaded the sky from the west
during the afternoon. Slight rain since about 1730z.
Max temp 16.5C.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Friday 29th April 2022

0530z 34001kt 20km 7Sc020 04.6/03.1 1033
RMK: Another cloudy and rather grey morning with barely
a breath of a breeze.

0900z 02002kt 30km 5Cu022 09.3/03.9 1033
RMK: Cloud is slowly breaking and becoming more cumuliform.
Sunny intervals developing.
09-09z: Tx 9.3 (0850z) Tn 4.4 (0528z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg 3.7 (0449z) 00-24z: Sun nil

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 28th April 2022

0530z 04002kt 30km 1Cu012 8Sc025 04.8/01.8 1032
RMK: Grey and overcast with only a very light breeze.

1800z 06003kt 30km 1Cu015 8Sc025 07.6/04.3 1032
RMK: A dry day but relentlessly grey and overcast. Only
a very light breeze. Max temp only 7.8C.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 27th April 2022

1900z 06004kt 30km 7Sc025 07.8/03.1 1030
RMK: A dry but mostly cloudy day after some early sunshine.
Max temp 10.7C.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 26th April 2022

0530z 35004kt 20km 7Sc020 04.5/03.3 1022
RMK: A rather grey, cloudy morning. There were a couple
of slight showers late yesterday afternoon but not enough
to trouble the rain gauge.

0900z 06004kt 30km 2Cu012 7Sc050 07.2/04.4 1023
RMK: A cloudy, dry morning with only a gentle breeze.
09-09z: Tx 13.4 (1504z) Tn 4.2 (0314z) RR trace
18-09z: Tg +1.6 00-24z: Sun 1.7

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Mon 25th April 2022

0530z 35002kt 20km 2Cu010 +01.7/+00.1 1016
RMK: Partly cloudy with sunny intervals. There’s a
slight frost on the grass.

0900z 04005kt 30km 7Cu015 07.3/03.9 1017
RMK: After a little early sun the sky soon clouded over
but, so far, it has remained dry.
09-09z: Tx 13.8 (1612z) Tn +1.4 (0440z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg -3.6 00-24z: Sun 4.9

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Thursday 21st April 2022

0530z 06003kt 30km 1Ac150 3Ci250 04.3/02.4 1015
RMK: A sunny but cool start to the day.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Wednesday 20th April 2022

0530z 15005kt 20km 2Ci300 04.9/03.1 1020
RMK: A fine, clear morning with a cool breeze.

0900z 05006kt 30km 2Ac180 7Ci250 10.3/05.3 1020
RMK: A fine morning with the sun shining brightly through
the developing cirrus.
09-09z: Tx 15.4 (1244z) Tn 4.8 (0534z) RR trace
18-09z: Tg +2.1 (0224z) 00-24z: Sun 4.4

1900z 06007kt 30km 2Ac1505Ac180 11.8/05.6 1016
RMK: A dry and mostly sunny day with a NE breeze developing.
Max temp 15.9C.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – Tuesday 19th April 2022

0530z CALM 50km 1Ac070 +01.0/-00.3 1017
RMK: A fine, clear morning with a slight frost on the grass.

0900z 34005kt 50km 1Cu020 3Sc040 09.4/05.2 1018
RMK: Sunny spells with Cu starting to build strongly.
09-09z: Tx 13.8 (1334z) Tn +0.9 (0458z) RR nil
18-09z: Tg -2.6 (0433z) 00-24z: Sun 0.9

1900z 03002kt 30km 1Cu015 5Sc060 10.3/07.0 1019
RMK: Sunny spells a.m. Most cloudy p.m. with a few spots of rain
from large build-ups but not enough to trouble the raingauge.
Max temp 15.4C.