This site is maintained by Norman Lynagh. I am a Chartered Meteorologist with a career background in weather forecasting. These days I work primarily as an Expert Witness and as a Consultant to the Marine and Offshore industries. I have lived in Tideswell in the Derbyshire Peak District since 2009 and I am busy building up my knowledge of the fascinating meteorology of this part of the country which is about 300 metres above sea level. This site is primarily concerned with the local meteorology but, from time to time, in the Blog I shall discuss weather conditions further afield and will probably also discuss other aspects of meteorology that catch my interest.

Observations of the actual weather in Tideswell are posted several time per day on most days. These can be found via the “Tideswell Weather Observations” page. Maps showing details of the weather over a wider area are produced a few times a day on most days and are found via the “Weather across the region” page.

As well as the detail about Tideswell weather the site will also contain links to external sites providing information about Peak District weather. I shall also post photographs from time to time. The site will be in a state of constant evolution so, if the content interests you, please visit regularly to see what new stuff has been added.

Comments are always welcome!

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