Frosty in Tideswell

It was a frosty start to the day in Tideswell but the temperature is rising quickly now as the sun gets higher. The frost is hanging on in the shade but it has already melted where the sun has got at it.

A rough day in the Bay of Biscay

A very rough day is in prospect for the Bay of Biscay today. The forecast chart for 1200z shows an extensive area of strong to gale force SW-NW winds. These are expected to generate significant wave heights of up to 7 metres. Ships crossing the western part of the Bay will have beam seas – not the most comfortable.

Heavy snow showers in Tideswell today

It’s been a wintry day in #Tideswell with sunny periods and occasional heavy snow showers. The ups and downs of the temperature trace show the timings of the showers and sunny periods very well! In the heavier showers the visibility has been below 200m briefly and there have been temporary coverings of 1-2 cm on the ground. When the sun came out the lying snow melted readily, except where it was in deep shade. It’s hard to remember that only a few days we were all going about in summer clothing. Such is springtime in this country. Maximum temperature here this afternoon was only just above 4C.

A taste of winter

Something of a return to winter in Tideswell this morning. After overnight snow showers we had 1 cm of snow on the ground at daybreak. It’s now (0915z) melting quite quickly. We haven’t seen much of the white stuff on the ground this winter but better late than never!

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